331: 10 Deals on a $20K Waitress Salary With Ashley Hamilton
Published May 23, 2019
67 min
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    Ten doors free and clear on a blue-collar salary—today’s guest shares exactly how she did just that! Brandon and David sit down with Ashley Hamilton, who shares the incredible story of how she went from poverty to success through real estate investing with very little help or guidance. Ashley shares her remarkable strategies for investing in a market where very few others could, how she used BiggerPockets to develop a system, and how she got the city of Detroit to offer her a deal to buy a property at $500! Ashley also shares how she buys cheap houses at auctions, how she finds banks to finance her rehabs, and how she uses keyword alerts in the BiggerPockets forums to snag deals before anyone else! And be sure to listen for Ashley’s “no milk for her cereal” strategy to overcome and succeed! If you’re looking for an incredibly inspirational story that highlights how creativity and resiliency can pay off, you want to download this today.  In This Episode We Cover: How Ashley found a way to invest in a market when very few others could How she got the city of Detroit to call her and offer her a deal to buy for $500 Getting to nearly a half a million dollars in equity in a few short years How she got started investing with nothing but BiggerPockets as a guide Finding the best part of the city to invest in Why she fix her rentals up to suburb quality even in low-income neighborhoods Building a portfolio of 10 doors free and clear The way she uses the BiggerPockets forums to help her make money Landlording like a boss Giving back to your tenants And SO much more! Links from the Show: BiggerPockets Forums BiggerPockets Webinar Tarl Yarber's BiggerPockets ProfileDave Van Horn's BiggerPockets Profile Brie Schmidt's BiggerPockets Profile Joe Fairless' BiggerPockets Profile BiggerPockets Instagram Brandon's Instagram David's Instagram Rentometer Rich Dad Poor Dad Seminar GoBundance BiggerPockets Podcast 260: The Ultimate Guide to Negotiating (for the Negotiation-Averse) With Former FBI Hostage Negotiator Chris Voss
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