October 16, 2019
So you've been put on the waitlist. What now? Here are some tips for continuing to stand out while respecting individual school policies.
October 9, 2019
What do adcoms look at first? What do they do with the data you give them? On this episode, I'll talk about the adcom's perspective on your application.
October 2, 2019
Today's topics include disadvantaged status, the MD/PhD, MCAT stress, and more! Ryan takes on your questions from the Medical School HQ Facebook Hangout.
September 25, 2019
Over the last 7 years, MSHQ has grown from one website to a whole media company with 12 podcasts, 3 books, and so many resources, most people don't know about!
September 18, 2019
What's one of the biggest mistakes made by medical school applicants? Let's take a hard look at clinical experience and your motivations for med school!
September 11, 2019
Ryan and Allison discuss the very common question about medical school and how hard it is. Do you have to be really smart to get through? Hint: You Can Do It!
September 4, 2019
LizzyM is just an equation. How do you fit your history, experiences, struggles, triumphs, and trends into that equation? Spoiler: You can't. Tune in for more.
August 28, 2019
How do you study for the MCAT, and how do you know your prep is working for you? Introducing Next Step's Rachel Grubbs, who is here to tell us more.
August 21, 2019
From a small HBCU to emergency medicine to organizing conferences, Alden joins me to talk about encouraging and supporting underrepresented minorities in medicine.
August 14, 2019
When Annita moved to Canada, she realized she was ready for a new start. She takes us through her journey from nursing, to the MCAT, to a Canadian medical school.
August 7, 2019
Dr. Makary is a world-renowned surgeon and author. He joins me to talk about the purpose of medicine, the medical establishment, and how to be consciously disruptive.
July 31, 2019
Carle Illinois College of Medicine has no interview and a unique secondary application process. Heather Wright is the Director of Recruitment, and she's here to tell us why.
July 24, 2019
Dr. Reno is a professor of emergency medicine and mentor. Today we cover all things shadowing, from finding opportunities, to saying "thank you"!
July 17, 2019
Santiago is a first generation immigrant. He joins me to talk about being inspired by global health, doing a postbac, and leveling the playing field for applicants.
July 10, 2019
Christian Essman is Director of Admissions at Case Western Reserve Universtity SOM and podcaster. He joins me to talk admissions process, transparency, and more!
July 3, 2019
Robert made the decision to pursue medicine at the age of 40. He discusses his path to an acceptance, having children as a premed, mentors, support systems, and more!
June 26, 2019
Today Rosie joins me to discuss the difficult parts of her premed journey, mentorship, burnout, and why she chose to make the transition to academic medicine!
June 19, 2019
Mila went from majoring in politics to nursing to premed all while overcoming health issues that pushed her premed journey back. Take a listen to this inspiring episode!
June 12, 2019
Today Sunny joins me to discuss and give advice on mistakes applicants make, personal statements, premed advisors, and more! This is an episode you don't want to miss!
June 5, 2019
Noy is an international student from Israel who was accepted to medical school in the US. Today we talk about each step of her journey and how she prepared for it!
May 29, 2019
One of Erica's biggest obstacles to overcome on her journey to medical school was her self doubt. Today we discuss the obstacles she faced and how she overcame them!
May 22, 2019
Edleda struggled with organic chemistry and at times the class made her doubt if she could do this. Today she discusses overcoming ochem and finding balance as a premed.
May 15, 2019
Today Anna joins me today to discuss the processes behind healthcare delivery. We talk about why process improvement matters and what you can do to learn about it!
May 8, 2019
Dr. Puder is a psychiatrist who joins me today to discuss test anxiety and ways to combat test anxiety. Listen in to make sure you always test your best!
May 1, 2019
Phil is a top tutor at Next Step Test Prep and has personally performed well on the old and new MCAT. Today he shares his strategies for studying for Psych/Soc.
April 24, 2019
Austin didn't have perfect grades, had two low MCAT scores, and gained an acceptance. I always say that you do not need to be perfect, Austin exemplifies that.
April 17, 2019
When you walk into your medical school interview, if you're not prepared for specific types of questions, it may throw you off completely. Let's talk about them!
April 10, 2019
Emma is Canadian, played D1 basketball in the US, and then went to Ross for medical school. She takes us through her journey and shares helpful tips for Canadian students!
April 3, 2019
The medical school multiple mini interview lessons subjectivity during the interview day, but make sure you don't make these mistakes during your MMI!
March 27, 2019
Whether you're applying to medical school this year, or later, we're going to discuss what you should be doing to help your medical school applications.
March 20, 2019
David had to take do postbac at a community college to be able to work full-time. He was asked why, but he was still able to receive multiple acceptances.
March 13, 2019
I had the awesome privilege to talk at the 2019 AMSA Convention to an awesome group of premed students. I wanted to share the encouragement with all of you.
March 6, 2019
Janet is a nurse who switched to the premed path a few years ago. Listen to how she overcame a 499 on the MCAT and advocated for herself during the app process!
February 27, 2019
Jeff was an accomplished college athlete, but struggled to gain an acceptance to medical school his first two times. Listen to how he finally found success!
February 20, 2019
Amanda had to apply to med school twice. We talk about her premed path, her first application, her struggles, and how she succeeded and received 3 acceptances.
February 13, 2019
When you go to an international med school, including the Caribbean, there are many steps you must take to practice in the US, including going through ECFMG.
February 6, 2019
SHPEP, or the Summer Health Professions Education Program, is a free summer program for underrepresented premed students at twelve locations throughout the US.
January 30, 2019
Madeleine struggled early & got some bad advising which caused her to doubt her abilities to get to medical school. A pivot to physical therapy didn't work out.
January 23, 2019
The personal statement is such an important part of the application, yet many students don't respect it enough. Today, I'm taking your questions about it.
January 16, 2019
We had a ton of questions come in from you on Instagram, covering letters of rec, shadowing, research, and so much more. Follow me on IG—I'm @medicalschoolhq.
January 9, 2019
Justin is a former military special operations medic who grew a stronger fascination with taking care of patients. Now he has multiple acceptances to med school.
January 2, 2019
Matt is a premed with multiple acceptances to med school, even with a big red flag on his application—a DUI. Learn what happened and how he talked about it.
December 26, 2018
Lawson is the executive director at Atlantis, a leading global healthcare experience fellowship that gives you the chance to explore other healthcare systems.
December 19, 2018
Kathleen is an expert in helping premeds and medical students better prepare for their exams. With her evidenced-based practice, she'll help you too.
December 12, 2018
I reached out to our amazing premed community in the Premed Hangout Facebook group and got on the phone with several of them to answer their questions!
December 5, 2018
The medical school application is a long and grueling process. If you've been rejected, haven't heard anything, or are confused, listen to this podcast episode!
November 28, 2018
Jackie is jackieplans on Instagram. She has a following watching her journey through medical school as she creates beautiful notes that you can buy.
November 21, 2018
Adrienne is in her 3rd year of her MD/PhD program and things are getting easier. She's the mom of 3, a Vet, and an amazing example of striving for your dreams.
November 14, 2018
Dan, from FutureMDlife on Instagram, joined me to talk about his journey and struggles on his path to medical school as well as his Instagram journey.
November 7, 2018
Examkrackers Janis Stott joined me to talk about the common misconceptions she sees from students about the MCAT. We also talk about EKs new MCAT Hotline.
October 31, 2018
Jack Westin was featured in Session 259 almost one year ago. Now we've launched the MCAT CARS Podcast and it's going to change the way you prep for the MCAT.
October 24, 2018
The medical school interview can make or break your chance at an acceptance. Don't walk in unprepared. Check out these questions that students struggle with.
October 17, 2018
Listen up premeds! I talk about this a lot, but I need to have a dedicated show on this. You have to be yourself in your med school applications and interviews.
October 10, 2018
Dr. Lee Burnett founded SDN to connect students. Little did he know how big it would get, and how negative the internet would turn. He's hoping to change that.
October 3, 2018
The very first episode of Premed Diaries, a podcast dedicated to you. With Dr. Allison Gray as the host, you are the featured guest by calling 833-MY-DIARY.
September 26, 2018
I had so much fun the last time we did an Instagram Q&A, that I decided to bring it back! We had a ton of great questions, and hopefully some good answers!
September 19, 2018
This will hopefully be the most in-depth look at what medical schools you should apply to. Putting together your school list is an important part of your app.
September 12, 2018
Ryan is joined by Dr. Kelly Dore who is one of the brilliant minds who developed and researched CASPer. We talk about what it is, how it's scored and more.
September 5, 2018
I asked on Instagram (@medicalschoolhq - follow me!) for questions for this episode. You did not disappoint! Check out the episode for some great questions!
August 29, 2018
BJ Miller is a hospice and palliative care specialist at UCSF. A near-death experience as a teenager left him with a unique perspective on disability and death.
August 22, 2018
Ryan is joined by Allison who has previously shared her story of burnout. They discuss burnout and they talk about MedDiaries—their newest project to help.
August 15, 2018
Dr. Richard Carmona served as the 17th Surgeon General of the US. After being a high school dropout and special forces medic, he found his calling for medicine.
August 8, 2018
Sarah is starting med school this fall and is excited to begin. Listen to her story and how identifying as LGBT affected her med school applications.
August 1, 2018
If you've not taken my advice and pushed your MCAT back until June or July, you may be in for a rude awakening when you see your score. What should you do?
July 25, 2018
Red flags seem to confuse a lot of students. They come up in applications and interviews and you need to be prepared to talk about them. Listen to this episode!
July 18, 2018
Logan Noone is an MSII at PNWU. He became discouraged after listening to a previous Premed Years podcast about not disclosing big red flags. He ignored me!
July 11, 2018
For today's episode, we took a handful of questions that students asked in our Facebook group, the Premed Hangout. We cover a variety of topics. Join now!
July 4, 2018
Michael joined me to talk about his struggle with alcohol since middle school, his failed, first application cycle, and what he did to succeed the second time.
June 27, 2018
Dr. Yousuf is starting his Emergency Medicine residency after failing to match. Learn from his failures and triumphs and how you can avoid similar mistakes.
June 20, 2018
Dr. Buck Parker shares his journey of struggling during undergrad to success in medical school and his new course, Secret Study Hacks. Listen to his journey.
June 13, 2018
Caroline is a second-year med student who runs the @carolinecooksclean Instagram account. As a former athlete, she tries her best to stay on top of her health.
June 6, 2018
After reading hundreds of personal statements and extracurriculars this application cycle, I'm seeing the same mistakes over and over again. Don't do it too!
May 30, 2018
Leila Amiri is the Director of the Office of Medical College Admissions at UICOM. We go step by step through the admissions process at her medical school.
May 23, 2018
Nick is a former premed student-athlete who didn't do well in school and went into business. Now he's accepted to medical school after fixing his GPA.
May 16, 2018
Travis Hornsby went from trading bonds to figuring out how to pay off his wives med school loans as fast as possible. Now he makes it easy for every student.
May 9, 2018
Fernando immigrated from Brazil and has been on the long, slow road to medical school. After some experiences in the LGBT community, he needed to be a physician.
May 2, 2018
When this podcast goes out, the medical school application cycle for students wanting to start medical school in 2019 is opening. What do you need to do now?
April 25, 2018
This week I'm joined by Dr. William Mayo, President-elect of the AOA. We have a great discussion about the ACGME and AOA/AACOM merger and more.
April 18, 2018
I decided to get on the phone with premed students and answer their questions about relationships, HPSP, secondary essays and so much more! Take a listen!
April 11, 2018
When should you start writing your personal statement, your extracurriculars, taking the MCAT, asking for letters of rec and more application timelines?
April 4, 2018
This week we're taking questions directly from the MSHQ Premed Forums. If you're not familiar with the forums, check them out and join the conversation!
March 28, 2018
Dr. Elaine Reno is an Emergency Medicine physician. She joins us to talk about her journey to medicine and her role with the Wilderness Medicine program at CU.
March 21, 2018
You shouldn't be surprised to read online that a student with near perfect stats didn't get an interview invite or acceptance. You're more than your stats.
March 14, 2018
Holly initially didn't think she could become a physician and let her fears dictate her path. She then conquered her fears and has been successful.
March 7, 2018
Today we're talking MD vs PA, DO shadowing, physician letters of recommendation and other questions premed students have asked in the Hangout!
February 28, 2018
Ayesha is a successful applicant to med school after she initially lost confidence due to poor grades and became a nurse instead. Her dream never left her.
February 21, 2018
From taking on too much, to not doing enough, we'll talk about what you can do to avoid the common mistakes premeds make with their extracurriculars.
February 14, 2018
Dr. Daniel Clearfield is a Family and Sports Medicine trained OMT doc. We talked about his journey to DO school, some struggles that DOs have and much more.
February 7, 2018
Writing your personal statement is hard. Where do you start? What do you write about? Check out the Guide to the Medical School Personal Statement preorders!
January 31, 2018
Allison and Ryan talk about a subject that came up in the Premed Hangout Facebook Group about students talking about what it's like being a physician.
January 24, 2018
Jonathan is a medical student who landed his dream school after struggling as a premed and working in the oil fields. Hear his journey on today's podcast.
January 17, 2018
Dr. Danielle Jones is @mamadoctorjones on Instagram. I read her blog post about imposter syndrome, something a lot of premeds struggle with, and wanted to talk.
January 10, 2018
Matt has been accepted to multiple med school after realizing that he wanted to do more with and for patients. After working as an NP, he's starting med school.
January 3, 2018
Katherine is a first-year med student and popular premed Instagrammer. We talk about her struggles, social media for premeds and more. Take a listen & subscribe.
December 27, 2017
Dylan is a first-year med student after being an EOD tech in the Army for 8 years. After figuring out what he wanted to do, he made it happen with hard work.
December 20, 2017
Luis Angel was a Memory Master Champion on FOX's Superhuman Show. We talk about how you can learn to retain more information to improve your grades!
December 13, 2017
Dean Strampel from Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine joined us to talk about his school and what they are doing for Canadian premeds.
December 6, 2017
Michael struggled through his undergrad with a 2.75 GPA and realized afterward that he wanted to be a physician. Listen to his journey and what he learned.
November 29, 2017
Charles is the founder of #LifeofaMedStudent. Take a listen to learn why he started it, and what you can learn from the med students talking about their life.
November 22, 2017
Nneka is a 1st year med student who didn't think she had a chance. After a 2.7 UG GPA, poor MCAT scores and a failed application, learn what she did to succeed.
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