Weak Content
chenk was an attourney?
Weak content and porous arguments. Politically neutral and was looking for a view outside of my own...thoroughly disappointed. Could not discern anything other than animosity for conservatives and Trump alike. Listened to the podcast in full and felt at no point I could identify any legitimate arguments.
Trump most investigated
A really good show like amazing I’m so liberal with no hate Let’s speak love 93% trump wins again but 2020 100% voting Thanks TYT. Really great!!!
Donnie Franchise
Pretty much it’s like listening to a trash compactor.
Hilarious Reviews
Dude in Chicago
Reading 1 Star reviews of The Young Turks makes me feel all that much better about be a paid subscriber. Thanks trolls!
Modern Journalism
In a world of mainstream media pushing forth the elite, TYT stands above the rest in the battle for the average person. They continue to fight for progress from an honest perspective. Keep up the good fight team! We appreciate you!
Useless, completely
Bereft of anything meaningful. I actually feel sorry for them. I wish I had the time back. Cheers
Daily denial of the Armenian Genocide and most other facts
joe swole
Since watching the FDA and state of California warns just watching Cenk get fatter, and sweat profusely can cause the viewers cholesterol to increase, I tried to listen in on TYT but it’s still just a bunch of left wing fake news, and media matters talking points
Please stop saying “tick, tick, tick, tiiiiiiiick”.
All opinion no facts
Hey dude its me
Not a source of information as much as it is a source of leftist confirmation bias. Also hosts just aren’t very well-spoken.
Basically the Alt Left
I literally listen to a little of everything, left, right and center. TYT is hands down the most extreme. They are a few terrorist attacks away from being the mirror image of the actual alt right and white nationalist. They are quick to let the left's mistakes go and quick to attribute the right's to malice. Trump cannot both be the dumbest being on the planet and an evil Mastermind. He's one or the other. Also, WE ARE A CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC CHENK, NOT A DIRECT DEMOCRACY! YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE CLAIMING THAT!
Best reporting today, A+ journalism
Feeding Trolls
A friend referred me to this pod and the first one I listened to is “You can’t control me (or us)”. I spent -wasted 40 valuable minutes of my life hearing why online comments can’t influence your show which was entirely about those negative comments. So you do care what the trolls said and they got EXACTLY what they wanted. DON’T feed the trolls. I couldn’t take the self justification any longer and turned it off. Awful introduction to your pod. May try one more to see what you’re really like but I don’t have time to listen to any more temper tantrums. Awful content.
A. Nonauh Muss
Ana and Cenk, and the other TYT hosts have changed my life. They make all this political craziness make sense. TYT has even made my husband change his views and after watching the show a few times, he’s a full blown progressive like me.
Fact-based, self-effacing reporting, analysis, and commentary that doesn't pretent to be neutral
Neutral reporting is useless. We have Twitter nowadays, so we don't need news outlets that just report what people say without any analysis or commentary. TYT is independent and audience-funded, so they have no financial or other allegience to corporations or other moneyed interests and are therefore free to report on anything and do honest, critical analysis.
TYT Brought hope back to my dismal outlook
I was once an established Democrat supporter who could not understand why the party was splitting and gave this podcast a chance. TYT has a way of reporting and making very clear the the political situation we are currently in and why we are in it. It doesn’t matter what you label yourself or others as, we ALL agree on: We MUST get rid of Money in Politics. TYT, through actual Jounalism and giving credit to other Non Progressives when credit is due will prove to anyone listening that there is a way to get Money out of Politics. Change is coming. It’s time for Democrats to stop being weak and wake up.
Best Podcast Ever
One star reviewers are trolls!
I gave them an honest try....
Listened to the podcast from September 13. It was a complete joke full of a false narrative. I try to listen to the other side, but they are so full of nonsense it makes it hard to. I’m glad their way of thinking is being exposed fraud that it is and America is finally waking up. Worst podcast ever
Perfect for progressives. You can see in the comments how triggered the right and alt right are.
Worst podcast ever literally
Very few things they say make sense.
Spreading hate because they lost in 2016
They have no facts or proof on anything they discuss. It’s all about hate towards Trump! The both are nothing more than embellishing false propagandist spreading hate and the false narratives. Seriously folks after watching the Looney Tunes Democrat clowns running for President, who with half a brain and is mentally stable would ever vote for anyone running for the Democrat Party! Embarrassing to watch the display of hate and ignorance spewing for the mouths of these ignorant individuals that dream of big time money and power and could care less for anyone other than himself. Pitiful and shameful.
Depression theory
I donated 3 solid one hour blocks to listen for my first time. I’m left booking an appointment for an earliest availability to speak with my therapist and needing heavy medications. Biased and dishonest views Dangerous finger pointing from spoiled uninformed unhappy children.
Young Turds
Probably the most intentionally deceitful people on the planet. Absolutely pathetic. Great for people who don’t know how to use google.
Just a bunch of angry and unhappy warriors of the far left
A little balance please
Cali Centrist
For every minute of analysis, there are 10 minutes of shrieking tantrums and the panel inventing new vocabularies to agree with each other.
Integrity and Brains
Hella Clevah
Honest, ethical, transparent. Passionate mission to reveal truth to American people.Fantastic humans. Exemplary show.
Great news their passion is contagious😊
Such a great progressive news source
Vee for victory
The only issue is I wish it was longer! Love Cenk and Anna’s dual power punching to the corporate left and the right. If I can’t watch them I love to be able to catch them on this podcast. I’m a member but it’s nice they offer this slice of their show for free. The reason I started watching TYT is I got sick of the BS that is on television. This was before Trump, but I still didn’t appreciate the tentative little forays into subjects of racism, for example. If a person is racist a person is racist— as according to the oxford English discriminate of “racist”— and I wanted someone to just say it and not pussyfoot around the issue. This is the news’ issue for quite awhile and I just got sick of it but also bored of watching comedy about it. I wanted people who took the news seriously but aren’t you afraid to tell it how it is... and then I found TYT and I just felt so relieved. Finally a news source I can get behind that doesn’t feed me a load of bs. I love that they occasionally disagree, and the reasons why. I feel I have learned so much from listening and watching them, and I feel so much more aware of the world around me. And I don’t know what some reviewers say about people talking without and facts. They bring up studies, quote other sources, charts, talk about others opinions, etc., all of the time. Every time I think oh, really where does that info come from, they source it to say where they are getting their info. Anger is fine, we should be angry, the government is a mess and is screwing the American people, as long as it’s based on facts, which TYT does base their info on facts, so I don’t understand people’s complaints.
Refers to ISIS as “brave little soldiers” when talking about wounding American soldiers.
Finally, a voice
This show is a passionate, diverse, and honest breakdown of the days news from a progressive perspective. You’ll find fair criticism and NO false equivalence here.
Should you listen?
Of course!!!
If John had his own show I’d listen every day.
Gemal God
Cenk honestly should like a left leaning Alex Jones with the way he babbles. I side with most of their ideologies but sometimes it’s difficult to listen to. I want to be informed not hear whining for an hour.
Fair and passionate
I didn’t think I would, but after listening I really enjoy TyT. They are upfront on their bias and that transparency is rare in media today. They are leftist but they call out anyone if they deserve it. Cenk created the social democratically but remains fair by criticizing them when they deserve it. They provide context to every story, facts and finally their own commentary. They are quick to even check themselves if they make a gaffe or wrong prediction. They call out police but share their successes. Overall a show I can rely on to be balanced and fair.
So much anger
While trying to listen to podcasts on both ends of the political spectrum, this was extremely emotionally driven with few facts or appeal for any moderate person
The Home of Progreasives
TYT always keeps it real. I love this network for their straight forward, tell it like it is, reporting style.
Too radical
Looking for a good left leaning political podcast and listened to a handful of episodes. Very little fact based reporting and many radical opinions. This podcast is mediocre at best but if you want a liberal Alex Jones this is your best bet
love it
I have been listening since 2004 . I listen everyday. They are awesome
The passion is why I listen
showdaddy 52
Agree or disagree you can’t doubt their sincerity about the news they bring and passion in which they deliver it! TYT rock on 🤘
Pretty Lame
The Alex and Alexia Jones of the left.
The Best News Source
They speak the truth and lay out all the facts to prove their points. Love listening to them.
Honest News Reporting
Exceptional news reporting about current political events and relative past events, they debunk fake news and tell it how it is. They are trying to educate the public on current events.
Pervasively Facetious
Lead by obviously intelligent people, TYT has this complacent, overly aggressive tone that I just don’t care for anymore. The rhetoric is too far left, and the sarcasm goes to Spinal Tap’s 11. And I don’t mean to embarrass the guy, but sweating profusely on the air can’t be good for the cameras. Jump on that elliptical or treadmill during your daily newsfeed catchup!
Speaking truth to power, the progressive style.
This show, and Senator Bernie Sanders, have changed my life for the better and opened my eyes to so much. I am greatly appreciative to all that make this show possible and my dream one day is to work for TYT or a show that is exactly like it; no propaganda, no lies(corrected mistakes happen to everyone but you own up to the little you may have) and you will call out anyone, no matter what they feel about you, if they make a mistake or are voting the corrupt way. Thank you to all, especially Cenk. Everyone around you exceeds their own expectations(as well as you) and that is one of the best quality’s of a True leader, in my opinion. Apologize for the rant but if you are looking for a true progressive media outlet that is not beholden to the big donors like every other major news network but to us, the audience, and is not corrupt and will speak Truth to Power for anyone, then this is the app/website/company for you. They even fight for the ones that curse them; sounds like Senator Sanders(maybe one of the only truly honest politicians). Thanks again! Activist member now and always! TYTARMY, WolfPac, Stampede and of course the original The Rebels(The Young Turks!)
Amazing show
Love TYT and the new show from Hasan Agitprop
We need you
I believe the critical comments are by Russian trolls. Or tucker Carlson. Oh...same thing. Thank you TYT for real news
This show and podcast have really opened my eyes. I realized that progressivism is the route to freedom, not neoconservatism or even neoliberalism.
Just Kinda Bummed
It’s just a bummer listening to these guys. I think Ana is very intelligent, but the inflammatory language can just get to be way too far to the point of being unacceptable. Every once in a while, Ana makes a very compelling case (particularly lately for more effective border legislation), but that gets swallowed up by the network’s constant accusation of conservatives being racist and inciting violence. This is a standard that can’t be fairly applied - it would be impossible, and many of these networks have shown that by their constant attacks on conservatives. I think many conservatives are simultaneously disturbed by President Trump’s rhetoric and how it may be boiling the pot further, but the best response is not to accuse the conservative ideology and conservatives at large of being evil white supremacists. Rhetoric like this only devastates the social fabric of our society. I’m hopeful that TYT will take the moral high ground and back off this catastrophically dangerous and immoral rhetoric. This society will not continue on if we continue to impugn the motives of non-politician citizens on the other end of the political aisle by default. That being said, I do appreciate Ana and Cenk’s repeated criticism of big money in politics, so I decided to five them back a star for that. Good luck, guys!
five stars
Hands down, my favorite podcast
Tai's iTunes
One of the most closed minded podcast ever.
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