Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 187: 28 More 2019 Horror Films For Your Consideration – LIVE!
Published December 13, 2019
151 min
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    Attention all horror fans, we’ve got a possible 187 at Horror Movie Podcast! Episode 187, that is. Every year around this time we play clean-up, trading Mini Review punches on a monster-sized Frankensteinian episode, trying to catch up with any notable horror movies we may have missed, before compiling our Top 10 Horror Movies lists for the year. As was noted by Jay of the Dead on the first such episode: In the music world, when guitarists alternate riffs, it’s called Cutting Heads. And so here we are: Dr. Shock, Wolfman Josh, and Gillman Joel, cutting heads once again with 28 More 2019 Horror Films For You Consideration, including Bliss (2019), Braid (2019), Climax (2019), Doctor Sleep (2019), Knife+Heart (2019), The Nightingale (2019), Parasite (2019), Tigers Are Not Afraid (2019), and so much more!
    But this time, we are doing things a little differently. This show also happens to be a test-run for something we hope to be doing once a month in 2020. We recorded the show “LIVE!” meaning no redos, retakes, or do-overs. Just one take and the conversation will take us where it takes us. The only thing we’ll do differently in the future is to take into account your live listener feedback! That’s right, because we’ll be recording the show on a platform like YouTubeLive or Twitch, you will be able to listen to the show live (if you so choose) and actually message us during the show. We’re excited about this approach to our Frankensteinian shows in the future and we would love your feedback. And to you Boomers in the audience: Don’t worry. The show will still post to iTunes’ Apple Podcasts (or your favorite podcatching software) as usual. You won’t have to do anything different to listen to the show you know and love. Let us know what you think!
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    I. Introduction
    — A new experiment: We’re live!
    — How to submit your Top 10 Horror Movies of 2019 list

    (presented in alphabetical order)
    [ 00:08:42 ] 1. BLISS (2019)
    Wolfman Josh: 8/10 ( Rental )
    Dr. Shock: 8/10 ( Must-see Rental )
    [ 00:14:29 ] 2. BOAR (2019)
    Dr. Shock: 7.5/10 ( Stream it on Shudder )
    [00:18:34 ] 3. BRAID (2019)
    Dr. Shock: 8.5/10 ( See it as Soon as You Can )
    [ 00:21:54 ] 4. CHILD’S PLAY (2019)
    Gillman Joel: 6.5/10 ( Rental )
    [ 00:28:21 ] 5. CLIMAX (2019)
    Dr. Shock: 9.5/10 ( One of the Year’s Must-see Films )
    [ 00:33:32 ] 6: CULTURE SHOCK (TV-2019)
    from Hulu’s Into the Dark
    Wolfman Josh: 7/10 ( Stream it on Hulu )
    [ 00:36:50 ] 7. DEADTECTIVES (2019)
    Wolfman Josh: 7/10 ( Stream it on Shudder )
    [ 00:38:50 ] 8. DEEP MURDER (2019)
    Dr. Shock: 6/10 ( Very Low-priority Rental )
    [ 00:42:59 ] 9. DEPRAVED (2019)
    Dr. Shock: 7.5/10 ( Rental )
    [ 00:48:14 ] 10. Feature Review: DOCTOR SLEEP (2019)
    Gillman Joel: 9.5/10 ( See it in the Theater/Buy it! )
    [ 1:05:38 ] 11. ELI (2019)
    Dr. Shock: 7/10 ( Stream it on Netflix )
    [ 1:08:47 ] 12.
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