#2: Starting Out with Karen Rittenhouse – Subject To, Direct Mail, and Investing from a Woman’s Perspective
Published January 24, 2013
46 min
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    Today we’ve got another great new BiggerPockets Podcast interview to bring to you, packed full of actionable tidbits and great conversation. Each week, we will be bringing you incredible real estate investing tips, training, and interviews with actual investors who are in the field, and who are making it happen. You can listen to the show online (below), download it later, listen on your smartphone, or via iTunes — all for free. On today’s show we talked with Karen Rittenhouse from KarensPerspective.com – an active real estate investor, author, trainer, and all-around great gal. Karen’s started investing in 2005 and has acquired well over 150 properties during her investing career. On this podcast, she shares with us exactly how she did it, and how you can use the same strategies to begin (or improve) your investing career. Read the transcript for Episode 2 with Karen Rittenhouse here. In This Week’s Podcast, We’ll ExploreWhy rentals are just like little oil wells – and how to get started owning them.How Karen bought over 150 properties, most without ever getting a mortgage.Dealing with sexism in the real estate field.Using the “subject-to” strategy to invest with no (or low) money down.How Karen made $9200 when purchasing her first project – with no money down.The two most important steps to avoid making mistakes.Karen’s technique to find motivated sellers and how to get deals from non-motivated sellers.Why Karen is changing her strategy to adapt for the future… should you?The most important first step for new investors.Karen’s fear when beginning – and the phone call that made her think she was going to jail.Links from the Show:Karen’s Profile on BiggerPocketswww.KarensPerspective.comKaren’s Favorite Direct Mail Company: PostcardManiaBooks Mentioned in the Podcast“Essential Handbook for Buying a Home” by Karen“Essential Handbook for Selling a Home” by Karen“Essential Handbook for Landlords” by Karen“The E-Myth” by Michael E. Gerber“Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” by T. Harv EkerTweetable Topics:“I don’t mind there’s a 1% in this country – I just want to get there” Click to Tweet!“Real estate investing works no matter where we are or what we’re doing. The checks still come in.” Click to Tweet“Rental properties are like “little oil wells” – no matter where I am – they keep pumping.” Click to Tweet“When talking with motivated sellers – don’t go in to close a deal. Go in to solve problems.” Click to Tweet“Without a good plan – it’s easy to quickly jump to the next shiny object.” Click to Tweet“You’re not going to get rich quick. It takes time – but the rewards you’ll reap long term are huge.” Click to Tweet“You never forget your first… (real estate deal!)” Click to Tweet“When it comes to marketing – everything works – just do something.” Click to Tweet“You’ve got to think bigger than a 40 hour work employee” Click to Tweet“We’re in the business of helping people – and we get paid for it. It doesn’t get better than that.” Click to Tweet“There’s never been a better time to be in real estate” Click to TweetKaren Rittenhouse, along with her husband Jim have 11 employees, a real estate investing business, a full service real estate agency, a property management company, a coaching and training business, a lending company, and Karen has written 3 books on real estate.Connect on Twitter: @KSPerspectiveKarensPerspective.comKaren’s Profile on BiggerPockets
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