Awesome Podcast
Mr. Train
Very insightful and makes the work day go by smooth.
Mike Please Retire Already!
Really enjoy Albert and Jonesy. Awesome chemistry (5 stars)! However, Mike needs to stay out of "sound" (1 star). I am sure he is awesome behind the scene, he just needs to keep it that way.
Makes my work day so enjoyable!
You guys get me through some very long and tough work days. I love Star Wars and there’s something very relaxing to hear you guys just discuss Star Wars. Also, some very good observations and questions are brought up. Love this show and there’s plenty of great things in the back log of the show!
Great show
I love listening to the show, it is where I get all my Star Wars news. I’ve been a patreon member for awhile, and have not regretted it. Excellent place to listen to an open discussion about Star Wars and dive into all the things Star Wars fans might think about. Keep it up!
These are the Hosts you're looking for
Albert and Jonesy have more chemistry then Han and Chewie. This is a great podcast that explore all your Star Wars needs from reviews of all forms of Star Wars Media, character dissections and just general Star Wars news. The best part is all point of views are welcome and discussion is welcomed from everyone on the Cantina Cast Discord Channel. If you love Star Wars give it a listen.
Look no further for Star Wars coverage!
I can always count on these guys for weekly news, theories, analysis, and lighthearted discussion. Thank you for making 1-2 hours of work each week endurable! Also, shout out to my guy Wedge Antilles
Great Content w/Balanced Discussion
I can’t say it enough. This crew gives us Star Wars news with no drama or inflated egos. They keep it clear and give great, detailed opinions on everything Star Wars. A nice refreshing listen for Star Wars fans.
Fantastic Show!
I previously wrote a positive review and was fortunate enough to hear you guys give me a shoutout and read my review. I wasn’t expecting it and was a fun surprise. Great coverage of SW celebration as expected. I loved the teaser trailer dissection as well as the show “Wisdom of the Force”. Since my last review I’ve pretty much listened to the entire back catalogue. As my favorite SW podcast I can only hope for you guys to start doing more shows per week. Keep up the good work!
After much searching, this podcast is the best!
Stephanie aka Aleena
I was looking for a great podcast to catch me up to my husband’s level of nerd. After testing out a lot of podcasts, this is the one that was the best. Pros: - sound quality is fantastic - content is relevant, interesting, and in depth - Albert and Jonesy work as a team so much better than many others I’ve listened to. Normally there’s a lot of talking over each other or awkward “who goes next” moments and other podcasts but these two seem to work on the same wave length. - they have a fantastic sense of humor - family friendly (can listen to it in the car with my kids) - updates weekly - they have great online presence and host a very funny community on Discord Cons: - nothing. I’m a complete fan-girl.
Great Analysis
This podcast excels on its thorough analysis of Star Wars concepts. Albert and Jonesy have a great rapport that makes it an easy listen even when they take their deep dives. 5 Stars!
Great show
Great show. Always a good listen.
Just wanna say shoutout my Uncle Albert aka Johnny Depp. #wemadeit
Love the comic book coverage!
JA Davis
Love the new comic book coverage!
Best of any Star Wars pod
Love these guys, they know everything there is to know about Star Wars. They always have great insights and all of the up-to-moment news - my favorite part. Great listen!
Stellar character dissection episodes!
Will of the force
This podcast does a great job bringing updated Star Wars news and reactions to their listeners. However, In depth character dissection episodes is where this podcast excels! Both hosts work as a tandem in order to flesh out full character arcs while providing multilevel character insights and development. After listening to the dissection podcasts, I have gained new perspectives on long standing Star Wars characters. The hosts also do a fabulous job unlocking new depths of Star Wars character development in characters I originally thought were one dimensional. They really do their homework and always bring thought provoking angles to their character dissections. Fantastic job! Keep up the stellar work.
Albert and Jonesy
Bad Gamer Crowley
The two new hosts of the Cantina Cast are absolutely great. Now, don't get me wrong, Mike and the other guy were great in their own right. It's nice to hear a fresh persepective on all things Star Wars. Not only has this podcast stayed out of the mess that a lot of the Star Wars fandom and other Star Wars podcasts have stepped in, but Albert and Jonesy approach Star Wars in a way that is not only fresh, but highly entertaining. These guys make me laugh, think, and remember what it means to be a part of one of the greatest fandoms ever. Thanks to Mike, the podcast always sounds crisp, clear, and on a smooth mountain stream on a sunny Summer day. If you're not listening to these guys, you're Star Wars-ing wrong.
Best of the best
The Cantina Cast is an incredible podcast hosted by some incredible people
Great Show!
Enearl Wooves
I miss Mike and Joa but the new guys aren’t afraid to read a comic or book and add the knowledge acquired to their dissections.
Love your podcast!!!
Love your podcast!!
Fun but light
Nice show, but I wish it dove a bit deeper into the details and ideas that are present in the films. It can seem a bit surface at times.
Great Show!
A well thought out show that dives deep into the Star Wars galaxy! The guys obviously love the franchise and put a lot of effort into both content and quality of the show. They absolutely deliver on the thought-provoking Star Wars promise!
Awesome show
Doctor Who221B
This is one of the best podcasts I listen to for Star Wars. One of my top three, you should be listening!!! Albert and Jones’y are great to listen too
Worst Star Wars Podcast ever
This show was utterly disappointing and left me looking for something to erase it from my memory.
The thinking person’s Star Wars
J. Moonwalker
As a Star Wars fan base we analyze and critique and discuss the details. This show is for us. The previous hosts, Mike and Joao, established a show unlike any other out there. And it’s clear that new hosts Albert and Jonesy have kept the spirit of thought provoking discussions and in-depth analysis alive and well. I challenge you to listen to Episode 232 and 232 (Force pt. 1 and 2) and not be hooked. Perfect show for established fans that like to sift through the details or new fans that want to expand their knowledge of a galaxy far, far away.
Best star wars podcast.
This is the best Star Wars podcast out there. I found it by accident and was hooked from day 1. They talk about the stuff I’m interested in when it comes to the Star Wars universe and the psychology and character dissection episode are unique and an amazing idea that really puts the podcast in a category all in its own. Literally every week when the episode drops that morning I immediately download so I can listen at work. You can tell these guys are real fans even though mike and Joao are gone Albert and jonesy will do fine. It feels like if me and my friend were going in deep on a Star Wars conversation and someone hit record. One suggestion is that even though mike is taking more of the producer role I think you should still join in on the solo movie review episode because if you’re not I’m just gonna wonder what mike would think and say. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Continual Last Jedi bashing.
Used to listen to every new episode and was pumped when they came out. Character dissections were great, trailer breakdowns, reviews etc. After The Last Jedi came out, the main guy continually degrades the movie, at least 10 times per episode he brings up how he hates parts of it, anything negative brought up about any other Star Wars property he’ll say something about it’s not as bad as The Last Jedi. If you don’t like The Last Jedi you’ll probably like this podcast. A lot of us love it and it becomes super annoying real fast when you constantly say how much you don’t like it. We get it, it’s not your favorite. I had to unsubscribe. May try again at a later date as content was pretty good. Just cut the negativity please.
This is a war and ducking your head down is not the answer. Trying to not fight the SJW hordes or real sane rational people, is not an answer. You need to take a side and not try to hide from everyone. Your not shills but you clearly don’t have the balls to stand up and fight against Disney saying enough is enough
The death of a podcast
Dreams of Mortis
At one point The Cantina Cast was by far my favorite Star Wars podcast. But in recent months Mike’s apathy towards the franchise has eradicated all joy and excitement from the room. The discussions have become far more negative. The podcast is now a chore. At its best The Cantina Cast will provide you with a dose of criticality, but what you will more than likely find is a doldrum brought on by consistent whining about choices made by content creators. Rebel Force Radio and Full Of Sith are much more enjoyable listens and now my preferred Star Wars podcast alternatives.
Become mostly complaining
Finally unsubscribed. Constant complaining. They dislike everything. Now that the host is moving on maybe it will get better. I’m not about all their negativity. I once listed for analysis but sadly they’ve moved away from that and it’s mostly just stomping on everything. Moving on.
The Greatest Teacher, Failure is.
The Cantina Cast has changed so much since it first launched [for the 2nd time] in 2013. Not just in style, but in hosts as well. Star Wars itself has evolved so much in just 4 years and so, we, as a fandom must follow suit. The main host, Mike has transitioned his show with the times and like Master Yoda says: the greatest teacher, failure is. MTBWY. Becca B. Host of Tarkin’s Top Shelf and Kanata’s Castle.
They aren't even fans
These guys just hate all over every trilogy. Not sure why they are doing a Star wars podcast at all. They hate the new movies (for the dumbest reasons) as well as the original and prequel trilogies. I listened to them for about 2 months before I couldn't take anymore and found better podcasts (Rebel Force Radio and my favorite, Full of Sith). These are the kind of elitists that think that by saying that they don't like something it makes them better than everyone else. Listen Mike, no body wants to listen to a podcast that is crapping all over something that they enjoy. It's just not good radio.
Unbearable listen. The hosts need to “air check” themselves
Bo2mastsr 69
The host Mike makes this podcast unbearable to listen to because he always says, "What do you think", "But anyway" and “I don’t know” AT THE END OF EVERY SENTENCE HE SPEAKS. If you can somehow get past Mike, which is almost impossible, the show has great information and theories on Star Wars.
Great insight
Great show
Fantastic content, and the only reason I don't give 5 stars is...
Because I hear "...and stuff like that." about every 5 minutes. PLEASE, for the love of GOD, eliminate that verbal vomit.
Such a fun podcast!
Og muffin child
I just found this podcast, and while I have only heard a couple episodes I already love it. The the detail and analyzation of the character dissections is so awesome to listen to. Keep up the good work! (Awesome logo by the way)
Great for a rainy day or slow weekend
Samwise the Fifth
I started out with 12 Star Wars related podcasts to see which ones were the best, and this is one of 3 I always keep in my feed. They're also great to go back and listen to since they discuss mostly characters and themes rather than just news. Joao and Mike's keep it real, delving deep into the mystical and religious influences woven into Star Wars. It's engaging stuff even if you already know enough about that stuff.
Used to enjoy
Dicki Ren
I listened until the first batch of post-Last Jedi programs. Now every opportunity available is used to put Last Jedi down, mostly because they realized they spent 2 years building up their head-canon via episodes on theory on who is who. When the movie didn’t match up with their head-canon they lost it and turned into children who whine at every turn about decisions made in Last Jedi. Grow up guys...
Favorite Star Wars Podcast
Favorite Star Wars podcast, you guys do a great job! When ‘The Last Jedi’ discussions settle down I would love to hear an episode on your favorite & most powerful force-user rankings!
A must listen
Get show pulliing news and fan insights together each episode. I never miss one. Love the show and looking forward to more to come as the saga continues.
Dont have an opinion
Don't have an opinion or else you will be banned.
The Best Star Wars Podcast
I’m a big SW fan and have tried several SW podcasts (even the most popular ones) but the Cantina Cast is my favorite by far. The production is excellent (nobody is on Skype with awful audio), the hosts have good chemistry and don’t force anything. If I had to grade content, it would be A+. While I don’t agree with everything (this is Star Wars after all), I certainly gain new insight every time. Joao can make any topic interesting; Mike’s honesty and delivery always delivers. Like Star Wars? Well hello there - this is the podcast you are looking for.
Cantina Cast 3/5
Fun topics that no other channel has which is fun and refreshing. Scared to be critical of things in the SW universe. Heavily promote and discuss their Discord channel which contains fans who refuse to have any critical discussion of SW. If you don’t like a certain game or book or movie (especially movie) the Discord channel can quickly become a one sided conversation. Put bluntly, like everything or don’t listen and, above all else, keep your opinion to yourself.
Thoughtful and Fun
Great podcast. I never miss a week. Love the character dissections!
Subtract one star for . . .
Overly obnoxious northeastern accents and adding Rs that aren’t there. It’s “Yoh-dah” not “Yoh-der”. Otherwise, good stuff
Love the podcast I have a small question.
Love what you guys do for the Star Wars community I am curious do you guys have any product that you market or sell? Such as decals or T-shirt’s? I would be very interesting in repping your brand as I’m sure others would as well, this could help along with your patron page to fund your trips for more information and new things you can relay to your viewers. Just an interesting thought. I’m not supporting ads or any of the Disney money grabbing tactics, just wanted to let you guys know I’d fork up a little cash for some cantina cast merch! -Keanu Vescaedus
Hello theh
Ricky Mokel
These guys don’t get enough love. I recently became a patron of this podcast so before deleting the layman non-premium version of the channel I wanted to leave a review. I love everything about this show including their signature mispronunciations and nervous ticks that make these guys so relatable on a human level. Rather than correcting you on a certain YouTube channel name by informing you that it’s “Nerd-ist” and not “Nerd-i-est” or make you self conscious by pointing out that you could make a very interesting drinking game out of how many times you say “but anyway” or “but we’ll have to talk more about that later” when you get ahead of yourself or get side tracked, I just wanted to send some positive force vibes your way today by saying thank you. May the force be witchoo 2.
Type of folks you wouldnt mind being stuck in line with at con. No idea what their accents are, though.
Psychology of Leia episode was fantastic
Mel Mwai
Great conversation, this episode really refocused how I thought of the character. I’m listening to all the other psychology episodes as well! Thanks for the great discussion and looking forward to your TLJ feedback. Will you binge watch rebels once it’s done? Thanks guys for all your hard work - it makes my stuck in traffic commute much more enjoyable.
Rebels bashing and negativity for the 15 minutes greeeaaattttt.
The force is strong ...
With this podcast. Keep up the great work !
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