I don’t know yet
Coco Chanel Coco 143
I don’t know yet about this show yet. Maybe it will grow on me.
Great Resource
I hope he heals up soon
Bringing stories I don’t have time to research
Show professional quality isn’t 100% but unlike most podcasts their vocal audio is great and they cover items I don’t often hear about in other security shows. It’s worth a subscribe just to get exposure to more potential areas of security you don’t or may not know about.
It’s like biscuits and gravy!
In my opinion this by far the best cyber security podcast out there. You need some knowledge about cyber security to understand some of the references.
Informative and interesting!
The value these guys bring by dissecting different scenarios is really a number. Since listening i've become more aware of the vulnerabilities we face in this current surge of innovation.
These guys are knowledgeable, articulate, and engaging. This is a great listen.
One for the ages
Andrew Kalat is terrible at cricket and Jerry Bell is a public menace. That being said, these guys know a thing or two about cyber, cybering, and cybermancy. If any of that sounds interesting then you should give these guys an hour of your time (almost) every week, it's worth it. Let's be honest, you were just gonna waste it on crap anyway.
Very informative and not 2 hours long!
Love the show and enjoy the 30 minutes or so security real life input.
My goto Podcast for INFOSEC!
I've been listening to this Podcast for a few years now and it's remained great. It was the first security/pentesting/hacking Podcast I found and subscribed to and although I have since sub'd to others as well Defensive Security remains the best by far! The shows are pretty regular and they are always filled with current events. I frequently travel and wouldn't hesitate to listen to 8 hours of these guys discussing the topics they do. Great stuff!
Heavy Content
The hosts really give powerful insight on topics that help to widen the views on certain issues and things happening in infosec/IT. Some humor in there as well to break through the many discussions but leaving it an informative show overall.
A podcast about things im passionate about.
The dad humor is off the charts and the approach the hosts have when addressing the latest news in information security allows you to perform thought experiments and think through real world problems as they go through infosecs most recent news items. The content is both thought provoking and just silly enough to keep you entertained throughout
Highly recommended
I listen to a lot of IT related podcasts. This is by far one of the best ones out there. They don’t hype themselves or anyone’s products, not are they mouthpieces for any company’s PR department (the latter being way too common nowadays). They just cover the news and cover them through the lens of their experiences. Great stuff, and I look forward to the show when they have time to get it done.
Link up!
Llamas everywhere
Clams Maloney
If any part of your job requires you to even look at a computer, you need to listen to this podcast.
Excellent stories - sensible hosts
Two, down to earth, common sense individuals informing the masses of the latest security news. Great podcast!!
The Best
Cyber security is a tough line of work. There's a lot of news, noise and opinions out there. If you are a CISO, then outside of conferences there's not a lot of peers in your workplace you can talk to. Imagine you could hang out with two knowledgeable and articulate (usually) pros and just talk about the news of the day. That's what this podcast is. The old episodes are a goldmine. They are funny, on-topic, relevant and time well spent. I encourage anyone who is interested in cyber security (either offensive or defensive) to listen.
It's better than Ball-in-a-Cup!
Charlie Ray
My current favorite podcast.
Very informative and interesting. Haven't had a full nights sleep, since I have started listening. Scary on so many levels. Keep it up Y'all
I really appreciate the in-depth coverage of topics on this podcast. It is on my must listen to each week that it is available. I appreciate the back-and-forth between the hosts, not just for the humor, but for the subject matter coverage. Jerry and Andrew clearly know their stuff and have the time-in-seat to provide useful and often actionable insight.
Quality Podcast
Been listening lately and like the news covered as well as getting to 'talk with other secops. Great to here the industry in practice. DSP is a great listen.
Informative, engaging, and humorous
Aerial Vision Productions
I've been listening now for over a year, and in that time, I've gained so much insight and industry knowledge. I had the chance to meet Jerry and Andrew at Schmoocon earlier this year, and I can certainly say these guys are as funny and friendly in person as they are on the podcast. Also, this podcast has been great to use for continuing education credits for my CISSP.
Very Informative and easy to understand!!!
Biplob, md
Thank You for the podcast!!! The discussions are mostly on recent data-breach/hacking/security issues and fun to listen. As a non-tech person I find the series very easy to understand even though I don't have a clear understanding of some of the networking terminologies. After listenting to this, I was forced to change my passwords after 5 years!!! Lerg, and Maliciouslink, love you two!!!
Must Listen for Infosec Professionals
Jerry and Andrew discuss current events in infosec and their opinions on certain cases based on their experiences in infosec. Furthermore, this podcast sticks out because it isn’t sponsored, so the hosts do not push products on their listeners, there is little fluff, and lastly you get the feeling that they are doing this to contribute to the community, and the llamas of course.
Good info bad delivery
Wow can you stop gulping and smacking your lips between every sentence or beginning every sentence ? It is really annoying. You can think of your next thought without that repetitive noise. Thanks.
Awesome! even for noobs
I am new to infosec and this podcast has greatly helped with my understanding. Thanks
One of those you miss when they skip a week
I look forward to the podcast every week. I'm new to the security topic and think they do a wonderful job explaining the stories. And then they discuss the ramifications which helps me apply it to my life. Only thing is I wish Andrew's volume was a tad higher. Keep it up!
Top notch educational podcast
N00b Sec Guy
I've been listening to these guys for almost a year now. They bring a lot to the table: common sense knowledge, inside tips & tricks, horrible jokes, and plenty of "your mom" comments that keep this podcast entertaining in a stressful occupation. I enjoy the tips they offer the most, especially for someone who is trying to break from a sysadmin role and into a security role, yet taking that and applying it to the sysadmin side of the business. Fundamentally, a very entertaining podcast and one of the best to learn from others' mistakes.
Misery loves company!
I love this podcast. Jerry and Andrew sound like old friends who are including you in their weekly conversation. I have gotten tips, links to stories, and the start to some good discussions in my peer group. I would highly recommend this podcast to those fellow blue teamers out there!
One of the best
In my opinion Defensive Security is the best security podcast out there. These guys do a good job of keeping the subject from getting dry. The cast offers enough insight at enough levels to keep practitioners informed on the state of the industry.
Good security information
Good podcast to get opinions about some security incidents, along with some explanations. Get past the often random personal-life chat of the hosts at the beginning of each show and you'll find they have a good take on security. I've particularly liked some enterprise-security rants that being up good points about IT design and responsibility.
My favorite tech podcast.
I work as an embedded software engineer and I found this podcast very eye opening and informative. They know their stuff and are willing to get technical if it's worth explaining which I really appreciate.
Anxious for the next one!
So I listen to quit a few of these security podcasts, which can be a bit dry to say the least, and I have to say I like the "Weird Chemistry" between Jerry and Andrew. They have a nice way about explaining current complex security issues and threats. I like the way they talk about the "behavoriable" element of IT Security. Well done boys! Lama Ranch Approval rating as well I hear <grin>
GOod stuff
Great podcast, like the personalities and perspectives. I like hearing about the defences and what we can actually do in the enterprise, not just the next new fancy hack or red team trick. Oh and I love the terrible jokes :)
Awesome stuff
I've never written a review for a podcast, but this one is worth it. The content is current, insightful and entertaining. These guys know their stuff, and the banter and interplay sets an approachable and eminently engaging tone. There are other podcasts covering similar material, but this is the one you want.
Required listening
I teach undergrad Intro to Info Sec for MIS majors. This podcast is required listening for the class; I use it to drive discussions in the class weekly (or so), hoping the students generate questions on topics they don't understand beyond the scope of what we are covering in class. I like that the hosts can disagree on topics or issues like adults and that they articulate their beliefs. The typical "users are stupid" mantra in IT, and especially security, is stale and doesn't do a thing to promote better security practices; this podcast doesn't go there as the default answer to every data breach and security issue.
Very Informative
Knowledgeable hosts discuss IT security strategies in a professional yet entertaining style. Very informative!
Great blue team security podcast!
Can't say enough about the hosts bringing accurate and timely topics and viewpoints on how to defend networks.
Just Phenomenal
I only wish I could make it a mandatory listen for all IT professionals.
Crappy music!!!!! Their banter is useless and wastes my time!!!!
Crappy music!!!!! Their bant
Crappy music!!!!! Their banter is useless and wastes my time!!!!
Good info and easily understood
Good info and easily understood
Thank you
Optimus Maximus Roma
Hi Jerry and Andrew First I am not a tech person by trade but after hearing of all the hacking incidents I started looking for some way to learn about protecting my info. In truth I am a nobody and I would imagine the only real threat I face is identity theft but because of your podcast I have started being more vigilant in how I do things mobile and at home. The only suggestion I would make is when you use acronyms just so all your non tech listeners can follow along could you let us know what they meAn. I listen to you guys while I drive and I can look up all the things you talk about driving... No safe an all. Thanks gents for your work. Be well Wilson
Well done podcast!
Take what I have to say with a grain of salt but I am new to the security industry. After spending some time looking through other podcasts, I have found this podcast very informative and unbiased on the security issues they present. They are current with their information and they try hard to bring quality and rewarding content. Not to mention they bring a high level of understanding of security practices and experience. Keep up the hard work guys, can't wait to listen to the next episode!
Security Blue Team Assemble
Great podcast to understand defensive security from a high level.
Awesome podcast!!!
Amazing couple of guys with very informative and fun discussions.
Consistent, Reliable, Enjoyable Security News Analysis
Robert'); DROP TABLE students;
Bunch of nuts
Wish the pod cast were more frequent! These guys are great and really help keeping me up to date with amazing new technologies.
Great Podcast
Just a great weekly review of the current and important topics. A very open and pragmatic view of Information Security...
Great Work
Mohammed H.
I enjoy Defensive Security Podcasts on my way to work almost daily. The perspective Jerry and Andrew provide is easy and clear. Thank you for your free service. Keep up the great work!
Tom Wills - Singapore
Best infosec podcast out there. Jerry and Andrew are knowledgable, authentic, and aren’t commercially motivated. Most importantly, they have a sense of humor, which makes what can easily get to be a dry topic very listenable.
Great show!
Love the show, not a fan of the beginning music but it's a great show.
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