The Nerdologues Presents Talking Games Presents Second City Blackouts (Parts 1-3)
HumpedBlack Whale
K: Hey Tim, you know I just got a new gym membership? T: No kidding, that's great Kellen! K: Yeah, got a personal trainer too! He says I'm in the most defined shape I've ever been. T: Oh yeah? K: Yeah! Round! [Clayton "plays piano" like Second City does after a blackout and then talks as Gambit] T: Kellen! Did you just tell the Westboro Baptist Church that the LGBTQ community uses a rainbow flag to represent themselves? K: I may have let it slip out, Tim, why? T: For Pete's sake, Kellen! Don't you know what their new chant is now? K: Oh no, I think I do... K&T: God hates flags! [Clayton "plays piano" like Second City does after a blackout and then talks as Tiny Kerri Strung.] T: Oh my God Kellen, these alt-right conservatives are NO JOKE. K: Oh no Tim, what makes you say that? T: They take all sorts of liberals and minorities and make them fight each other for sport! K: Oh no, that's terrible! T: Yeah, they call it a--cuckfighting ring!--[Clayton "plays piano" like Second City and then talks as Patreon FOR TWENTY MINUTES until--] T: Hey everybody! It's me Normie, remember me? [Silence.] [End of review. Two stars.]
Funny plus smart
I want to be friends with whatever people are making this show. They have enough insightful critiques for games to make it a great game review tool and enough left-field material to keep things interesting. Really well done.
The Best Video Game/Musical Podcast Today
It's makes my day every time a new talking games pops up in my podcast feed. The gentlemen and Clayton are very funny. Suikoden II is awesome. Please invite more women on the show.
Bad jokes, closed minded, uninformed
The hosts seem to be unable to appreciate game genres beyond their preferences. They are quick to ridicule and self admit to not giving a game the time its due to make a well informed judgment. They shovel coal into the engine of a runaway hype train and jump off just before they run out of track. They criticize the "media" as if they were not part of it themselves for the very same mistakes they themselves commit. Grow a backbone and don't be hypocritical and mean-spirited gentlemen. Game developers work their butts off for years to produce these works of art only for you to tear them down with out remorse or even due process. Shame on you. - a true gamer
I found this podcast through their Final Fantasy Tactics episode, which was super enjoyable. After poking around a bit more and listening to a few other game-specific episodes I subscribed and for the most part liked what I heard throughout 2015. This year they've jumped the shark with a lot of anti-intellectual garbage and strawmen, so I'm unsubsribing. Sorry pals.
Not just for Gamers
This is a great podcast. I am not much of a gamer but the two host’s chemistry plus an interesting conversation not 100% related to video games kept me interested. You should listen!
Black Eye Affair (S5E6)
Charge Oven
It’s another wacky adventure in the Chateau Hackett airport when brother’s Joe (Tim Dunn) and Brian (Clayton Margeson) keep interrupting Helen (Kellen Terret) as she sets up the perfect date with her new boyfriend, Davis (Rob Grabowski). Joe gets jealous of Helen’s date and forces the new couple to compete in a game show very similar to Legends of the Hidden Temple. Helen and Davis do a great job in the question and physical challenge section, but trip up when it comes to that darn Shrine of the Silver Monkey and they don’t get the ultimate prize, a trip to space camp! Meanwhile, Lowell (Thomas Haden Church) sets off to find Antonio (Tony Shaloub) who has been kidnapped by REAL life Temple Guards! Jinkies! Oh, and someone gets a black eye I guess? I dunno, it didn’t seem to be the focal point of the episode I watched. Also, Roy continues to be a misogynist.
Stew in a Stew
My favorite episode so far! Kellen is upset when Tim declines to promote him, citing budget cutbacks. When Clayton appears with expensive sheep-lined bombre jackets for him and Tim, Kellen is now outraged and quits. Tim has to eat several slices of humble pie to convince Kellen of their partnership. Note: This episode has a flashback of how Tim met Kellen as a stewardess, and how Sandpiper began.
Talking Games, more like Rocking…umm..Games
J Jenkins
This podcast is a hoot, and also a holler. Even though I have probably a third of the video game knowledge that these guys have, I find these episodes legitimately hilarious. Dunn is fun. Terrett is the Claret (jug). Margeson has the first name Clayton. Highly recommend.
Great time for the whole family!
Mr. Dicky Church
Hello Talking Games, Wow what a great time we have had with talking games. It was such a surprise and sooo much fun, it really made our Christmas magical. We were all at grandma's homestead up in Canada when I first played with the talking game. Imagine my surprise when we are gathered around the Christmas tree on our special morning and there's a present that I didn't wrap just sitting there. Wonky pete got to it first, but we coerced it out of his mouth with a rawhide and the kids just ripped it open. Paper everywhere! "What could this be?" us grown-ups wondered. Finally the paper cleared and there was a calm before the joyous storm. Mary Sue screamed with delight when she saw the box, I thought she was going to bring the cabin down around us, but thankfully she passed out. A brand new talking game, and for all ages! A miracle from God on high! I had thought about getting my son Harrison a Talking Tom game, but I read online about all the pro-choice association of cats, so I thought twice about that one - Winky Dinky. We are obviously much happier with this talking game and how fun it is for our children. I don't know how you got our address, but you really made our holiday special in so many ways. A talking game is more fun than I could have ever fantasized. And o the sayings it said! We played and laughed all night til the cows came home!! Boy did they sleep well smileyEmogee. My kids still talk about that night, sadly customs took it away at the border, but it still lives in our hearts. I love you a little. I don't know how many dreams you have fulfilled this Xmas season, but please know your talking game made my family's souls soar towards heaven as if it was the helicopter of gods Air Force. Two vertical dots and a close parentheses. Thank you and I love you - Dicky Church and family
Board Certified and in a class of his own
Alex Wayman
I’ve been going to see Dr. Benjamin Fiss for almost two years and could not recommend him more highly. Dr. Fiss himself is a kind, gentle, and extremely thorough. But that wonderful demeanor is not limited just to him, his entire staff is bubbling over with happiness and an earnest care for their patients’ wellbeing. In fact, I’ve been so happy with my experience with Dr. Fiss that I’ve encouraged my fiancé, her sisters, and several of my coworkers to do the same. Having someone’s synthetic gloved fingers in your mouth is never a great experience, but I find Dr. Fiss’s touch soothing and enjoyable. And his smile, one that I’ve seen countless times in the pre-show ads before movie screenings, is at once calming and electric, like leaping into a freezing cold pool on a hot summer day. If you’re in the market for a dentist in the city, look no further. And, if you think you’re happy with your dentist right now, let me ask you a question: does the idea of getting your teeth cleaned by your current doctor cover you with goosebumps from head to toe? If not, Dr. Bejamin Fiss is your man.
Come for the games, Stay for the catch phrase
Friends of the Show(?), Jonah Aaron and Sean Peezick, introduced me to this gem before my arrival to Chicago. Talking Games never fails to make me giggle like a maniac on an awkwardly quiet and overly crowded train during my commute to work. The addition of Kellen as a regular host has been fantastic, and I am continually amazed by the gang’s thoughtful and stimulating discussions alongside hilarious conversations about games both old and new.
I like it
Because it's good
Gaming Talk That's Actually Funny
Sean Kelley
There are approximately 1.2 trillion podcasts about games and/or gaming. Most of them are pretty okay. This one is more than pretty okay! Talking Games features some of Chicago's best improv comedians which means the dialogue is sharp, and funny. This is the main thing that separates it from it's talky gamey brethren. Highly recommended.
Barty Oaters
I was excited to see a podcast with a show about witcher 3. After about 20 minutes of the super boring hosts all sounding like they were shouting into somebody's iPhone In a basement to record the show , I fell asleep. They did not talk about the game once in that time other than to hint that they would be talking about it later. Ugh.
Talking Games
This podcast is great. The hosts really work well together. When you listen to the show it feels like you're hanging out with your friends.
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