December 10, 2012
GamerNation - we take you to the Edge of Saga, tonight. Episode 167 is the Order 66 Podcast's last episode devoted to the Star Wars Saga Edition system. As we prepare to leap to the next era and move to Fantasy Flight's Star Wars system, we take the time tonight to reminisce, recollect, and recount our favorite moments from Saga Edition, answer a slew of remaining Saga Edition questions in the docking bay, take a final romp in Saga with Fragments from the Rim, and share a very special 5-year retrospective mash-up with the GamerNation. Welcome to the New Age! 5 years have come and gone, and 5 years rise before us, with many more episodes to come! Peace, Love, and Good Gaming.
October 22, 2012
Greetings, GamerNation! Tonight, we embark on our next to last crusade with the Indiana Jones of the Star Wars Galaxy – and finish our discussion of bringing the Jedi Service Corps into your Saga Edition Game. Add in a voluminous Fragments from the Rim, and an area-focused docking bay, and we’ve got ourselves a show, younglings! So prep your ship for launch, grab your archeology tools and your translator droids… as we make the jump into the unknown reaches of the galaxy with the ExplorCorps… on Episode 166 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast.
October 9, 2012
Avast, me hearties! The Order 66 Podcast returns with a Time to Play segment about the high seas (of space), peg legs, plank walking, and lots and lots of booty! Yaaar! We also have a very meaningful When Good Games go Bad, a lengthy On the Scene Report from Fragments from the Rim, and wicked post-show with some major announcements. So flip up your eye-patch and buckle your swash, mateys, for the 165th Episode of YOUR Order 66 Podcast!
August 30, 2012
Greetings, GamerNation! Per your requests, we are delving deeper into the new Star Wars RPG from Fantasy Flight Games. Join us for a live session in play, as a group of brand new players to the system learn the rules and engage in nefarious activity!
August 22, 2012
Big News Gamer Nation! Edge of the Empire, the new Star Wars RPG has been announced and The Order 66 Podcast comes to you with Lead Designer Jay Little from Fantasy FLight Games as well as Developer and Author Sterling Hershey as we deliver the inside scoop on the new RPG and have a lively discussion about the future of our beloved Star Wars RPG. Join us as we discuss character creation, the destiny point system, obligations and lots of other great topics on this episode of the order 66 podcast.
August 18, 2012
In an hour plus episode, prepare to have your mind blown with the first recorded play session of the new Star Wars RPG, announced by Fantasy Flight Games on Friday. Dave is back working the booth, but GMs Chris and Brev along with Frobi-Wan Kenobi descend on the FFG booth and get a special demo by the lead developer and lead designer Sam Stewart and Jay Little. First, Chris has a brief word with Sam to quell all the fears about the rumors that force use is not a big player in this RPG and then they settle in for an hour long epic journey through the new game. Chris follow this up with a post game interview with Rob Froberg, aka Frobi about the experience.
July 30, 2012
What is up, GamerNation? We’ve returned to you with a kick-butt episode filled with whirling discs of death! We tackle the Zeison Sha Force Tradition in a new Visions of the Force segment, talk about properly using the Questions 3 to keep a Good Game from going Bad, and handle some tasty listener questions. So like your fingers clean and prepare for the insanity, on Episode 161 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast!
July 16, 2012
Greetings, GamerNation! It's a dark and stormy night at d20 Radio, and we toss our fedora next to the ashtray for a Time to Play segment on Gumshoe Noir. Add in some mysterious clues in the form of Fragments from the Rim, solid listener questions, and a new Trek-themed (gasp!) Starship Maneuver, and we've got a heavily entertaining episode for you! So grab your classy dame and your gun, and head into the long dark of the 160th Episode of YOUR Order 66 Podcast!
July 2, 2012
What is up, GamerNation? We have an episode of new things for your enjoyment, tonight! We are proud to welcome a brand new segment to the show by none other than the mighty Christopher West: Droidwerks! We also debut a new main show segment devoted to GMing sessions with specific themes. Tonight we tackle: HORROR! Toss in a jaw-dropping When Good Games go Bad segment and some excellent listener questions, and tonight’s episode will leave you shaking in fear… So grab your intermittent flashlights, your sawed-off shotguns, and your clichéd post-death-gasps as you prepare for Episode 159 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast!
June 5, 2012
Greetings, GamerNation! We have returned to you with an epic episode of Space Shaolin Goodness... as we take a hard look at the Matukai Force Tradition. Along with a heaping of listener questions, a suspending the rules segment on Minions on Saga Edition, and a Fragments from the Rim talking about the Shien Lightsaber Form - we geeked it up right. So plunge your dice-rolling hands into the hot sand, GamerNation, assemble your Wan-Shen, and breathe deeply as you adjust your headphones in meditation… as we kick some hiney on Episode 158 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast!
May 20, 2012
Live from ReaperCON, this is a scattershooting episode at its finest! We talk about the SWSE gaming at the con, take a dip into edition wars and dive into lots of other topics as well!
May 9, 2012
We cometh, GamerNation, and we bring six seconds of awesome in our tumultuous, Skype-ridden wake! The Order 66 Podcast returns for a healthy episode that continues our deep dive into the Jedi Service Corp with an enlightening look at the EduCorps. Toss in some provoking listener questions, a Species Menagerie all about Herglics, and a massive Fragments From the Rim on the Fifth Lightsaber Form, and it's a pretty sweet little show... waiting to be consumed by your ear canals. So grab your holocrons, your dusty tomes, and your number 2 pencils, GamerNation, as we educate you in the face on Episode 156 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast!
April 15, 2012
What is up, GamerNation?? We ARE BACK from a long-overdue break - and boy do we have a show for you! We walk the thin circuit of a line between droids and the Force tonight in a lengthy discussion of the Iron Knights! Add in some provocative listener questions, and a well done Fragments from the Rim on Ataru... and it's quite a show! Also, we (finally) announce the winners to the Aristeia: Revolutionary Right contest, and wax a bit in post-show about Edition Wars. So grab your vocabulators and your haughty sense of Jedi morals, younglings, for THIS... Episode 155 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast!
March 7, 2012
Greetings, Programs! Tonight we take a sparky plunge back into the control wires and droid systems of Servos and Circuits with a special look at Replica Droids! And we manage to make it through the show with (almost) no referenced to Bladerunner. Just sayin. Toss in some excellent listener questions and a SWTOR-tastic segment of Fragments from the Rim, and we've got quite an episode for you! So take a deep, but artificial breath, GamerNation, as we hide amongst the living with Episode 154 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast!
February 20, 2012
Good Day, GamerNation! We bring you an awesome show tonight filled with the four elements of AWESOME! We return to Visions of the Force tonight with an in-depth look at the Shapers of Kro Var! Along with righteous segments from Fragments from the Rim and Fat Raconteur's Species Menagerie - we have quite a show! So leave your blasters behind, GamerNation; draw up your battle-plans; sneer at the superstitious; and get ready to Yip-Yip into the Episode 153 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast.
February 9, 2012
What's shakin' GamerNation? We are returned and reeling from an amazing first few days of our Edition Wars kickstarter! Tonight, we continue our discussion of the Jedi Service Corp with talk and tips all about playing a member of the MedCorp. We also get a Squib-tastic segment from the Fat Raconteur and a Lightsaber Form focused Fragments from the Rim with DarthGM, rounded out with an AMAZING Suspending the Rules on stunts in combat and some well presented listener questions. An amazing episode for an amazing listener base! So prepare to kickstart this Episode 152 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast!
January 23, 2012
What is up, GamerNation? The Order 66 Podcast returns to help sow the seeds of the awesomesauce tree - which bleeds awesomesauce sap all over your earbuds for this episode! Tonight we welcome guest-host GM Phil and begin a series of shows taking an in-depth look at the Jedi Service Corps with the AgriCorps, and how to make a proper character that uses the force to keep things green. With a visit from special guest author Wayne Basta to talk about his new novel, a jaunt into some exceptional listener questions, and a Species Menagerie that sees The Fat Raconteur dropping mad builds like Biggie Smalls drops rhymes - it's quite an episode! So grab your vibro-shovels and prepare to RP what you sow on THIS episode 151 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast!
January 9, 2012
Greetings GamerNation! We are returned... with a heaping helping of pure epic adventure. This mega-show welcomes special guests Sam Witwer and Christopher West to help us do the unthinkable: build an adventure live on the air! Join us for the ultimate GM brain dump of adventure design knowledge as we create an excellent story that you can use. Add in a couple great listener questions and a new Lando's Used Shipyard - and we've got quite the episode for you all! Enjoy, GamerNation - we sure did!
December 12, 2011
Greetings, GamerNation! We're coming at you hard and fast this week with a great show that fades away like a golden space samurai of justice! This week we answer some great listener questions, take a look at a droid beast of burden in Watto's, examine some lightsaber form greatness in Fragments from the Rim - and finally troll the hyperlanes as we discuss the Wardens of the Sky in Visions of the Force! So clear your minds, GamerNation, suit up like any good vigilante, crack your knuckles, and try to snatch the pebble from my hand… as we join with the rest of the space samurai to right wrongs on Episode 149 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast!
November 20, 2011
Avast, GamerNation! We come forth with plentiful booty for the pillaging, yaaarr! Tonight we are proud to welcome special guest Sterling Hershey on the show, as we talk all about the coolest Force Tradition this side of the Unknown Regions: The Blazing Chain! Along with a heaping helping of listener questions and a BOSS installment of Lando's Used Shipyard, this a pirate-tastic episode, matey! So strap on your lightsaber peg-legs, grab your blasters, your eye-patches, and your stone cold booty… as we walk the plank on Episode 148 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast!
November 6, 2011
We return to you this week with more cybernetic goodness from Saga Edition's treasure trove directly into your gray matter! We tackle brain-buzzing implants this week, along with a healthy helping of Docking Bay, Fragments from the Rim, and Fat Raconteur's Species Menagerie. So strap on your crazy headphones, boot up, back up, stand up, and look up at this week's episode of YOUR Order 66 Podcast!
October 23, 2011
Yo gamer nation, we are back with a new episode of the order 66 podcast where we look at technology and provide a meaty episode in showing you how to get that laptop up to the level you need to provide an epic gaming experience. We look at software, hardware and everything else on episode 146 of the order 66 podcast! We have a new GEEK line, so listen in now!.
September 27, 2011
Well, hello, GamerNation! Prepare yourselves for ladles of ecstacy goo tonight, as we proudly welcome back special guest Sam Witwer! We spend an insane amount of time talking about building dramatic tension in your games, as well as getting all kinds of tangential. Round that out with a heaping helping of questions, the longest announcements section in show history, a gripping house rule, a Fragments from the Rim you can really get your hands around, and a special stop-over with Fiddleback and Darth GM from The Holocron, and it's QUITE a show! So relax and prepare for auditory ecstasy in goo form, on THIS, Episode 145 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast.
September 15, 2011
We at the Order 66 Podcast hereby issue the following warnings: When gambling against the house, remember, the odds are always against you. Wookiees become aggitated when you go all in. And never, ever, ever bring a skifter to cloud city. In this long overdue episode of the Order 66 Podcast, we walk the smokey card tables of intrigue and swagger with a look at an Ultimate Build: The Gambler! Along with some help from an extra informative segment of Lando's Used Shipyard, a vist to Watto's to discuss riot suppression technology, and some excellent listener mail, this is an episode to bet your entire stake on. So shuffle that sabacc deck, GamerNation! Hide your skifters, and prepare to go all in on this Episode 144 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast!
August 22, 2011
We are returned! GenCon has finally left us... and we leave it's comfortable embrace with much ennui. But that's OKAY! Because we're going to talk about it! We spend the next couple hour telling tales of daring and grandeur - and ALSO spend some time talking about the Fantasy Flight Games acquisition of the Star Wars license; replete with a live GenCon interview with FFG. We also give you some hard returns on The Black Nova Gambit delve event, and offer our own tips and tricks for running unusual Star Wars games of your own! So buckle up! It’s going to be a bumpy ride as we board the roller-coaster of remembrance and prepare for our visits from the spirits of GenCon past, present, and future. Hopefully, Tiny Tim will be rolling Force Points again real soon.
August 5, 2011
Gamer Nation, behold we are broadcasting live, on location from GENCON 2011, and a special triple threat episode that features Order 66, Brew City Gamers and The ENNIE AWARD WINNING Chronicles Pathfinder Podcast. Join our panel discussion on how to create a successful gaming podcast with the host of three of d20radios popular programs. It is fun, it is live, it is GENCON!
July 6, 2011
Good Day, GamerNation! We have returned, yet again, to bring you nuggets of win, dipped in pure, sweet awesomesauce. Tonight, we return to the windswept land of Tatooine for an electrifying Watto's Bargain Basement, sink our teeth into a fragments from the rim holla' at the Imperial Knight, answer a veritable boatload of listener questions, AND... witness the hilarious return of Luke Lowbrow. For the meat of our fine episode, we take some listener requests to talk about creating a more entertaining and more efficient game session through some tips and tricks for proper preparation. All this and more on episode 141 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast
June 28, 2011
Greetings, GamerNation! The Order 66 Podcast returns to you with a listener request to continue with Visions from the Force... and we search and search and search... for the Fallanassi! We also answer some listener questions, examine a house rule Inigo Montoya would be proud of, and take a look at a ship-tastic Fragments from the Rim segment! All in all - a very stealthy episode of THIS... your Order 66 Podcast!
June 13, 2011
GamerNation, rejoice! The Order 66 Podcast returns with a very special guest who drops his wisdom on us like the stuffing of a pinata made of awesome; none other than the wild, wily, and oh so wise Sterling Hershey. Sterling joins us for an intense discussion on writing a publish-worthy module, making it flow and play well, and giving it true Star Wars cinematic flair. We also visit the docking bay for some great listener questions, talk about a great feat in Fragments from the Rim, and walk the dark halls of Good Games Gone Bad. An really fun and informative episode awaits you for Episode 139 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast!
June 2, 2011
Greetings, Programs! Or should I say, greetings my black-leather clad female spies!! Welcome to Episode 138 of the Order 66 Podcast, where we lay the smack-down old school with with Ultimate Build inspired by Bond-Girls, Black Widows, and Baleful Beauties - the Femme Fatale! We also answer some wonderful listener questions, visit Fragments from the Rim and Karaoke Kantina, and... AND... Announce the winner of the GenCon 2011 d20 Radio T-Shirt Contest!
May 23, 2011
Yes, it happened! Chris was actually called a d word at Reapercon. Twice. You will hear it for yourself, as it was captured and replayed at the start of the episode! Join us as we delve into the chewy goodness that was Reapercon 2011, put on by our pals over at reaper miniatures and then talk about the experiences in the group as they all completed Chris's convention modules, one after another until all three were complete! Let's get some fun going here and listen in on this panel version of The Order 66 Podcast!
May 16, 2011
Hello, all! Well... we've got an unusual episode for the books. In lieu of a normal show - we've got completely off the rails for an entirely listener driven show! Join special guests, Vince, Bradshaw, Oldschool, DarthGM, Kat, Kalylia, Dono, and FulonGamer for a crazy cadre of questions to us... but the fans of the show. We disembark for your listening pleasure! Enjoy.
May 11, 2011
Why, hello, GamerNation! We return to you this week with a uniquely synchronized episode all about the goodness of the Gand! Get your insectoid groove on as The Fat Raconteur details Gand builds in the Species Menagerie, DarthGM talks about using the Force to track your foes in a very Gand Findsman fashion, and GM Dave and GM Chris wax poetic about the Gand Findsmen themselves in a Vision of the Force segment filled with awesome! We also answer listener questions and hear the triumphant return of Luke Lowbrow!
May 1, 2011
Hello, GamerNation! We've returned from the depths of the nearest black hole to bring you an amazingly fun episode. We've got listener questions galore, a look at the Gran in the Fat Raconteur's species menagerie, a laser-rific toy from Watto, and we welcome the triumphant return of our ultimate builds segment! We get all force-y and heal-ey on you this time. So steel yourself for the glory of Episode 134 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast!
April 18, 2011
Greetings, Programs! Hot on the heels of our last episode, we're back at you with the continuation of our Bases And Battlestations episode. We continue a look at the BandB toolset, and how to use station CLs. We also have a surprise visit from good friend, ReaperBryan, who lays it down for us about all the greatness and goodness of ReaperCon! And the triumphant return of the Fat Raconteur's Species Menagerie gives us... GUNGANS. Along with several excellent listener mail questions, and a spot-on Fragments From the Rim - we've got quite a good show for you. So prepare yourselves for awesome, as we kick off Episode 133 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast!
April 10, 2011
Why, hello GamerNation! The Order 66 Podcast returns to you with another episode of amazing proportions. This week, we welcome special guests Christopher West and Andy Hurley, who help us geek out about gaming something fierce! We spend some good time answering some good listener questions, visit Fragments from the Rim, and have a long-overdue return to When Good Games Go Bad. For the main topic of our show, GMC and Chris West geek out for quite some time and explore the various eras of the Star Wars universe, talking about the pros, cons, and main themes of each era, and how to adapt an era to your campaign! So sit back and relax, and put on your thinking caps. It's time for Episode 132 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast!
March 27, 2011
Greetings, GamerNation! We are back with a brand new edition of Order 66 Podcast that will have you up and running and designing your very own stars of death in no time! That's right, straight from our listener feedback department comes a new series of episodes with Bases and Battlestations as the key point of discussion. In our initial installment, Dave and Chris go no about encounter and battstation design and the tips and tricks that Galaxy at War has for your use within the expanse of B and B goodness that lies within. So, grab your GaW book, and sit down for another exciting and thriling adventure in the realm of the Order 66!
March 9, 2011
Greetings, GamerNation! We're finally back with a much needed episode that will knock you off your feet. The knockers themsleves are none other than Sam Witwer and Chuck Hirstius; geekly dynamos who step down into the land of us mortals to dispense the goodly gaming advice we love so much. Mix in a healthy, heaping helping of listener questions, tacticaly tempting house rules discussion, and an eerily accurate Fragments From the Rim - and we've got ourselves a SHOW! Join us for this super-long, super-packed episode number 130 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast.
February 20, 2011
What is up, GamerNation? We've returned this week to bring you a new segment of Servos and Circuits! This week, we focus on organics struggling to be more like droids. We get in-depth into advanced cybernetics, and the options to make your character more droid-tastic! Coupled with some great listener questions, a look at Ewoks in the Species Menagerie, a cool piece of gear from Sterling Hershey, and a fabulous Fragments from the Rim - we've got quite a show for you! So grab your Galaxy at War books, your tool kits, your flowing dark capes, and your asthmatic breathing apparatus… as we prepare for Episode 129 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast!
February 13, 2011
We are SO back, GamerNation! Tonights show delves into long overdue territory. Of course, we take the time to answer our normal brew of listener questions (and learn why bags of puppies and Sith Lords are a bad combination. We visit the noble wookiee in the Species Menagerie, talk spirits of a Force-y nature in Fragments from the Rim, and learn how to heavy up the heavy blaster pistol in Suspending the Rules. But then... THEN!... we return to a long overdue segment on Mass Combat! We talk about the details of the mass combat system, how to create and use units, and even go through some live examples! So grab your electrobinoculars, your bullhorns, and your standard issue battalion uniforms as we sound the charge in Episode 128 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast!
January 24, 2011
We return this week to bring you deep into the Wyl sector of the Outer Rim and the isolated, windswept, and mountainous world of Thosa. There we find the most awesomest of awesome buck-tooth, xenophobic, burn-victim looking force users of all: The Keetael! We also manage to determine your Force-iness in Watto's Bargain Basement, get snakey in the Species Menagerie, and lay the smack-down to some Capital Ships in Fragments from the Rim. Toss in some mighy fine listener questions and... look at that... we have us a pretty good show! So prepared to be subtle with your force use on Episode 127 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast!
January 16, 2011
What is up, GamerNation? This week, we return to you with another segment of Servos and Circuits! To round out our discussion on the various degrees of droid (though by no means bring an end to Servos and Circuits), we’re finishing up with the last degree of droid - 5th Degree. We also get into some autofire goodness in Fragments from the Rim, examine a stumpy house rule, and answer a load of great listener questions. So stack your cargo crates up nice and neat, GamerNation, and oil up those lifting joints – as we break down episode 126 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast!
January 9, 2011
What is UP, GamerNation!?? We're back at you this week after a holiday hiatus to bring you more of the Servos and Circuits you love. We talk 3rd degree droids, as well as answer some juicy listener questions, become "bat-bot" in Watto's Bargain Basement, and round it out with some great Species Menagerie and Fragments from the Rim bits! So grab your tranlator units, and prepare for over 6 million forms of communication in this... Episode 125 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast!
December 20, 2010
Greetings, Programs! We're pleased as punch to return to you this week for a new installment of our "Visions of the Force" segment, where we take a look at the vulcans of the Star Wars universe - the Jal Shey. We examine the Force from the Jal Shey's intellectual perspective, and take the time to examine a re-consideration of the Second Wind mechanics in Suspending the Rules, talk new disarm techniques with Fragments from the Rim, answer a fair bit of listener questions, and then geek out hardcore in post show about TRON! So prepare yourselves, my logical minded listeners... for Episode 124 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast!
December 13, 2010
What is up, GamerNation? Welcome to a durasteel-filled episode of the Order 66 Podcast, as we return to you to our highly popular Servos and Circuits segment. This week, we're warming up our blaster carbines and loading up the subroutines for our targeting packages, as we take aim at the 4th Degree Droid. Learn how to build a walking tank and a durasteel shadow - and be the best battle droid you can be. We also stop down to answer listener questions, continue our quest to be more like batman in Watto's Bargain Basement, discuss more effective Starship Combat in Fragments from the Rim, and learn about the best ways to use Nautolans in Fat Raconteur's Species Menagerie! So strap in, power up, and punch it - as we head deep into combative territory on Episode 123 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast!
November 21, 2010
Hey, GamerNation! We're coming at you this week, hot on the trails of our last episde, with the next installment of our Servos and Circuits segment. This week, we cover the astromechs and technical droids of the galaxy. How to play one, how to build one, and how to be the BEST MacGuyver Droid you can be! We also get our second installment from Fat Raconteur's Species Menagerie, a tasty new Fragment's From the Rim, answer a ton of great listener questions, and visit a new Starship Manuever house-rule! And finally, we also return to the glory of post-show this week; turning this into a wonderfully (and much missed) long episode! Huzzah! So grab your fusion cutters and your hydrospanners this week, folks, as we get droid-ified and deep into it, on THIS, episode 122 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast.
November 14, 2010
What is UP, GamerNation? We're back this week to walk the path of servos and circuits in the first installment of our new discussion point, delving into none other than the degrees of droids... Today we page Dr. Awesome, our 1st Degree Droid, who is ready to bring the pain and dissect his enemies into oblivion. We also welcome a brand new listener segement from The Fat Raconteur, devoted to exploring the species of the Saga Universe, and have a triumphant (and tear-jerking) entry from Fragments from Rim. Luke Lowbrow returns with a dollup of concentrated awesome, and we return to Being Batman in Watto's Bargain Basement. Rounded out with some excellent questions and wonderful listener contributions, this is an episode of PURE WIN, folks. So grab your surgical tools, your dissection smock, and your sense of haughty droid superiority for THIS... Episode 121 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast!
November 1, 2010
What is up, GamerNation? We are back with a halloween special of an espisode for ya! Tonight we answer our usual listener mail, discuss an amazingly fun house-rule, view some fragments from the rim, and the get witchy! We return to our Visions of the Force segment tonight, to discuss the ever-so-appropriate (considering the date) Witches of Dathomir! We talk about what make a witch a witch, which witch is which, and the best uses for your very own rancor. So join us as we plump the depths of Star Wars goodness on Episode 120 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast!
October 17, 2010
What is up, GamerNation?? We're back with another dyn-o-mite episdoe of the Order 66 podcast! Tonight, we talk about a cool weapon from Watto's, take a look at some ambushy stuff in Fragments from the Rim, answer a nice number of listener questions, and finally move into the meat of our show - a brand new segment: Visions of the Force. We take a look at alternate Force Traditions, looking at the history and philosophy of an alternate tradition, its talent tree, and how best to integrate the force tradition into your character and your game. Tonight: we jaunt into... The Jensaari. So sit back, relax, grab your lightsabers, your armor... and get ready... as we delve into Episode 119 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast!
October 11, 2010
What is up, GamerNation?? Tonight, we return to you after our short absence with a topic of truly epic proportions! First, though, we get in a load of listener questions, examine a cool house-rule, and check out a great feat in Fragments from the Rim. But our main discussion tonight, thanks to a listener request, is how to take the Star Wars... OUT of your Saga! For those who want to play in settings besides Star Wars, but still use this great system – what’s the best path to take? How can you best adapt this system to other settings? What precepts should you follow, and what pitfalls should you avoid? What are some great examples you can look to for inspiration? Well... we're going to TELL YOU! So sit back, relax, grab your copies of Shadowrun, your collected editions of Lord of the Rings, your Lovecraft stories, and a pad and pencil, and prepare for Episode 118 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast!
September 27, 2010
What is up, GamerNation? We are here to BLOW YOUR MIND! That's right, we finally get to the very last of our Prestige Class discussions as we tackle - the Vanguard! We talk the talk of the recon specialist of the Saga world, and how you can blow the minds of your players and your GM! We also take a look at some Star Wars Bug Repellent with Watto, answer a bountiful bevy of listener qeusitons. We also have a great post-show with a very special surprise guest. So grab your camouflage pancho, your electrobinoculars, and your Clone Wars Campaign Guides. Sit back, relax, and lets prepare to delve into the meat of the Vanguard, on THIS... Episode 117 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast!
September 16, 2010
Hey, GamerNation! We're coming at you this week with a plethora of special guests, microphone issues, snarky hosts, and a peek into possibly the best GM Supplement we've seen in recent years. We tackle a handful of questions this show - with special guest Elias Windrider! (Kieth, for those in the know). We take a trip to the Rim for some fragments, and then welcome our special guests, Martin Ralya and Phil Vecchione of Gnome Stew fame. They're here to lay some serious knowledge on us all, as we talk about "Eureka! 501 Adventure Plots to Inspire Game Masters". This new book, and immense resource for any GM, is the latest proud brain nugget extruded from the savagely brilliant minds of the gnomes - and we.... we gots our hands on it!! Yesssss....
September 6, 2010
Hello, Gamernation! We return to you this week with much, much more in the way of Star Wars awesomeness for your enjoyment. Aside from our usual listener questions, a look at a cool Talent in Fragments from the Rim, and a very crunchy (no pun intended) house-rule in Suspending the Rules, we finally tackle the Yuuzhan Vong... and The Shaper Prestige Class. Learn how to make some of the kookiest and most powerful support characters in the game, and learn why GM Chris hates the Vong so much. Oh, so much. But it's okay - we manage to do it justice (for all you Vong lovers out there!). So strap in, gird yourselves (I know I did...), grab your Biotech Tool Kit, and prepare for Episode 115 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast!
August 30, 2010
We're back tonight with two very special guests! The utterly amazing Sterling Hershey, and the utterly stupendous Chris Bradshaw (aka: GM Chance). They're here to allow us to tap into their veins of utter geekdom, and share with us the glories of GenCon and of Star Wars Celebration V! They share stories, memories, and every moment of awesome they encounters - letting us live vicariously through their utter coolness. We also manage to answer some listener questions, take a look at the Star Wars equivalent of a Lie Detector in Watto's Bargain Basement, and visit Fragments from the Rim at the end of the show. So kick back, strap in, and hook up your IV, as we tap into the bloodstream of utter geek greatness, and get our Star Wars on with two huge fans who live the life for the rest of us! All on this... Episode 114 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast!
August 19, 2010
Hey, GamerNation! We're kickin' it seriously old school tonight, returning to a simpler time... a more comfortable time... a time when two hosts with simple recurring bits did a small podcast. A time when shows lasted less than 90 min, and we covered prestige class after prestige class. It felt oh so sweet to return to that special place for episode 113. For we delve deeply into the Droid Commander Prestige Class! We talk about he sickest commander options in the game... as long as you're playing a droid. We also discuss a starship-centric house-rule, get shoto-tastic on Fragments from the Rim, answer a load of listener questions, and witness the triumphant return of Luke Lowbrow! And of course, we sit in at the end of this episode with good friend, GM Chance (Chris Bradshaw) for day 2 of our "On the Scene" reports, LIVE from GenCon! All this awesome and MORE! Tonight... on episode 113 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast!
August 8, 2010
What is up, GamerNation? We're back with a trove of greatness for this fine episode! We're gleefully joined by good friends and brilliant GMs, Brev and Sam! We talk about splitting the party; the right way to do it, the wrong way to do it, and what you can get when it's done right! We also take a look at the MULE Droid in Watto's Bargain Basement, answer some listener questions, heard about SHOTO! in Fragments from the Rim, discuss the ENnies, and... AND... check in with GM Chance for our first "On the Scene" report from GenCon 2010. This enourmous episode is ripe and ready for the picking. So join us and prepare for Split to Happen on THIS... episode 112 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast!
August 2, 2010
Chaos, that is all we need to say as we welcome GM Sam, Chris West, Dr. Matt and Chuck for a long episode about conflict and resolution of said conflict. Massive anecdotes, and GM Chris steps in to make an appearance. Tun in!
July 19, 2010
ORder 66 Podcast is back this week with the likes of Sam Witwer, Chuck Hirstius and Chris West as GM Chris begins baby watch 2010. We talk about technology and the impact it is having in the gaming world, from tables to art to maps and music, we cover it all.
June 30, 2010
So, this week we talk all about the something, something, something dark side that is present in all our games and whether actions are worthy of a dark side point. We delve into the types of actions that will earn you the dsp, as well as the role playing opportunities and game balancing attributes of the dsp mechanic. Then the dark side strikes the podcast and Chris and TG lose power. Skype actually comes to the rescue and we conclude the show the old fashioned way...via phone call!! Check in and earn a dsp with this episode of The Order 66 Podcast!
June 24, 2010
Tonight, GamerNation - we returneth in earnest to bring you another episode chock fulla' greatness! We answer some burning listener questions (with a couple great call-ins!), discuss a destiny-licious house-rule, and listen to the first Fragments From the Rim episode from our new Darth... :) For our meat tonight, we tackling an odd issue - that will hopefully help many of you convention-goers and new Saga players coming intot he fold. We discuss tips, tricks, and our suggestions for maximizing your experience playing with people that you've (dum, dum, DUUUM!) never played with before! We talk about breaking the ice, finding common ground, and hopefully building lasting friendships and good games. We also give you some advice on FINDING a game near you - or better yet - starting one. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this segue into the mists of gamedom on THIS... episode 108 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast!
June 17, 2010
Greetings, GamerNation! Well, well - after a bit of a hiatus we are BACK! And we are BIG! Join us for an exciting episode, as we answer listener questions, explore how to (kind of) be Iron Man with Watto, meet our favorite Gungan with a penchant for tailgating, and bid a fond farewell to an Order 66 Tradition - with our last installment of fragments from the rim [single tear]. And in our meat for tonight's show, we are creeping into hazardous ground, as we traverse the radiation-pulsing, rockslide-strewn, saber cat-infested sandstorm… of Hazards! So watch your footing, leap for your life, and plug in... for this... episode 107 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast!
May 31, 2010
Join GMs Chris, Dave and TG as they talk droids and protocol from Scavenger's Guide To Droids. Dave is in a slightly altered state and mayhem ensues on this episode of the Order 66 Podcast.
May 24, 2010
Join GMs Chris, Dave and Chance along with The Hawv as they broadcast live from Reaper Miniatures in Denton, TX at the end of Reapercon 2010. The boys talk role playing, reapercon, star wars and manage to start a feud between Fiddleback and TheHawv. You will have to tune in to see what that is about. So, join us for the best live broadcast in the history of d20Radio, this episode of the Order 66 Podcast.
May 10, 2010
All right, GamerNation. We're back. We're bold. We're beautiful. WHY, you ask. Well, we'll tell you why. Because we've been beautified by the gracious presence of three great people, gamers, authors, and creative Star Wars minds. Some of the minds behind... The Unknown Regions! We're pleased to welcome Rodney Thompson, Sterling Hershey, and Jonathan Stevens to Episode 104 of the Order 66 Podcast. For well over two hours, we delve into this remarkable supplement, the last in the line... which puts a rather perfect cap on a rather perfect system. We delve into the chapters and features of the book, and answer listener questions sent in by YOU! So grab your copies of the book, your tape recorders (or other note-taking implements), and prepare to be thoroughly entertained as we fly into the unknown... Big thanks to Rodney, Sterling, and Jon for taking their time for all of us. Great show!
May 3, 2010
Hey, GamerNation! We are back at it this week with an utterly amazing episode. Aside from a trip to Tatooine with TK-421, and a fair amount of listener mail - we get to one giant sound bite... with two very special guests: Sam Witwer and David Collins. You all know d20Radio's own Sam Witwer - but we're proud to welcome David Collins, the voice of the infamous PROXY, and sound designer for LucasArts. We delve deep this episode into that most elusive of scene-setting RPG tropes: music. How can we, as Star Wars storytellers, bring music into our games, and what kinds of music evoke certain dramatic feelings? What scores and styles of music can you turn to? And what effects can this have on your game and on your players? We talk this and so much more, with two fine Star Wars nuts and musicians. So crank up the 8-Track, put on your over-sized headphones, and grab your mix-tape list, for this... Episode 103 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast!
April 25, 2010
What is up, GamerNation? Let me start by saying... "USTREAM!!!!!!!" [shakes fist angrily] Despite numerous issues with our live chat, we did manage to get it live and running for this awesome-sauce drenched episode of the Order 66 Podcast! Today, we return with a look at a certain cowtowed Imperial Commander who like to tailgate with TK-421, explore a JUICY When Good Games Go Bad Segment, answer a ton of good listener questions, then delve... into the cinematic meat of our show. We discuss the best ways to bring Star Wars imagery and a cinematic, epic feel to the encounters that deserve it! Learn how to make things better... IN 3D!!!! And learn just what a fightdown is. (We're as confused as you, at this point.) So grab your 3D specs, sit back, and prepare to get cinematic on THIS... Episode 102 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast!
April 18, 2010
The Order 66 Podcast is back once again, and proud to welcome d20radio alum, talented writer, amazing designer, and all-around cool guy - Mr. Sterling Hershey. Sterling joins us yet again to explore the remote wilderness of NPC creation. Developing interesting and mechanically viable NPCs, making them fun, interesting, and challenging. With speech impediments. Lots of speech impediments and physical deformities. Just sayin'. ;) We also make the long haul back to Tatooine for a visit with Watto, answer some great listener mail, and introduced a BRAND NEW segment here on the Order 66 Podcast: Tailgating with TK-421. So sit back, relax, plug your headphones in, and prepare for excessive amount of alliteration on THIS... episode 101 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast.
April 12, 2010
Well. Wow. What else can we say? 4 hours and 38 minutes of pure, unadulterated... awesome. Join us for the 100th episode extravaganza! We're proud to invite you into our strange world as we welcome d20Radio alums Sam Witwer, Chuck Hirstius, Gary Astleford, Gary Sarli, and Chris West! We delve into some amazing announcements, some show-altering changes that will rock your world (!), and sit down with the greatest minds in the biz to talk Star Wars, gaming, and all that's great. Thank you, GamerNation, for giving us the will and the way to keep this 'cast going strong! Celebrate with us on episode 100 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast!
March 22, 2010
We're back this week for an extra-long, extra-crunchy episode devoted to nothing more that the glorious SKILL CHALLENGE?? How do you create one? When do you create one? When do you RUN one? Find all this out - and more. We also delve into listener questions, cover a bevy of announcements, and hear the latest Fragments from the Rim - to top it all off. But in this extra-extended meat of episode 99, the GMs and TG talk about creating skill challenges, and even go so far as to craft their own, live, on the air - then play through it. So grab your Galaxy of Intrigue book, sit back, plug in, and listen to our ramblings, shamblings, and half-assed attempts to be creative... on THIS... YOUR Order 66 Podcast!
March 8, 2010
We're coming at you this week, laying down the smack down, and learning the long-lost and forbidden arts of magical map-making! We welcome our good friend and cartographer, Chris West! Chris talks maps with us this episode, creating them for your encounters, elements of map making success, and representing them to your players. We soak it all in and scribble down notes furiously as we prepare to become Cartomancers ourselves... We also check in with an escaped Commander Cody, examine a cool house-rule for second winds, and answer a bevy of listener questions. So sit back, grab your macbook pro, your Saga books... and get ready for THIS... episode 98 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast.
March 1, 2010
We are here, and we're ready to lay down some knowledge on you... knowledge... of the secret kind... of the intriguing kind... oh yes. We're happy to welcome Rodney Thompson and Gary Astleford to this week's episode, as we spend a couple good hours talking about Galaxy of Intrigue, and what we've learned from Saga Edition. Rodney and Gary answer your questions about the book, the game, and what it truly means to bring someone in on the backend. So sit back and get ready to have your eardrums liquify from pure awesome, gamernation. Grab your Galaxy of Intrigue books, your big ass slurpees, and your sense of secrecy, for THIS... episode 97 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast. Once again, big thanks to The Rodster and The... Gar...ster? ;) For giving of their time for all of us.
February 22, 2010
GM Dave goes solo for this installment of the Order 66 Podcast! See the 12 steps of running your first session as a GM and hear some observations from new GMs Brev and Kat as they learned what it took to be a GM for the first time. Luke Lowbrow and Cody check in on this, your 96th episode of The Order 66 Podcast.
February 1, 2010
What is UP, GamerNation??? We're coming at you this week, but very carefully, and behind much cover. For tonight, we reveal some startling news to the Star Wars Gaming community; we answer some burning listener quandaries; visit with watto for a new piece of tech; and take the time to listen to a great When Good Games Go Great from master map-maker, Christopher West; and then delve into the nuts and bolts of using cover properly in your sessions! So grab a meat-shield, peek through your gun-slit, blow away a fuel canister - and prepare... for this: Episode 95 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast!
January 25, 2010
[9:04:05 PM] GM Chris: Hey, GamerNation! We're proud to welcome a special guest this week to help us out, none other than d20Radio's own, FULONGAMER! FULON joins us tonight as we answer some great questions from the GamerNation, expand on my legal troubles with the ISB, hear from Cody and Blob Races, and suspend some rules. Eventually, after much cajoling and comraderie, we eventually get to the meat of our show and get inspired by a heartfelt request from Kat, and we talk the talk of building a great one-shot Saga Edition game. What do you need to keep in mind? What do you need to avoid? We talk about it all... So grab your graph paper, your brains, and your sense of cinema... for this... Episode 94 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast.
January 18, 2010
What is up, GamerNation?? We're back, in ur jedi temple, killin ur padawans. ;) But hey, we're pleased to welcome you to Episode 93, where we take a long hard look at the Ultimate Build for a Jedi Hunter - Non-Force Users and the tricks they can use to totaly qwn a Jedi (qwn, not pwn... q is one more than p... is better...). We also take a stop in at Watto's, hear a distress call from Commander Cody, answer a bevy of listener questions with the help of a fan, laugh at Luke Lowbrow, and hear an excellent Fragments from the Rim. And... AND... we announce a new contest! So listen! And listen well... to THIS... Episode 93 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast.
January 11, 2010
What is up, GamerNation? We are back, and we're talking all about running an all-Jedi Campaign. And helping us explore this realm of lightsaber-ey goodness is the wisdom of Saga Designer, Patrick Stutzman and Brew City Host, ShaunWoo. Their experiences running and playing all-Jedi games in the KotOR Era give us, and other GMs, some valuable nuggests of advice. We also read a startling communication from the ISB, and then confront each other about the merits of terrorism and Commander Cody. So grab your expandable glow-sticks, your brown robes, and your sense of moral righteousness, as we enter the dark cave of the human soul on this... episode 92 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast!
December 31, 2009
So, I am back and I brought a bunch of friends. Thanks to Sam and Chuck for again gracing the airwaves of the Order 66 podcast in making the most epic of all epic casts, a 4 and a half hour awesome sauce laden heaping helping of greatness. Also joining us are Fulongamer, Zertz, Fiddleback, DarthGM and many others that contributed to this show being one of my favorite ever. We talk about the favorite moments of saga edition over 2009 and talk about what is upcoming in 2010, talk about group dynamics and most of all, get your comments about what you like the best in the game we love so much. So, strap in and grab a pizza, cuz you will be listening a while to this, your Order 66 Podcast. By the way, the index is up on the download site for episodes 1-80. is the link. Have fun, and special thanks to Kat for all her efforts.
December 21, 2009
Hey GamerNation! We're back in a big way with a couple BIG guests, tonight. We visit in with Fragments from the Rim, of course, and get a special update from Luke Lowbrow, before stepping into a droid-ified docking bay like no other with the great minds of Rodney Thompson and Patrick Stutzman. The kind gents take the time to answer questions galore and explore Scavenger's Guide to Droids - and even give us a small preview of the upcoming Galaxy of Intrigue! We also kick off the show with a very special T'was the Night Before Christmas - d20 Radio style. ;) So grab your droid brains and your books, GamerNation. Jack in, get powered up, and get ready to get sucked into the Infinite Oregano Allegory on THIS.... Episode 90 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast.
December 14, 2009
What is UP, GamerNation? We're back at ya this week with a sultry look at the love-child of a slicer and a mechanic: The Improviser. We also answer a bevy of questions, step into Fragments from the Rim, visit Antar 4 with Cody, Suspend some Rules, and hear a surprise voicemail from TGs phone. :wink: So grab your hydrospanners, your manly body-oil, and your Rebellion Era Campaign Guide, younglings, as we gear up for THIS, episode 89 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast!
December 7, 2009
Hey, hey, GamerNation! We. Are. Back. Full of Thanksgiving food (still). And back. Join us for a extra-long episode tonight (mostly post-show... heh) as we jabber about all that is great with Star Wars Saga Edition; we answer listener questions, visit Commander Cody on Barab, learn about Watto's Latest Piece of Swag, visit Fragments from the Rim, learn about Vader's facebook page with Luke Lowbrow, and discuss the best way to build a martial artist character type. Listen to us banter, gripe, and wax pathetic about holiday bliss, off-topic shenanigans, and... AND... stay tuned to the very end of show for a special rendition by GM Dave... of a very special song. So grab your Karate Belts, your rulebooks, and strike a stunning palm attack at this: Episode 88 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast.
November 23, 2009
We are back for episode 87 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast! This week, we answer a boatload of questions (big thanks to Star Wars Flycatcher for his call-ins!), check in with our secretive correspondant, Commander Cody, and we examine a great house-rule about destiny, backgrounds, and unleashed abilities. And eventually... we get to some great discussion about party cohesion and building teamwork, dealing with difficult players and players who don't play well with others. Lastly, we have a long and enticing post-show with plenty of rant-age. So grab your dice, your psychology books, and a bag of sharp d4 caltrops as we embark on this episode.
November 15, 2009
We're back this week with our 86th episode - devoted to goodness in the land of the EU! More specifically, we meet that iconic of Legacy Era characters, the Imperial Knight. Along with a startling revelation from Commander Cody, a trip to Watto's Bargain Basement, and some great listener questions - this turns out to be quite a fun episode! So join us! Swear your fealty to the Emperor, don your armor, and take up your saber... as we dive into the fray this week, on YOUR Order 66 Podcast!
November 2, 2009
We're back after a week's hiatus to return to the crunch! Tonight, a very tired group of GMs regails their Halloween weekend woes, and then eagerly delves into some Saga Discussion. We answer a bevy of listener questions, then get to the meat - as we scout out the Pathfinder Prestige Class! We talk about cover-monkey, terrain-mongers, and the coolest support class in the game. So sit back, GamerNation, relax, grab your electro-binoculars and your sharp wits - as we venture forth into Episode 85 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast!
October 19, 2009
What is UP, GamerNation? Wow. We've got quite the flow of emotions for you this week. After some listener questions and a great Fragments from the Rim, we apply a great resource and call upon our almost monthly visitors - Sam Witwer and Chuck Hirstius. We absorb a vast amount of Character knowledge this week, and expell a modicum of good advice for those looking to soak it up. Character archetypes and meshing them with your players is the topic tonight. So pull out your cold drinks, your notepads, and get ready for an extra fluffy (extra absorbant) episode 84 - of YOUR Order 66 Podcast.
October 14, 2009
What is up, GamerNation? After a short absence, we are cometh! We return this week with a deeply crunchy and meaty show. But we promise to actual food is involved. This episode we celebrate the confusing return of Commander Cody, answer a bevy of listener questions, and get fantastic updates from Luke Lowbrow and Fragments from the Rim. Our meat tonight is a long-requested discussion of new, old, and ultimately exciting ways you can target a foe by bypassing their Reflex Defense. We focus on the neglected defenses, and learn about some of the cooler abilities which target Fort and Will to jack up players and NPCs alike! So join us for this smacking around of the Dump Stats - the red-headed step-children of the Defenses - on this, episode 83 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast. Sit back, grab your books, a cold drink, and a bucket to hold all your maniacal cackling.
September 28, 2009
We return to you this week with nearly two hours of glory, picking the fine minds of two fine developers: Jedi Master, Rodney Thompson; and Friend to Captain Solo, Jonathan Stevens (aka: Donovan Morningfire). We talk Galaxy at War in great detail, answer a veritable boatload of listener questions sent in for the masters, and learn about the development and design of this amazing supplement. Big thanks to Rodney for gracing us again, and a big slap on the rump for Dono, and his (excellent) freshman development effort. This was a fun 'cast to do, and we want to thank the developers who took their time, and the community who provided us with so much content - prepare... to be blown away by space camels!!! So sit back, grab your GaW books, strap on your heavy blasters, and prepare to find out about the Big Book of Soldiers and Stuff... on THIS... episode 82 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast.
September 21, 2009
We're back this week with a big, fat, load of ship. Starship Encounters, that is. We delve into the clarification of some complex starship rules, and bring them into a simple view - and continue with our list tradition... as we bring you "Ship List". We also answer a bevy of listener questions and return to Watto's Bargain Basement! So grab your hydrospanner and your nav computers, younglings, and prepare to get deep in the ship... this week on Episode 81 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast.
September 14, 2009
Hey, GamerNation!! Hang on to your credchips, because we're plumbing the depths of bastard-dom. Grift, graft, guile, and greed are the talk tonight, as we learn all about the Charlatan Prestige Class and it's awesomeness. We also travel to Raxus Prime with Cody, take a look at a COMPELLING house-rule, and answer some GREAT listener questions. We also take the time to dance a happy dance over the crowning of d20 Radio LIVE and STREAMING! So swindle yourself a Scum and Villainy book, sit back, grab something cool and refreshing, and join us in the great con... which is Episode 80 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast!
September 7, 2009
All right, GamerNation. What a show we've got. Hot off the tail of Rodney's bonanza, Sam Witwer wasn't to be outdone! We've got nearly three hours of star wars gaming advice, talk, and chat so inspiring - you'll be planning your next session before the podcast is over! Big thanks to Sam Witwer and Chuck Hirstius for joining us and sharing the joys of their campaign, and all they've learned from it. Hear the secrets of running a game with far too many players, and what to do with sessions too far apart. How to motivate your players - and your GM! We also take a visit to Kothlis with Cody, answer some great listener questions, and get down and dirty in the post show! So sit back, get ready, and be amazed. For this... episode 79 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast.
September 2, 2009
Oboy! What a show we've got for you. Nearly two and a half hours of GLORY with Jedi Master Rodney Thompson comes to you this episode. We crack open the Rebellion Era Campiagn Guide something FIERCE! The Rodster takes the time to tear into some of YOUR questions about this awesome book, as well as a few other things. In addition, he gives us some NICE previews about Galaxy at War! Learn about Backgrounds and You! Learn about the "true" history of the Killian Rangers. Learn about Rodney's infatuation with Jek Porkins. Seriously, big thanks to Rodney Thompson for taking his time to be with us and answer questions, endure jibes, and share in our good humor. We blow your ear canals in twain with this bevy of awesome. So grab your Rebellion Era Campaign Guides, a cold glass of Correllian Ale, and sit back, relax, and let's get Rodn-ified - on THIS... episode 78 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast.
August 24, 2009
The ENnie Award Winning Order 66 Podcast is back at you this week - still barely recovering from the glory of all things GenCon! Eagerly invading your ear-canals, we wax pathetic about how amazing GenCon is for nearly TWO HOURS! Also, we manage to get just a TAD of Star Wars Discussion in there, too. :wink: We visit the land of "Indy" with Commander Cody, talk about some great Star Wars questions, and take a brief look at Good Games Going Bad with tales of headlocks and forkers. We also include a good amount of interviews from GenCon, and share our tales of the greatest gaming convention this side of Coruscant! So sit back, GamerNation, grab your dice and your smiles - and prepare to share in our GenCon glory! Thank you, GamerNation. Thank you for your continued support. This episode is for you.
August 10, 2009
We're back at ya this week for another round of gaming goodness - returning to our sneaky, manipulative, and cunning roots - with a discussion of the Assassin Prestige Class! We also visit Denon with Commander Cody, answer a BEVY of listener questions (good ones, too...), and talk the talk of GenCon, and the ENnies. TG and Dave also find unique and exciting ways to make our ears bleed! So sneak up on your chair, slide into it stealthily, and take aim at Episode 76 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast.
July 29, 2009
Backstory? We don't need no stinkin' backstory!! Or do we? Let's talk about the bonuses that your character can choose to take in lieu of destiny with proper character development. We also talk about the ENnies (GO VOTE!!!) and storms threaten to derail the show as routers, skype and Dave's house become casualties in a batch of storms that threaten the podcast. So, grab a drink and listen in as d20 Radio welcomes FULON GAMER to his first show in person! WOOT!
July 20, 2009
GamerNation, we are back at ya and ready to rock and roll, for THIS, episode 74 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast! This week, our hosts get all "boom boom pow" with a discussion of drawing together story elements to make a good game plot. We also find time to step into the Docking Bay, visit the senate to Suspend some Rules on the Redeption Destiny, and visit Devaron with Cody. We get hot, heavy, and heated on this juicy episode... So sit back, relax, grab your books and your film collection, and prepare for some gaming goodness.
July 15, 2009
We're back at you this week for some gaming goodness, some adventurous advice, some industrious information, and some secretive sabotaging of THIS - episode 73 of your Order 66 Podcast. This week, TG, Dave, and Chris talk the talk of the ever-so-mysterious saboteur; answer listener questions; delve into a good game gone bad; and visit Bestine with Cody. And most importantly, we make a major announcment about the ENnies - and finally announce the winners of the Reaper Paint competition!! So grab your toolkits, gamernation, plug in, jury-rig your systems, and prepare for the ENnie
July 8, 2009
Well, GamerNation, we are back, bad, bold, and better than is to be expected - all thing considered. This week, we visit Toola with Cody, examine something new from batman's toolbelt in Watto's, and answer some good listener questions. We also take a walk down the avenue of When Good Games Go Bad, and then welcome a guest host - the impetuous Kat - as we delve the mysteries of creating an infinities game, and telling canon to shove it. So relax, plug in, grab your books, your brains, and your scratch pads; and join GM Chris, GM Dave, and Twi'lek Goodness as we BLOW YOUR FRAGILE LITTLE MINDS!!!!
July 1, 2009
What is up, GamerNation? We've braved the deep of the technical malfuntion abyss, to fall deeper into the dark cold of Davey Jones locker. This week, we return to you with a long overdue glimpse at BOTH of the Master Privateer Prestige Classes. Learn the ways of the briney deep and how to be a scalleywag of the stars. We also visit Nirauan with Cody, answer a trove of questions, and trip over a house rule that can let your PCs gain control of a Star Destroyer without breaking your game! Thanks also to Alex and Trevor for a great Fragments from the Rim, and our buddy Fiddleback for a rather humerous StormTrooper Poetry. We're BACK, GamerNation! Sorry about the delay - but it's ON! So grab your books, a mug of ale, and paste your eyepatch on as you plug in, and prepare for THIS... episode 71 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast!
June 15, 2009
What is up, GamerNation?? We are coming at ya this week with a carefully coordinated catastrophe of Star Wars: Saga Edition goodness. We take the time this week to visit a terribly mysterious planet with Commander Cody, answer a LOT of listener questions of both the crunchy and creamy variety, and look at the latest goody from Batman's toolbelt in Watto's Bargain Basement. Finally, we quest into the wilds of ethereal game science and art with a long overdue discussion as to the merits of player-dom and GM-dom. What do you want in a GM or a player? Well listen to find out what WE want. And you might be surprised to learn the secret to life, good gaming, and general well-being - as well as the secret point of the entire Star Wars saga: D.B.A.D. So sit back, relax, plug in, grab your books, and prepare to ponder the imponderable on this, episode 70 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast!
June 6, 2009
Greetings, GamerNation! We're here, large and in charge on a Friday night, and ready to throw down some serious Star Wars goodness. Tonight, per listener request, we strip down the mysteries of the Military Engineer Prestige Class - and talk about the best ways to blow things up and put 'em back together. We also answer a lot of questions in the Docking Bay, discuss a highly deficient house-rule, and visit New Plympto with Commander Cody. All in all, a very fun episode. So sit back, GamerNation, relax, and grab your books. It's time to light the fuse, run for cover, and wait for the Boom!! The Big Boom on episode 69 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast. Peace, Love, and Good Gaming!
June 1, 2009
We are proud to bring you an uber-educational crunchy (and creamy) episode devoted to the hardest questions and hottest answers regarding the Jedi Academy Training Manual, and other bits of Saga Edition Goodness. We break from our normal format this evening for what is, essentially, an extended d20 Docking Bay with questions, answers, and all the juicy, gelatinous goo in between. Rodney answers YOUR questions about JATM (and other things), and gives his creative insight into the creation of this fine book. Nearly 2 hours of flabergasting fun and fraking felgercarb with Jedi Master Thompson himself, has left us instructed, enlightened, exhausted, and above all - educated... in the face. Hard. I've got a black eye. GREAT episode! Big thanks to the Rodster for generously giving of his time for us and you. Enjoy, GamerNation! Enjoy.
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