#309: Closing 75 Deals Your First Year by Simply Modeling Others with Steven Pesavento
Published December 20, 2018
60 min
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    Have you ever considered flipping houses for cash but aren’t sure where to start? If so, today’s episode is perfect for you! Brandon and David interview Steven Pesavento, a long distance flipper who’s doing 75 deals a year. Steven shares several of his tips for success, including just what he does to keep his pipeline full of deals, how he follows up with qualified leads, and the strategy he used to get good at closing deals working for someone else! You’ll love Steven’s system for choosing the best market to flip in, how he systematically ramped up his business, and how he built a team from the ground up (including each team member’s job title and description)! This episode is chock full of specific, actionable advice that will apply to newbies and experienced pros alike. Download and listen today! How he finds his deals, where he is consistent and wins the long game, how he flips 75 houses a year, when to grit and when to quit, how to know when it’s time to ramp up your business, how to build and scale your business, the order in which you should hire, what makes up an all-star team, why repetitions are so important, and what to look for in a partner to help grow your business. In This Episode We Cover:Steven’s background and how he got into real estateLearning through modeling successful investorsThe very first deal (which was not that great)How he set his goalsKnowing the right time to get seriousDirect mail and other marketing methods that worked for himPartnering with great peopleFrom zero to 75 deals within two yearsRaising money from private investorsRenting his personal home on Airbnb to pay the billsLiving frugally to get the business runningNot taking a paycheck until year two so he could invest in people and growthAnd SO much more!Links from the ShowBiggerPockets GiftBiggerPockets ForumsBiggerPockets WebinarBiggerPockets JobsTony Robbins’ WebsiteBiggerPockets PodcastBiggerPockets Podcast 307: The Science Behind Setting and Achieving Big GoalsBiggerPockets Hard Money LendersTony Robbin’s EventsAmazonBooks Mentioned in this Show90 Days of Intention by Brandon Turner (Journal)Four Hour Workweek by Tim FerrissThe ONE Thing by Gary KellerRich Dad Poor Dad by Robert KiyosakiNever Split the Difference by Chris VossAwaken the Giant Within by Tony RobbinsFire Round QuestionsDoes anyone know of a way to finance a house where I could sell it in 3 months without hard money or cash?What kind of presentation do you use when trying to get funding for your flips?Any tips and tricks you use to ensure that you won’t go over budget during your rehab?How do I qualify for a loan to fix and flip houses without savings or good credit?Tweetable Topics:“It’s not about how I may get rich, but it’s about how am I going to learn everything that I possibly can.” (Tweet This!)“We’re not doing anything special, we’re just doing it.” (Tweet This!)“It’s a very simple business, but it’s not that easy.” (Tweet This!)Connect with StevenSteven’s BiggerPockets ProfileSteven’s Company WebsiteSteven’s Facebook ProfileSteven’s Twitter Profile
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