Listened for years, but the rhetoric over the last has grown tiresome. We get it. You wanted an unrealistic Superman Luke and Rian ruined your life. When the one host started rt alt right trolls I chose to unsubscribe. Plenty of great SW podcasts out there putting out informative shows, so no need to waste any more time on this one.
I Can’t Do It Anymore
Mister weny
I love SW. I really like Jimmy Mac. I like Billy Mac and puppet Lando. But I can’t listen to this podcast anymore since Jason will not stop beating a dead horse. We all know how you feel about Rian Johnson and TLJ. Ya really don’t need to tell us every week. Same goes for your fawning over TFA. Enough! I’m out!
Love it!
Love the podcasts, love the narrators. For some reason they both sound like Mark Hamill which is weird but super cool.
Beaker's tie
Great podcast! Not sure what episode these negative reviews heard, but I’ve enjoyed every one I have listened to! The guys are a hoot, and I can’t get enough of Little Lando! I learn something new every show.
Thank you!
This podcast has become part of my life and I look forward to the new episodes every week! Jimmy and Jason have become family to me and I invite any fan of “The Wars” , especially those of us in the 40+ crowd, to join us! There is room in this StarWars universe for all of us who are “one with the force”,no matter what our opinions about sequels and prequels may be 😉
Time to move on.
This used to be a good podcast but in the last few months it has turned into yet another “Disney has ruined my childhood” complaint fest. Like Kylo says, move on.
I have listened to every episode and love every one! These guys are a hoot. I have learned so much about Stat Wars from this podcast, and am always stoked to find out more. This life long fan has upped her game with the help of this podcast. Good stuff
The greatest Star Wars Discussion
C. Rooks
When I listen to this I feel like I’m with friends and I find myself so immersed that I talk through the radio at these guys! Lots of laughs, and makes my daily commute so enjoyable. Keep up the great podcasting....and May the Force be with you! C.Rooks
Makes my workday fly by
I’ve listened to a few Star Wars podcasts and all of them except this one have fallen by the wayside. This podcast is awesome, it gives me all the Star Wars news and info I can ask for. I still have to jump on the patreon ship. One other thing for the people who write that jimmy and Jason do not talk about Star Wars, I don’t understand. You must listen to one minute and turn it off. You are idiots for even writing that. This is the only Star Wars podcast you need to listen to hands down. Thanks for the hours upon hours of listening material. Jimmy, listen to Phish
Star Wars: A No Hope
I used to love this podcast, but its just devolved into curmudgeonly complaining about the new films and Disney era. I'm no Disney sycophant, but I have enjoyed the new films and shows. The constant fan negativity is too much for me, and this podcast has fallen into the current of the mob.
90% isn't even about title for the week
Reven atl
Tried listening to the Galaxy edge episode. They bashed the park for 15 min of the 2 hour podcast. They just sounds like 2 angry guys rant about stuff related to Star Wars.
Off topic
Man this isn’t even about Star Wars
Simply the Best
The best Star Wars podcast in the galaxy, period. I’ve been listening to Jimmy and Jason since the early Forcecast days and they have become like family to me. We don’t always agree, but that’s just one of the many reasons why I love them. Thought provoking, late breaking news, comedy, guest stars, a true passion for the franchise and a gigantic heart. This show is an absolute must for Star Wars fans of any age, race, sex or level of fandom. What ever kind of fan you are, you’ll never be left behind. Welcome home.
Best Star Wars Podcast
This is hands down the best in the business when it comes to Star Wars podcasting. I have followed them from the early days of when it was Jason and Pete. I have enjoyed their insight and perspectives about the franchise we hold dear. Jason and Jimmy bring balance of news as well as fresh commentary as to what is happening in the world of Star Wars. Their love of the franchise comes through in every episode. I love the fact they give their own personal opinions vs being a mouthpiece to lucasfilm.
Hey Jason and Jimmy Mac
Greetings from Chesterfield Virginia. Hey Jason and Jimmy I just wanted to give some positive feedback about RFR. I have been listening to this podcast for about 2 months now and I have to say I think this is a great podcast even though you guys don't have that many listeners you guys still make the show happen. I am 12 years old and I have loved Star Wars ever since my mom took a The Hope VHS tape and put it into my tv ever since then I've been reading the Star Wars books playing the games playing with the toys and what not but you guys somehow tie those things all together into a podcast it's amazing I think you guys are a great station to listen to and I would definitely recommend you to any other Star Wars fans and I would also like if you guys could get some more interviews with Star Wars producers or even Star Wars actors other wise keep up the good work. Sincerely. Bodhi Blaska
Truly the Best Star Wars Podcast
I discovered RFR just before TFA came out and have not missed an episode since. This podcast is informative, funny, thorough, and is all done at the highest level of quality. I highly recommend this show to anyone who is even slightly interested in Star Wars! Thanks, Jason and Jimmy (and all of your regularly occurring guests and puppets), for your talents and devotion!
Thank you Jason and Jimmy!
A. J. C.
I look forward to episodes every week and enjoy the older ones as well.
Faltering fast...
Listener since before Jimmy came on board and now I have to say I'm only going to listen the episodes where Jason is absent. I can't take anymore episode long rants that boil down to "why didn't they just do what I expected them to do!" I have no problem with criticism, but this formerly fun and engroasing podcast has become tedious and tired.
Love this podcast!
leremias Damiaan
Best Star Wars podcast out there for years!
Best star war podcast, period.
VaxFilder 13
I love it can’t wait for every new episode.
Very informative and very funny! My only suggestion would be to tighten it up a bit...the show veers off topic a little too long from time to time. Otherwise, a great podcast through which to enter the Star Wars universe.
Best Star Wars podcast
Snarky McSnekface
I’m usually very skeptical about new podcasts, but this one is very good. It’s family friendly too, so no worries about that.
Great Show! They believe in Love of Star Wars NOT all the HATE!
I really like all the ppl on this podcast! There’s a couple that come in that can b a bit hateful towards the Last Jedi! But I over look that! The main guys critique everything! But they do not put up with all the hate surrounding Star Wars right now! Which I really appreciate! Can’t wait to start all the NEW Star Wars stuff on Disney Plus and dissect it w/ them! Of course by just speaking to myself! As I listen! I’m so happy there not close minded it’s hard to find a Star Wars podcast that isn’t! That is so well produced with actually funny ppl! Who know what they are talking about! U won’t waste ur time listening to these guys!!! They have made me an even bigger Star Wars fan if that’s even possible!!! But beware there I’m a gay man! And this is all straight guys talking & very clearly so! They get passionate about what they believe in! I wish they would get some women in there or gay men or something! There this one guy that calls (The last Jedi) the movie that shall not be named that’s so disrespectful! But I feel the main to guys are growing & trying there best! We are just in a age where everyone gets offended so easily! You just have to b careful not to fuel this small group of fans that make a lot of noise & that are filled with so much hate becuz they haven’t learned to love themselves and Star Wars is all they have! They just have to b careful not to be fueling those kind of ppl!
Negativity Abounds
Recently RFR has become a sad place to listen to some old guys get upset about Star Wars. It's upsetting because they have given into the hate and circular critisism and are feeding the dark side. Keep this negativity out of your life and you will be happier for it.
Great Star Wars podcast.
I can’t wait for Weekend to hear the new ones.
May the force with you
I’ve been listening for a while, these guys are great. I’ve even got to see them live at Reggies in Chicago, which was an amazing show. Looking forward to the next episodes to come.
Sold out
This used to be a must listen for me. Now Jason has sold out so hard to the entitled fandom and all their guests just join to bash everything. Star Wars Celebration is not what you’ll find here.
Played out and tired
Wish it could be a daily show!
Kitster fan
I've been listening to this show since 2007, back when it was that other show. Amazingly well produced and always fun and entertaining. This podcast certanly is your source for the force.
Who needs a shelter?
Once you crawl inside the guts of this podcast it will keep you warmer than a TaunTaun on a cold Hoth night. Other podcasts are as outdated as an x-34 land speeder on Tatooine.
Can’t wait tell the next show
Bob -Gon Jin
I love this podcast! Gives me my Star Wars fix every week . Funny, I love puppet Lando. All the inside scope and imitations are hilarious. Also, where can I get a Saw Gerrera pull string doll
My favorite podcast!!
RFR fangirl
This is, by far, my favorite Star Wars podcast. I love listening to these guys. I have been listening for years and don’t know why it took so long to write a positive review. Bravo!!
By far the best Star Wars podcast out there. Others pale in comparison. From the content to the professional audio quality Jason & Jimmy crush it on a weekly basis!
The force is strong
I listen every week to get commentary on what is happening in the star wars world. I especially enjoyed the episode with John Marcoux as I think the biggest attraction to star wars is its take on myth and religion and it's always interesting to hear that influence.
Love this show
You guys are totally amazing. I am such a Star Wars “nerd” and you guys are totally an escape when I just need to relax. Before if I was in bed without listening to any thing in the dark I would start freaking out with my anxiety kicking in. Nothing was there but I just felt so scared for no reason and so unsafe. Then I started listening to you guys at night and it helps me relax and feel comfortable. Thank you for such amazing content and keep up the good work
Best Star Wars podcast
Great weekly content that is very insightful and fun. Keep it up!
The best
The guys are entertaining and have simply the best Star Wars podcast library. Strongly recommend they are the original and best
Best Star Wars Podcast by Far
These guys are simply the best. Show is as funny and entertaining as it is informative. High quality production is an added bonus.
Great show
Listening is like having the best Star Wars conversation with the biggest Star Wars nerds every week. Doesn’t get better than that.
And I love it!
Wow! I am a Gen Xer, ie the Original Star Wars Generation, who recently found this podcast. And I love it! The guys are funny and I have been glued to my iPhone for every episode I have heard. I don’t dive too deep into the Star Wars Universe myself. Rebel Force Radio does it for me and sorts through it all so I don’t have to. Thank you!
The most entertaining and insightful Star Wars podcast in the business. Keep it up fellas. -RJ Evansville IN.
A Good Review
Landon Towerz
Y’all the best, I’ve been listening on Spotify for awhile but thought I jump over here to wright a review. For reals though y’all are funny, fun, optimistic, and make me smile. I’m seventeen years old (from Coos Bay, Oregon) and I still find y’all relatable and I’m happy to say there’s a whole young generation of Star Wars fans coming up right now and your contributing to there fandom (at least mine). I’m an aspiring young actor and filmmaker and Star Wars has always been a part of that dream, from the time a was very young. I was inspired by watching all the behind the scenes featurets and commentaries on the prequels (second disc of course) and it opened me up to filmmaking in general and the business as a whole. Keep up the good work and hope to meet y’all in the future someday. Who knows maybe I’ll be part of the universe! #goals May the lord be with u. Landon Ginn-Forsberg. P.S. hope I made it good
The only Star Wars Podcast you should listen to!
I’ve been listening to RFR for the past few years and I can honestly say it’s the only Star Wars podcast anyone should listen to. Jason and Jimmy are class acts and I look forward to each weekend when I get to listen to a new EP. I appreciate the time and energy they put into the podcast and just want to thank them for what they do for fans of the saga.
Now this is podcasting!
Caleb M. Olson
RFR is the best SW podcast on the Internet. From Star Wars knowledge to comedy, camaraderie and guest interviews, I couldn't be happier with the content and sound quality. MTFBWY
An RFR review, my name is Dylan Vallance
To all you who say that Jason and jimmy are misogynistic and sexist need to grow a thicker hide and not be so easily offended. This show is for Star Wars news and comedy and interesting commentary on the saga. You don’t need to take everything so seriously. Some people just need to learn to get a sense of humor Jason and jimmy, keep up the awesome work, and may the force be with you... always
Best Star Wars Podcast
I listen to about half a dozen Star Wars podcasts and Rebelforce Radio is consistently the best choice for Star Wars fans. I've listened to these guys for almost 10 years and have met them at 3 different Celebrations. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but I don't understand some of the negative comments-I've listened to the same episodes and don't even recall some of the observations mentioned. Other podcasts do have great epidodes but these guys get it right consistently and have for a long time. A lot of time and effort goes into making this podcast professional with a quality sound. Highly recommend giving these guys a listen.
Love this show
I really love this show. I find it fun, entertaining, interesting, and honest in its reviews. The hosts have great rapport, know their stuff, and have a small army of interesting guests and friends of the show. I actually enjoy RFR more than the current trilogy. Even though I’m not a fan of the most recent trilogy movies, Jason and Jimmy keep me coming back for more. Well done guys, and thanks for all the entertainment!
Simply the Best
Great guys. Great content. Great production. Best content and most entertaining Star Wars podcast...and it’s not even close.
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