This makes me love German
Jerry H Q
I listeten to this all the time, which has become a huge part of my German learning journey. Thanks everyone who made this happen and keep working on it to make it even better! I absolutely love it!
Breaks, cleaning, cooking, school work! I can listen whenever.
I love how I can listen to an episode or two while I’m doing my daily errands. It helps during the day when I don’t have a lot of time to sit and study in my books. I like also being able to listen to how a native pronounces everything too. I’m only halfway through season one but I’m definitely continuing until the end! I might just start French and Spanish too with CoffeeBreak. Vielen Dank!
Outstanding for any German learner
I have been married to a German for over a decade and learned a lot of the language in that time, but CGB has helped me go back and organize and understand WHY Germans say things the way they do, far better than my wife could explain to me as a native. I also craved some easy grammar and structure concepts, and this series delivered exactly what I needed. The episodes are short enough to digest and get a few new concepts and words in each one, but long and in-depth enough to be productive for building up your skills. The contextual segments on culture add a lot of dimension that will make anyone relate more easily to the places and people. I cannot recommend this podcast enough - it's so much more practical, effective, and entertaining than some of the other, more expensive options that tend to be repetitive and poor for retention. Anyone at an intermediate or lower level of German knowledge will benefit from this podcast - jump in!
Great podcast
maz mech
This the best podcast for learning German.just try it once and you will speak German easily . To be honest is mush better than many courses. Many thanks for the hosts they are so helpful.
Best language podcast
This is by far the best podcast out there if you want to learn a language. Perfect pace, topics, and the hosts are so much fun!
Great format!
Easy structured way to learn German. The format is predictable which helps build confidence. The 20-25 minute lesson keeps the learners from getting overwhelmed! Thank you!!
What are you waiting for?
AM Learner
Great way to get started with learning German. Easy to engage with the material in these two seasons.
Great job
As a novice to the German language, I find the pace challenging but also comprehensive. The addition of grammar and culture gives the listener something more than just memorizing. I don’t give 5 stars lightly. Great job and thank you.
Great for refreshing your German
I had a few years of German in high school and college, many years ago. Before traveling to Germany I wanted a low key booster shot and this was a big help. I started with season 2, which was about perfect. Explanations of grammar are clear, practice and pronunciation good, and the cultural segments are a nice break and also informative. Well done. But...could we perhaps have some vintage “Krautrock” instead of the oompah band for soundtrack? 😃
A Great Free Resource!
If you like learning by listening to Podcasts this is a great Podcast.
Herr Deutschbag
Great podcast. Really helps take your German to the next level!
So much help!
This podcast is so good for both beginners and those who need a good review. Lots of vocabulary AND grammar to help someone really know the language and be able to form sentences, not just repeat phrases.
With Pimsleur Support!
I'm SO happy I'm getting more influence with dialect than my German Pimsleur. I feel like I'm getting a very proper language introduction with the CDs, but hearing casual language and grammar is great! Thank you!
Great job!
I started listening a month ago while also using Babbel. I’m currently on holiday in Germany and listen to the episodes as I’m traveling or lying down for bed. It has helped with pronunciation and jogging the memory. Great work and keep it up!
season 1
how can i reach season one ? couldnot find it
It really works!
If you listen to the first episode or two and worry that it might move a little too slowly for someone impatient to learn, fear not! You will soon be thoroughly engrossed in the wunderbar world to which Mark, Thomas, Kirsten and Julia draw you in. I love their method of conversation, explanation and review, and I look forward to each lesson like I look forward to spending time with friends. I feel excited and accomplished at the end of each episode because I always feel I’ve learned something and made noticeable progress. So much fun and so effective! I can’t wait to listen to Coffee Break Chinese to prepare for an upcoming trip, and even though I’ve spent years studying Romance languages, I will probably treat myself to a full review with Coffee Break Italian, Spanish and French as soon as I get through the courses at hand! It always feels like time well spent. Keep up the good work, friends.
Amazing podcast!
Last week I passed my A1 German exam from the Goethe Institut. Though by no means a podcast is enough to prepare for an exam, I wish to emphasize the help I got from Coffee Break German. The Coffee Break German team actually explains the logic of the language and has so many exercises in so many episodes, that you definitely get to train yourself. It might seem like a lot of stuff to listen to, but it is super worthy. This is seriously a must hear tool for anyone who wishes to start learning German.
I love this app. It was difficult finding time and discipline with other apps and programs that require interaction. With Coffee Break German I can throw it on at work and have it constantly playing in the background. The culture correspondent and grammar guru aspects are really interesting and bring a unique feature to an already very useful app. Your conversations are interesting and do not wander off topic. Hopefully, after extended use, I will be able to speak german with my family from Hamburg. Thanks guys!
Love it!
I love Coffee Break German! I have learned so much though the two seasons and I cannot wait for more. Mark and his entire team are wonderful. Great podcast!!!
Great except for this...
The coffee break German is really amazing and I was able to learn German over the summer for when my grandparents came. It is really an amazing podcast I love it except for some of the episodes get really long... but overall it is an amazing podcast and I recommend it for o anyone who wants to learn german. Ps if u took the time to read this all 5th way through thank u and have a nice day\(^o^)/ \(^o^)/
Relaxing and enjoyable
Koerner Lawn
Thanks for making learning German relaxing and fun! Listening is a bright spot of my day! Es ist so gut. Danke.
The best German language app I’ve found
A friend recommended this app and I’ve found this to be very helpful. I’ve listened to both repeating season 2 to help retain and practice. The pace and content seem to provide the right amount of challenge without being overwhelmed. When is season 3 coming? 👌
Good, worthwhile, helpful.
Quality podcast. For me it is a good way to practice hearing what I had first learned just via reading.
This is a great podcast for learning German. It is very conversational and Mark makes it easy to pick up. There are great explanations for grammar, and everything is understandable. This has very much helped me develop my German language skills. Danke!
Best German Lessons Podcast
I thoroughly enjoy listening to this podcast. It moves at exactly the right pace, remains interesting, and dives into the more complicated aspects of learning the German language. I recommend it to anyone looking to brush up on their German.
Hello every one, I purchased Coffee Break German from app store and downloaded it. in my iPhone this app works properly but when I work on my MAC and use iTunes; I just have sound of this book without any pdf or text, can someone help me that how can I see the text on my MAC?
3 months lister
Akira Wada
I have been listening to CoffeeBreak German now for 3 months and just reached Ep.29 as I kept replying some episodes to adjust the materials but so far I am enjoying it and actually learn where there is always phrases instead of just learning words and having a theme for each episode where you can follow a pattern within the conversation. I have learned to discuss my needs and wants in German before learning the ABCs which is working for me so far. Excellent work really really love it
excellent language course.. Mark, Thomas, Andrea, Julia & Kristen: Bravo! The premium version (with access to flash cards, bonus episodes and notes) is worth every penny. The mix of structured situational episodes, grammar and the culture reports is really an effective and enjoyable way to learn the language. Mark clearly puts a lot time, energy, sweat and thought into developing each episode. anxiously awaiting the coming episodes of German 2. I am updating my review: I would still give this an enthusiastic 5 stars (for the premium version) but I have some suggestions: the episodes are often released late and not according to the schedule. The schedule should be revised and or an email alert should go out to subscribers when an episode will be late. There are typos and other small grammar errors in the transcribed notes; the notes would benefit from being proof read by a native speaker prior to sending them out and once an error is detected in an already issued set of notes, a revised version should be issued. It would also really help to publish a topic schedule. This would permit listeners to more easily identify lessons they would like to review.
Sienna Martine
The podcast is a great way to get ready for a trip with clear grammar and vocabulary tips and cultural snippets.
Incredible way to work on your German
Alexis Rule
This is an amazing podcast and one of the most helpful language resources I’ve found. The pace is slow enough and the repetition frequent enough that it’s actually useful and doesn’t lose me after a few minutes. A great resource!
Das Beste!
Thomas, Andrea, und Mark sind ja toll! One of the highlights of my week is a new CBG. Their lessons are well-structured, but not so overly rigid that they don’t feel like human beings. Struggling along with Mark makes the content approachable, and Kirsten, Julia, Thomas, and Andrea are knowledgeable and fun. Schönen Dank, dass ihr mir so viel geholfen habt, und viel zukünftigen Erfolg!
Fantastic program and really works!
Mark and his team are wonderful. I used this podcast to learn passable beginner German over the course of a couple of months two years ago (before season 2 existed), and as a result, I was able to negotiate a number of situations in Germany with ease (checking which direction the train I was about to get on was going, asking directions to a bank in the neighborhood, checking into my hotel, etc. These lessons were perfect! Personally, I had to listen to every episode 2-4 times to get it to really sink in and solidify, but that is just part of the repetition involved in language learning sometimes. I also found it helpful to write things down, though I started with listening only. I am working through CB Italian now and finding it fascinating how readily the German phrases come to mind as I try to learn Italian through the same pattern of lessons, even 2 years removed from my study and usage of German. So it even stuck! (Fortunately, I am also having success getting the Italian to sink in as well.)
Another Cup of German!, Please
I luv this!!!! I was not aware there was a series 2. Now i cant wait to finish what im drinking in the older episodes. Thank you!! ☕️☕️☕️ PS Id like to see more videos of you Mark in Germany!!! 🇩🇪 Merry Christmas🎄🎁🕯-olga
Great show
This show is really fun
I love this podcast!
I absolutely love this podcast. I’m a total beginner in German and am taking private German lessons. This is the perfect companion to my weekly lessons. They teach us at a manageable rate of speed and I really enjoy the clarification our “grammar guru” brings. I also enjoy the element of the “cultural correspondent” because I then can become better acquainted with the culture of German-speaking countries. I’m about 14 lessons in and I can’t wait to see what’s in store (including checking out those study packs). Vielen Dank!
From zero German to etwas Wissen ;D
So happy with this Podcast. I had never learned German and by listening to them for about an hour a day I have made great strides in my vocabulary, listening/understanding, basic speech and overall knowledge of the language and culture! It feels like I'm hanging out with them haha they make me laugh and make learning fun! Vielen Danke Mark, Andrea and Julia!
Love it!
This podcast is a pleasure to listen to, easy to understand, and hosted by enthusiastic folks that make it easy to comprehend. Definitely worth listening to! Danke!!
Awesome Series!
I have been learning German via self study for a year now and the Coffee Break German series has really helped me supplement my other studying efforts to practice a lot of the phrases and hear a real person speak the language in a normal pace (as opposed to a robotic, slow pace) and overall very good lessons.
Great Series
Really like this series as a supplement to my German studies. Keep them coming!
Awesome tool for learning german
Karl Parx
This is a phenomenal tool to increase your understading and confidence in german. Thank you so much!
german learner 1
with a few months of using neumonics and flashcards to gain a lot of vocab under my belt, I needed some useful help with everyday german. I came across this podcast, on one lesson where they recorded an actual conversation at a cafe. that's just awesome, and keeps the interest. they really structure this beautifully. It's the right approach--immersion, then a few pointers about the grammer involved. not the other way around, which doesn't work for most everyone when actually applying the language in real life. I still made flashcards and used neumonics along with it--if you make your own, it will sink in much deeper, and there's no sense wasting time studyiing something only to have it dissolve in a year or even a few months.
Great Lessons
A huge help in learning German!
Diese Podcast ist wunderbar!! Ich kann jetzt besser Deutsch! Danke sehr!
I am learning SO much!
Coffee Break German is perfect! The length is just right. The grammar lessons are well explained. The examples are challenging but doable. I've listen multiple times and taken lots of notes. I'm a lifelong fan. Vielen Dank
Thank you!!!
Inspiring, motivating and funny. Listening to this podcast makes me want to push forward and keep learning German. A huge thank you to the folks at Coffee Break for doing what you do! I appreciate you :)
Incredibly good
Great content. Super entertaining and educative. You will love how learning experience is blend in every day contexts such that it progressively feels natural.
Great Learning Tool
This podcast is a fantastic learning tool that teaches you to speak German conversationally.
Extensive and reliable
I am taking an intermediate level German course after two years out of practice. This podcast helps me brush up and extend my vocabulary further. The teaching style is thorough. Thomas is remarkably good at explaining the cases and conjugations that native speakers generally don't have to think about. Vielen Dank!
Mein Lieblingspodcast!
Love this program!
I used coffee break Spanish before going to Nicaragua and now that I'm dating a German speaking person I knew where to go for a quick and straightfoward way to start being able to speak the language! It's been lots of fun and I always listen to the lessons a couple times to make sure I get it down, and they're easy to follow!
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