December 9, 2019
"Working on the road working 12 hours days is tough, all there is is crap food all around me and its hard to stay in shape". Lets get stuck into this problem of food, fitness and travel while being on the road. Time for some tough love...
December 5, 2019
When you’re an air hostess on call life is always in flux, you could be going to China or Milan on a moment’s notice, this means I really struggle to keep consistent with my diet, exercise and sleep. I’ve had coaches in the past and know what to do, but it’s just not working, Ben, can you help?Yes I can, welcome to the #AskBen live coaching series, listen in as I help Kym through her issues with a live coaching session…
December 2, 2019
Do you feel like you're really average? Not that clever, not that sporty, not that confident, not that talented? Me too. But I've achieved great things, and it's time for me to inspire you with how you can do the same...
November 28, 2019
With a BIG discussion around being vegan and plant based currently there is a lot of talk around dairy, some claiming its evil, some claiming welfare standards are poor, some claiming its contributing to health issues, so why not chat to a 3rd generation dairy farmer? I've developed a relationship with Joseph Heler Cheese who make the EatLean cheese and their CEO George Helen, an awesome guy. We sit down and discuss dairy farming and how our milk is produced, the standards they set for their dairy, what music cows like, nutrition comparisons of dairy and their dairy alternatives, the future of food and dairy, and his companies journey into being a 170 employee cheese producer from starting with 40 cows and a dilapidated farm.
November 25, 2019
I've recently been to Japan and WOW what an experience. No overweight people, calm but busy, weird food, slow food, everyone is grateful, such a mad country, simply amazing. I thought I'd take to the microphone for 10 minutes to chat about what I loved and how we can learn from the Japanese way of live
November 21, 2019
Everyone seems to be going vegan after watching The Game Changers movie, but how accurate is it, do the facts about it leading to better physical performance stack up? How many of the health claims in the film are actually true based on peer reviewed science and not observational research? Sure, being more plant based is beneficial for your health and the planet, but should we do this out of fear of eating meat, or dairy, or many of the foods quoted as ‘evil’ in the film? There are 4 pillars we wish to discuss, and regardless of a film full of big names we shall look at the facts with NO bias. Lets see as Tom and I dissect the film…
November 18, 2019
Did you listen to my Live coaching session I recently did with Tim Cooper? It was direct and that's not a coaching style thats right for everyone. After Nicola wrote into the show questioning my choice of coach and his approach dealing with my issues I take 10 minutes to explain why I choose Tim as my coach for the problem I had and how you should choose a coach. Ultimately I now laugh in the face of my problem, so it worked.
November 14, 2019
In this podcast we expand on part one, episode 471, and discuss school education and health initiatives, the healthy weight program in schools, critical thinking in the planning process of obesity programs, working around snowflake syndrome, and a call to arms on what WE can do to affect change. Read the original report here:
November 11, 2019
When it comes to fat, what are the best ones to cook with and eat? Listen in and find out. Got a question for the show? Send it in to subject line "podcast"
November 7, 2019
This week sees Prof. Anna Campbell (MBE) of CanRehab on the show to talk all things Cancer and exercise with show co-host Tom Bainbridge. They discuss the benefits of exercise and fitness during cancer recovery and treatment, the role that fitness professionals can play, the importance of taking an individualised approach, and the incredible results that she has had with clients and study participants. Some of the outcomes seen are mindblowing and given that cancer may affect 50% of us directly this is a must listen for anyone! Links mentioned during the podcast:Study: Exercise Guidelines for Cancer Survivors: Case report on a male using an exercise bike during treatment. Not yet published, title will be “Case Report of Exercise to Attenuate Side Effects of Treatment for Pancreatic Cancer”Book on 5:2 dieting during cancer treatment:’s links:Courses: Email: CanRehab Twitter & IG: @canrehab
November 4, 2019
If you've got a full day of competing coming up, such as a crossfit competition where it's all day, or a sporting event where you are playing multiple matches a day, how do you fuel for it, how do you maximise recovery, how do you approach it so you are still firing on all cylinders at 3pm and not flagging and dragging yourself through? After my last crossfit competition, being at one observing at the weekend, and my experience with multi-event sports days, I give my advice on getting the most out of your body. Whether you compete to win, or merely to enjoy the day, grab a listen and lets optimise your performance.
October 31, 2019
How do you get or stay fit and healthy as a parent? Time is tight, stress is high and sleep is often low, so how do you make it all work? Dan Fallon is a legend and friend, and a father working full time all while starting a new business, and he does it all, but how? I chat to Dan about fitness as a family, healthy habits with food, ideas to maximise time in the home, strategise to do more with less time, effective communication between the family, how he manages his very busy day, and more. And it all starts with one thing..... listening to this ;) Check out Dan's book on Amazon "Start with one thing" Dan Fallon
October 28, 2019
Get hungry a lot, wondered how hunger works and what your hunger signals are actually telling you? In this short podcast we explain hunger physiologically, then explore what effects it and how to manage it, after all knowing about hunger and how to best manage can help us manage our weight better, and thats a good thing. And the food bit? Well thats the stuff we eat in response to our hunger signals, so we need to know why we choose some foods over others in response to our hunger signals.... enjoy. Nom nom nom.
October 24, 2019
Did you know 53,000 take away’s in the UK exist and over 60% are within 400m of a school? Just one nugget from a new Childhood Obesity report that has been commissioned by the government written and collated by Sally Davies. It lists all the ways the government and industry can tackle childhood obesity and we want to have our say. What do we think of the ideas and policy suggestions as people that work front line? How can schools do better? How can we do better? How can parents shift their thinking? This is the start of a 2-3 part series, so stay tuned for more and please do write into the show if you want to add to the conversation. Read the report here:
October 21, 2019
As an educator, what do I believe helps people the most in the journey of change, what really makes the difference when helping others? In this episode I get interviewed by Brian Keane and we discuss my journey as a nutrition educator, why the focus has to be on behaviour change, what I’ve learnt over 13 years coaching others, what I focus on as a coach, my methods, how all of this got built into the BTN Nutrition Education system, an online nutrition coaching qualification, going to university vs private courses, how to approach learning, and more.
October 17, 2019
I've been struggling with something for some time, so I reached out to Tim Cooper to get a personal coaching session, except I had the recorder on. I want to get back to 100%, and I felt Tim could help me do that. I discuss why I'm feeling the way I do, what started it, why it holds me back, what I think it links back to in my childhood, and essentially how to move forward. You know I'm always willing to be vulnerable to be my best self, well today you're going to see that again. If you want to hear me expose myself, more, here it is... Discover Tim's work at @thetimcooperacademy
October 14, 2019
The Ketogenic Diet is talked about non stop, but why would you do it, what are the reasons, what are the benefits? Here is a full audio review on the Keto Diet by Tom Bainbridge, Head of Education at the BTN Academy, an evidence based Nutrition Education company
October 10, 2019
You do know success is a choice? And today we’re going to make you realise that. Ben Newman is a Performance Coach hell bent on showing people their potential. After watching his mum die just before his 8th birthday he saw just how precious life was. In this action packed podcast we discuss the importance of a personal vision, creating a personal doctrine you read daily, how one simple action can create the success you want, and more. As a coach to some of the top brains, sports teams and companies in the US, Ben knows how to inspire and drive success. Grab his free playbook at
October 7, 2019
Is sugar addiction a thing? Scientifically, despite what people claim, it's not, BUT, how often do we have a sweet and want more? How often do we crave sweet things? How often is it food that's on the mind? Lets take a quick delve into the brain and all things sugar and addiction...
October 3, 2019
What does living an awesome life mean to you? Do you think you’re doing it? Do you feel confined, maybe by your job, your health, the people around you? Danny Bent runs the Awesome Project, and having come back from 9 days running across Iceland, along with many other past physical feats, we muse on what living an awesome life means, what adventures teach you, where survival fits into our modern life, where technology fits in and is it really serving us, what humans are capable of, what connection means for us, and more. Check Danny out at and
September 30, 2019
Are there things you do or believe in that hold you back? Would you even know if they did hold you back, are you aware of these things? Perhaps we are told these 'facts' by the media, or our parents, or teachers at school, or a book we read? The more someone says something the more we feel it's true, but that doesn't make it true... Awesome Supplements now has samples, try us:
September 26, 2019
Intuitive eating & diet culture part 2, except today we go deeper down the rabbit hole discussing dieting politics, personal bias, why the Greek gods were depicted as athletic specimens, our desire as humans for growth, where the body positivity movement fails people, where diet culture actually started, how our modern environment is dangerously obesogenic and often overlooked, how our personal goals ultimately rule all, and much more. Want to learn more about nutrition? Visit:
September 23, 2019
Hate the term fitness influencer? Me too. What does that really mean, because for me I don't ever want to be seen as someone that has influence, I don't feel that is just, or sounds ethical. So what do I want to be seen as?
September 19, 2019
Alan Stein Jn has rubbed shoulders with legends of sport like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant and motivated teams at companies like Starbucks. While he’s a motivational speaker this isn’t time for rar rars and pom poms, it's time for a serious chat about how to get motivated, and stay motivated. In this motivation fuelled podcast we discuss confidence, fear, vulnerability, self-leadership, self-awareness, knowing your personal truth and mission, how anger can be a good thing, and much more. If you listen, tell me what you think, because I think this is a blockbuster show! Check Alan out at and his book ‘Raise your Game’
September 16, 2019
Low carb is dead from a fat loss perspective, but what about in energy management? What about fasting? This show started its train of thought from the previous shift and night worker show, but it's widened its scope as not enough think of low carb eating and its effects on health and performance. If you're struggling to manage your nutrition, shift worker or not, have a cheeky listen. To learn more about nutrition sign up to our free e-course at:
September 12, 2019
There is a strong ‘anti-diet’ movement at the moment, and that’s great, diet culture has damaged the wellbeing of many people world wide, but has it gone too far? Have we considered how the human brain works and how we are wired as people? Has intuitive eating got the right message, or has it been taken out of context to allow anti-diet zealots to have a soap box to shout on? Be prepared for a long and deep show on how the human brain works, nutrition science, male & female attractiveness, body shapes, human health, biology and more.
September 9, 2019
In life we eat a lot of sh*t sandwiches, and I hadn't fully realised that in 2017 I ate my biggest volume of sh*t sandwiches and it knocked my confidence more than I realised. In previous podcasts I've discussed how I felt 80-90% of my capacity and it was frustrating me, I didn't feel 100% AWESOME. Well, now I do, and this is how I did it...
September 5, 2019
Do you have a gut or immune issue, or know someone that has? Fancy taking 32 pills to manage it…..? Carmen Sturdy joins me on the show to discuss her personal story with being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and her journey to being in remission after being put in 32 pills just to manage it. Her journey is inspiring as long term success all came down to her food creativity, starting with eating just chicken soup and ending up making cream out of cauliflower, madness. An awesome and inspiring guest. Find her online at @EveryLastBite_ on Instagram and Time stamps: 0:00 An introduction to Carmen her journey since becoming diagnosed with ulcerative colitis 03:50 Pills - a short term fix for some, but what about the long term goal? Going from 32 pills a day, to being 5 years in remission, pill free. 07:30 Specific carbohydrate diet - what is it? & how did Carmen learn to love it? 09:20 eliminating foods, finding the problems, being strict and staying committed 15:15 creativity through restriction - making the most out of what you can have instead of wishing for all the foods you can’t have 18:50 Eating real foods & Being experimental in the kitchen 23:05 What does a relapse look like for someone with IBD? 25:00 Carmens words of wisdom
September 2, 2019
It is a stark reality that shift workers and night workers have a higher risk of disease, or 'all risk mortality' as they phrase it in health research. So, with this fact known, how can we minimise the effects and be healthier as a shift or night worker?
August 29, 2019
What is strength? Lifting heavy weights? Climbing a mountain? Being able to run a marathon? Surviving a major life event? And is it different for Men and Women? And, what differences are there in training when male or female? Brian Alsruhe joins me to chat all things physical and mental strength and battling the sexes. Brian has battled a fatal condition, spent 10 years working for the military, had a brain tumour, experienced childhood trauma and now camps out in his gym creating warriors life from moms looking for some fitness, to world champion iron men. Want an insight into a modern warrior, want to know how this man thinks and trains? Then listen in and follow him online @NeverSate 0:00 From losing a friend, discovering a brain tumour & becoming a strongman. 08:35 You can learn something new every day in the gym! 11:00 Strength can mean something different to every person 15:00 Finding the sport that’s right for you mentally and physically 20:20 Should you enjoy exercise ? 23:42 Think you don’t sweat when lifting heavy... think again. 32:20 You have to work hard, but ultimately it comes down to your mindset! 39:20 Sleep - how does Brian survive on so little?
August 26, 2019
The post lunch energy dip is something many get. A user wrote into the show so why not fire up the podcast and throw some ideas about. If you get the afternoon energy dip listen to this short 10 minute show on my top 3 tips to try, including a tangent about being introverted and regaining your mental energy
August 22, 2019
Do you enjoy cooking? Do you feel you eat well? Do you have kids? Got a busy job and try to exercise, trying to fit it all in? Balancing it all is tough, but don’t fear Ian Haste from Hastes Kitchen joins me to discuss all things food, fitness, cooking awesome food, and getting our kids to eat vegetables. But there is a problem, we first need to discuss where we are currently at with cooking, food and the kitchen as the modern obsession is to save time, but is this time saving culture robbing us and our kids the benefits of food and connection we get from meal times? We discuss Ian’s journey with food, how he balances work and cooking with his 2 kids, modern food culture, the benefits of slow cooking and more. An epic show, do check out Ian’s book ‘The 7 Day Basket’ on Amazon and Ian on social media @hasteskitchen 0:00 an introduction to Ian, why he became a chef and what has inspired him to write 7 day basket - his new cook book. 4:45 Does today's on the go modern culture mean that people don't know how to cook interesting healthy foods? 6:15. Cooking a recipe is great, but what did you learn in doing it? 8:12 How to make your kids eat more vegetables 10:15 The language used around food and its psychological effects on children - get them cooking and involved 17:00 Our favourite foods are down to more than the ingredients - it's culture and environment that it creates. Putting the love back into food 19:50 Cooking is a way of connecting - turn the tv off and do it together 22:00 Food variety is key. How to not get stuck cooking the same 5 dishes every week 26:00 The freezer is our friend - batch cook & make your work friends jealous 27:15 Eating out with children - it doesn't have to be nuggets and burgers. 34:00 Closing thoughts - save money, reduce waste, be experimental.
August 19, 2019
You're feeling stressed and anxious right now, what form of exercise should you do? A listener has written in asking about what she is doing compared to what she could do with her exercise regime, looking at weight training vs group training, and ultimately any type of training. Lets make a plan of action in this short sharp podcast.
August 15, 2019
Dr Rupy Aujla is the NHS GP who started 'The Doctor's Kitchen', a project that all started with the aim to inspire his patients about the beauty of food and the medicinal effects of eating well. And I’m so pumped he joined me on the show. We talk about his journey reversing his health complaints, the gap we need to bridge between medicine and nutrition, how he navigates nutrition advice with his NHS patients, where he sits with eating animal protein as a plant focused eater, his ethics around meat consumption, his daily diet, the benefits of culinary medicine and the mission he is on, linking nutrition to certain health conditions, and more. Check him out online ‘The Doctors Kitchen’ and ensure you check out his awesome books. WHAT. A. SHOW.
August 12, 2019
What do you do when you've lost your mojo for life, or hit a plateau in training, you feel like you're just spinning your wheels without an aim or true progress. Listen in, let me help.
August 8, 2019
When you’ve been so focused on your body for so long, how do you safely let yourself go? How do you juggle performance vs vanity based goals, all while living life to its fullest? Have you ever had a disordered relationship with food, and if so, are you recovered, do you feel like you’re in a good place now? If not, what tools should we use to get better, to be better, to feel better? This podcast is a deep dive into diet, training, health, mindset and life all based around a users question on their disordered eating. The podcast goes off on many tangents with an aim to make people think and give actionable tools to help with your future progress. Enjoy. Time stamps - 06:15 Is your sport the right environment for your health? 09:45 Are your goals helping you progress in your sport or in the mirror? 11:00 Is BMI a good measure to use when evaluating performance? 16:40 REDS- The key signals & when to see a professional 23:15 Seeing beyond body composition as your only measure of progress 27:00 Evaluate your health with Tom - Grab a pen & paper. 31:00 Glorifying the pain of your journey - should you be proud of those DOMS. 33:08 Putting in extra hours but not seeing extra results? Reasons to train smarter, not harder.
August 5, 2019
Are you feeling overwhelmed & stressed right now? Maybe you've got a lot on but you can't seem to focus, its all a jumble and you just feel like you're constantly holding it all together but constantly feeling like you might break? All while procrastinating and not making a dent in the epic to do list you feel you have. This is a classic issue, I've been there many times, and this is how I would suggest you get out of that feeling, and stop it from happening in the future.
August 1, 2019
Cancer Research UK’s latest Obesity campaign has certainly got people talking, and there are some violent responses online about the direct nature of the campaign. I am in support of what CRUK are doing, but I wanted to clear a few things up so invited CRUK to come on to the show and expand on the campaigns key talking points. Karis Betts joins me to discuss the key focus points of the campaign, the research it’s based on, how we classify metabolically healthy obesity, where CRUK stand on the healthy at any size movement, their response to the campaign being classed as fat shaming, their future plans off the back of the campaign, what they hope for the future, and more. A fascinating show that clears up the confusion.
July 29, 2019
Goal setting can be motivating, but achieving those goals can be scary. To stop this lets refine our process, lets ensure we have a big vision for ourselves and are willing to stretch ourselves, but also work every week on the small stuff that's going to get us there. Follow this two step process and see if it helps. Want to join me in Thailand? Check out Pilates Hub Retreats:
July 25, 2019
Can you be alpha, strong, agile, muscular, but connected, aware, flexible, in a state of flow? My awesome guest today Richie Norton believes you can, but few are, we are either power and muscle focused gym goers or yoga hippy types, perhaps there is a middle ground, one that can bring the body into its most awesome state, a state of slow, harmony, balance. Richie used to work as a PT in London but after burning out, getting frustrated and constantly battling injuries he decided enough was enough and now lives in a sheep field by the sea in Wales. Still coaching and creating awesome humans, he tells his story and shares his wisdom. 1:19 Introducing Richie 4:03 Rugby, Strength Training, Yoga - How do you get client buy in with such a varied background? 7:55 Why Yoga? 10:15 Finding the right teacher & learning from a point of care rather than punishment 15:07 Reflecting on a Rugby career full of injuries - What would you do differently if you did it again? 21:56 Spiritualness - How to find your version of it. 31:24 Why are you doing that? Does it make you happy? 35:40 Everyone’s on a separate mission. You do you.
July 22, 2019
Find you procrastinate a lot? Here are my top 5 tips to stop! A quick 11 minute show :)
July 18, 2019
The plant-based movement is gaining traction, but why, what’s the key driver, health, sustainability, conscious living, ethics, or a bit of it all? You’ll have likely seen BOL Foods on the shelves of your supermarket, founder Paul Brown joins me on the show to discuss his journey with plant-based nutrition, the mission for BOL foods, the future of food, sustainable capitalism, and more. Find BOL Foods in a supermarket near you. 1:45 An introduction to Paul & BOL foods 3:15 Is plant based the same as veganism? 5:27 What drove the decision to become a fully plant based company? 11:30 Does there need to be more education around how to make vegan food easy & exciting? 14:30 How Paul uses Bol for convenience & health 17:50 Sustainable capitalism - what BOL is doing to try and influence the changes we need to make as a society 22:15 The future of plastic packaging 29:50 Accepting that you can’t make everyone happy, all of the time. 35:05 Paul’s tips on how to include more vegetables in your diet
July 15, 2019
Young or starting out in the fitness industry? Then this short show should make you think differently about your career moves. Everyone focuses online too early in their journey, this leads to failure quicker in my opinion. So if you're new to the industry, or struggling, this short show should help. Enjoy. For more visit
July 11, 2019
Life is tough, but the question is are you going to stand up and tackle it head on? Ollie Ollerton from TV’s SAS Who Dares wins and with his bestselling book “Break Point” joins me to discuss the power of the mind, balancing being an alpha but also compassionate & understanding, tackling life’s low points, discovering your purpose and passions, how to make poignant life transitions easier, how to get your confidence back, and much much more. 1:17 An introduction to Ollie and how he became the person that he is today. 4:45 Feeling lost & finding purpose 10:54 Discovering your purpose by asking important life questions 18:39 Self development & the complexity of change 26:00 Accepting your demons & beginning to build a process around them that leads to your goal. 32:00 Being knocked down & re finding the person you once were 36:50 Mental wealth 40:45 Why you should write a contract with yourself 48:32 Understanding Ego 50:10 How to use breathing to help you make decisions from clarity & not panic.
July 8, 2019
A special Q&A where I answer 17 questions from you on health, performance, stress, mindset, supplements and more, a quick fire knowledge packed show. Enjoy. for more.
July 4, 2019
When, how and why do you bodybuild? What about a male or female that doesn't look the way they want to? How do you structure it? NHS advice, when do we listen and when do we take it with a pinch of salt? How does alcohol affect fat loss, health and our well-being? All this, a new plant based cookbook announcement, and more is covered on this BIG Q&A show, enjoy. Time Stamps: 0.00- Ask us a question for the next Q&A 4.20 - BTN Practical intake has been moved forward 5:05 New vegan cook book 5:52 - Body building - how to make progress with specific areas of the body post ED 20:39 Weight training post hysterectomy - The do's & don'ts. 35:25 Alcohol - is it detrimental to training, fat loss & general health?
July 1, 2019
As you age things change, and I've noticed this year that a food group is making my hay fever a ton worse, so I cut it out and I feel like I've a new lease of life. As you age what are you avoiding that your body is telling you is an issue?
June 27, 2019
How do you lift yourself up when you feel insecure, anxious and afraid? Listen to Laura 'Biceps' Hoggins as we discuss lifting for empowerment, the journey of fitness we are all on, her journey from "life of the party" to strongman, being controlled by the scales, being strong when your identity changes, knowing that things change and it's important not to fight it, crossfit and what its done for the fitness industry, the power of people, your environment, and lifting weights, and more. Laura is a legend, find her online @laurabiceps and her book "Lift Yourself" 0:30 An introduction to Laura and her journey to becoming confident in her own skin 4:30 - Chasing thin... why it didn't work. 9:45 - The turning point, caring less about others thoughts. 11 - Key Shifts that made a big impact. Investing in yourself, improve your social circle. 16:53 - Why you should put your phone down. 19:48 - What is fitness ? The many positives of CrossFit & Weightlifting. 28:35 - Your inner circle and how to cope with the knock on effects that change can bring 35:40 Laura’s final note & Top Tip
June 24, 2019
In search of some motivation? Stop, it won't work, your search is wasted, it's time to take one positive action that leads to another, and then over time when you are not feeling motivated you do it anyway because its part of your habits. There are days I'm not feeling motivated, but I do it anyway, and in this show I'll describe why and how. Sure, look to be inspired, but that inspiration always leads to the first step of a new habit, then it momentum builds! Which is what this podcast is going to do, inspire as a first step...
June 20, 2019
In the world of fitness we hold gym training in high regard, but what % does gym work contribute towards the making of an elite athlete? Many have seen the training programs of some elite athletes like Usain Bolt online and scoffed, could a better program make him a faster athlete? Keir Wenham-Flatt an S&C coach based in the U.S. (Ex S&C Coach of Argentina Rugby Team) joins me to paint a true picture of gym training, the application of S&C and building the elite level athlete. Check our Keir's work @rugby_strength_coach and Time stamps: 1.10 Introduction to Keir 8.45 - the truth on the influence that s&c has on high level athletes. 14:30 - Substitution bias, improving performance & accepting performance losses that don’t help you work towards your goal 18:10 - Strength & Conditioning, the bigger picture. 27:16 - What it takes to be an exceptional S&C coach & excel in your career 34:45 - Keirs Top Tips! What can we learn from S&C & what principles can we apply
June 17, 2019
It's the summer, what am I doing in the gym and with my diet for my summer goals? Find out in this short sharp podcast...
June 13, 2019
What hormone testing kits would you buy? What about gut testing kits? Be careful, there are many bad companies about & the research is sketchy, but we recommend the two best places as well as discussing the issue with injuries, reversing osteoporosis, movement issues in the deadlift, regression and progression in the gym, reversing a bad situation vs knowing when to simply quit and walk away, and we finish with an expanded deep chat on purpose and passion. Medi Checks: Gut Testing: BTN: 2:15 Intro, why we love your feedback & how to get involved in the Business Academy 06:44 Back pain - osteoporosis, dead lifting, pain & when to seek help from a specialist. 23:30 Hormone & Gut testing kits - should you do it & is it worth the money. 34:45 Injury & mental health 42:50 Purpose, passion & changing habits
June 10, 2019
At WellFest I went Live on Spin 1038 Radio to talk about my journey. I briefly discussed my weight loss journey and how and why it happened, then discussed why I feel so many others struggle to achieve their weight goals tying in the key things I look to inspire in others as a coach to get the fastest and most effective results I can. If you want to be inspired, this could be the short bit of motivation you're looking for...
June 6, 2019
This was meant to be a Q&A show with myself & Tom but we ended up rambling, a lot. I read a listeners story out and it caused us to venture into a conversation around life passion, learning, why we do what we do, finding fulfilment and enjoyment in life, how simple changes lead to big wins, our mindset towards our careers even when we aren't sure what we want to do, use the story of an ex student and her success, and more. A beautifully random show, we think... 1:00 Intro, Ben’s trip to Italy, Shout outs, BTN Academy awesomeness 10:00 Garys story - Finding a new path and surrounding yourself with positive people. 17:20 - How having a plan and creating meaning will heavily impact your subjective experience of life 23:00 – My biggest tip in finding more enjoyment from every situation that you’re in. 31:30 – How to find boring things interesting.
June 3, 2019
Why do we not achieve our goals despite knowing what to do to achieve them? We know, it's obvious, it's logical, but we just can't do it. In this short podcast I read a listeners question out, a listener that is struggling to get pregnant due to a history of over exercising, under eating, and suffering from anorexia. This is commonly know as the female athlete triad. The approach is logical, but the issue isn't knowledge, it's the application of it due to an unhealthy mindset. Its time to go deep on an issue that is all too common in the fitness industry. It used to be a common problem in elite athletics, but now it's more common in fitness trainers and people trying to achieve their fitness goals.
May 30, 2019
Steroid use in gyms has grown, and with a new UKAD report outlining the prevalence of this, why people are taking them, and the side effects, it's a conversation that needs to be revisited. I'm joined by ex Team GB cyclist and medallist Callum Skinner to discuss steroids in sport, in gyms, the side effects, UKAD's role in awareness, campaigning for clean sport, body dysmorphia and more. For more visit or search "100% me" online This show has been supported by UKAD, a organisation I am proud to support.
May 27, 2019
Veganuary did have an impact on me, maybe not the way everyone expected, but it did, and I'm grateful I did it. In this short podcast I update everyone on what changes I have kept long term and why, why many vegan arguments are still not being productive, the health vs ethical component for me personally, and why I still value animal protein in my diet, just not half as much as I once did.
May 23, 2019
Working on yourself to be happier can be tough, we see it is hippy woo woo stuff. But in a disconnected world where we spend more time on our phone and on social media than with our family, friends and doing the things we love, are we kidding ourselves? Are we limiting our potential and really putting our energy into the right places? This podcast will challenge what you believe and what you are doing with your time, our most valuable resource. I welcome author and nutritionist Maria Ayne to chat all things food, emotions, connection, social media, meditation, happiness vs contentment, our internal dialogue and more, all in vein to get more of the things that make us happy. Enjoy. 1:29 An introduction to Maria Nutrition & behaviour shifts 06:53 Unconscious belief systems 10:03 Happiness is fleeting, be content 14:30 Meditation & behaviour change 17:30 Meditation, why it’s worth committing to 23:10 Are you present in real life or just social media 30:20 Improving habits a mobile phone 33:10 Decision making, energy levels & how it effects our willpower. 39:00 Energy is not evenly distributed, spend yours wisely.
May 20, 2019
Are you ever confused or stuck, wondering whether to bulk or cut? These are old school words for fat loss and muscle building, two of the key goals we often talk about in the world of fitness. The mindset around this is also an issue, many struggle to gain weight after weight loss, scared of getting fat again. I can sympathise, I was stuck with this for a good year after going from obese to slim. I'll tell you my story of conquering this fear, and talk also on the science of bulking and cutting.
May 16, 2019
I've been struggling of recent to get out of bed, I wasn't sure why until I had a conversation with my brother that made a lot of things fall into place. Seeing as it was mental health awareness week I thought it was prudent I fired up the mic and got personal and explained the issues I've been having, and it all boiled down to WHY. Why do I do what I do, what is my purpose, what and who is Ben Coomber, a deep question to ask, but the most important question to ask... I promise to fire up a part 2 very soon. I know lots will be asking for one.
May 13, 2019
If you're bored you're more likely to overeat, just think about the last time you felt a bit bored at home chilling for the day, I bet you ate more than you should do? Lets build on last weeks show about habits and routines and create more width on this conversation, its time to get a better handle on your routines and sub conscious mind and get better results with your fat loss and health goals. Got a Q? Hit me up on social media @bencoomber
May 9, 2019
The mind is a tough beast, one minute we think we’re in a good place and then the next minute we’re not, why is this? What even is the brains job, what is balance for the mind, what do our thoughts say about us and how can we control them? Well I discuss this and much more with Psychotherapist Richard Nicholls who has a popular podcast on motivation and mindset. Set some time aside and lock into this show as in a busy world of phones, technology and time demands people are more anxious than ever and this show is here to help. Find Rich online at:
May 6, 2019
Imagine the scenario, you get in from work, you're tired, hungry, bit pissed off with work and you plough into a glass of wine or share bag of crisps, not the best when you're trying to achieve a goal or maintain a healthy weight. So how do we break these habits, and how did they even develop in the first place? In this short show I'll discuss your environment, your habits, your routines, how they were created and how to change them. Any questions, hit me up on social media or in our #AskBen Facebook community.
May 2, 2019
How is your relationship with food, healthy? Do you see food as good and bad, are you often craving a cheat day? Dr Joshua Wolrich a training surgeon and legend on Instagram joins me to challenge how you see food. We discuss his evolved relationship with food, how to challenge what you know, how to have productive conversations about nutrition, the issue with giving nutrition advice in a medical setting, and calling out ‘nutribollox’ online. Follow him @DrJoshuaWolrich 00:00: Who is Dr Joshua Wolrich - previously known as Unfattening, his journey. 10:15: Our ‘relationship’ with food. The language we use is key 21:30: Should doctors in the NHS be spending more time with patients on nutrition & challenging weight stigma? 28.15: How do we overcome preconception, judging others & fear of judgement ourselves? 35:35: Calling out those that are giving false advice... Is it worth it?! 43:09: Joshua’s top tip on positively impacting your relationship with food.
April 29, 2019
This show got one of largest amount of social media tags I've ever had, an interview I did with Brian Keane on his show, so I had to re-share it on mine. We discuss how I have evolved my own self-development practices over the years and how I am currently developing myself, how I am managing the world of digital invasion and getting quality time with myself, my family and with the world, how I have evolved my thinking around fat loss and how we behave with food, how I aim to coach and inspire others, a call to action for anyone listening to live a better life, and much more. Enjoy :)
April 25, 2019
A show of two halves, first we start by discussing the industry we are in, health & fitness, how its changing and why from the top down, conversations we’ve recently been involved in, and how the nutrition industry is shifting in terms of regulation and how we are now at the front of it with some exciting new updates... a new qualification! We then discuss performance nutrition, using 3 case studies from listeners questions helping people with sticking points in their training, nutrition and recovery. Enjoy. Visit for our new nutrition short course “The Art & Science of Nutrition” SHOW BREAKDOWN - Part 1: 1:00 - Intro and breakdown of the show, bank holiday weekend vibes. 03:30 - Why we are now spot add free. 04:45 BTN Academy - New, improved & certified level 4 qualification, expanding the conversation into why we feel people should be challenged & why it’ll make you a better coach. 20:30 - The problems with the ‘Wellness’ industry & the future for industry regulations. 27:10 - Shiny new website & FREE Nutrition short course you can sign up to. SHOW BREAKDOWN - Part 2: 27:58 - Fat Loss & Recovery In CrossFit. 37:14 - How to properly recover when you realise you’ve hit burn out. 46:30 - Does high intensity training, whilst in a deficit hinder fat loss.
April 22, 2019
Are you living passionately? Do you feel you have purpose? I feel humans need passion and purpose to be truly happy, in their relationships, in their careers, with their health, otherwise we feel low, sad, frustrated, angry, unmotivated.... stuck. Let's get unstuck, lets up the passion, lets rediscover purpose...
April 18, 2019
What does it mean to be truly healthy, happy, strong? Stephen Flynn from the infamous Happy Pear joins me to discuss the personal journey we must go on, the journey to finding the true you, to discover awesome levels of health, and discover what it means to live with purpose and passion. In this story telling podcasting journey we discuss plant-based food, cooking, morning dips in the sea, transforming from rugby playing jocks to vegetarian hippies, the value of travelling, and much more. Stephen is an awesome story teller, this is must listen to show. Find them @thehappypear Show breakdown: 00:00 An introduction to Stephen from The Happy Pear 02:30 The journey to finding balance and true success with some Happy Pear history. 11:00 Reversing disease with online educational courses 14:50 A twin thing – running a marathon & turning plant based on different continents 17:55 Where is the plant based narrative heading 20:00 Travelling - Finding your identity & challenging your social conditioning 26:30 How to make your transition to plant based smoother – Stephens top tips 29:25 What does work look like now for The Happy Pear? 31:45 Sunrise swims 38:24 What’s next for The Happy Pear…
April 15, 2019
Hows your mental health right now? At an event at the weekend 75% of people said they had suffered with mental health issues in the past, this then opened up one of the most powerful talks I've ever been a part of, in this short show I'll share my experience from this talk, the lessons we learnt, and what I now have to ask you to do...
April 11, 2019
We all have habits, some good, some bad, and many are working to have better habits for better outcomes, but this is one step of the process, what about the issues along the way, how do we deal with them? James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, a #1 New York Times bestselling book joins me to talk about the science of habits, techniques you can use to improve yours, 3 key roadblocks most face, building identity based habits over goal based habits, his personal habit struggles, and the beauty of gaining creativity from all walks of life as someone into personal development. Visit James at 0:00 – 3:40 An introduction to James Clear and his book - Atomic Habits 03:45 - The area’s of learning James has taken inspiration from 05:15 - Structuring your environment to design good habits 06:30 - Redesigning your habits 08:40 – Identity based habits 14:30 – Habit, routine and teaching yourself to tell a new story. 17:00 – 3 reasons your new habit won’t last, and how to avoid it. • Trying to perfect a habit before it is properly established • The all or nothing attitude • Not having a ‘what if’ plan. 24:08 – How to get back on track quickly 30:20 – Leaving environments that aren’t positively impacting your goals 34:00 – Finding your tribe 36:15 – What habits has James struggled with himself?
April 8, 2019
What are you blaming that is holding you back? Give me 8 minutes of your time for this podcast and lets leave the BS at the door, it's time to make some serious life progress..
April 4, 2019
Once you get a BMI over 50 you classify for weight loss surgery, but should this even be an option, how does someone even get to a BMI of 50? Is it just a lack of education around food, or are there deep underlying issues causing someone to eat to a place where they can barely move? Nics Nutrition, aka Nichola Ludlam-Raine, Registered Dietitian joins me to discuss all things obesity, surgery, and our food environment. Check out Nic @nicsnutrition Podcast timings: 01:45 Who is Nicola? 03:10 Bariatric Surgery – how do people get there. 05:37 Extreme eating behaviours & their causes 08:05 Are some people more likely to be obese than others? 10:45 Is Bariatric surgery really the best & most cost effective option for the NHS 14:00 Is Bariatric surgery more beneficial than fad diets? 16:10 The downsides of Bariatric surgery. 18:00 Excess lose skin 21:40 How learned childhood behaviours can impact you as an adult and a parent.
April 1, 2019
When the media report research, do you often stare at it and call BS? In this solo show co-host Tom explores the difference between research findings and the spin that is placed upon them in the media. Every day another food is found to cause cancer, heart disease, or a host of other ailments - or at least that's what you'd think if the news was anything to go by. But is it really the case? And if not - what on Earth is going on?
March 28, 2019
In this episode Tom interviews Medical Doctor and elite powerlifter Dr Jordan Feigenbaum. It's a fascinating discussion about pain, how it really works, and the mistakes people often make when thinking and talking about injuries and discomfort. They cover lower back pain, massage, movement screening and corrective exercises, posture, proper deadlift form, and mistakes often made by new and experienced gymgoers alike when thinking about their exercise programming. Almost everyone has or knows someone who has lower back pain - but does that mean what we think it does? 04:40 Where did the name 'Barbell Medicine' come from 10:00 The Bio-Psycho-Social Model 30:00 Should coaches be using movement screens 39:00 Foam rolling, stretching, activation exercises... do they actually work 55:00 Should you be getting weekly sports massages? 01:14 The biggest mistakes beginners make in the gym
March 25, 2019
At the weekend I was at Vegan life show and spoke to over 200 people about their diet and supplement use and noticed 5 key themes that could be optimised. Could these issues apply to normal people, 100%, but I had to get these issues / optimisations out there to help anyone who is on a vegan diet, a diet that can easily lead to deficiencies if you don't work to optimise it. Listen in, it's only 7 minutes long :)
March 21, 2019
I've avoided this topic so far mainly because it’s such an emotive one, in fact it's the main reason many become vegan, and I respect that. Although there is always another side to the story, and the argument around eating animal products often descends into insults far too quickly for it to become a productive discussion. When it comes to our food system we need to ensure it develops in a way that is sustainable and conducive to our future health and that of the planet, and so these difficult discussions need to be had. This show doesn't seek to promote an anti-vegan stance and convince anyone of anything, but it does seek to articulate why many feel that eating animals isn't something they find morally objectionable, so that we can hopefully move past this roadblock and find points of agreement to work towards. Along the way we look at where our morals and ethics come from, whether they are innate, and what that means if they are, and we hope this starts a dialogue between two camps that agree on a lot, despite some stark differences. 4.10 Why do people believe what they believe (Vegans & Carnivores) 6.40 If you’re vegan and listening….. 8:00 The evolution of eating meat 9:40 Is It morally correct to eat meat 12:30 Issues in the meat industry 13:10 what is normal. Moral Intuition. How we find answers in different camps 21:28 Hope and Glory 25:58 Activist vegans – Loud voices. (If you eat meat you’re a bad person) 29:25 The only way to move forward for carnivores & vegans 32:00 Left wing or Right wing, 39:00 Bens summary 40:00 Where do you sit, Tom helps define your morals.
March 18, 2019
You know that thing you keep trying to do but keep failing at? That habit you keep trying to break?? The trick is to force yourself into a new environment, then you can't NOT do it, it's impossible, and it gets done. After a weekend away I realised it was the answer to my mental anguish, but I needed to force the environment for it to happen. It's time to optimise you with this simple hack...
March 14, 2019
At 4 months old you get told you’ll only live till you’re 30, so what do you do? Fight of course, after all “Without struggle you never find out who you are”. The amazing Sophie Grace Holmes joins me to inspire you on your journey of life, making you think what is truly possible. Fitness, mindset, strength, we discuss it all. This interview really only asks one question of you, how great are you going to be, what is your next challenge to overcome, and are you going to do it?
March 11, 2019
Want to lose weight really fast but not sure if it's safe? It can be, but most people go about it wrong and lose muscle and rebound afterwards. This isn't where we want to be, listen to this short podcast and learn how to lose fat fast but safely, and how to go about a diet break when you are in need of one, as we all need a week off from our diet sometimes!
March 7, 2019
What do I eat to support my rugby training, playing and gym work? What did I learn from a background in elite level rugby working at Hull KR and working in parts at premiership rugby union clubs? A rugby, sports and performance special as I discuss health, performance and recovery factors, what I do, my experience in pro sport, S&C practices, periodisation, recovery pillars you must get right, and more. This interview was originally recorded for the Rugby Renegade podcast, and is now reposted on my show.
March 4, 2019
Can't meditate? Many can't, and don't want to, and I'm not going to tell you too, but I am going to talk to you about momentary meditation, about seeing things differently and allowing spacial moments that ends up being as good as meditation, and its easy to do and will have more impact on your life. This podcast also ties together recent thoughts on social media, mindfulness, anxiety and rates of learning. Enjoy.
February 28, 2019
Is there a science to cravings, why do so many of us get them and how do we deal with them? Is there one reason for a craving, or are there many and essentially how do we ensure they don’t make us eat all the cookies from the cookie jar? We also discuss kids taking supplements and when it’s appropriate - looking specifically at creatine and protein shakes, the habit of always having pudding after a meal, the fear of gaining weight when building muscle as a female, and we mock Tom for playing Robin Hood at the weekend.
February 25, 2019
Two core topics in this short sharp show today.... 1. I talk about labelling yourself due to a condition you have and its negative outcomes 2. Do you get training anxiety, not being able to stick to your plan, missing a session, feeling tired, not being able to do what you want? Let's talk solutions, because I used to get training and gym anxiety from not going, but don't anymore, and there is a super simple solution you can implement.
February 21, 2019
Our food system is full of lies, politics and half truths, in the interest of money things aren't quite what they seem, and one chef is angry about it, Anthony Warner, aka The Angry Chef. After I read his book I was intrigued to get him on the show, and I wasn't disappointed. We discussed veganism, our food network, sustainability, food and what it actually is, policy, obesity, and much more. Search for 'The Angry Chef' online and on amazon to find Anthony and his brilliant work.
February 18, 2019
Do you eat late at night, or over eat when you get in from work tired? This is a problem many struggle with, and in this short sharp podcast I aim to give you some tangible solutions to problems. And give you a flavour of what its like to attend one of my in person public talks, which I aim to do more of in 2019.
February 14, 2019
Carly is one of the most awesome fitness humans I know, why? Because of her raw, honest and fresh approach to health, fitness and mindset. I mean how many people discuss their relationships and orgasms on YouTube!? We discuss her personal evolution as a new parent, her tips on body confidence and being your best self, lifestyle hacks to live healthily with social media, why she went pescatarian, then vegetarian, then ate meat again then settled on pescatarian, how she is defying normal parenting being super mum! Check out @CarlyRowena
February 11, 2019
Ever feel like life is just a little too complicated? Well I do. Social media, your job, finances, just adulting in general, sometimes it's just all a bit too complicated. Well I'm finishing off a personal project of mine, minimising my life, and I'll be honest its making me feel bloody fantastic!! Learn what I'm doing and maybe try a few things I'm doing...
February 7, 2019
As part of Veganuary I brought together a group of people for a discussion on the future of our food, quite simply is it vegan, and if so, why? In this discussion we introduce the panel; Aaron Cattell aka The Vegan Coach, Mitch Lee aka Mitch's Kitchen & Stephanie Peritore from Mindful Bites and lead into key talking points.... 1. My experience with Veganuary 2. Why each panellist decided to go vegan / plant based 3. The Sustainability of our food 4. Food variety & cultural issues 5. UK vs rest of the world on environmental issues 6. Performance & nutrient issues on a vegan diet 7. Worldwide nutrition issues and solutions 8. And of course how to make Tofu taste nice! Please do share your thoughts on the discussion, get in touch on social, this is a really important and interesting discussion, something I am merely starting myself.
February 4, 2019
What is motivation, why does it come and go? What can you do when your motivation drops? I'm not perfect, my motivation wains, but this is what I do to fix it and why.
January 31, 2019
Drink unicorn blood, be a unicorn, that’s the trademark from the legendary Jordan Syatt, personal trainer to Gary Vaynerchuk. I’m a massive fan of Jordan’s message, it’s refreshing in an industry full of BS. We discuss fitness anxiety, keeping fitness goals focused and simple, hacks for travelling, airport food, a home gym essential kit list, training himself vs Gary Vee on the road, positive momentum with small changes in your routine, identify shifts when developing yourself in life, and more. A humbling interview with a seriously positive voice in the fitness space. Check Jordan out @syattfitness especially on the gram and YouTube.
January 28, 2019
Do you know how you spend your time and how that links to your life outcomes, as in, what you are actually achieving in life? Ever thought of doing a personal time sheet to test your efficiency as a human? Do it, for one week, and see the outcome.... listen today and I'll explain why and how to do it :)
January 24, 2019
Is being vegan or plant based the future, and what's the difference? This starts off an incredible conversation with Ella Mills, aka Deliciously Ella, a shining light in the plant based movement with best selling books and energy balls on our supermarket shelves. We chat about defining plant based nutrition, vegan backlash, food sustainability, food taste, climate change, eating your veggies, how awesome we both feel, Ella's new products and much more. An inspiring, refreshing and candid discussion. Check her out @DeliciouslyElla Check out 'Joseph Poore and for the show references.
January 21, 2019
How do you want to feel every day? Strong? Powerful? Positive? Happy? Compassionate? However you want to feel we need to take action and create environments that foster that. I muse post run.
January 17, 2019
How can we, the collective, save the world? The stats are starting to get scary, climate change is saying our tipping point is 12 years away, meat production isn’t sustainable, plastics are filling our oceans, and oil is due to run out in 40 years. The AWESOME Zanna Van Dijk joins me to talk plastics, plant-based nutrition, climate change and the environmental impact of our actions in a short and frank discussion. In short, how WE, yes you and me, can save the world, one action at a time!
January 14, 2019
Right, this podcast started a little salty, but I cooled off as I recorded it. But, this is a problem, the world is acting far too much on assumptions and not data. People, relationships, situations, coaching, work, family, life, your career, your fitness and health, it's a pandemic mindset!
January 10, 2019
Had one of these DNA tests to optimise your diet & fitness? I have. These DNA testing kits are now everywhere and promise big things. To test athletic potential, to optimise diet, training & supplements, and more. But what does the science say, is there legitimacy in the claims? Do we know much about DNA right now, and what our genes say about us? And where does it sit on the ethical spectrum, telling people some of this data…
January 7, 2019
Want to go deeper with me? This interview is a re-post from Steve Katasi show ‘AdapNation’. I had to re-post this show as Steve asked me things I’ve never been asked before…. 1️⃣ Where on the Spectrum is Ben Coomber - from Biokhacker to Entertainer? 2️⃣ How does Ben think about Balance vs Optimal 3️⃣ As a ‘veteran’ health pro, what is Health for Ben? 4️⃣ How does he tread the line between Motivating and Judging his audience? 5️⃣ What is his Self Talk like? Is it always positive and helpful? 6️⃣ Is Happiness a permanent state, or is it fleeting? 7️⃣ What ways does Ben rely on to get into flow state? 8️⃣ What needs to change to help us navigate the ever noisy and stressful Information Age? Check out Steve's show AdapNation
January 3, 2019
Sheli McCoy (Crossfit Athlete, Olympic Lifter & Coach) takes to the mic in my final reflections episode (2018 Lessons Part 4). Sheli had a car crash, lost her job, and then continued to get punched in the face by life, but 2018 was a year of lessons for her and it will shape her success in 2019. Learn from Sheli and her turbulent year, build strength to have your best ever year.
December 31, 2018
When your brain is saying no, should you say yes? Probably, otherwise you might miss some of life’s best opportunities. But what if it's no your natural character? It is also good to know when to quit, to say no. In part 3 of my 2018 life lesson podcasts I hand over the mic to co-host Tom Bainbridge as he’s some awesome life lessons from this year. Discussing faking it till you make it, seizing opportunities & trying new things, relaxing gym time and dietary tracking, our hobbies and approaching life and it’s enjoyments. A very personal show from Tom, enjoy.
December 27, 2018
Chloe Madeley, a legend in the world of fitness, has a story not often shared, her past of anxiety, self-doubt and body dysmorphia which resulted in obsessive behaviours and panic attacks. In this raw and honest interview I delve into Chloe's background in fitness and the struggles she has faced, looking beyond the strong body and mind she has today. An empowering show for women around the world, be inspired by Chloe's amazing story, the story not often shared.
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