I love the show!
Professor Brian Oblivion
You all do great work, please keep it up! I nominate Tetris Battle Gaiden for the Super Famicom. The best take on multiplayer Tetris.
Great show!
Listening to this show has made me really expand my knowledge of games and made me try many. Thanks for such a great show. (Also chrono cross for the PS1 would be a cool game to review.
Awesome pod
This is one of two gaming podcasts I listen to and needless to say I love it. I learn a lot about different games I might like to play when I get home to work. They make the hours fly by. So, can you guys rank The Last of Us?
Best gaming podcast bar none!
Love this show! Listened to every episode! Awesome, informative, and truly a masterpiece of the retrogaming world! The hosts go over their games in such depth and with such incredible background knowledge that you will not find anywhere else on the web (or in the world for that matter!) I would love to see a review of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time!
Love the show plus my nomination of Gladiator
Amazing show please keep up the great work! My 5 star nomination is GLADIATOR an 86 arcade game published by Taito. Ougon no Shiro in Japan. There are a lot of ports but I'm interested in the arcade version. Fond memories of playing this once a year when I would go on vacation to Virginia Beach in the 80s at an arcade called Flipper McCoys. I don't know how well it holds up today as I haven't tried playing since then but that's what I have you guys for. Thanks!
A must-listen for video game fans
Whether it’s a game you love, a game you haven’t played in years, or a game you’ve never heard of, this podcast covers it and ranks it. It’s a very fun listen that’s, more often than not, gotten me to dig up something from my collection and give it another go, no matter if it’s good or bad. My game nomination is Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow. (AKA Donald in Maui Mallard) -@SmaMan
Fantastic deep dive into video gaming history!
I get sucked into this podcast every time I listen to it. I don't know why, but I absolutely love exploring the history of gaming, and listening to these chaps dissect and rank the games I love and those I've never played brings me so much joy. I highly recommend the web site that spawned this podcast, too. I can easily get sucked into hours of perusing HG101 content. High fives all around for the hosts and for Kurt for keeping everything HG101-related running. If they get around to it, I hope the podcast covers the PS1 game Parasite Eve soon - I haven't played it in a long time, but I remember really enjoying it when I was younger, and I feel like it's one of Square's forgotten classics.
Great informative podcast
Some dude (84799
Awesome podcast that puts great old games on my radar! Please rank Defender (Arcade)
Fantastic Podcast
Bobble 13
I’ve always enjoyed the history of video games, how they were made, their mechanics and they’re influence (good, bad or none). I have agreed with almost all the rankings and the reasons they have been placed their. This podcast is informative and humorous. I think that it is essential for those that enjoy video games in any form. I would like to nominate Choplifter for the Sega Master System. Choplifter is a series that has been around since I was a kid. I remember playing it on the old ibm computers at our elementary school in high definition black and pea green graphics! That and Oregon Trail (it was green too). Out of every version of this game I have played I feel that the SMS version is the best of them. The levels are very well designed and polished. The difficulty curve may seem steep but the replay value is very high. If it’s already been nominated and I just didn’t see it, then go for Cobra Command on the NES. It’s like Choplifter’s angry cousin. Thanks again and keep on keeping on.
Terrific podcast, keep up the good work!
Ideal Zero
Listen to these guys regularly, and I always enjoy it even when I’m really unfamiliar with the game of topic. Please, do one on ‘Hugo’s House of Horrors,’ loved that one as a kid; super nostalgic for me!
Fun podcast
Liam Boothby
Enjoyable listening about the videogames we remember or have not yet discovered. Would love to hear a take on A Nightmare on Elm Street for the NES
It's like trick-or-treating
Imagine going up to a house on Halloween and being offered a piece of candy from a bowl. There just happens to be 47,858 different types of candy in this bowl. Some dark chocolate (Sid Meir's Civilization, Master of Magic). Jawbreakers (Demon Souls, Ikaruga). Pop Rocks (Painkiller, Hotline Miami). A raisin (Caverns of Khafka). Which do you choose? Racked with indecision you turn away with nothing. As you walk back towards the street you notice something. A group of kids going back and forth from the house and the curb. Ingeniously they have brought around 47k costumes. You study them. In between trips to the house and changing outfits, they seem to have long conversations. You approach and see them prodding and nibbling each piece of candy. They are ranking the candy. You have found the counsel you seek. Halloween is saved. Anyway, I nominate Quantum Gate (1993) by Hyperbole Studios.
Amazing podcast
Game submission: Blood (DOS Build game)
Excellent retro gaming podcast
I love this podcast. Been listening for a couple of years now and it's only improved as time has passed. I would like to nominate Second Life for discussion. It's almost two decades old now and I'm curious as to what the crew will have to say about it.
Great game review podcast covering old and new
This podcast is often funny, always entertaining. I like that the games covered are, well, all video games. Ever. So it could be an Atari 2600 game one week and PS4 the next. As a scientist, I can confirm that all ranking are indeed scientifically accurate! I’d be curious to know where Metroid Fusion falls in the rankings...
Great hosts, and they do their homework by playing through the games they SCIENTIFICALLY rate. As a Patreon subscriber, I nominate "Golgo 13: Top Secret Episode". C'mon guys, take this challenge!
The gamer's video game podcast
This great podcast—the product of the best obscure games site on the Internet—is awesome because it ranks games 'objectively, accurately, and scientifically.' The game coverage is brisk and to the point; they don't go into the history stuff that you've probably read/heard a thousand other places, but they do put things in historical perspective without a ton of recency or platform bias which a lot of other podcasts suffer from. Ever want to know how Umihara Kawase stacks up next to Dungeon Master? This is the podcast for you. For a nomination, I'd like to nominate Mail Order Monsters for the C64 — this is the brainchild of Paul Reiche III, who doesn't get the credit he deserves for masterpieces like Archon, Starflight and Star Control. This was a highly formative game for me and although flawed had a ton of original and creative ideas that ended up in other games. Would love to hear some commentary on it!
Definitely worth a listen
From Hell04
Accurate, informative, and very entertaining.
Hardcore Leftist 101
What started as a decent video game ranking podcast quickly devolved into an SJW politics podcast that occasionally stays on topic, but more often than not strays into the realm of the “shoving politics down your throat” type media that unfortunately is becoming more commonplace in this day and age. I came here to hear about video games, not to hear about your personal politics. Also the host buys 5-star reviews by offering reviewers a chance to nominate games for future shows. This is a practice that should be reviled, because it inflates a podcast’s score far beyond the merit of what it’s actually worth, and ultimately wastes the time of those who are actually looking for good podcasts.
Keeping the Dream Alive
These guys keep gaming history alive in as many ways, shapes, and forms as they can, and it pays off. A multitude of fascinating and accurate articles, a podcast that's entertaining and informative - check em out! I nominate Suzuki Bakuhatsu, as they could always use more interesting games to cover!
Best Video Game Podcast
I absolutely love this podcast. I would go as far as to say it's my favorite of all time. Basically each episode they take a game nominated by a listener and talk all about why the game is good, bad, or indifferent and they rank it on a wonderfully arbitrary list. No, you absolutely won't agree with every ranking they do but the beauty is that that doesn't really matter at all. It's been a great source for me to find games I normally would have not sought out on my own. Best of all the hosts are all great. They definitely put the work in to research the games and they come off sounding incredibly knowledgeable but not in the slightest bit pretentious. Keep up the good work. I would like to nominate Cosmic Star Heroine by Zeboyd Games. Thanks!
Great podcast concept from a great website
I started off with a few episodes featuring games I knew, then moved on to games I’d only heard of. Eventually I realized that in order to get WHY certain games were ranked where they were on this epic, baffling list of every single video game ever, I’d need to do the next logical thing: go back to the beginning and listen to every episode, in chronological order (even the old GC9X podcast). I’ve been completely drawn in by the smart commentary, ridiculous humor, rotating roster of international guests, and occasional deep dive into history like you’ll find on the HG101 website. Pro tip: Do yourself a favor and sign up for the Patreon feed, where the bonus episodes are just as entertaining as the free ones. Oh, and I’d love to hear these guys rank Lizard, a homebrew title for the NES released in 2018. Check it out!
Bite-sized breezy pod, on games that matter
A great perfect-in-length show on important games. An excellent antidote to the modern treadmill of AAA BS ;) **I hereby nominate Battle Garegga for ranking. Good luck fellas. You’re about to get Yagawa’d **
Heartfelt ranking angst and entertaining conversation
Supremely intelligent; the bona fides of this team of crack game culturists is beyond compare. Gaze upon their CV and despair! Absolutely scientific; before each episode is recorded they’ve already floated testable hypotheses and conducted reproducible experiments off-camera. Often lively; the final ranking of each considered title receiving more careful consideration and debate than its likely to be worthy of. Admirably Multicultural; Well, either that or they are pretty committed to their fake accents. Over ambitious; I don’t think they’ve done the proper math and the entire project is unlikely to succeed within the remaining lifespan of the current members. They should publish their rules of succession now. Sometimes confused; they occasionally don’t agree on which version of a historical, re-released or multi-platform game to review. Poorly researched; often key opinions are posited by members with little or no experience with the material considered Insultingly produced; buy a new microphone with your stolen patreon riches like civilized people. Charmingly paced; you have no way to predict the length of each episode and that’s probably for the best. It’s no good getting comfortable with a consistent routine when life is full of change and tragedy. Oh, and here are games I would love to see reviewer: QBert’s Qubes, the action puzzle sequel to the familiar arcade classic. My favorite version was on the Colecovision, but I understand it was also in the arcades Lunar Eternal Blue on Sega CD, so much more amazing than the original with multiple programmable autobattle and high 16bit art and huge scope
Great show!
Awesome for video game enthusiasts. They cover everything from the obscure to the greatest hits. I’d like to nominate Jet Set Radio Future. I don’t know if the game has held up well but I really enjoyed this game on release.
Enjoying the podcast
I would like to nominate Might & Magic VI! Keep up the good commentary :)
Great Podcast! I nominate Samurai Showdown please
The Fandom Menace
A fun, informative, eclectic look at games... scientifically and definitively ranked! #SCIENCE
One of my Top 47K Gaming Podcasts
Both scientific and entertaining, HG101 and friends make you want to look into some of the most obscure and terrible games from glory days gone by. I nominate Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus for the PS Vita and PC!
Rank Fortune street for the wii
Love you show guys
Not too many RTS games?
How about you rank Homeworld?
Review Daikatana for Gameboy Color
Berney S.
Great podcast, please review that wonderful game. Way better than the PC/N64 version.
I love you guys
Pandora’s Tower!! Unique atmosphere and a game that will stay with me for life
Great show
I’m hooked after one show, and I’d like to nominate Earthsiege!
My fav' podcast
Great podcast, highlight of my week! I nominate... Planescape Torment!. I'd love to hear you guys take on it.
Binge Worthy
gary D. Pryor
Discovered this after a reference to one of hardcore gaming's books. Fun podcast, my favorite part is when there is knowledge about the development of the games as discussed. Least favorite part is the close mindedness about what is and is not a game (not really scientific for good ol' CrazyBus) and would like to them to play Dear Ester to open thier tiny awful minds. Great podcast anyway, y'all should try it.
Great food, great service, would eat again
It's delicious. Three square helpings of podcast a day. Nominate The Lurking Horror and Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened!
Very informative!
Love this podcast! Very entertaining and I feel like I learn something new every episode. I would like to nominate Chulip for the PS2.
Panic Restaurant
Awesome podcast from these guys. Great banter and game choices. I wanna nominate Pac-Man 2 for the Sega Genesis.
review Fortune Street wii
Love your show guys keep it up
Love this podcast
I get excited whenever this show comes up in my queue, I know for at least 1 hour of the work week I can take a break from menial monotony and listen to the cast’s take on games, from the weird and wonderful, to the garbage. It’s all done with wonderfully nerdy comedic takes, but also serious dialogue about how the game plays and functions. I’ve picked up several games based on this shows reviews and also listened to the takes on some of my favorite games. I would love to hear your take on “South Park The Stick Of Truth” one of my favorite off color RPGs. Thanks for the podcasts keep ‘em coming!
Loving this series
Binged this podcast and bought a few books from HG101 after learning about their Japanese Obscurities book. Have not regretted it. Leaving a five star review because I would love to hear them rate Undertale.
Only the Best.
Norms sutton
I’ve been hooked on this show for weeks now. Great to hear them talk about games I love, hate, or haven’t even heard of. Hey guys, please rank Yar’s Revenge for the Atari 2600. It’s a simple but intense classic. Remember, your bug can eat the enemy shield. -UtopiaNemo
Entertaining and Educational!
This is a great show for any video game enthusiast. The HG101 gangs depth of knowledge is astounding and there’s never a dull episode to be had! This show successfully breaks down the components of my favorite games, and provides a crash-course on the games I’ve yet to play. I would recommend this show to both old and new gamers, you won’t regret it! With that being said, I would like to nominate Illusion of Gaia for the SNES. Thanks for all your hard work guys!
Always enjoy listening
If you are looking for a fun podcast that focuses on specific games, look no further. Request: Pokémon Snap on N64
Amazing podcast for those who appriciate obscure games.
Charlie guerrero
This is by far my favorite video game related podcast. Just imagine the game of the year discussions from your favorite podcast (say giant bomb of besties) except about every game ever. Not just the good games either, but the really bad ones or the ones you never would have otherwise heard of. For the most part these guys really do their homework and really put a game thru its paces before rendering their opinions. The guests are really great too, everyone really brings great insight. I'm really looking forward to seeing them talk about Metal Wolf Chaos!
Relaxed and Fun
Sometimes you want the history of old video games (Retronauts). Other times you just wanna listen to some dudes kick back and talk about old games the way you and your friends so. This is definetly that podcast! They also cover more than just the big games so lots of discussion of obscure gems and occurs turds. My nomination: Thief the Dark Project
Excellent gaming podcast!
Awesome discussions with likable knowledgeable hosts about great obscure and well known games.
This is the best podcast about video games I’ve listened to before. I love how all of the hosts actually have an interesting opinion about almost any game that’s brought up, and they don’t just repeat the same opinions I always see. The format of the show is the best too, because even if the episode is about a game I’m not interested in, they will end up talking about previous games while ranking it, so they kind of re-discuss and say new stuff about those games too. I love all the main hosts, they’re cool, and if you don’t mind could you please rank Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter.
Best 'cast for classic games, bar none!
Wonderful Flesh Automaton
These guys -- the smooth, Jonathan Holmes-like Xerxes, the timid-yet-perceptive Bobinator, the highly opinionated (and just as highly knowledgeable) Sotenga, the fast talkin' Aussie analyzer Kal -- they all share a passion for electronic games that burns like a fusion furnace, and they all KNOW how to choose their words; no floppy-lipped stutterbums, they! I never get sick of listening to their erudite nerd banter, and if you enjoy vidya at all beyond whatever's new 'n' glossy on the Sexy-X-Station 5, you'll wish they were your cool friends too! I really hope they take a look at that underapprecciated Xbox cult classic, BREAKDOWN, soon.
A great resource
Like HG101 proper, this is a great way to deep dive and find games that are new to you and deserve your time
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