August 29, 2017
Can you remember what you were doing thirty years ago? Were you dreaming of owning your very own BMX bike, or were you wondering why Paul Gascoigne didn't talk with a very high-pitched voice after his encounter with Vinnie Jones? If your answer was the latter, then welcome to our 32nd podcast in which we go back to the 1987-88 season! Take a trip down memory lane with us as we remind you of the players, the teams and the goals that made up an often overlooked episode in football history. Plus, we bring you the stuff that was going on outside the world of football to complete your recollection of all that was happening thirty years ago, thanks to our complimentary YouTube playlist.
June 18, 2017
So many new kits, so little time to discuss them... unless you're presenting the Football Attic Kit Podcast, in which case you can easily fill an hour and a half! Yes, we're back once again to wax lyrical about the latest kit releases, but to pep things up, we also talk about cartoons, space exploration and the most depressing breakfast cereal ever. Oh and by the way, VISIT MALAYSIA. And as if our 20th episode wasn't a landmark enough, we're also celebrating our first birthday! (Of the podcast, that is - not our mental age...)
June 4, 2017
We're back! What do you mean you didn't know we'd been away? Cheeky scamps! In the few weeks we've been absent, there's been an avalanche of new kit releases, so we devote this entire episode to just that, with our New Kits Special! Tune in to hear our views on the new Liverpool, Luton, Sampdoria, Ross County...look I'm not gonna list them all, just have a listen and don't forget to subscribe to the crib sheet so you can see what we're on about... Also, get the result of the last ever Kit Off! Peace!
May 8, 2017
As sure as night follows day and 'each-way bet' follows Joey Barton, we're back with the second part of our comparison between the football of yesteryear and the football we know in the modern era. The question is, which era's best? Is it the era of clunky football video games, Puma King football boots and hooliganism, or the era of foreign club ownership, complicated football kit design and digital advertising boards? Listen in to the concluding part of our podcast to find out, and rest assured - no fire alarms feature in this one in any way, shape or form...
May 2, 2017
Hey folks, remember when football nostalgia blogs talked about more than just kits? Halcyon days weren't they? Just like everything from years gone by...waaaaaay better than this modern BS! Or is it? See, we're not convinced everything was better in the past...rickets for example... To that end, we decided to finish the debate once and for all* and so spent 2 1/2 hours discussing a wide range of subjects and declaring which was better...old or new... *not that
April 16, 2017
Happy Easter, everyone! When you've got a brief opening in your schedule in between scoffing huge lumps of chocolate egg, why not listen in to Episode of the Football Attic Kit Pod? We've got a special Easter-themed show for you this time which brilliantly gathers together all the football kit information you need while hardly ever mentioning the Christian holiday and festival that means so much to so many. Thank us later, if you like. There's also Kit News and another Kit Off vote too (details below)... what more could you possibly ask for (apart from yet another chocolate egg)?
April 3, 2017
It's Part 2 of the reeeeeeeally long chat all about Wales shirts aided and abetted by our Pot Noodle correspondent, the one and only Simon 'Shakey' Shakeshaft! In Part 1, we (finally) managed to get through Kit News and also covered our favourite Wales home shirts from 1980 - Present Day. Now it's time for us all to cover the lovely away shirts, so sit back, get comfortable, maybe grab a pillow and a duvet, and enjoy the beautiful yokel-like tones of Mr Shakey. The pod is available to download here . Oh, and before you download the podcast, an apology for the poor sound quality on Chris' audio track. We're not sure what caused him to sound so muffled and distant, but we've done all we can to make him sound as clear as possible, albeit under limiting circumstances. Sorry for any inconvenience where that's concerned...
March 29, 2017
It's time for yet another special guest on The Football Attic Kit Podcast (you lucky people) - it's the one and only Simon 'Shakey' Shakeshaft! As anyone will tell you (especially Shakey himself), Shakey knows all there is to know about the shirts and kits worn by the Wales national team down the years, so that's the subject we're taking for this podcast. And good news for you (we hope) - it's another two-parter! The first part is available to download here and contains an extended Kit News section and the opening part of our debate on the greatest Wales shirts since 1980. The second part of the podcast will be available to download on this website soon and will contain the remaining part of our Wales shirt discussion, plus the Kit Off vote which you can take part in below. Oh, and before you download the podcast, an apology for the poor sound quality on Chris' audio track. We're not sure what caused him to sound so muffled and distant, but we've done all we can to make him sound as clear as possible, albeit under limiting circumstances. Sorry for any inconvenience where that's concerned...
March 13, 2017
The special guests keep on coming as we bring you our take on the kits of MLS 2017 - with Austin Long! You'll have heard Austin's name mentioned many times in the previous 15 podcasts, and now he's here to tell us just how much we know about the kits that'll be worn by FC Dallas, Atlanta United, Vancouver Whitecaps and more... So to hear our views on the best home and away kits of MLS 2017, and to get the latest Kit News and a new Kit Off vote (see details below), download and listen in to Episode 16 of the Football Attic Kit Podcast. It's a rootin' tootin' all-American special!* (* Some Canadian teams may feature)
March 7, 2017
If you've listened to the first part of our interview with John Devlin, you'll no doubt be wondering how Volume 2 of True Colours came about, or how John came to be the TV superstar that he is. Well wait no more! Part 2 of our monster podcast with the great football kit illustrator and author of our time is now ready to assault your ears! Find out which radio broadcaster John rubbed shoulders with during the promotion for his first book and which football club was foolish enough to REFUSE John's request to appear in his second book... These questions and more are all answered in Part 2 of our latest Football Attic Kit Podcast
March 5, 2017
This week we deviate slightly from the usual format, taking a break from the Kit Collection feature to indulge ourselves in some star gazing... For Episode 15 of the Football Attic Kit Podcast, we're talking to TV's John Devlin about...well, about TV's John Devlin! We take a wander down Devlin lane and get to find out all about his career, the stars he's fraternized with and eventually we get to the meat of it all when we get stuck into his brilliant True Colours books. Listen as Chris repeatedly tries to ruin the chance of a TC3 ever coming to fruition, while Rich mocks the main man's love of Scotland.
February 15, 2017
This week we turn the clock back nearly 40 years to the 1978 World Cup, a competition that featured 16 teams, Tango balls and a hint of suspicion, if you happened to be Peruvian... For Episode 14 of the Football Attic Kit Podcast, we're choosing our favourite three home and away kits from the tournament - a task that might seem straight-forward on paper... until you realise that most of the kits looked incredibly similar... We look at the good, the bad and (in the case of one game involving France) the downright bizarre, with plenty of opportunities to read out your comments along the way. There's also a Mexican flavoured Kit Off vote for you (details below) and some Kit News from south of the border too... Ay, caramba!
January 30, 2017
There's always a buzz about The Football Attic Kit Podcast when we invite a special guest to join us, and we're very pleased to say that's exactly what you can expect for Episode 13! This time around, we're joined by Denis Hurley to talk about our favourite Republic of Ireland kits and as ever, we're picking our top three in the home and away categories. Which ones will we choose, and did we match all three of our away selections for the second podcast running?! Tune in to find out! There's also an Ireland-themed Kit Off vote for you (details below) and some Kit News about Tottenham and Chelsea's switch to Nike next season. Oh, and one thing to let you know about - unfortunately we had a number of technical difficulties as a result of using YouTube Live, and the result was some patchy audio quality at times during the podcast. We've tried to iron out as many of those issues as possible during the editing phase, but we'd like to apologise for any inconvenience caused as a result of any remaining issues.
January 15, 2017
Happy New Year, kit lovers everywhere! Welcome to another 12-month period of adulation, criticism and analysis of the best kits the world has to offer, courtesy of your hosts, Chris Oakley and Rich Johnson. To start the year off as we mean to go on, we bring you a new episode which this time features a Kit Collection discussion where we pick our favourite three home and away kits from the National League 2016-17. Yes, it's non-league fun all the way, not least because our Kit Off poll this week also takes its cue from tier 5 of football in England and Wales. See below for details... As well as all that, we've also got some kit news that takes us almost to all four corners of the globe, plus we find out what football shirts you were hoping to get from Santa. And if you're still dissatisfied after all that, you really should try listening to somebody else's football kit podcast...
December 19, 2016
"It's Christmastime, there's no need to be afraid." So sang Paul Young, but then again Paul Young didn't have to listen to two wizened men in their 40's talking about football kits for nearly two hours. Yes, it's the Football Attic's 'Very Nearly A Christmas Special' episode, and have we got a festive treat for you! (Well not necessarily... 'treat' is a very nebulous word...) This time around, we're looking at the kits worn by those teams that found themselves at the top of the Premier League table on Christmas Day from 1992 through to 2016. And it's not all Man United and Chelsea, you know... There are one or two surprise inclusions that you may have forgotten about with the passing of time. Tune in and be reminded of the good, the bad and the ugly of modern British kit design...
November 28, 2016
At long last, it's time to bring you the first in our occasional series, Kit Brands. In episode 10, we're turning our attention towards Hummel, the Danish (or German, as we soon discover) manufacturer of wonderfully stylish and diverse kits for teams the world over. And thanks to you, we've got lots to discuss as we not only look back at the history of Hummel but also read out many of your comments about those great Hummel kits of the past and present. Also features a mention of Enver Hoxha, communist leader of Albania from 1944 until 1985...
November 14, 2016
We head off to Africa for our latest Kit Review feature (not literally, of course - our funds don't stretch to that yet!) as we assess the kits of the 2006 Africa Cup of Nations. Which shirts reminded Chris of colourful news print? Which shirts had a big tongue on the front, according to Rich? Tune in and find out!
October 31, 2016
It's back to the usual routine for Episode 8 of the Football Attic Kit Podcast as Chris and Rich focus their attention on the main topic this week: The kits of the FA Cup Finals of the 1980's. There's a full and frank assessment of all twenty kits, plus an attempt by your hosts to pick the best Final based on the kits that were worn. Which one would you go for? To start the show, there's Kit News (featuring the latest releases as listed below), and later we've got another Kit Off vote for you. The theme this time is 'Sunderland Away Shirts'.
October 5, 2016
For the latest Football Attic Kit Podcast, we've got something special for you. With Chris returning to the UK for the first time in four years, it was inevitable that he would meet up with Rich to record another FAKP - but also to get together with Jay from and John Devlin from! Having found a pub that would accommodate us four unashamed kit nerds, it wasn't long before a podcast was recorded, and the subject just so happened to be 'The 50 Greatest Football Shirts Ever' the project that brought all four of us together. Over the course of just over an hour, we looked back on how the project came about, how we managed to get a consensus on our choices, and which shirts we tried to include but failed. Did we come close to falling out during the entire process?! Listen in and find out!
September 19, 2016
Greetings! It's time for another Football Attic Kit Podcast, and this time we return with another special guest - our old friend and kit enthusiast, Andy Rockall. Andy joins us to look at this week's kit news, plus we go back 40 years to take a long lingering look at the football kits being worn during the Football League First Division, 1976-77. Plus, in honour of Andy being on our podcast, we've asked him to suggest three Tottenham Hotspur home shirts for our latest Kit Off vote. He's gone with the theme of 'Breaking with tradition' and has picked three cracking shirts that show how Spurs varied their traditional style on the field at different points in the past.
August 28, 2016
Greetings, football kit design lovers! We're back once again with another rambling assessment of all that's important in the world of shirts, shorts and socks, and this time our main focus is World Cup 2002. Did Nike get it right with their 'pointy panel' template? Were Adidas a bit too conservative with their main design? And what the hell was going on with all those mesh layers?! Answers to these questions and more can be found in this latest podcast, plus there's your chance to vote in another Kit Off poll.
August 16, 2016
After a slightly extended break, we're back again to talk more about football kit design - and we have another special guest! This time, it's 'Gentleman' John Devlin, creator of True Colours volume 1, True Colours volume 2, the True Colours website, but NOT - and we can't emphasise this enough - NOT Cyndi Lauper's 1986 hit song 'True Colours.' He's good, but he's not that good... On this podcast, we've got the usual round-up of Kit News, not to mention a review of the kits of Euro 92. As ever, though, we have a Kit Off vote where you can choose your favourite from three related football shirts.
July 23, 2016
It's podcast No.3 and we've run out of current tournaments to cover the kits of so it's back to the past we go and where better (and more obvious) to start, but Mexico 86?! So, following nearly an hour of kit news(!) we go back 30 years and see what the kit world had to offer for the heat of Mexico. We then reveal the results of last pod's Kit it was ever in doubt! Also making his debut is kit podcast beginner, Jay from Design Football...he manages to overcome his newbie nerves to say some rather interesting stuff about kits...and then ruins it with baselayer talk...again! Enjoy!
July 9, 2016
It's the second instalment of the Football Attic Kit Podcast and this time we take a look at the kits which featured in the recent Copa America. You'll learn all about Colombia and their sky blue and orange kits. We also cover the latest kit releases and reveal which England shirt (which didn't go to a tournament) was voted no.1! Also, both Chris and Rich fail to speak properly...resulting in Chris probably ending up on some watch list somewhere...
June 25, 2016
Football Kits! We all love em! Well, Chris & Rich that's why we've decided to open up the Attic once more and dust off some of the lovely kits we've had sitting up there... Yes, the Football Attic Podcast is back, but with a's all about the kits! So sit back and enjoy an hour of waffle and opinion on the best and worst the football kit world has to offer! This time, we focus on the Euros as there's loads of crackers in there...and also France.
November 12, 2015
It's all very well us old men banging on about what we remember from our childhood like a malfunctioning PeterKayBot, but what will future generations look back on with fondness? Salted? Caramel? So listen in as Rich and FSF Blogger of the Year Nominated Chris discuss what they think will stand the test of time and whether things we remember will still be around and in what form.
August 30, 2015
As with all good journeys, so too must the 50 Greatest Football Shirts Ever come to an end...and so we hereby present the Top 5! Listen to the "experts" discuss the best football shirts ever created and the detailed reasoning as to why they are what they are. Finally, we take a look at the stats relating to the whole project and discuss some of the feedback we've had along the way. It's a long one...nearly 2 hours! WEST SIIIIIIIIIIIDE!!!!
August 16, 2015
The 50 Greatest Football Shirts Ever! may be finished, but we're not done with it yet! Not while we still have 12 shirts left to blather on about! It's another Jayless pod as he's off definitely not working or something (he told me to say that in case the tax man is listening), so I'm afraid there's only one mention of baselayers... So pop your slippers on, grab a mug of cocoa and settle down in your favourite armchair and let the warmth of Chris, Rich and John's soothing tones send you to sleep... AWOOGAAAAAA!
August 10, 2015
So the 50 Greatest Football Shirts Ever may be over, but it's not really over till the fat lady sings...or in this case the middle aged men stop waffling about wicking material and design cues... And so it comes to pass that we present the 3rd podcast in the 50GFSE series, covering shirts 20-13. Not 20-11 I hear not many of you ask? No...we decided to split the last 20 into 3 pods, to give the Top 5 their own show. We're good like that. WEST SIIIIIIIIIIIIIDE!
August 4, 2015
OK we're already into the Top 5 of the 50 Greatest Football Shirts Ever! and we're only just getting to chat about shirts 30-21, but hey, we're human and need holidays! These tans don't come out of a bottle ya know! This time, Jay was unavailable so for baselayer fans out there (no-one!), you'll have to go elsewhere for your weird fetish! Deviants! In the meantime, sit back and enjoy Chris, rich & John Devlin waffling on about shirts once more...REPRAZENT!
July 9, 2015
It's time for the second podcast in the Greatest Football Shirts Ever series and today we're covering shirts 40-31! Prepare for nearly 2 (two) hours of kitchat, which is a bit like a KitKat, but with 40 So grab a beer or a horlicks and settle in for nerd nirvana! Booyakasha! p.s. I Love Lamp!
June 30, 2015
We've come to the end of the first 10 shirts in the 50 Greatest Football Shirts Ever and what better way to celebrate that milestone than by the four of us (Rich, Chris, John from True Colours and Jay from Design Football) waffling about those same 10 shirts? So buckle up and prepare for a rollercoaster ride (a very tame one) through shirts 50-41 in the 50GFSE!
April 13, 2015
Hi folks! It's podcast time again! So which exciting subject are we covering this time? We're not...nope! Rather than talk endlessly about one subject we decided to have fund and do a 'Best & Worst' list type thing, seeing as that's what the interweb seems to like these days. During the course of the show, we throw football nostalgia categories at each other (conversationally speaking) and discuss which are our favourite and least favourite things in those categories. So for instance, you may hear Chris asking Rich for his best and worst items in the category of 'Football Kits'. Rich will obviously pick 'England '82' as his best and 'Coventry City 87' as his worst... Wait a minute... That can't be right... :-) It's all entirely our opinion and therefore totally subjective, just the way it should be! ENJOY MOFOS!!!!
March 12, 2015
Football sticker enthusiasts: you have reached your aural Valhalla! The Football Attic is proud to present 80 minutes of discussion on the subject of sticker collecting featuring our very special guest, Greg Lansdowne. Greg's currently promoting his new book, 'Stuck On You: The Rise & Fall... & Rise of Panini Stickers', which looks into the history of self-adhesive football stickers in the UK. Having spoken to the great and the good from Panini, Merlin and many other great names down the years, Greg has put pen to paper to document the fascinating story of how we all got hooked on the great collecting craze for football lovers young and old. 'Stuck on You' is on sale now, but if you haven't got your copy yet, never fear - The Football Attic managed to catch up with Greg recently to bring you a personal take on some of the fascinating stories you'll find in the book. And if you sent in questions for Greg, you're in luck as our guest very kindly spent some time providing answers to all your Panini-related enquiries and disputes. Belly dancers, newspaper moguls and striking TV broadcasters... You'll find out all about these, plus stickers, cards and much more besides on The Football Attic Podcast 22!
December 24, 2014
It's Christmas Eve (Christmas Day where Chris is) and Rich and Chris are selflessly giving up their time to waffle on about football related Christmas presents they got...or maybe wanted, but never did receive...they're both naughty boys after all! So sit back, enjoy and Merry Christmas to you all!
September 16, 2014
Rich and Jay from are back to finish off their review of the recent World Cup! We were going to cover other stuff too, but ended up quite engrossed in the land of FIFA so consider this the conclusion of our World Cup Extra... Once again Jay and Rich bicker over the pronunciation of certain footballing names, Rich moans about domestic football and Jay tries desperately to make sense of his love for Suarez...and fails... 'Ave it!
September 12, 2014
The Football Attic loves going back to the 1970's and 1980's in search of fabulous nostalgia, but what happens when you go back even further - long before the Second World War and back further still to the late 1800's? The answer comes in the rich seam of wonderful stories about the players, teams and other football folk that made the early days of British football such a glorious era. To confirm that very fact, Chris O met up with Graham Sibley to talk about Chapman's Arsenal, a Twitter account that provides real-time insights into Arsenal Football Club during the late-1920's and early 1930's. There's also a discussion about the formative days of British football that will feature in an upcoming podcast series that Graham's currently working on. So if you fancy immersing yourself in a more innocent time when players had curly moustaches, centre-partings and very little money, why not listen in to The Football Attic Podcast Extra... you'll be glad you did.
August 10, 2014
The Football Attic is nearly 3 years old and we've reached the milestone that is our 20th what better way (any?) to celebrate than with a bit of good old fashioned back slapping? So, for your aural entertainment, sit back and let Chris and Rich guide you on a journey into the darkest corners of the Attic. Find out how it all started, hear what our favourite things have been and just enjoy the sound of 2 middle aged men indulging in self
July 10, 2014
There's a World Cup on don't ya know! To that end, Rich teamed up with Jay from to discuss the competition so far. The original plan was to record one a week, but as you may well know with Attic podcasts, that sort of regularity just aint gonna happen! As it goes, this one was recorded just before the last lot of group games started, so it's kinda way out of date, but hey...we'll put it out there anyway...Unjoy!
July 9, 2014
What could be a better way to celebrate the spectacle that is a World Cup Finals than by distilling all the excitement and drama of 4 weeks of football into a 90 minute film...with all that excitement and drama removed? Yes folks, welcome to the world of the Official FIFA Films of the World Cup! Chris and Rich dissect all the existing films in what some might call a reductive manner...we'd say it's a fitting tribute ;-) Warning - contains gross stereotypes and regional accents!
May 26, 2014
The 2014 World Cup is less than a month away, so what better way to mark that occasion than by talking for an hour and a half about previous World Cups? We've done that before? What? Naaaaah! This is different cos like we are doin top 3s innit. Sick blud! So sit back and here all about the spectacular Soviet goal machine, Bulgarian tantrums and Scottish capitulations! And just what is Rich's problem with 2002?
March 23, 2014
Thanks to Brian Brown for the suggestion - Things You Don't See At Football Anymore! Prepare for an hour of heavy nostalgia as we look back at things from a bygone era that you no longer see and probably never will again. It's all muddy pitches, long laces and crackly commentary from far off lands! It's not always a bad thing though...does anyone really want the backpass law repealed? Featuring a guest appearance from Rich's cat...
March 9, 2014
30 years (probably) on from Podcast 15, an aged Rich & Chris talk balls for an hour! What's new you say? A ha ha ha ha're a funny guy! Anyway, the old boys are discussing FOOTballs! Which is the best all time football? The Tango or the Telstar? Which is the worst? Easy...the Fevernova! Ball ball ball! Footy footy footy!
January 4, 2014
Can you believe we've done 15 podcasts and we're only just covering football magazines? No, neither can we! We were going to cover all mags, but we ended up blabbing on for an hour about just Shoot! & Match so we'll cover the rest another time. We also had a phenomenal response from you all and I think we managed to read them all out. Oh and the theme tune? Well it's goodbye from him...
October 23, 2013
Yes we've covered kits before (twice in fact), but we love kits and it's our podcast so we can do what we want! That a problem?? You starting??? Outside, NOW!!!! Anyway, while we may have covered kits already, we've not done so with some very special guests. We hereby present Podcast 14, a football kit special with insight from True Colours legend John Devlin and the Daddy, Jay! Oh and it's 1 hour, 40 mins! Yeah, we LOVE kits! Enjoy it people! p.s. might want to get a decent lawyer ;-)
September 1, 2013
What's it like going to a match? Is it any different from watching it on TV? Is not having Jonathan Pearce shouting crap down your audiohole a plus or a minus? (it's a plus!) Have you ever left a game early? Do you like a pie and some Bovril? All these questions and more are (sort of) answered in the latest exciting* episode of The Football Attic Podcast! Oh and it's episode 13...unlucky for some? You decide! *excitement not guaranteed.
August 18, 2013
Ooooooh Jumpers for goalposts, muddy knees, games teacher watching you shower after....aaah how the memories come flooding back! Today we're talking about playing the game we all love, from your first memories kicking a ball in the back garden to any achievements or heights you may have reached (NB Chris and Rich have none). Get all nostalgic with the smell of mud, sweat and beers (see what I did there) fills your senses, only to be brought back to reality with a ball smacking your legs on a cold winter morn. Enjoy!
July 26, 2013
Following on the from the recent England Kit Poll here on the Attic, we thought it'd be fun to discuss the results and England kits down the years in general...and it was! Listen as Rich rails against the poll result and the 82 kit in particular (yes, again! Let it go!!!). Hear Chris defend it...alomg with the rest of the world! ;-) Oh and listen out for some quality* mash-ups of some Prodigy and Aztec *ropey
July 7, 2013
Football Books! We all love 'em don't we? Yes we do! So what better way to celebrate the awesomeness of football books than 2 chaps rambling about them for an hour? What? Ah shaddap! A big thank you to all who sent in suggestions and apologies for using only about 3 of them...we'll post a list up soon of all the suggestions as there really were some excellent ideas. So sit back and enjoy as Rich bangs on about Mexico 86 (again) and Chris gets all annual. See what I did there? p.s. Sorry the file's above 50MB...tried to get it down, but the quality was awful
May 29, 2013
It's podcast time again here in the Attic and this week, it's to the sound of a bandwagon being leapt upon! In the wake of the Everton badge furore, we decided to discuss the thorny subject of club badges and what they mean to a club and its fans. Listen as Chris calls all Everton fans childish idiots (maybe) and rich does the best Scouse accent this side of the flow of brown water known as the Mersey ;-) Also, Aztec Gold returns as the theme tune...cos it's freaking brilliant!
April 28, 2013
his time we discuss the exciting (stick with me!) topic of memorabilia collecting and cover everything from eBay buying tips to whatever's at the other end of that spectrum. Also, Rich alienates all our Scottish listeners...and all our female one. Oh and if you can guess what the theme tune is (and moreover the specific variant), then well done!
April 24, 2013
As it's nearly time for another FA Cup Final, we thought we'd wander down memory lane and ramble all about our own FA Cup memories from hours of match build up to why it's all gone wrong nowadays! Listen to Rich go for an hour without really mentioning Coventry in 87 or Sutton Utd in 89...useless!
March 24, 2013
We discuss the way that football on TV has changed over the years. From the original MOTD episode with no theme tune, opening titles or pundits, all the way to Andy Townsend's trestle table Warning, contains heavy use of the word "Lawro"
February 27, 2013
FIFA may control what you can eat, drink and see at a World Cup, but they cannot take our memories!!! So that's what we've preserved here...Also, hear Rich describe it as the "bed poscat ida the world"
February 27, 2013
The chaps from The Football Attic turn their attention to the playing and collecting of Subbuteo.
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