October 2, 2019
Masjid Al Falaah, Harare, Zimbabwe 2 October 2019 Why am I being tested? Is this a punishment or a test? When is this going to end? Why does this keep happening to me? Theses are coming questions today. In this lecture Mufti Menk puts things into perspective.
September 27, 2019
Many of us use harsh words, abusive, vulgar, hurtful, hateful, false etc. This talk highlights what happens as a result. May Allah Almighty make us more conscious of the words we use.
September 20, 2019
20 September 2019 Lakefield, South Africa
September 13, 2019
Fri 13th Sept 2019, Soweto, South Africa
September 6, 2019
Friday Sermon 6/09/2019 Houghton, Johannesburg
August 30, 2019
Advice at Wedding Kannur, Kerala, India 30 August 2019
August 16, 2019
Friday Sermon 16/08/2019 Harare, Zimbabwe
August 12, 2019
Eidul Adha Lecture, Harare Zimbabwe 2019
August 9, 2019
Friday Lecture, Harare, Zimbabwe 9 August 2019
July 26, 2019
26 July 2019, Harare, Zimbabwe Does man not see how insignificant he was one? Wallahi those who don't believe this world is a test are deceived.  This jummah khutbah is related to the severe hardship a believer faces in this dunya. Running water from the tap is something we are accustomed to while for millions others dry riverbeds are what they are accustomed to. To them running water would be a luxury. Allah never does anything to a believer except that which is the best for the believer. For a true believer, anything and everything that happens to him or her is good for them.  Nothing is bad. And the only thing that fills the heart of a believer is when a believer is content with what Allah has chosen for him or her. Please continue to listen this talk to understand why hardships happen to us and what to do when it happens, because it will happen.    
July 21, 2019
Motivational Evening, Luton, UK - 20 July 2019
July 21, 2019
Upton Lane London, 20 July 2019
July 19, 2019
Motivational Evening 19 July 2019
July 19, 2019
Jumu'ah Lecture, London 19 July 2019
July 12, 2019
Jumuah lecture - 12 July 2019 Bolton, UK
July 6, 2019
6 July 2019 Harare, Zimbabwe
July 5, 2019
Jumu'ah Lecture 5 July 2019, Treatment of Workers.
June 30, 2019
Umar Musa Yar'Adua University, Katsina Nigeria, 30 June 2019
June 30, 2019
Katsina, Nigeria, 30 June 2019
June 29, 2019
Kano, Nigeria 29 June 2019
June 22, 2019
Kampala, Uganda, Building Bridges, 22 June 2019
June 21, 2019
Mufti Menk, leading Jumu'ah Sermon & Prayers. National Mosque of Uganda in Kampala. Capacity of 30,000 worshipers.
June 14, 2019
Jumuah Lecture 14 June 2019 Arcadia Harare
June 5, 2019
Eid in the Park, London
May 31, 2019
Excel London, 31 05 2019
May 25, 2019
Address to Non Muslims & Recent Muslims in Muscat Oman, 24/05/2019.
May 10, 2019
Don't waste your deeds, Nurul Islam Lenasia, 10/05/2019
May 10, 2019
Jumuah Lecture - 10/05/2019 Midrand, South Africa
May 10, 2019
Women and orphans, Sandton South Africa, 09/05/2019
May 7, 2019
May 7, 2019
2nd Ramadan Boost Polokwane, South Africa
May 6, 2019
Klerksdorp, North West Province South Africa
May 5, 2019
Ankara, Turkey - 04/05/2019
April 27, 2019
Motivational Evening Dinner London 27/04/2019
April 26, 2019
Motivational Evening, London 26/04/2019
April 26, 2019
Jumuah Lecture : Redbridge Masjid - London
April 22, 2019
Newport Masjid 22 April 2019
April 22, 2019
Light Upon Light Cardiff 22 April 2019
April 22, 2019
Light Upon Light Cardiff 22 April 2019
April 21, 2019
Lecture delivered in Northampton hosted by al Rahma, delivered at Al Jamatul Muslimeen Masjid on St George's St. This was initially beamed on Instagram live.
April 21, 2019
Light Upon Light Harrogate. 21 April 2019
April 20, 2019
Light Upon Light, Glasgow, 20/04/2019
April 19, 2019
Milton Keynes, UK, 19/04/2019
April 14, 2019
Hong Kong 14/04/2019
April 13, 2019
Hong Kong 13/04/2019
April 12, 2019
Doha 12/04/2019
April 9, 2019
Zamboanga, Philippines, 09/04/2019, Building Bridges Tour. In this talk, the learned Sheikh Menk addresses the topic of Hope. He touches upon the need for us to have hope in the mercy of Allah s.w.t.. You do not know what the future holds for you but Allah knows. Put in the effort after which turn your hope to your Creator. You need to have hope in your Lord in who possesses your future. It all begins with us. Allah does not change the condition of a nation in a positive way unless we change our condition  in a positive way. We came onto earth to spread the message of Islam which is Peace. This is a religion of Hope in Allah's Mercy and Allah's  Forgiveness. When the Prophets came onto earth, they struggled. Why did Allah make their lives difficult when He could have made it easy? HE did it to them in order for us to learn that life is a struggle , a challenge. This is why every single one of us faces problems. It is for Allah to test our hope in Him. And remember that the shayateen's job is to make us lose hope in Allah because if we think Allah does not forgive us, we will cease seeking His forgiveness. So keep your hope in Allah and His Mercy shining bright always and strengthen it by constant remembrance of Allah.            
April 7, 2019
From the Light Upon Light Winter Conference
April 6, 2019
2nd talk of the day, Al Manar International Tolerance Convention, 05/04/2019
April 6, 2019
1st talk of the day, Al Manar International Tolerance Convention, 05/04/2019
April 4, 2019
Al Manar International Tolerance Convention, 04/04/2019
April 3, 2019
Al Manar International Tolerance Convention 03/04/2019 This important talk is about tolerance. Tolerance is a necessary characteristic, specially in the times we live in today. People have become Islamaphobic because of the heinous crimes committed by a few in the name of this beautiful religion of tolerance and mercy. Islam is tolerance. Anyone born on earth has the equal right to live on earth. We call come from the same fore father and mother, Adam and Hawa. You have the right to think what you think, to believe that what you think is correct. They have the right to believe they are 100% correct too. This is fair and a s it should be. The prophet s.a.w taught us to greet others, regardless that they do not look like us not because of any reason besides of its great importance and benefit.  We are supposed to smile even when we are sad. The prophet s.a.w said our smile is a sadaqah. Its so important to have a good expression on our faces always. Tolerance is the factor that shall spread peace and harmony around the globe. The Almighty has given us a verse in the Quran - which is we are created to worship the Almighty. He didn't say I sent you on earth to fight, spit, kill others who differ with you. Rather He sent us on earth to build, to forge ties, to try to spread the goodness, to stay away from His prohibitions which disallows us to kill even a single soul. But in order to test  how patient we are with others Allah created differences. He created us different from others to see if we are prepared to engage in peaceful discourses, to discuss in a dignified and respectful manner with others in spite of our different opinions. But tolerance has its guidelines too. To learn of these and more please make the time to listen to our learned Sheikh Menk's talk on Tolerance. Remember - everybody has the right to exist, in spite of the differences. Tolerance is key to our future existence.
March 23, 2019
Powerful Reminder. 20/03/2019
March 23, 2019
Friday Lecture, Topic: Why did Allah Almighty do that? 22/03/2019 The Christchurch Mosque Tragedy. Cyclone Idai that wiped out almost 90% of Mozambique. Why did these things happen? More importantly, the question on most person's tongue is - why did Allah allow this to happen? What happened was not Allah's doing. Rather it was the result  of man's actions. We brought it on ourselves. Climate change is the direct result of man's actions. The killing of 50 persons in Christchurch is again a man's act. So the question is not to ask Allah 'Why'. The correct question to ask is 'Why not'. Why shouldn't the cyclone have happened when we have depleted the ozone layer,  filled the air with greenhouse gases, filled the land with murderous chemicals? Why shouldn't the man have murdered 50 people in cold blood when we as Muslims have not educated society that Islam is about unity of the community,  love for your neighbours, respect for all persons, regardless of race and religion? Our assistance to others is relative to our capacity but what matters is we must reach out. For the mukmin and the believer, our difficulties bring us closer to Allah. For the future reverts, our actions in the face of these difficulties is what brings to them knowledge and understanding and compassion. So listen to the beloved Sheikh as he informs us of the Mercy of Allah that brings us closer to Him when He takes something away from our lives.
March 23, 2019
Tafseer Lesson, Surah 6 V 91, 22/03/2019
March 18, 2019
The Huge loss of life. Just as we condemned the terror in Christchurch, so we do in the Netherlands. This insta-live video outlines four major incidents where life was lost and damage to property and infrastructure in some.
March 15, 2019
Friday Sermon, New Zealand Shootings, Friday 15/03/2019. Some advice and guidance in the aftermath of the terrorist attack at two Mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. We are in desperate need of healing. This will only come about through love, kindness, respect and understanding.
March 7, 2019
Speaking about what to do. Olive Oil (Extra Virgin Cold Pressed) Zamzam, Ajwa Dates, Black Seed and its oil, Raw organic Honey etc... Figs are beneficial too. Don't let people fool you by making you do silly things with the excuse of curing you...
March 7, 2019
I'm going to fix her!" "I will show her what I can do!" These are statements made by men when the level of relationship with Allah is at its lowest. But Allah Almighty is the Most Just. It's important to know how Allah helps those who are wronged and punishes the wrongdoers. Release them upon good terms. Be respectful even in dispute. Above all, be fair and just! The Prophet Muhammad pbuh would never condone bad behaviour towards women. #divorce #talaaq #mahar #muftimenk #lovepreacher #motivationalmoments
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