You need to have the podcasts play in order from 1 to 2 NOT from 2 to 1!! This is not hard!
Great variety of topics and music
I love attending these podcasts , but alas, the segmentation of podcasts is quite annoying. At least maybe if he loaded them in reverse or descending order they could be listened to sequentially without having to sort them manually.
Best of his kind!!! Amazing
John is the best. Great guests!
Thorough and informative
I have been a regular listener for years. John’s show is what a need magazine should be. Expert and thoughtful guests take you around the world! .
Short segments are great!
You and your guest(s) can stay focused. No need for fillers or soliloquies. You can address more topics, and I can listen to excellent analysis in spare moments. The best commentary anywhere in this terrible time.
Stop clogging our feeds - try one part episodes!
Stop breaking up your podcast into 4-8(!) parts trying to monopolize everyone’s podcast list! One part works for everyone else- try it.
None better
There is no one else in radio (or podcast) that I listen to on an almost daily basis. One of the rules seems to be: Don’t take yourself too seriously.
Excellent News Podcast
News, history, science, space travel, author interviews and much more brought to you by a serious host with a sense of humor. No shouting, no foul language, no rude behavior, just engaging conversation from one of the best interviewers of all time who brings on first-rate guests. You will learn something new with every episode.
John Batchelor at his best
A Traveller
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Russiagate But Were Afraid to Ask, parts 1-4 is Batchelor at his best. He has excellent sources, and lines them up to present crucial parts of what is known to date about the origin of Russiagate. Batchelor guides each panelist carefully to get through the necessary information timely, while also eliciting some remarkable statements. I wish everyone in America could/would listen to these segments with an open mind.
Concerning why science doesn’t disapprove God
Peter Waldo
Glad to hear a counter theory opposite of Atheism.Great to hear about the creation of the Universe, but let’s look at the DNA facts that prove an Adam progenitor, in my opinion Lucy was an created ape. Created by Elohim, who is the creator of our universe as revealed in Holy Scriptures called the Holy Bible. A creator whom we will all stand before and give accounting of every deed and word we say. It would behoof us to know Him and His Son Jesus.
Smart and sober
John provides excellent interviews with knowledgeable guests covering politics, economics and history. I love his book series discussions. His experts on various subjects are top notch. My go-to podcast daily.
Episodes in order
I listen everyday and do not like it when I have to stop after each episode.
The John Batchelor Show
capn zach2
Yes please make it possible to listen in order of show sequence.
John Batchelor Show
Dear Mt. Batchelor, I thoroughly enjoy your collection of shows. My husband was a veteran of WWII. He was in the 102nd Division and entered France D-Day plus 13. He told me of his trials of a 22 year old sergeant and his progress through France, to the Ardennes Forest, the coldest winter he ever saw 1944-5, the battle of the Rohr River, German General Arnst surrendering to him including over 500 prisoners (he confiscated his pearl handled side arms and kept them until they were stolen in the early 1980’s) and finally finishing May 1945. He stayed in Europe as a Noncommissioned Liasion until 1946. I’m so proud of all he did during the war including parachuting into the Ardennes before the battles. His name was Arthur David Youngquist. Thank you for the details in your recent stories. Thank you also for aligning the podcasts in sequential order. May God bless you with good health and continued success. Sincerely yours, Judith Rae Reynolds
Play Order Foul
Please set the segments in proper play order. They always seem to be backwards.
I get it. I harbor similar emotions towards politicians, both dems and Republicans alike, but this show is a breeding ground for paranoia. By the way, Bernie Sanders is not a communist, haha, he’s a social democrat. Just like FDR. If he tried to transform our country into a socialist state, we wouldn’t let him. Take a deep breathe and enjoy the positive aspects of our country, don’t overhype the scary ones. And watch that blood pressure old timer.
Order of go to play
Please Mr. Producer, Stack the units so the are automatically played sequentially Thank you
Amature production
Mammoth snowboarder
This podcast used to be good, but now it’s mostly advertising and worthless historical multi-sequence stories that are downloaded backwards so you can’t let them play sequentially. Worthless.
Episode Segments Play Out of Sequence
I love JBS, and have been listening for 20 years. I currently listen on iTunes. Can a Producer please settle on a consistent method for uploading episode segments (or just keeping them in a single mpg)? These play in chronological order, sometimes uploaded first part first, or last part first. 6-segment episodes automatically play starting at part 6, down to part 1. There has to be a way to set these attributes in the file info tab?
Great host
I love listening to his show. I learn something new with each show, and appreciate the wide variety of topics.
R Wood
Great show. Incredible range of topics. But the volume levels of the intro and ads are way too high.
Ed M.Cohen
Content is great...but episodes are to short, broken up by too many ads: maddening!!! 😖😖😖
A little suggestion
No transfer man
I love the show‼️normalize the decibel level of the ads please
I savor this
Joey Nickles
I really do. I enjoy these about every day, with their consistent blend of timely and thoughtful intellect, commentary, analysis, and culture. What radio (carved into these podcasts) can be, when a disciplined mind takes charge. Great job Mr Batchelor.
10 minutes per
Why on Earth is each interview broken up into 10 minute files corresponding to the show’s commercial breaks? Ads can be placed inside of a single, longer file, ya know. It makes the listening experience disjointed and cumbersome. Otherwise it’s the usual good content and interview style.
The Best
Batchelor’s presentation has no comparison. Fact-based, wise-ranging, fascinating, enthralling and fantastic guests, as well. A superb mix of history, politics and culture. Top-drawer podcast. Top-drawer.
Great Show
I have been listening for years. Wish they downloaded in order as played I recommend show to friends often
Behind a topic -deeper dive
Eddo's IPOD
Been listening to John for years . Love his shows. He attempts to present facts without a political spin IMHO !
Polymath - Ace Book Reviewer, Source for Foreign Hot Spots
History, Science and Culture - John Batchelor demonstrates a formidable ability to dissect a book and get the very best out of the authors. He has clearly read and understood whatever text he is interrogating and authors relish his engagement with their material...and he is brilliant at explaining for the generalist. He is also great at intervieiwing political journalists and observers on both US and particulalrly flashpoint areas such as the Middle East or China/Hong Kong.
plain kansas
Grateful for the secular perspectives of some that ascribe most stellar and biological discoveries as Darwinian; I use their lexicon as a primer for rebuttal. If space can start to curl or bend, what a wonderful rejoinder to “ shall roll up like a scroll “.
Thoughtful and Insightful with Variety
Beef listing to John B on and off since late 2001. Love the variety of topics covered. The best thing about the show is that John lets his guest shine.
Articulate intelligence
This is not a knee-jerk right wing radio program. John Batchelor is deeply knowledgable of American conservative values and World history. If you listen to his articulate summaries of the topics his guests present, you will glean the facts that underlie the rhetoric of destructive agitators.
Mr B
Absolutely love this show. I started listening to his podcast because I enjoyed the interviews with the authors and he quickly got me addicted to the rest of the sho because he brings on interesting and very informative guests that you won’t find anywhere else. My one request would be that when he goes on his trips and we are listening to a repeat if he would put the original date of the broadcast that would be great.
The best podcast available for variety of subjects. A very well read and knowledgeable host.
Very Good
Very informative and Very different
1177 BC
Radical Linguist
“The end of civilization,” as it happened way back. This series could turn anyone into a historian! Utterly engaging, with a lucid view of the ancient world. It ties together all the strands of ancient history (Middle East and Asia Minor) with John clarifying the woof and the weave, in an illumination of Cline’s work.
Cycles of Time Nonsense
Big Salyer
Dear John , the theory of the Big Bang is the biggest lie and so hard to believe , that out of an explosion came into being our well ordered universe. It is so much more easy to believe in God our Creator, that in six days He created it all , with His intelligent design . The fool hath said on his heart that there is no God. It’s time to acknowledge God our creator and give Him the Glory. You lose a great number of your listeners when you continue to drift into this nonsense and I say this with concern, and respect. Mike Salyer one of your faithful listeners.
Great show!
Superb story teller
Been listening to Mr Bachelor since the end of 2001 when he worked with Alexander.
John Bachelor
Loyal John in Virginia Beach
5 of 5 The most thorough and professional podcast in the whole store. What fantastic blend of politics, finance, & technology.
No doubt that you’re show is my favorite. You are on point in every thing you cover. The guests and cohosts could not be better. The scope of the show covers the world past, present and future. I’ve yet to disagree with any topic or coverage of a topic. Keep up the good work! PS, Is there any way that your multi part clips could be posted together. It is really annoying to have to piece them together. I’m sure it’s an oversight of the people who do the posting. Please post one topic in one posting. The bits and pieces don’t help the listener enjoy the show. Thank you for your time and your show. 🙏🏽 “IF YOU CANNOT (for what ever reason) stop breaking up shows into multiple pieces, CAN YOU AT LEAST POST THEM IN REVERSE ORDER! It is really annoying to reorder them individually! So inconsiderate!”
You don’t have to be brilliant
aka Zev Amerikai
John and his guests are smart enough for all of us. Don’t be surprised if some of it rubs off on you.
Best. Except sound quality of adverts.
Best show on the radio and internet. But...Get a better microphone for your ads. Jarring to a point where they are no longer ads. How is a guy supposed to fall asleep when these ads are 180 degrees opposite to the incredible show.
Improve your mind and expand your knowledge
John Batchelor covers a very broad range of topics from business, current events, politics and history. His guests are always top notched and his hosting of the shows are equal to the task. Your time will be well spent here.
Lot of information good natured and entertaining
Batchelor is very smart but humble and polite. Many points of view and reliable
Great Show
Really appreciate the knowledge, wisdom, and insight.
Ok Very interesting!
newjersey aficionado
The Nations Best
John Rolin
I have been listening to John for over 5 years now. This guy is the best, hardest working news analyst in the universe. Love his interviews on both political and non-political topics.
I learn so much from this show. John Batchelor covers topics and brings on guests I never would have heard of otherwise. I always skip over the Gorka, Crowley, etc, segments, but there’s so much other content ranging from top news to under-reported foreign policy stories to deep dives into history — it’s just amazing. Also so glad to hear John B has completed his chemo!!👍
The best News Show period
Balanced, informative, high quality radio in its purest form!!
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