Every Premed Should Listen to This!!
Dr. Ryan Gray, his wife Allison, and all of the guests on this podcast are absolutely amazing. Thank you all for the time and effort you have put into making the Premed journey easier for all of us. The work you are doing is helping to ensure that we have a future full of amazing physicians who have a passion for medicine and know this calling is for them. I can’t wait to continue following your efforts and seeing what you all have in store for us next! Premeds share this podcast with everyone you know because I guarantee it will help make their path easier and we will have an even better future in healthcare because of it!
An invaluable resource to prospective premeds!
I am endlessly grateful that Dr. Gray has committed so much time to pouring into this podcast. I haven’t even been here long, as I just made the decision to finally go for it a few months ago, but every single episode has provided so much value that has helped guide me in my planning and execution on my path to med school thus far. I hope you’ll let us know if there’s anything we can do to give back. Thanks so much Ryan & Allison!
Love the push!
Big thanks for the work put into this podcast. I especially connect with the speakers who show it can be done even when working against the grain. 10/10 would recommend!
Cannot recommend enough
I've been listening to Dr. Gray's podcasts for years. He's incredibly knowledgeable about all things pre-med and I love his focus on collaboration, not competition, and am very appreciative of his work and how he often brings guests onto his show. Thank you for all your work, time, and effort Dr. Gray!
Amazing is an understatement
Inspirational but at the same time grounds you to the realities of being a physician and how to get there. Thank you!
Very Motivating
Emma Nevaeh
I’m a premed neuroscience student from UC Riverside in SoCal. Thank you for this podcast, I listen to it every morning while commuting to school. The topics are very insightful and the content is super useful! Highly recommend.
Can’t hold off anymore!
Absolutely absolutely absolutely love Dr. Ryan Gray! I’ve listened to a lot of his podcasts and read three books he’s authored; so much information, knowledge, humor, truth, dedication, encouragement and genuine support and admiration for people who want to become physicians. Great content. Great interviews. Great answers to sooo many questions for non-traditional (as I am) and traditional med school applicants. Hope that wasn’t redundant but it’s true. Thank you lots Dr. Gray. Truly an inspiration even if I don’t get into Med school. I Will recommend you to any premed I encounter as you’ve been recommended to me. All the best to you.
I’ve had an interesting and winding path to medicine. I first heard about the pre med years on Instagram a couple of months ago when I started considering med school again. Now, I follow on both the podcast and instagram. To get to this point in my life, considering med school again, has been challenging. Now, I feel slightly less stressed and hopeful or empowered even to start again and fulfill my 4th grade dream of becoming a doctor. I am currently interested in pathology. I work in a lab and have met the pathologists, but would love to know if you’ve ever had one on your show? I’ll look through the archives and see what’s available there too. I love hearing different opinions and hope if you haven’t, you can add one to your list! I apologize for my very personal rant. While I’ve had some challenges; I feel like I am capable of pursuing my dream! Thank you for providing your own and others personal stories, multiple perspectives, and hope to pre med students.
Life changing
I kid you not these podcasts episodes will really give you a good understanding of what you are getting yourself into in the future of medicine!
Helpful Knowledge
Currently active duty in the military, with hopes of a future in medicine. Love the episodes with former military members and their path to medical school!!
Wonderful advice
Dr. Gray truly wants premeds to be at ease through this grueling process! He gives great advice and is very encouraging in a blunt kinda way. If you are sick of people beating around the bush and need someone to tell you straight up, listen to his podcasts. He has been there done that and it’s nice of him to freely share what he knows! Thank you Ryan! Go to his website too! Plethora of wisdom!
Premed Information Bank!
The amount of important information that I have gotten from this Podcast is worth everything. A lot of us want to go to med school but have lacked resources of good information throughout undergraduate and even after we graduate. I am very thankful for the work that Dr. Gray and Dr. Allison do. Thank you so much!
This podcast has helped me soo much! I know have a MUCH better understanding of the premed-med. ladder. Thank you so much for creating this amazing space to help people.
Best Premed Advisor!
Ryan Gray is the GOAT! I am a 3rd year premed student at UVA and finding this Podcast has really set me up for success in the future. Ryan and Allison are without a doubt the best premed advisors available to you. A must listen to for every premed student and will definitely be reccomending this to every premed i know.
Fave podcast!
I am a nontrad working on my first year in my premed journey. Since discovering this podcast, I feel like getting into medical school is attainable despite my past experiences as a nontrad. I actually get more resources out from Dr. Grays podcasts than I do with my advisors.
When he says jump, you say “how high?”
Where were these podcasts all my academic career?? I’ve almost binged fast enough to catch up with the latest posts! I appreciate the short and well titled episodes to help narrow down what I need to listen to. I listen as I walk in to work, sit through work, and on my way home to study. I’ve told every other premed I still know to listen, and I hope they do! Thank you Dr. Gray for being committed to helping any and all premeds find answers. Your help is detailed, intentional, and genuine! We need more people like you in this world!
A Perfectly Baked Solution to All Pre-Med Worries
Dr. Gray blends motivations, facts and experiences into a perfect dish with heaps of cooperation as the appetizer and desert. He interviews individuals that are doctors, soon-to-be doctors, support for doctors and wanna-be doctors to bring you the information that will help, motivate and push you on your pre-med path. Plus, he has a few funny quirks.
I listen every week
Literally love these podcast! I listened to all the episodes and wow it really helps! Highly recommend it everyone who is a premed
Gave me hope.
I am a no traditional student who has lived a life of different jobs and careers. I am in my early thirties and this podcast has helped renew my hope everyday as I listen to each podcast. I have several people in my path who doubt my ability to make it to Med school. Some of them are doctors and say I am too old. Thank you for showing me I am not.
This podcast has literally changed the course of my life!
I always had a secret dream of being a physician but believed that path to be for “special” people and beyond my abilities. Thanks to the stories and honesty on this podcast I have started my journey towards fulfilling that dream! My husband and I have been in full time ministry since high school, we have 6 children and I am 31... not the usual premed student! After running a marathon when my 6th child was only 6 months old, I realized we are ALWAYS capable of more than we think! So I challenge YOU to take off the limitations you have placed on yourself... keep running until you see your true potential! Thanks for this amazing podcast!
By Far My Favorite Podcast!
I listen to this podcast while walking around campus! It’s a painless and actually very enjoyable way to get acquainted with admissions and learn what I can do to improve my chances of acceptance. Dr. Gray and his co-host are so enthusiastic and knowledgeable! I really enjoy learning what they have to share. I always look forward to new episodes.
The most inspiring and influential medical podcast
You guys are as influential as Elon Musk. You guys have definitely given me more confidence and information that anyone I have come across. Thank you! It’s a blessing to have your podcast available :D
Best podcast for my questions
Every episode answers more of my questions. I learn a lot just from Ryan and his experience. I don’t need to go out and buy books to learn how to be an effective pre med student.
An absolute must have in the tool kit of any pre-named out there
Over 300 episodes and I have yet to find one that has not inspired new thought, new insight, or a new perspective. The advice given and stories shared are humbling, exciting, inspiring, and give me hope that I will make it to the light at the end of the tunnel.
Thank you
Thank you for making this podcast possible. I just started listening to your podcast and I am very much encouraged to push through and hopefully become a physician someday!
Very informative podcast
I really appreciate the interviews that Dr. Gray conducts on this podcast. They have been very informative and provide good guidance to Premed students.
Incredible podcast
I owe Ryan a huge thank you, if I hadn’t come across premed hq, I don’t think I ever would have Convinced myself to believe that I can do this, I had no idea there was MANY other non traditional students just like myself with the goals and dream of going back to school to eventually become a physician. I learn so much and become incredibly inspired by each and every one of your episodes, as well as connecting with others in the same situation on the hang out. Thanks for being our connection and encouragement!
Great podcast for every Premed/Med Student.
After listening to 30+ episodes, I have discovered that Allison and I study the same way and I feel less self conscious about it. I am yet to find a better resource for encouragement and top notch content on important topics for those preparing to attend and those currently attending medical school. I love the episodes for Nontrads, which I am. I recommend this to anyone who has questions about premed/medicine.
Great podcast limited record enhancing info
This podcast is great it has so much information about finding a path to medical school. It’s also encouraging to hear great stories of people overcoming struggles to get into medical school. However I have to say there is limited information on those who are looking for record enhancing advice instead of career changing. Nevertheless I’d definitely recommend it!!
Extremely helpful
I recently made the decision to go to medical school. This podcast has been one of my main sources to help guide me and inspire me on this new journey. It has helped me overcome my many fears that has prevented me from starting the process. Thank you!!
The ultimate premed podcast
Dr. Gray is phenomenal with his wisdom, concern, advice, and overall zeal that he has for premed and medical students. He is extremely helpful in the podcast and over the phone. 10/10 worth a listen.
Not a PreMed, But...
Saoi Lee
I’m dating someone who is and this podcast has been super helpful for me to gain insight and understanding with what he’s prone to experiencing. I enjoy hearing about the app process, the interviews, the reality of med school, the aftermath of denial, overcoming setbacks, etc. I love listening and learning how I can be a more supportive partner and a lot of my ability to do so rests in understanding and sympathizing.
Such a great find!
I stumbled across this podcast a few weeks ago. It has been so helpful in getting organized! Lots of motivating and encouraging people. I haven’t heard one episode I didn’t find helpful yet.
Great information for those at all points of med school path
Whether you are a prospective student thinking of pursing medicine, and undergrad student amidst his/her MCAT, or a non-traditional looking to get back into the process, Dr. Gray covers all the bases. He is a superior interviewer, and has knack for connecting with those on his show and distilling what people want to know! Aside from the practical info, the stories of his guests have feed my desire to become a physician and has helped me maintain my focus on a this medical path. Thank you Ryan!
So grateful for this resource!
Thank you Dr. Gray for providing us with this incredibly helpful resource! It’s so nice to get advice from a professional that has first hand experience with this intense process. I look forward to a new episode every Wednesday! 10/10 recommend to every single person interested in applying to medical school.
Thank you Dr. Gray!!!!!!
Holy crap. Thank you Dr. Gray for the time and effort you’ve put into this. It has helped me so much. This podcast is a MUST for all premed and medical students. Dr. Gray is that mentor everyone wishes they had.
Grateful - must listen for all pre-meds!
I am super grateful to Dr. Ryan Gray for hosting this and his other 3 podcasts which I listen to now. I just started listening 3 weeks ago, It’s has given me tremendous confidence to move on with my journey to medical school. It’s going to be a hard road ahead considering my situation, but listening to others make it through despite all the odds against them, motivates me everyday. Dr. Gray, you are changing people’s lives everyday in more ways than you realize. I can’t thank you enough! Just amazing!!!!!
Unparalleled, quality guidance!
Dr. Gray has helped me immensely on my path to medical school. I’m a non-trad from a large university in Nevada and met him at the 2017 UC Davis pre-med conference! He articulates each case in depth. He doesn’t “fluff” the medical profession. He’s one of the best advisors I’ve had yet!
Must for premeds
Player - lvl 25
I found this podcast right before a 22 hour drive from TX to PA. I listened to it the ENTIRE way there and most of the way back. The information covered has seriously enlightened my understanding of the pre med process, and for that I am extremely grateful. Thank you for doing what you’re doing.
Thank you so much!
You guys are incredible. Thanks for your work!
Make time to listen!!
This podcast has been immensely helpful in every aspect of my undergraduate career and my medical application. Dr. Gray genuinely cares about helping change the perception of being a pre-med and reduce the hostile environment associated with it. It is so refreshing to have a group of people who want rise while lifting others. Every fear, worry, or question I have had has been addressed in great detail even though I am a non-traditional student. He has created several free resources to help us reach our goals and that is something I have yet to find somewhere else. I am so thankful for this resource and have shared it with my adviser and any one that will listen! Thank you for all you do!
A must for premeds
One of the best sources of motivation and information for all the premeds out there. It is without a doubt helping me to avoid possible pitfalls on my way to the medical school especially being an old premed and not having an access to premed advising. Love the “collaboration not competition” theme. Thank you both Ryan and Allison!
Informative and relevant
You guys have made my journey in becoming a physician a bit easier and clear. Thank you!
Wonderful content and just what I needed!
My only complaint is that I did not find this podcast sooner! I have only been listening for a few weeks, but wow! This is the most informative, in-depth and useful pre-med podcast/tool that I have yet to come across. I am currently a “non-traditional” pre-med student, full time single mother and medical assistant, and I have returned to my original dream of pursuing medicine after years of nursing school. I highly identified with the last episode— and it reminded me that I’m not alone and to never give up! Thanks so much for the extra push, and I will highly recommend all of your content to fellow classmates.
Truthful and honest!
Great source for real-life experiences and honest opinions, big help for all students.
The best information for premed students
This is the best place for the most up to date and helpful information to get you on the right path. Dr gray also shares with us the most informant things to be focusing on with our time and the encouragement makes you fell that becoming a doctor isn’t just a dream but can be a reality.
Rock solid
An unparalleled resource for premeds. Thank you Dr. Gray for leading the “collaboration not competition” charge!
CARs and Director of Admission Podcasts
Amaka1981 (ah-mah-kah)
I just finished listening to the CARS interview with Jack Westin and the Director of Admissions interview with Ms. Petrovsky at the former NSU-COM. Both gave great helpful hints on what and what not to do. Without listening to these two podcasts, I would have never known not to reread some passages in the critical thinking portion of the MCAT. I also would not have thought that on an interview Admissions members are observing an applicant’s behavior from the minute you arrive until the minute you leave. It seems obvious but as the day wears on, boredom can set in and we may unconsciously do things like look at our phones rather than paying attention to all the Admissions staff members. Thanks for these interviews. They are without a doubt the best guidance I have received.
I listen to the podcast almost everyday and I’m waiting for new ones to come.
Thank you for doing this! I usually don’t have much time to watch videos that are longer than 20 minutes but I have ղօ problem listening for an hour! I listen to this podcast when I’m driving, eating, having my morning coffee, or even cleaning! I recommend all premeds to start listening to get inspired and motivated to keep up the good work. I graduated with B.S. Biology/ preMed and took a year off to shadow/volunteer/MCAT/ Enjoy some free time. I’m moving to NY in two months and I hope to get accepted to a very specific local Med school in mind. I will definitely update this comment once I get accepted ( I haven’t applied yet, lol).
Amazing Life-transformative Podcast!
I consider the following three moments to be the most impactful events that occurred to me in my life: 1) Moved to the United States 14 years ago. (Effect: I had to learn to become mature at a younger age.) 2) Was formally introduced to Genetics 7 years ago. (Effect: My initial spark of interest in medicine.) 3) Discovered this podcast 3 years ago. Effect: This is a well overdue thank you to both Dr. Allison Gray and Dr. Ryan Gray. 2 years ago, I decided to take two gap years. My decision baffled my parents and many of my friends because most of them believe I have met all of "the criteria" to enter medical school. However, I knew I did not. This is because I knew I was not comfortable with entering into the unknown territory, known as medicine, without exploring my other interests. Thanks to both of your guidance, I slowly developed the strength and courage to address my concerns with my parents about my need to explore the world before entering into the field of medicine. In my gap years, not only did those two years allow me to solidify my interest in medicine, those two years also helped me continue to learn to appreciate: an appreciation of people, an appreciation of probabilities, and an appreciation of interactions around us. I am grateful for everything you have done for me. My medical school journey would have a lot more turns if I choose the traditional path. Once again, thank you so much for helping me choose the non-traditional path.
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