Bald TV for life!!
cant thunk of a nick name
Love the bald move crew, and Cecli is an amazing addition!!! So stoked for their coverage of mandolirian!
Jim and Aron only please
I listen to this podcast because I want to know what Jim and Aron think about different tv shows, not Aron’s lame wife who’s trying way too hard to be cool. Bring back the original hosts. Thx.
New HBO Series/New Bald Move TV Pod
One of the best takes on tv just got quantum leaps better by giving us the female counterparts of Jim and A.Ron musing over the upcoming HBO series based on Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials. Appreciated their informed and informative recap of the less than stellar movie version and excitedly awaiting what they will bring to the new series. They've already shown they have their own distinctive voice while still maintaining the humor, thoughtfullness, and intelligence I've come to expect from the Bald Move brand.
One of my favorite podcasts
Trish P Chicago
Loves these guys, GOT, Chernobyl, etc. Going back to do a Breaking Bad rewatch since El Camino is being released. Listening to their Breaking Good podcast.
Love it- when will there be a succession pod :)
Hands down my favorite podcasters!
I’ve been a Club Bald Move Member for a few years now and listen to nearly every podcast they produce (which is a lot). Top notch content on television, movies, and a few other things as well. They have the perfect balance of insightful examination and comedy. It’s easy to tell that the hosts have been friends for many years, because they share a chemistry that you find from many other podcasts (and Cecily is great too). This is the only podcast network that actively influences what I watch on television. I may have never watched shows like Fargo and Mr. Robot without their coverage and they are now among my favorite shows. Bald Move is single handedly responsible for my discovery and love of The Expanse. If you like TV, Bald Move is the only podcast network you’ll need and I strongly urge people to give joining Club Bald Move a try. Their premium content is excellent and you’re sure to get your money’s worth for the amount of quality content it provides.
One of my favorites
These guys do such a great job covering shows, I’ll watch a show just because I know that they are covering it. Keep up the good work!
These guys work hard and do a great job.
Great review
Are you guys watching NOS4A3? On AMC . Worth a review. Keep up the suggestions. Vicky
Loves these two and their takes. Less politics plz!
Robert Henry Holtz
Great takes and a very professional approach that is still highly entertaining. 5 out 5 if they drop the politics, I’m here to be entertained!
Funny and addictive
Disappointed lately, the Deadwood movie review was sloppy- not watching the entire series hurt but Started listening because of GoT but now have gone to the beginning and listen to literally every podcast whether I watch the shows or not.
Great Content As Always!
Thank you guys for the great content and entertainment. I look forward to your podcasts just as much as I look forward to the shows you’re discussing!
Love these guys
There isn’t a whole of of movies and tv that interest me anymore so it’s nice to follow along in their discussions on the good ones.
Great Podcasters!
Although i don't always agree with them or agree on how they cover a show, #gameofthrones, Jim and A.Ron are a great tag team. They have covered a number of great shows, Sharp Objects, True Detective and the Leftovers (My personal fav coverage) to perfection.
What I dislike about podcasts is that anyone can produce one and put content into the world. Don’t bother with this. They get half of their information from the official HBO podcast on this series so you’re better off just listening to that. It’s more compelling and done way better. There’s no new or interesting information here. These guys can’t even be bothered to properly pronounce the characters and actors names correctly... even though they watch the episodes several times over. Do better.
interesting, but...
Ive listen to both their GOT and Chernobyl podcasts. Although some good points are brought up, the one guy says "like" every 3rd word which completely takes me out of what his point he is trying to make.
Setting the bar for tv podcasting
D. Fearless
These guys have been doing awesome coverage on the golden age of television for years. I always find the discussion thorough and thought-provoking.
The best
There are certain television shows I watch strictly because Jim and A Ron are covering them, that’s how good they are at this. I can’t give higher praise.
Please Do Hill House!
I love everything Bald Move does. I would LOVE for y’all to do a series of Netflix’s “The Haunting of Hill House” because it was such a great show. I don’t think anyone else could do it justice!
Reviews Bad Shows.
Update: Don't expect quality reviews like Ozark or Mindhunter to The Night Of a few years back. They haven't even heard of them. Instead you will get pure cheese in Sharper Objects (Gone Girl way better) to other D level obscure shows no one cares about. Its sad they get so much support to keep going. Stop encouraging them. They are batting .036 in show picks. --- --- The horrendous Twin Peaks review just illustrates the immaturity and lack of review skill (watch all of it and the new show). The way these guys view this show is exactly what applies to The Leftovers, GOT, Walking Dead. There is a thing called objective facts and these guys are so wrong with all their picks. When they do pick a show they end up hating on the best ones. What you need to know is these guys drool over The Walking Dead, The Leftovers, Game of Thrones because of downloads (doesn't translate to quality) and will defend any and everything for the 3 worst shows on TV. They literally quit The Americans podcast and completely disrespect House of Cards and True Dectective season 2 that are far superior in every way. They don't even try shows lke Broadchurch, Bloodline, Luther, Bosch, Homeland to name a few all better than those overrated first 3 mentioned. BTW Star Wars is trash so it says a lot about you when you like inferior content. Anything marvel/fantasy is automatically junk and that's a given. These guys would never allow a guest host to dispute what the defintion of quality is and thats damaging to the brand reputation. DO NOT RECCOMMEND TO ANYONE.
Succession HBO?
Are you going to review this? It is so good
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ team.
I've followed the Bald Move boys for years and they are without a doubt the best podcasters for quality television. If you aren't watching what they are covering then you're missing out on something great.
Discarded Scapegoat Approved
Great job guys! I enjoy listening to your Sharp Objects show. Finally, I’ve found someone that knows that Adora’s are real. I look forward to checking out other bald move podcasts.
Love Your Perspective
10/10. Keep em coming!
The Best!
I literally watch shows they cover just to listen to them. I especially like that A. Ron he’s really insightful and funny. Jim’s ok too.
J Nimitz
I was looking for a good podcast discussing episodes of Sharp Objects, especially for those who haven’t read the book or know the ending. This podcast does a great recap and brings up details I missed on my first watch. The discussions are very interesting and insightful. Also funny.
Top 5 entertainment tv/movie review show
I am signed up for the website! You should be too
Love it
Cap'n JJ 80101
I love these podcasts. All the ones I’ve listened to are awesome! The commentary is thoughtful and thought provoking, and I enjoy taking a deeper dive in these shows I love.
El Presidente2716
Jim and Aron FTW!
All the bald move
If you like the bald move fam, this won’t disappoint. I appreciate that they touch on series that they don’t cover week to week.
Entertaining and fun
What more can you ask for?
Best TV/movie/pop culture review and discussion. Period.
A-Ron and Jim are entertaining, insightful, and timely on all levels. I've come to trust their judgement on what makes quality programs, which has led me to watch things I didn't think I would enjoy. Everything from shows like Game of Thrones that are covered exhaustively, to those that are only briefly discussed like Rick & Morty or the Handmaid's Tale. Check them out, and join the club!
Gotta Have That Sauce!
Hold up. The same guys that cover all your favorite shows, including *THREE WEEKLY* Game of Thrones casts, also cover Rick and Morty!?! Clearly these fine gents have sacrificed sleep and social lives to provide content. The least we mere mortals can do is subscribe and listen. It's like Szechuan Sauce for your ears!
Hardest working guys on pods
Mary ohwhatabeautifulmorning
Solid recaps give so much additional information and understanding to shows I watch. Amazing during Leftovers (RIP) and GOT. Easy to listen to in an age when everyone is screaming in your ears.
Long overdue review !
Chris Carlos NJ
I've been listening to these guys for a long time and figured the LEAST I could do is send a positive review their way! I started listening to Bald Move through their GOT podcast. I never thought I'd want two hours of commentary after an hour TV show, but I was wrong. Needless to say, I can't wait for the next season of all the shows these guys watch! Keep up the great work!
Best tv and film podcasts out there
Gordon "Boom" Butts
Not much else to say
The Young Pope
Enjoyed the tv show, and I always look forward to listening to your podcast afterwards. Don't quit your day job; keep the fantastic dialogue going.
Interesting perspectives , thoughtful dialogue , and worth the listen
Avid podcast listener; specifically entertainment. The Bald move guys are a great duo. They bounce off each other through natural sounding conversation which helps the scene by scene. They don't over advertise , have a great formula for successful podcasting , and their podcasts are always an insightful listen. Check them out!
Love you guys
Keep doing you
Love Bald Move
Cant get enough!
They are awesome
They stay on topic. They are confident and knowledgeable on the topics they bring up. They are easy to listen to. I have been listening to them for a year and love the content they make.
Another Great podcast from Bald Move
These guys are simply the best. I love their coverage and analysis of some of the best shows on TV. They do a great job of recapping the episodes and are very informational about news and theories involving each show they cover. This is a must listen.
Great show awesome hosts
Why do I pay for this???
Best review/recap show out there.
Love everything these guys do. I find myself watching shows to so I can listen to their podcast
I would listen to them review any show!
These guys are so funny, they are part of my regular listening
Top 10 of 2015
Bald Move #1-100!!!! Thanks guys for all the entertainment
Great podcast
Good idea to do show that can cover various shows. I wish you had time to do this one on a more regular basis. Thanks for mentioning Olive Kitteridge - looking forward to watching and reading the book.
Bald Move's best of the rest.
So happy you've revived this podcast! I really just enjoy hearing what you two are watching, the reasons why or why not, and it just rounds out your network for me.
Mad Men!
Ronaldo Becker
These guys are great! Regular Joes with a good sense of humor. Hopefully they can keep it up with all the new shows out there. Started them with Mad Men, then Watching Dead. Heard a few on the Strain. Best one out there, keep it up guys!
LOVED the Omar episode.
Cannot wait for the Wire podcast!!!
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