I’m a Believer Now!
Used to think Sasquatch was a joke, not anymore...amazing stories of actual accounts with these amazing aloof beings...way too many consistent stories of individuals just telling you how they encountered this being... the way the listeners tell their encounters there is just NO way there are all lying. Nice platform to let the listeners tell and vent their stories, finally solidifying that are NOT crazy! You’d be crazy not to give this show a listen...Stand up Podcast!
Great podcast
I really enjoy this show... Sasquatch, Dogman, even Paranormal stuff... keep them coming. However, Im probably in the minority, but Id prefer not to hear anything about sports...
Paranormal Portal
After 30 minutes I had shut it off, I can listen Sasquatch Chronicles for hours!
On to the next!
Great show as usual....#Str8Gookin4Sasquatch
Awesome podcast!
Wes sounds hammered every podcast 👍🏼
Always look forward to new podcast.
I’m a kid and I love it
Just my Opinion ok
My favorite podcast!
This is my #1 favorite show. Wes does a great job of allowing the caller to tell their story and the stories never disappoint.
So glad it’s just you now!!!
I know it’s been awhile now but glad you got rid of the other hosts especially the one that always had to interrupt with his own BS constantly!!! Love that it’s just Wes now and his brother or Tony every once and a while!!! Keep up the AWESOME WORK Wes!! Thanks for all you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!still better than paranormal portal!!! “Make sure you have a dad and a taxidermy parrot” Wes is AWESOME !!!
A very good interviewer, always courteous to the guests and asks the questions about the guest’s experience that I want to know!
Best one on this subject imo
Hal Jordan
I like this one a lot, really good info, and really true to the subject! I appreciate all the info and the guests you have been bringing on. I definitely believe in Bigfoot as I have encountered many things similar to many claims on here. Thanks!
Eye opening
Listening to this podcast has given me a new perspective on the world of Bigfoot and how people lives can be changed for the better or worse. Wes you are truly are god send in this crazy world.
5 stars.
Well hosted. Well produced. Most Bigfoot shows are hard to listen too and very amateur. This show has its stuff together !!
Best Sasquatch Podcast!
If you want to learn about bigfoot from those who are witnesses this is the show for you! Wes is a fantastic host who lets his guests speak without leading them in any way. Thanks Wes for this amazing and informative show!
Explains in in-depth detail and real life experiences with Bigfoot itself
Wes is an amazing interviewer
The gentle way that he guides the story tellers adds a very important element to the program.
Triq uFOURia
I followed up on the mention about if Sasquatch has a language.. listening to those clips shocked my core. Bueno
Scary cool
Sent a chill down my spine
Love this show! So many great stories told by the people who experience the incident! Because of the always consistent descriptions and behaviors I have become a real believer!
Best Squatch podcast you can hear!
I love this podcast! It is the most well executed podcast on bigfoot made to date. Wes lets the person who had the experience tell their tale without interrupting continuously like some others. The music is excellent but do not know the theme music name at the beginning I would make it my ringtone . You can't go wrong listening to Sasquatch Chronicles, I have listened to every episode 3 times a true fan I cannot get enough of it.
Love the show!
This podcast has been my go to for the last 4 years. Can’t get enough of the encounters and Wes’ great interviewing style. Loved the latest episode on shooting the Sasquatch too. I find those are the most interesting because of what they reveal about the nature of the beast. Keep up the good work!
Staying Alive!
Not only is this full of great stories but the music is amazing, especially when Wes plays The Bee Gees. F#%^* off, Jim! Lol
Great encounters every week!
Thanks for the great guests!
The best Sasquatch podcast ever
Wes is a class act. The best interviewer and person for this subject matter. Great voice and open mind. Can’t get enough of this . Thank you Wes!
I wish I made more $ so I could be a vip
This is literally my favorite show. I can’t wait till tax time to come so I can support the show more and get exclusive shows!
Fun but edit please
Ann MInnett
Fun stories, some believable, others not. But please edit down some of the repetitive first person accounts.
Show has gone WAY downhill...
never met a product they didn’t hawk and spend too much time with the cutesy inter show crappola... Was a great show when it wasn’t about the $$$...sadly now even the stories aren’t very good...long and drawn out, some barely comprehensible....but the longer the more advertising they can squeeze in...really used to enjoy the show but continues to slide...
Love your show but that second guest was impossible to listen to. I love all the shows. My god that was hard to listen too
Can’t get enough!!
Dave Daigle
Hello Wes from Maine, I found your podcast a few months ago. I work 12 hour shifts and binge your show the whole time I am at work. When I go to my camp, I find myself looking into the woods for more than deer. Thank you for your show, I love hearing all the encounters. Dave Daigle
Looking for a certain episode
loving bigfoot
What is the episode were the guy is talking to the lady dispatcher saying he’s looking right at him
I love every minute of it!
Great podcast! I cannot get enough of it! I’m an avid hunter from Western Colorado and I hope one day I’ll have a Bigfoot encounter!
Noisy background!
Wth with all the back ground noise? Super annoying!
RCC Bummer
Dang it - met you and Chuck from Sasquatch Syndicate last year in Portland - got to Comic-Con today and bummed you guys aren’t here this year -next time...
Confession of pastor so fake
Get em off
Episode 576 and 580
papa 😏
Great shows. I like the big foot episodes also but this is enlightening for people who are unaware of the spiritual world; a real realm that Randy deals with. Good interview Wes.
It's getting worse..
BOD Griff
Confessions of a Pastor is just one long trek into total BS. He states that the woman Slithered,does that sound familiar? If not go to The Confessionals..you will hear exactly that. The venerable Parson sounds the Rev from the Cinemax show Outcast. Also I find that most of the guests are avid listeners(which there's nothing wrond with) and seem to make up encounters IMO. Disappointed to say the least. Love the show but lately seems like it's taking a turn toward silliness.
Is 5 stars really enough though? Nope. Sure ain’t.
I started out listening to The Confessionals Podcast and frequently heard Tony mention Sasquatch Chronicles/recommend it. Gave it a listen and sure enough Sasquatch Chronicles does not disappoint! Side note: it is awesome to see podcast creators support and promote each other! 👏🏻
This guy is the best interviewer ever. He lets the guest dictate the pace and tempo of every interview and dose not interrupt the guess. He is so good you'll listen to other people do interviews and wonder why they keep interrupting their guests.
Best podcast ever!!
Wes is an amazing host could listen to him go over encounters all day long! Very interesting material. Highly recommend!
Totally not Sasquatch
Mr. ham Italian
As you can see I’m not Sasquatch.
Amazingly Well Designed & Executed Show
This is by far, hands down, one of, if not THE best, Sasquatch podcast available these days. It’s put together brilliantly and Wes is the glue that holds it all together. I must admit, I do still miss his past Co-hosts, William & Shannon. But after they departed the show, Wes just absolutely took the show and ran with it making it the superb masterpiece we hear today. Kudos to you, Wes, for making this purely unadulterated, top notch & top quality show that’s the best out there! U are the Sasquatch God! Lol....keep up the phenomenal work!
Fantastic show
Every episode is intriguing. Hands down my fav podcast!
Pastor Episode
The best I’ve heard in a while! Thank you
Listening to this show is like therapy
Doc B Will
As someone who has had a handful of strange encounters here in the desert and the forest up north, I like to listen to this show and know that I’m not crazy and I’m not alone. I felt crazy for so many years and after someone sent me an episode of this show, it was comforting to find out that although the exact cause of the bizarreness has yet to be proven, I’m not the only person who has lived through it. Listening to this show feels like group therapy sometimes. As for all the people complaining about the non-Sasquatch encounters, I think it’s only fair that Wes lets people delve into some of the other strange stuff that’s out there from time to time. It could all be related. Who knows? Is it really that upsetting when someone strays from talking about the most elusive 9 foot ape like creature that sometimes leaves prints, sometimes doesn’t, throws debris at people, whistles in the dark, mimics sounds, smacks wood together, can have glowing eyes, is reported to cloak instantly, and so on? I mean what’s the harm in sprinkling in some of the other weird stuff people have run into? I think it keeps things interesting and I’m sure Wes likes a little variety now and again like we do. As Wes says, “there’s more than just Sasquatch you can run into out in the woods” and “everyone thinks we’re all just chasing/believing in unicorns anyways”. I’ll get off my soapbox now. I enjoy the show Wes. Keep doing what you want to do. We’ll keep listening. Even the complainers. I’m sure of it.
Best show so far
Getting Boring
Stick to Bigfoot. I don’t care about ghost, witches or wraiths. There’s plenty of other podcast that delve into those subjects.
Excellent podcast
I started listening to Wes at episode 13. I was installing a wood ceiling in my cellar and figured I would try this podcast thing instead of listening to music. Not knowing anything about podcast I searched different subjects and than I came across Sasquatch Chronicles. I said this should might be different. I listened to episode 13 than went back to episode 1 and I have listened to every episode since. It has been a real pleasure listening to Wes grow into one of the best podcaster on the net. Semper Fi Wes keep up the great work.
We so needed this...
I started listening to Wes around Thanksgiving of last year and then a member and I love Everything about this bcuz he listens and does not judge.., And I see all the time how he helps the people that Call to tell their sightings or their encounters and by the time they’re done you can hear the relief in their voices and that’s what it’s all about.. Miss Kendall Staples
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