A well done and must listened to show! Don’t miss it!
In an age where just about everyone is a clone and NOTHING is original, it’s refreshing to come across a show that exudes originality, interest, entertainment and so much more! The host, Jim Malliard, has his own cadence and voice, which remind me of the great Paul Harvey. Yes, it will seem a bit off for most people used to the spoon fed garbage called entertainment today; but I beg you to listen. Listen to several shows. Check out his guest list and dice in. The Malliard Report gets some of the most sort after guests in the world! And not just “one timers”, they enjoy the host and show so much that they come back! Not bad for a little guy in the great big world of Entertainment! Isn’t it about time you stop being told what to say, do, and listen to by the powerhouses of entertainment and you finally get the courage to start thinking again and start listen to a show that worth it’s salt? That’s What the Malliard Report is. Listen now!
Rough around the edges
Not very polished, hard to listen to.
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This podcast
An American Classic
Fewer shows have been around as long as the Malliard Report. Though it is not as polished as some of the other shinier shows, Jim is a committed and passionate host who has been consistently interviewing big name guests. This is more of a radio show than it is a podcast. There is a difference there as it is pretty raw and authentic but, let's face it, polished and photoshoped is starting to become a turn off :D
Love it
Have been a fan for a long time. History is made with every episode!
Even Dark Waters can’t make this podcast listenable
The host seems distracted and struggles to find words and constantly interrupting his guests asks odd questions that don’t necessarily relate to the topic of discussion. It’s like he’s having mini panic attacks while talking to his guests. It’s like he’s twelve years old with raging ADHD.
Read some books on doing interviews please.
Dedicated to the Truth
It is obvious that Jim works hard to present the best paranormal podcast. In a market that is over saturated with every alien abduction aficionado or conspiracy cognoscente, Jim has the common man's point of view on the supernatural and unexplained. Keep digging, Jim, the truth is out there.
So bad it literally stinks!
Couldn't get past the first ten minutes of the show and I tried different episodes. The host just doesn't have a clue and at times it's like he isn't even listening to the guest. Too many times Jim Malliard has come across as just a random person trying to pretend he's a show host. Go elsewhere for your paranormal podcast. You have been warned!
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Dr. Toboggan (Mantis)
Fun show, great topics, and always has great guests. Keep it up! Brent from Hysteria 51
Best show.
Jim Malliard
Only show I listen to on iTunes.
Love Jim Malliard
Comical Podcasts
The Malliard Report is fantastic. Jim is obviously incredibly passionate about what he does, brings on fantastic guests, and talks about some incredibly interesting things. He appeared on my podcast and was incredibly funny and was a ton of fun to have, as well. - Hurrrm Hurrrm's House Radio
Great job!
I enjoy laid back podcasts where the guest and host are able to be relaxed. Jim does a great job at this. I look forward each week to listening!!
Leslie Sims Johnson III
Jim is not You're Every day Paranormal. I Love His wit, charm, & intelligence. His willingness to take on the largest to smallest Names. He is Warm & willing to take ANYTHING on! I Love His Show!
I, like the previous person, have heard many paranormal podcasts and this has got to be one of the absolute worst. There are a ton of Podcasts out there. There's a small handful of really good Paranormal podcasts. Typically I listen to the Paranormal Podcast with Jim Harold and a new one called the Farside Paranormal Podcast. Jim's Podcast is more polished but the Farside one isn't bad at all. Much better than this Malliard Report.
Got to be one of the worst!
There’s some pretty bad podcast out there, but this has got to be one of the worst! I’ve tried giving it a listen one to many times. Malliard never seems to be prepared! At least spend a few minutes and get your thoughts together than go for the gold… sadly this isn’t the case. I’ve given it months, gone back and it’s almost a joke that it’s still the same. I tend not to bother with giving out bad reviews but after the last few listens I felt the need to do it. To come on here and see that it’s rated with 5 stars make me wonder if they even listened to another podcast. Forgetting names, mispronouncing names, forgetting questions he intended to ask, etc. the list really does go on.
You have got to at least listen to 5 shows!
The Guy who is way cooler then the whining one
The Malliard Report is what I have been waiting/looking for here on iTunes podcast for paranormal stuff. It's a really well done show.
Great Show
Very original and entertaining! Do yourself a favor and subscribe
The Malliard Report is wonderful!
Takes the paranormal back to a raw form.
Very cool
telling all my investgators in my group.
Paranormal talk has a new voice
each show has a tone, that makes you feel like you are hearing friends talking
i love it
Download it, simply a must listen
i really like it
love the malliard report
Authors, Investgators, interesting points by the host, well rounded
4 stars period
very cool
I am looking forward to future reports.
who knew that about haunted houses?
If you like ghost hunting, you need to listen
so good
Hopefully we hear more about UFO's soon
Two Thumbs Up to the Malliard Report
A well Rounded paranormal boardcast, High Five to the Malliard Report
From Big Names to no names, the Malliard Report delivers.
The Malliard Report is a solid podcast.
A pleasent suprise...
I wandered into your podcast while visiting the Parapods website and was very pleased at the qualiy of the podcast. Hope this one sticks around. Less toilet humour and more depth than alot of the other shows in the genre. Gratz.
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