#61: How to Succeed in Multifamily Investing – A Unique Conversation with Josh, Brandon, and Ben
Published March 13, 2014
119 min
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    Change is good, right? We hope so – because in this episode of the BiggerPockets Podcast, we change a lot of things up and invite you to come sit in the BiggerPockets digital coffee shop and listen in on a fascinating discussion! For the first time, we bring back a previous guest on the BiggerPockets Podcast to move beyond “their story” and dig into the dirty details on a very popular and important topic: multifamily rental properties. Today Ben Leybovich, who shared with us his powerful journey almost a year ago on episode 14 of the BiggerPockets Podcast, is going to talk with us about what it takes to succeed as a multifamily investor – looking beyond the numbers and truly investing in the right kind of properties. As I said- this show is a little different. Rather than just an interview, we decided to make this episode more of a “conversation” between Ben, Josh, and myself – discussing (and often loudly debating) everything from “what kind of properties to buy,” “what kind of location someone should buy in,” and a long debate on one of Brandon’s most recent purchase- the ugly purple triplex. Although this is our longest show, at almost two hours in length, I think this is one of the most powerful podcasts we have ever done because it’s totally unfiltered, deep, and raw. Come be a fly on the wall in our “digital coffee shop” and discover everything you ever wanted to know about investing in multifamily rental properties. In This Show, We Cover:Managing single family versus multifamily propertiesWhy cash flow is not enough to base your decisions onBrandon’s “Waldo” property: good, bad, or something else? (Leave your opinion on the debate in the comments below!)The Validity (and Problems with) the “Rental Property Rules“The 13 Steps to Analyzing a Multifamily PropertyHow valuation differs between single family and multifamilyDealing with studio or one bedroom apartmentsWhy Ben doesn’t like 2 bathrooms in an apartmentBen tells Josh to “shut up“How to really learn what expenses will beAnd a lot more! Links from the ShowBP Podcast 048: Duplex Investing, Finding Great Properties, and Tips for Managing Tenants with Darren SagerBP Podcast 060: From 0 to 68 Rental Units in Just Four Years with Serge ShukhatHow I Found, Analyzed, and Bought an Ugly Purple Rental Property (Waldo) by Brandon TurnerShould I Buy a Rental Property with Great Cash Flow in a Bad Location? by Brandon TurnerHow to Buy a Small Multifamily Property by Brandon TurnerBigger Pockets Rental Property CalculatorBigger Pockets Fix and Flip CalculatorThe 50% Rule: How to Quickly Analyze a Multifamily Investment PropertyBiggerPockets.com/meet  (Find Local BiggerPockets Members)Books Mentioned in the ShowLandlording on Auto-Pilot by Mike Butler13 Steps to Valuing Your First Multiplex – A Step by Step Guide [Kindle Edition] by Ben LeybovichTweetable TopicsYou can put lipstick on a pig all day long – but if you have a pig, you still have a pig. (Tweet This!)We don’t put money into property- we put money into location. (Tweet This!)If you wanna fly – you need to hang with people who fly. (Tweet This!)Stumbling blocks and stepping stones look very much alike. (Tweet This!)Our job as an entrepreneur is to produce cash flow out of thin air. (Tweet This!)Connect with BenBen’s BiggerPockets ProfileBen’s Website: JustAskBenWhy.com
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