Joker episode
I can’t believe how much they hate and criticize this movie. They’re missing the point of the point. Turn-off.
Lame dudes
lame show lame dudes
These guys are the type that you over hear in some causal social settings that you cant help but roll your eyes at. Granted, I didn’t listen to an entire episode, the small sample I suffered through left me cringing at nearly every turn. Lame dudes pretending to be smart at a coffee shop would be a better name for the show. Feel free to reach out to me 562-279-6821
Better title
A better title for pod cast 3 woke girls
They really didn’t like Joker.
I’ve enjoyed listening to these guys, whether I agree with them or not, but I had to submit a review after listening to that awful JOKER episode. Such an obnoxious echo chamber of moaning and groaning from four dudes who all have the same opinion. They sounded like they were in physical pain from discussing this movie. How could they not include one person with an opposing view? Very disappointing.
Oh, did the movie hurt your feelings? Terrible reviewers.
Badly produced. Audio is subpar. Opinions based on self-inflated egos. No real knowledge of cinematic history. The worst kind of reviewers: congratulating themselves for their opinions with no basis in any sort of critical insight. Bunch of clowns.
F Minus Minus Zero
Ooof.. Just the worst. A bunch of very mild dorks who obviously were helicopter-parented as kids. Then there is the weird guy who pauses between each and every word. As for their “reviews”… they don’t like good movies and complain about everything. Everything seems to be “problematic” or "doesn't hold up", or they just have something snarky to say. F Minus Minus Zero
Great podcast
You guys do a great job of analyzing while keeping it interesting and clean. Thank you!
Well put together.. not super likeable
This is pretty well put together. I was put off with a couple of things. They laugh at the fans who didn’t enjoy the last Star Wars movie and give it A grades and then I listen to the Ep 9 trailer review and they’re all skeptical now. Not a fan of the mob mentality with the Marvel movies and nerd fighting. But I think these guys are also good speakers.
Superior podcast
I look forward to every episode. You guys bring intelligence, humor, and charisma together to make a witty and entertaining show. No one I know has the same interest or appreciation for film as I do... which means a serious lack of intriguing discussion. I crave a good film review/discussion after viewings and you guys deliver. I listen to ya’ll every chance I can. Thank you for this!
Fantastic podcast
Richard is witty and funny. Brian is the smartest podcast movie reviewer I listen to. Kent brings the knowledge. Only movie review pod for me. Well done gentlemen.
My litmus test
for movie podcasts is how do they feel about Mad Max and Fury Road in particular. Two of these clowns aggressively hated it, but love the Fast and Furious franchise so much it’s bemusing. Practical effects vs CGI is the great divider, and clearly their preferences are 1s and 0s. They also seem to place the most value to films based on their box office intake, so it’s probably why they waffled on about Pitch Perfect 2 for almost 20 excruciating minutes, which in retrospect was more entertaining than their complete misread of MM: FR. George Miller and his team worked on this for 16 years. It’s his passion, so if he said watch it in 3D it’s not to make a few more bucks, idiot. MM2 revolutionized action films, has been copied ad nauseam, and FR falls into the same category far more than the ridiculous “Dom and the gang” comment. I agree with one thing: you both are not the target audience and shouldn’t really have reviewed something you’re incapable of enjoying beyond the surface levels. The other funny in a pathetic way statement was 90% of women (ala these two, apparently, “not that there’s anything wrong with that”) would be all over PP2 rather than MM:FR, then one dude said his whole theater room for FR was date night...huh? Longevity in a podcast does not necessarily mean good output.
Awesome review on Everybody Wants Some!!
Manny CR
Favorite podcast
Hands-down my favorite podcast of all time. I’ve been listening to these guys for so long I feel like they’re old friends. They’re incredibly knowledgeable about movies (and I’ve learned a lot about the movie business from them), they’re completely fair in judging each movie on its merits as a stand-alone film while taking into account the context, and each host brings valuable opinions to the table. Every time I watch a movie (and oftentimes before I do) I go and listen to their review on it. But beyond being the best movie podcast around, I just love these guys. They have a ton of inside jokes that take a while to understand, but when you do it’s hilarious. They’re really smart dudes and I always look forward to their recommendations not only on movies, but also on TV shows, books, and music. I agree with some other reviewers that the special guest VIPers can often ruin an episode, but the other regulars are great. Keep doing what you do MAM, luh you!
Love these guys
Pat Ell of Earth
I randomly found this podcast about 4 years ago and I can’t imagine not listening to these guys. They are my sarcastic, witty, movie loving, Texas counterparts. And I don’t expect everyone to understand their jokes at this point which is why I see a lot mediocre reviews but I would suggest going back to listen to some of their older stuff and get a feel for them before tossing them a subpar review. Also, their movie reviews are very honest and you may not always agree with them but, to me, that’s what makes a good pod.
Could easily be a four-star podcast
I am a longtime listener and find much to like about the podcast, but I find myself listening much less often these days. Two main reasons - organization of the show and the “special guests.” So frustrating to download an episode for a review of a particular movie, only to have to fast-forward through lengthy discussions and ramblings about unrelated matters. Maybe do the review first? As for the guests, they are mostly unbearable and mess up the flow and humor of the show. I enjoy the interplay between the three hosts, but I am not interested in hearing the typically inarticulate views of random folks who happen to have donated to the show. I often stop listening and delete when it becomes clear that there will be 4 people talking.
Ummmm go cowboys...
I can’t believe my two favorite things; cowboys, movies: came together!!! Dude Kent you da best man!
Cricketsc Wow every fifth word. Good info. Just rough delivery. Kinda long reviews and doesn’t get to the point. Just doesn’t seem fluid. But keep it up. Hope it gets cleaner.
Fantastic Movie Podcast!
The Staggs
Kent, Brian, and Richard are very funny and entertaining, while giving valid criticisms on movies without being snooty or pretentious. As great as I think it is, Mad About Movies definitely is not for everybody and you have to be a longtime listener to get some of the jokes. Nevertheless, those who do get into it (moi) tend to really like it. Mad About Movies is a definite recommend for any movie buff.
If you want to listen to someone worship Stanley Kubrick for 10-12 minutes before they even talk about the movie he didn’t even direct, go ahead and try to listen 🙄
That’s about the best word I can give for it because about half or more than half of the podcast is spent not on the review. Sometimes it can be interesting like when they discuss the Emmy’s but overall no, and their distasteful comments about women are too much for the subpar podcast to cover up.
It was a good movie
It took forever to get to the movie at least 30 min talking about themselves
I really like hearing the different opinions about the movies. I also really like the recommendations at the end!!!
The Final Rose
When they finally start talking about the movie, it’s a decent podcast. I wouldn’t call it super well-informed, but they usually bring up valid points and things to think about. But the 30 minutes of awkward chatting about themselves and other random things (promo for Rotten Tomatoes...) at the beginning is painful.
Decent movie podcast, but I really think the format needs to be considered. Every episode starts off with 30-45 minutes of rambling about other happenings in the movie world, unrelated to the movie they are reviewing in the title of the episode. I find myself annoyed on my commute, tapping the skip button repeatedly to get to the review I came for. It would make sense for this podcast to have a "general discussion" type of episode between specific movie review episodes if they want to cover other topics.
Listened to “Aladdin”
I like the idea of a bunch of friends reviewing movies but it took like 30 minutes to get to the actual review. Found it is similar in other reviews here as well. Kinda unfortunate.
So good
MAM is the creme de la creme of film podcasts - essentially the digitized spawn of Roger Ebert. MAM’s analysis is incomparable to any film class I’ve taken in an academic setting. Kent, Brian, and Richard are subtle, witty, and indubitably knowledgeable. Their points are educated and founded, not pretentious; their experience and analysis together override the tide of popular preference. (Any audience member with combative opinions and a passion for Now You See Me will 100% take offense) This isn’t to say I don’t disagree at some points — Emma Watson took (what I think to be an unfairly) large brunt of the criticism for B&B, and I am of the school of thought that Christian Bale can do absolutely no wrong. Despite this, their respective criticisms of Watson and Bale were fair and don’t push any individual agenda. The review of No Country for Old Men was one of their best (but I mean, how could it not be?) This podcast is for nerds (‘film buffs’ we call ourselves) and it doesn’t pretend to be anything else. Love, love, love.
Kind of monotone and boring. Very holier than thou hosts. You don’t talk smack about my favorite podcast (WHM), very lame and unprofessional. I was going to keep giving them a chance (I enjoy movie podcasts like this usually) until they flat out said how they hate women, and that women are not funny. I stopped right there and unsubscribed.
Ultimate escapism and humor
These hosts have a wonderful, unique and insightful perspective. I’m always nodding my head in agreement, and laughing at their inside jokes which you become a part of the more you listen. Can’t thank you enough for the ultimate escapism podcast!
this is almost the show I'm looking for, and I really like parts of it, but I just can't get around the host. I like Bryan and Richard a lot and they normally have interesting things to say about a film, but the host is so monotone and talks over them and makes the same point. It would be easier to ignore this but the host talks 80% of the time and it's just not worth it. I've stopped listening but I still follow on social media, because I still like the guys, and I'd recommend most people do the same
I just can’t
I’ve forced myself to listen to at least 15 of these episodes and found myself skipping ahead a LOT due to the 30-45 minutes of completely useless stuff that comes before the actual reviews. Out of the episodes I have managed to get through I found that if I am not actively paying attention to everything said it was REALLY easy for the entire show to be nothing more than background noise (at best). The host are very monotoned and I feel they miss the mark on any useful insight regarding the movie (production, casting, social commentary etc). I consider myself to be a movie buff (nerd whatever) this show just does absolutely nothing for me. It’s not entertaining, insightful or...useful. I tried and gave it an honest try but I just can’t anymore. Anyone that would like a VERY entertaining podcast with LOTS of information regarding the movies being reviewed I highly recommend We Hate Movies. It’s just miles better than this one.
Mad About Podcasts
Jordan O
If you’re a movie nerd (or I prefer movie buff), Mad About Movies is for you. What makes the show is the mix of wit and insight each host (and guest) brings to the table. I’ve listened to nearly all of the episodes and it’s challenged me to revisit older films and seek out newer ones I might otherwise not have watched. Look forward to more from these talented critics.
No Content
Loquacious lair
I don’t understand all of the 4 and 5 star ratings. I listened to this podcast for the first time for their episode about “Us”. All I can say is that this was one of the most frustrating podcasts I’ve ever listened to. After wading through 35 minutes of content completely unrelated to the movie, I could only stand another 5 minutes of them saying that they either did or did not like it. This was fairly disappointing.
Love listening to this podcast. I look forward to every show.
Favorite Movie Review Podcast
Mad About Movies is easily my favorite movie review podcast. They are funny and very unpretentious in their movie reviewing. They’re three close friends and you feel like you’re just hanging out talking about movies with friends. They provide an opening segment about movies news, so they keep me up to date on all things film. Great guys, great humor, great podcast.
Oh yeahhhhhhhh!
This pod is a big “oh yeahhhhhhh!” from me. Great discussion with subtle humor throughout. Had no problem listening to the whole episode. These guys are American Treasures in my heart.
Fun movie podcast!
Jeremy - Movie Madness Podcast
These three guys are a lot of fun to listen to. It’s always nice to listen to a podcast when the hosts really seem like good friends! Great banter! And they do a great job breaking down movies and giving their opinions. I do not agree with them all of the time. But they keep it fun and loose to where I still want to hear their opinion. Definitely worth your time!
This podcast is great!
These people (Kent, Richard, and Brian) are one of the most genuine people I’ve listened to. They care about their listeners and the community that surrounds the world of movies. They’re plain awesome and everyone should listen.
The Most goodest movie Podcast
This is my favorite movie podcast. Fun honest opinions. The three hosts come off as really good friends who happen to enjoy talking about movies. They aren’t afraid to disagree with one another and most episodes are laugh out loud funny. Richard is especially funny and will drop in the occasional hilarious quirky story. Also stick around for the weekly recommends. I base the majority of my audible purchases on these recommendations. Ok back to the woods!!
Bad form to call out other podcasts
Predator Minute (Zabriskie)
I listened to the show for a few months, but like others have noted, the hosts regularly miss some of the major plot points, cast notes, character lines, etc. that movie review podcasts really should nail down. I am not sure what you can gain from this podcast in terms of filmmaking, film reviewing, or behind-the-scenes information. All that said, I stopped listening as soon as I heard (on a back catalog episode) the hosts commit the cardinal sin of podcasting: they called out another movie review podcast and tried to drag them down. You just don't do that, guys. Similar to their movie reviews, their criticism of the other podcast was shallow; they solely harped on the other podcast's title (We Hate Movies, which I've listened to for years, and which does its movie research ahead of time). What's lightly funny about that is that the MAM hosts tend to swing the critic stick just as much as, if not moreso, than the WHM hosts. That tells me that it is unlikely that MAM even listened to the other podcast; otherwise, they would have made more informed comments. It was not a good feeling to hear hosts that I listened to try to besmirch another show. I stopped listening to their show wholesale after that moment. Have some class, MAM.
I was already on the fence about this podcast, but this was the one I’d go to if I had extra time after listening to all my regular weekly podcasts. Then there was an episode in which one of them just flat out dismissed a foreign film because it had subtitles and how he refuses to watch a subtitled movie. That’s fine and is a personal choice, but that’s not a person or podcast I want to listen to.
Awesome Podcast
This is a great show. I’ve been listening for two years now and I can get into it (pun from the LEGO movie episode). These guys offer three different perspectives and have good thoughts on each movie. They have me rolling laughing sometimes and I enjoy listening to every episode regardless if I watch the movie or not.
I tried to LIKE this.....
But LIKE I could not LIKE get past Like all the LIKES. Also could you please complete a sentence/thought? Look at your reviews!
Very consistent show
I like this show because not only they point out pros and cons but they spot things I would not have thought to look at . As they talk I can vividly see what they are referring to plus they give solutions that are sometimes better that what was released. Great dynamic between host plus little to no cursing we is great you be surprised how much explicit stuff is out there keep up the good work p.s I can’t wait till the Aladdin review !
Thank you
Hey guys I just wanted to give a quick thank you. I suffer from depression and one way I escape my problems is your podcast, movies are one of the only things that bring me joy lately and listening to you guys talk about movies and joke with each other gives me the much needed break from the world. So thank you for being that much need escape in my life
Good Listen
I really enjoy this podcast. I don’t even end up watching 80% of the reviewed movies, but I like the movie news at the beginning of each episode, and their initial thoughts about each movie. The hosts are not overly critical and pull out positives along with the negatives of most movies. Good listen. Good and consistently delivered content.
Absolutely the Best
Tabitha C. G.
I drive over two hours every day. This podcast makes the commute not just bearable, but enjoyable. Thanks for always making me laugh, guys! P.S.-Recently signed up for VIP. SPOILER ALERT, it’s worth it.
MAM Fam 4 Lyfe
I have listened to over 400 episodes of this podcast and have come to this conclusion: Meh.... Just kidding! This podcast rules! I would listen to these guys talk about anything. Richard, Brian, and Kent are hilarious but don’t hold a candle to The Cup (future American Treasure? 🤞🏼🤞🏼). This is my favorite podcast and I recommend it to everyone. Love you guys. Keep it up!
Great podcast
Great movie insight but they also don’t take themselves to seriously. Keep up the good work, ignore all the grumpy guses out there!
Best movie podcast
Although I’m not sure that these guys really love the Now You See Me film universe this is by far the best movie podcast I have listened to. The guys really sacrifice a lot of their time and are very interactive with their fans. The only gripe I have was this shows pilot episode got me to watch Gotham which has slowly stolen my soul over the last six seasons. If you are looking for a new podcast you should definitely give this a try. Thanks for all of your hard work that you guys put in.
Great Podcast and Awesome reviews
The guys at mad about movies are great reviewers! I enjoy how each of them brings a different view about the movie to the table. I find most of their jokes pretty hilarious as well. I always am excited when a new podcast comes out from them.
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