The best Star Wars content on the internet
P.L. LaMascus
Simply put, the hosts of Full of Sith are the most informed, non-judgmental, passionate, and entertaining group of Star Wars fans out there right now. Every episode is a Wookiee-sized portion of deep knowledge and shared joy for our favorite galaxy far, far away. Drop everything, grab a tall glass of blue milk and hardwire this podcast into your earholes — it’s well worth it.
Great Podcast
Love you guys, thank you for your Star Wars positivity. I’m an original generation fan and was 5 when episode 4 came out. I’m a lover of all things Star Wars and have not seen one thing Star Wars I don’t like. I approach every Star Wars Story like I’m gonna sit back and go on this adventure with them. And I’ve seen everything from movies to animation. I think the key for me is watching Star Wars with no expectation of my own. I just want the adventure of it all
Look elsewhere for a good Star Wars podcast
Bryan is very arrogant and a know it all. He also provides so called facts to rumors that are nowhere remotely true. I think Disney has done some great things with the franchise but there are some things they’ve done that I and many others don’t agree with.! He thinks Disney can do no wrong with the franchise and if anyone disagrees with him, he belittled them and makes fun of them. I believe he is too afraid to criticize the franchise because he writes for So if you do listen, take EVERYTHING he says with a grain of salt. That said, I absolutely love Mike. He provides great insight and he seems like a cool dude. It’s easy for him to see both sides of an argument and he doesn’t bash people if they disagree with him I didn’t mention their other co host Holly but I don’t feel like dragging on this review any longer as she is the worst part of this show. Do yourself a favor and look for other SW podcasts.
Not bad, not good
Average everyday gamer
I watched the “rumors” episode and thought the male host was a bit ignorant considering a good portion of the rumors he was discussing have actually been proven true. Yet he would make fun of and or belittle those who believe in said rumors that ended up being true. Seems a bit elitist and a tad bit of a gatekeeper but the topics are interesting the the conversations for the most part are engaging.
Good people, fair podcast.
First of all I think all three of the hosts are likely really nice people who I’d love to hang out with. Their enthusiasm and knowledge is genuine and legit, but unfortunately their radio presence and the tangents they sometimes go on really drag the show down at times. When Mike is on things usually flow a bit more smoothly. Even though he doesn’t talk as much as Bryan or Holly, he’s very good at adding quips and providing imagery to fill out what the other two are saying. He’s also the most skilled at controlling the flow of the conversation. Unfortunately, due to health issues, Mike has been out far more than he’s been in recently. Holly seems awesome and like she’d be a blast to hang out with. Her laughing at nothing constantly took a while to get used to, but now I love it. I definitely don’t want to be “that guy” and suggest to someone that they keep their laughter in check, because we definitely need more laughter in the world. I guess most of my issues with the show come from Bryan. He’s clearly a shill, but I don’t necessarily see that as a bad thing. Sometimes yeah, but other times I appreciate his unabashed positivity at a time when the fandom needs it. My issue with Bryan is that he claims often that the reason he watches movies is to gain empathy, yet he has absolutely none for actual living people who don’t share his views. He goes on and on and on about how he doesn’t understand why certain people feel less than thrilled about certain areas of Star Wars. He talks himself into these thought loops that the co-hosts can’t follow, so they’re left saying things like “yeeaaaahh” and “hmmmm” all the time. Listening to Bryan get lost in his own thoughts does not make for a compelling show. I can feel Holly’s frustration with him at times as well, and I feel for her. She tries to steer him back to some semblance of a normal conversation, but he jumps right back down that hole. That’s why they really need Mike in there to mitigate. Also, good riddance to Bobby Roberts. Sorry to be mean, but that guy is a jerk of the highest order. He’s been nothing but an a-hole to me whenever we’ve interacted on various message boards in the past. I hope he’s gone for good. He hijacks any show he’s on anyways.
Fun Hoast
I like this show, especially when all three hosts are there. I also really enjoy guest they bring in. Only thing I don’t enjoy is when it seems to spend time dragging folks who may not like a particular piece of Star Wars. There are some bad faith Star Wars fans, but not everyone needs to love every facet, and sometimes I feel like the show is harsh on those that might not like certain bits. That is a lot of space to a complaint, but I really do like the show a great deal!
Great, with a small caveat!
I love Holly from Stuff You Missed In History Class, and this is a great podcast. The ONLY caveat I have is that these hosts NEVER review anything they don't love 100%. I'm aware that the "haters" online are a pestilence, and I'm glad these guys don't have that tendency, but seriously, you have no negative opinions of ANYTHING star wars related? Criticizing anything in the Star Wars universe ISN'T trolling, guys. I just listened to the 1 year anniversary episode for the Last Jedi, and they spent more time trolling the trolls than actually analyzing the film. It was pretty exhausting to listen to. . . .
Hosts are unlistenable
Bo2mastsr 69
The discussions and topics are pretty good BUT...the 2 hosts have terrible verbal crutches that make it unlistenable. Bryan begins every other sentence with “Yea, no...” and Holly nervously laughs at the end of her speaking. She laughs at things that aren’t even meant to be funny. Just awkward laughter. Both of these crutches that the hosts use make the podcast unlistenable and extremely distracting. Their knowledge of Star Wars is great but they need to “air check” themselves to become better broadcasters. After about a year of trying to listen, I’ll pass on this podcast. There are far more professional sounding Star Wars podcasts out there.
Awesome show!
Great SW show! Answers questions you didn’t know you had. And, you get to know the hosts so well they feel like your friends. Plus, they’re great at interacting with the guests and fans!!
Social Justice Warriors
This podcast was good and fun until you realized that everything they talk about has a social issue pinned in somehow. I listen to Star Wars podcasts and revel in the fandom to get away from the craziness of the real world and this podcast just wants to throw Star Wars into the thick of it. Pulling issues out of thin air, alienating part of the fan base. My recommendation, stay away from this one. I followed them for a while and tried to put up with it but wound up emailing them offering my opinions on how they are ruining Star Wars and the fandom by making it about social issues that aren’t there and they didn’t even reply back to me. I subsequently unsubscribed. I recently resubscribed to see how the pod was doing and they are just as bad if not worse than they were. Sorry guys nothing personal, I just don’t like how you go about looking at Star Wars through a social justice looking glass.
Full of Sith is Full of Awesomeness!
What can I say, Full of Sith is an awesome podcast for any Star Wars fan. It's the great hosts and great content that will keep you coming back for more each and every time! - Recommended by @starwarstime
Love / hate, but more love than hate...
Here's the thing - this is a good podcast (hence the 4-star rating). It's typically one of the most insightful SW podcasts around and I try and listen to every episode. Having said that, there are two things that grate my nerves on almost every listen. First, Bryan is ALWAYS right, at least he thinks he is. Although he's obviously very passionate and informed, often times he's way too bullish in the way he goes about it. Second, the female host is really annoying. And I know that sounds harsh, but her voice is horrendous. Like terrible. But again, the show gets a high rating despite these two persistent issues, which is a tribute to the planning, knowledge, and guests that appear.
Show is declining
This was once an interesting and insightful podcast, but for the past year it has gotten steadily worse. Their topic selection has been weird, and their tangents have been downright bizarre (a recent episode featured a 10 minute discussion on which obscure characters they would like to see printed on a dress). Mike and Holly are enjoyable, usually. Bryan used to be worth listening to for his knowledge of the Star Wars universe, but he has become so pretentious that I couldn’t take it anymore. I kept giving the show a chance, remembering how good it used to be, but finally unsubscribed after their “One Year of the Last Jedi” episode, in which they opened talking about how they were going to focus on positivity, and ended up spending a good portion of the show trashing people that didn’t like the movie. It was actually painful to listen to, mostly because that’s all they’ve been doing for a while now. They have a weekly show, but rarely do they say anything new anymore. They pretend to be openminded and thoughtful (and probably believe they are) but are actually very closed to opinions that do not fall into a narrowly defined viewpoint. Sorry Full of Sith, you used to be good. I really hope you stop believing your own hype, and take a good, long, hard look at your show. I’ll look in on you in a year and see how you’re doing.
Love the Show!
I love this podcast! Been listening for about a year and I always look forward to listening every week; keep it up!
Love the super-knowledgeable hosts and the wide-range of SW topics. A podcast I always look forward to!
Not for me
Bill nurse
Its not a bad podcast. These are Star Wars fans talking about Star Wars but unfortunately arent willing to look at it with a critical eye. Like at all. Which makes for bad conversation when they are trying to refute peoples displeasure with The Last Jedi but arent willing to actually listen to the criticism. I also feel like the conversation is usually very shallow and topics devolve to “its amazing” “its lovely” “its heaven” or “it made me cry for the fortieth time”. I like to go a little deeper into my Star Wars, however, if you just want your love of Star Wars to be positively reinforced this is probably the podcast for you.
Fun and informative!
I love Star Wars but can’t keep up with everything the way I used to. This podcast is wonderful for keeping up to date on the latest coolness. The hosts are lovely and very experienced researchers, so their criticism and analysis on Star Wars is a real delight.
Authentic love for Star Wars from different POV
Mike the Pilot, Bryan Young and Holly Frey bring a deep authentic love of Star Wars. Their differing points of view often lead to thoughtful discussions that challenge the way you understand the galaxy. This is a great podcast to stay up-to-date on Star Wars news! They have excellent connections to get the best interviews! They are a great podcast for every generation as they foster an acceting, inclusive community!
The Bar for great Star Wars Podcast
Mike, Holly and Bryan - Dream podcast team!!! thank you all for what you do.
Knowledgable but pretentious
This podcast is like if the Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons was PC. The hosts know what they’re talking about when it comes to Star Wars but it seems like every two episodes they start bringing up some sort of political crusade that loosely connects to Star Wars. Pretty insufferable when they do that.
Can be informative. Boring. Bias.
Boring podcast. Comes across poorly toward fans that don't have his political point of view. Very condesending! I would go as far as to say toxic! Often makes back handed comments. They seems to tow the company line. Do not seem to offer alternate points of view. Most of all, it is just plan boring. Keep Bobby off. The guy is toxic,and loves the sound of his own voice way to much!
Long time favorite podcast of 3 years
I found this podcast just after The Force Awakens came out and I have been listening every week for nearly 3 years now. I eagerly anticipate the insightful conversations between Tha Mike Pilot, Bryan Young, and Holly Frey ... thankful for their positive outlook and perspectives that have occasionally encouraged me to look at the films and other media through a different lens. All in all, I feel this podcast has enriched my Star Wars fandom and I’m thankful to have it as a long time part of my life, past, present and in the future. Always recommended.
Used to be great
Used to love this show but recently they have been making EVERYTHING political.
My favorite
Max qwerty.
The is my favorite Star Wars pod. Positive, insightful, and fun!
Not for me anymore :(
I used to love this show. It got me through a terrible night shift job, and I've listened to almost every episode. But in the last couple years the decline has been staggering. Amy's and Bobby's departures hit the show hard, and Holly's voice and especially laugh sound like nails going into my ears. Also, Bryan has gone from being a lovable prequel defender to a surly, passive aggressive shill. Mike, of course, is still the man. I miss the days of Amy and Bobby.
Not So Great
Gave it a shot for a few weeks but just isn’t worth my time. Pretty dull analysis. There are several other SW podcasts that provide much more thought-out and insightful commentary.
This is the podcast you’re looking for
Lit it up
I have only been listening to FOS for less than a year and all I can say is, “what was I thinking for waiting so long?” This podcast is great! Bryan, Holly and Mike are top notch hosts that bring a fresh and positive voice to fandom. After years of listening to and ignoring toxic people, listening to FOS is a breath of fresh air to my ears. Thank you for all you do and keep up the 5-Star work! -DrumJedi
New to podcasts
I am new to podcasts (my kids would say it is due to my age) but recently discovered podcasting in general and this podcast specifically. I drive a lot for work out west where the radio coverage is sparse and I was looking for something to listen to while driving. I have really enjoyed the show and the insight on all things Star Wars. Long story short, I picked up one of the SW books mentioned on the show and loved it. This is after reading one of the new books shortly after the sale to Disney and hating it. Thanks for inspiring me to give this one a try. Keep up the good work.
Move along...
Don’t waste your time! Almost ANY other podcast is a better waste of your time. If you’re interested in egotistical people, particularly Bryan Young, acting as though they’re the best thing since sliced bread, then this is for you. Worse is they can’t help but engage in extremely biased opinions slamming others instead of worrying about themselves and minding their own business. Don’t be fooled by the coy / neutral appearing attitudes on the podcast ... just take a gander at Bryan’s twitter account and you’ll see everything you need to know about who these people really are.
The best Star Wars Podcast
I listen to a bunch of them too. The hosts are endearing and knowledgeable. I look forward to each episode. And the fact that they keep it ad-free just shows that they have a genuine passion for Star Wars.
Awesome show
The three hosts are all wonderful to listen to. They listen to each other’s ideas and opinions and discuss the days Star Wars topic with fun, humor and intelligence. They’re willing to listen to differing opinions and even embrace new ideas. They say things you wish you thought of. They are not ‘shills’ but positive people who enjoy the franchise’s direction. And the 4th “host” (Bobby) makes an occasional appearance and adds even more to the mix.
Best of the best
Jake Yenor
Bryan Young and co. put together the best SW pod online. Always positive and informative.
3 of my favorite podcasters
Brian, Mike and Holly are so fun to listen to. Makes me feel like I’m right there with them listening to my favorite topic - all things Star Wars. Keep doing my what you’re doing. 😍
I wouldn't waste my time. There are better pods out there.
This isn't the worst pod I've ever listened to so it doesn't deserve 1 star. But the hosts lack charisma which leads to a boring show. I'm not much in front of a mic either but then again I don't host any pods. I have read some of their stuff which is better, but the pod itself isn't great. I also don't know how they record it but they all kind of sound muffled and there definitely isn't much effort put into editing it either.
A beacon of hope for the Star Wars community
Great podcast!
These guys love Star Wars
I’ve only been listening for about two weeks. I’ve seen the stuff between these guys and Rebel Force Radio. Here’s what I have to say. These guys love Star Wars and that’s why any of us tune in to a podcast. You can hear how genuinely they enjoy this universe that we all love so much in the way they speak. The joy in their hearts is palpable through their voices. When I finish listening to an episode of this show, I’m smiling. That will ALWAYS be worth my time.
Thoughtful and Inclusive Star Wars Discussion
I can’t get enough of this show! It’s one of the best Star Wars podcasts you can find online with plenty of perspectives that you will be sure to relate with. So kick back, relax, grab some blue milk, and enjoy some of the best Star Wars content you can find.
A truly special show
Full of Sith remains my favorite Star Wars podcast because of the analysis they provide. More to the point, FoS leaves me more than just informed but pondering deeper questions about what I love. The true point of analysis is never to explain but to make you truly consider the possible.
Love this podcast!
Very down to earth group, love listening to you guys talk Star Wars. I wish there were more than just one a week.
Decent show
Show is good, but they seem to be hung up on bashing fans and other podcasters who don’t agree with them. Instead of just letting it go their twitter personas and commentary on other podcasters is a little tiring and takes away from my enjoyment personally. I wish all of these shows would let it all go and just discuss the story and characters.
BigD 112358
The hosts’ love of Star Wars, coupled with their knowledge of cinema, makes this podcast a treat for any Star Wars fan.
Kind, Personable, and Knowledgeable
Been listening for maybe a year or more. Have enjoyed the various angles they cover in the SW universe. Really enjoy coverage of the films and Rebels. Looking forward to more knowledge in the coming shows. MTFBWY
A wonderfully positive Star Wars podcast
Full of Sith does a wonderful job mixing Star Wars news with character and plot disections. Holly, Mike and Bryan have great chemistry. Even if I don't agree with every point they make, I appreciate the fact that they always make me think and examine my own views on Star Wars. I don't understand the complaints that some have about the show pushing an "agenda." It would be very dificult to objectively discuss Star Wars without discussing its themes, which have always leaned towards the progressive. Keep up the great work and may the force be with you always!
Full of Star Wars knowledge
I discovered this show last year and since then it’s been a weekly ritual. This is seriously one of the most refreshing, honest, and real SW podcasts out there. Bryan, Holly, and Mike’s positive energy makes the show fun, engaging, and and their collective knowledge of the saga makes for a great listen, week after week. They truly love SW and it comes through. If you love SW, film, and fandom, this is the show for you. MTFBWY, A!
A podcast for those that love Star Wars
An engaging and excellent podcast about all aspects of Star Wars hosted by three great people. I can assure you that you will learn something new and see things from a different point of view after listening to their discussions. If you love Star Wars you’ll love this podcast.
The best!!!
On of the best Star Wars podcast. Fun and super knowledgeable!
SO GREAT!!! Honest, articulate, empathetic.
The team here has a real passion for Star Wars. A passion for it's past. And most importantly it's future. They have eye opening insights on a franchise which means so much to so many. Every episode is bursting with joy and energy. Their episodes never cease to make me laugh. Holly rocks. Bryan rocks. Tha Mike Pilot rocks.
I never miss it!
There are some really good podcasts out there. This one however is the only one I won't ever miss. These guys are pros!
Great Star Wars podcast!
Darrin Thurber
Easily one of the best Star Wars podcasts out there. Great discussions, analysis, and interviews. If you only listen to one Star Wars podcast, I would highly recommend it be this one!
One of the best Star Wars podcasts out there!
Dibz On Chewie
This was the first podcast I started listening to and is still one of my favorites! Holly, Mike, and Bryan are all delightful, and much needed positive voices in the Star Wars community. Their insight and knowledge regarding the franchise is unmatched. If you like Star Wars and cinema in general this is definitely the podcast for you!
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