“Without the hype”?
Recently listened to podcast wjth Diego titled “no license, no blah blah ... no excuses” and within 10 minutes of the podcast 1)dude graduates as a software engineer from FSU 2) his first property is bought in cash (with his dad!) this is the common theme of every episode. Is there no actual middle class people out there that have had a modest success? I don’t care to hear about how some trust fund babies with lined pocket uncles got their success.
Free game every week, love the show
I’ve been a listener for over two years now and have always loved this podcast. Episode 352 with Diego Corzo was such an incredible story, would love to hear more interviews like this one. Keep up the great work
Always great!
JGL Josh Lewis
BiggerPocketts is always keeping me thinking about the next project! There’s little nuggets of gold in every episode.
My dad loves this stuff
kyles world
He thinks it’s the best
So good!!
Everytime I listen to an episode I say "man, that's the best episode I've ever heard." Then I listen to another and have to say, "now THAT'S the best episode I've ever heard." It is incredibly valuable and entertaining. Thank you!
Newer investor
I am amazed at the content readily available on this podcast. I have taken courses and spent 10’s of thousands of dollars on real estate training and coaching. I’ve been a part of 2 flips that did barely ok and was getting discouraged. I bought the book, rental property investing by Brandon turner to help with my struggles and was introduced to bigger pockets. This has been terrific to say the least. At my age, I haven’t got decades to amass wealth and am seeking strategies for financial liberty and have been truly blessed and enlightened in a short period of time. Highly recommended
I am simply amazed at the content that is provided by BP. I listen to BP driving to work, during work, and after work. Can’t get enough. Brandon and David make such a great team and well balanced. Keep up the good work boys! And while you’re making everyone around you better which in turn will bring you guys up higher then you ever dreamed! 😃👍
Took a long break and ready to listen again
I devoured the episodes when I first discovered bigger pockets and couldn’t get enough. I was quickly turned off by the passive aggressive belittling by Josh toward Brandon, I felt embarrassed for him that he needed to do that constantly in a show listened to by so many! After 18 months I decided to listen again after I heard Josh isn’t cohosting anymore. That said, I think Josh and Brandon have a lot of knowledge and experience and bring great guests. Josh started the whole thing and so many of us have him to thank! I also got annoyed with the falsetto quick tip that is never in unison even after how many episodes. Feels a bit amateurish when I listen to other well produced shows. Thanks for all you do I have learned a lot!
Excellent Content
Thank you for the excellent content you put together for each and every podcast. I've never written a review for anything, but your podcasts are worth every minute spent listening. I always learn something valuable that will help me be more effective with my time, money and goals in real estate investing. As well as opening my mind to all the wonderful possibilities.
The Best
It’s an incredible show, and very fun to listen to the growth and evolution of BP. Slowly making my way through every podcast in order. So much good, free knowledge that not enough people take advantage of.
Thank You
You have brought on a lot of talent and have discussed so many relevant topics that are critical in successful real estate investing. My long commutes are now educational and it’s time for me to take action. Thank you for providing value added information that I can use to positively impact my families wealth and life.
Valuable Podcast
Thanks for all you do guys! I’m new to real estate but I love the business so far and the insight provided by you and your guests is priceless!
Love this podcast
My new obession -- uber-valuable advice not just on real-estate nuts-and-bolts but on organizing our lives and accomplishing goals. Many times I'm *more* motivited to re-listen to an episode than skip to one I haven't listened to yest -- they are that rich. Great job!
Good info cannot stand the voice after awhile
timmy m h
David greens voice is so un bearable. Nice guy and intelligent. I just couldn’t listen anymore.
Where in the world is Josh???
Where is Josh! The business podcast needs to interview him I would like to hear his story of bigger pockets and hear about some of his real estate deals!!!!!
Knowledge is Power
Glorious Mason
I appreciate the knowledge I gain from listening to the podcast. The host and guest(ordinary people doing amazing things) have challenged me to do the actual work in real estate investing. Being a doer and a listener of the gems given!
So Much Game Given For Free
The Family O Youtube
I don’t review very many podcast because frankly I don’t care to. I have been addicted to these guys and the content that they are pushing out that is literally like going back to college. I’ve already purchased the book on rental property investing from Brandon Turner And found most of the other books in the library. Every time one of the guest recommends a book I’ve believe will be of value I order it through the library. This is the premier place where people interested in all things real estate I’m so thankful to have found them on a long drive from Georgia to North Carolina and I’ve been hooked ever since
Literally gold!
Pennsylvania Rob
Great podcast! The knowledge shared on this show is unable to be put into monetary value. Love it!
Bigger pockets
I listen to these podcasts as I go to sleep at night. Not only are they entertaining the content is excellent. Bigger Pockets provides all the information a real estate investor needs to be successful.
Love this show!
Listen to it so much but one concern is that Mindy is very annoying lol. Her voice is very piercing and talks very degrading and snarky in her tone. Otherwise great information!!
Best Podcast Ever!!!
I started listening in January and got caught up with all 340 plus episodes. It was great to go on this journey with Josh and Brandon and then David. I have learned so much in these past months and am ready to get my real estate career up and running. These guys know their stuff and the guests they interview are at the top of their game. I wish I had another 300 episodes to listen to but I’ll just have to wait for the one podcast per week. Keep up the great work.
M'head Mom
Like a great portfolio, this podcast is wonderfully diversified, with each day offering a wealth of new information about varied topics. Guests discuss their own path to FI, starting out in real estate, other investing strategies and so much more. It’s a *very* worthwhile listen!
Can’t get enough of this podcast
Brandon and David make this easy. Love the way it’s organized and the guests are always positive and chock full of information!!! Great job guys.
Awesome Resource!
Such an awesome resource! I am new to investing and telling all my Fam and friends about this podcast too! Looking forward to the success that is right at my fingertips!
Best podcast ever!
This is the only podcast you need when it comes to real estate. I have learned so much listening to Bigger Pockets. Thanks to the team at Bigger Pockets I have started my real estate journey with great results!
Get educated!
This is an AMAZING resource for learning the ins and outs of real estate investing while also learning to think creatively about investment strategy. A must listen if you are looking to invest in real estate!
These guys are awesome
A friend recommended BP to learn more about investing and now I am hooked, addicted and excited. I bought Davids BRRRR book (sorry Brandon, have not bought yours yet), signed up for BP Pro and the education is getting me so excited about the future. My wife and I are gearing up. I am trying to learn all that I can and prepare for a successful BRRRR career. Thank you Brandon "the Hawaiian Home investor" Turner and David Green, his practical co-host for giving us this encouragement. Keep it coming.
So educational
Thank you for using your gifts and sharing them with us. So much information and practical tips to put to action. I also really enjoy the mindset podcast and to help change how we think and process. The real estate world is huge and ever changing and if we continue listening we’ll stay “in” it!
Free education.....it’s free real estate (whisper)
I’ve started listening to BiggerPockets in 2014 there’s a lot of free knowledge on investing that most people pay a lot of money to know. Josh was a great host but Brandon is also a great host and David is great too! Seeing the both of them come from W2 jobs and just start crushing it in real estate is beautiful it lets you know you can do the same thing in life as long as you set priorities. I now have my priorities set only that’s left is to take action goals without action is just meaningless knowledge.
Amazing podcast!
Love listening to the BiggerPockets podcast. Every episode I’m walking away with new info, lessons learned, and more! Grateful these guys are devoting their time toward helping everyone in the real estate investing world.
How can I add extra hours t the day?
I just recently discovered BiggerPockets and I can't get enough. The amount of frre knowledge available here is amazing. Thank you.
Amazingly inspiring!
This is far and away the most comprehensive real estate podcast out there! Josh, Brandon, and David are just amazing at conveying the requisite knowledge while inspiring and motivating listeners to take action. When I started listening to them I had dreams of investing and a wife who was opposed to the risk. We now have three rentals and are growing our portfolio and having a great time doing it. Education was the key for convincing us to invest and getting us on the same page. BiggerPockets was the key to our education.
Powerful, Insightful and Timely
As a relatively new RE Investor with just one property so far, I have found this Podcast to be the best source of information to guide me in my quest to find the right strategy for my goals.
Packed with great content
The personalities on the podcast are great, I feel like they’re my friends, I laugh at their jokes I smile when I listen to the podcast. The podcast is really filled with information that is useful and has helped me feel confident in taking the necessary steps to become a real estate investor. I look forward to the new podcast every Thursday morning on my way to work. And I often go back and listen to old podcasts. in fact just got done listening to podcast number 10 and number one they are so packed with valuable information. I’m so happy I found bigger pockets.
Bigger Pockets
This is podcast is the best undergraduate degree💪.
Best podcast out there
This podcast gave me the tools and confidence to start buying houses.
Changed my life as well !
Lucille Lu
I enjoyed episode #331 and related with investor Ashley Hamilton ! Coming from inner city town in New York City/working class family it’s amazing to see one of my peers find ways to financial freedom. Thank you guys amazing show !
This podcast changed my life!
I am so thankful for this podcast. I started listening about 3 years ago and have since bought 34 rental properties because of the mindset and strategies I learned on here. My business partner and I have probably bought 10 books from BP too. I am a raving fan and share this podcast with all the members of my team and newbie investors I meet that ask for help. David Green is one of the best things to happen to the podcast in the last few years. His energy, analogies, and ability to keep everybody on track has really helped.
Clear, specific, useful information!
The pilot/real estate investor discussion was a gift! Thank you!
Podcast is great. The consistency I’m seeing in these guest stories of success that I have been able to listen to so far, start with available cash and cash cushion. Very little risk to day to day life finances. Pretty easy or not as risky to start something when you have available a good chunk of change to start. What episodes do you have that someone started without there own personal piggy bank? Thanks, Love the podcast.
The Best in the land
BP podcast is the best in the land. Love all the knowledge that is talked about in details to help all investors. Keep up the great work.
Huge Fan! So helpful and hilarious
I can’t believe how helpful this podcast and website has been. C’mon, free education!? Not only do you guys give such helpful information, but I honestly listen to your podcast for hours on end, in the car or when I can’t be at my desk. Thank you so much for advice and rich content you provide to us! Hey, like they say, leaving a review is the biggest compliment so don’t just be a taker from these guys!! LEAVE A REVIEW
This podcast is honestly one of the best things ever created! I listen every morning to a podcast and replay it at least twice before listening to the next ! Great advice and motivation for new investors as myself ! Keep it it up.
BT and DG
Sports rants
It’s a crime this podcast is free. There’s incredible value in every episode. The Brandon & David combination is much better than Brandon and Josh. David’s a more dynamic personality.
Bigger Podcast!
Bigger Pockets is a great format and gets you excited about REI with good interviews and lots of food for thought!
Good but way too many commercials
blahblah im drunk
Good material, too many commercial on the front end.. fast forward a couple minutes.
Dude why the heck. I’m trying to listen to you and I spent 10 minutes listening to your sponsors. Seriously, why a disappointment. I get that this platform costs money and plugs are necessary. Next.
Absolutely phenomenal podcast
I’ve been applying everything that’s been said and results are coming in!
Great Podcast outplaying all things real estate in an amazingly interesting and exciting show every week. I have learned so much and continue to do so. Keep up the good work guys!
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