Someone left a comment about this podcast being nothing but a bunch of ads, and I disagree. Not true. If you don't put ads, how will you keep it going? It's free content, people! I'm also listening to Gritty Founder, which I just discovered. A new podcast which I've been binge listening to and loving it!
Absolute nonsense
According to the claims im the latest podcast, simply meditating can strengthen immine system, prevent brain function decrease, strengthens the heart. These claims are outlandish and highly unlikely to be true as presented. Additionally, there are tons of ads in these podcasts. One or 2 is fine, but this is just a series of ads disguised as a podcast.
Super podcast, when John talks w/ Shaan Patel!
Awesome! Fire! I really enjoyed this podcast, where John Lee Dumas interviews Shaan Patel, and we get some secrets of making money online, and smart wise business decisions in this new world of technology, and online business. I look forward to more Fire-Nation podcasts, with JLD! Thank you! Adam Chiocca (your newest big fan, from Boston!)
Needed to hear this episode
There are some days that you just need to hear people talk about difficult topics and today was one of them. Thank you for interviewing He’ll or High Sea today.
Amazing Show!
John is a positive, energetic, and magnetic host that brings out interesting stories and answers out of his amazing guests. This show is incredibly addicting and you’ll be taking notes on some extremely valuable insight. Check out any episode and you’ll fall in love.
Applicable in So Many Areas of Your Life!
This isn’t just for entrepreneurs. This podcast is for students, go-getters and all around hard workers! Relevant to so many areas. Best podcast to get motivated. I use it to get motivated to do my homework!!! Thank you JLD!!!
Excellent Podcast
Laura Gassner Otting
Terrific podcast! Amazing content and a great host. I've been a fan of this podcast for so long. I was honored to be a guest and look forward to listening to many more episodes!
Further education & training is key
fiel escucha
Hey JDL, big fan of yours but have to disagree with Raphael about his comment on getting further education and training which he sees that as a “trap. ” The fact that coaching has no regulations and that anyone can become a coach in a matter of months is wrong! Good intentions are not enough to help others... that’s why I encourage anyone to get educated, trained and get the experience necessary in order to serve others...
Excellent podcast
Smith Law
Loved the commencement speech!
So much goodness!
JLD is a pro at keeping things simple even with complex topics. It's so easy to take away actionable steps that really move the needle in business or life from every single episode. And his guests are incredible. EOF never disappoints.
Best entrepreneur podcast EVER
Love JLD’s podcast and all of the amazing guests he chats with. SO MUCH VALUE!!
Fires Me Up!
The perfect way to start my mornings 3 days a week. Epic podcast, JLD!
JLD is Top Notch
Doug Boughton
Yea I love that phrase and it’s one that I don’t throw around loosely! This is by far my number one podcast that I listen to when I’m in my car or cranking out work at the office. Side note, I sent him a message after I got his automated messages, wondering how he did it and the Legend himself sends me a voice reply. I know that’s nothing crazy but talk about authenticity and just being a genuine human, I’d love to meet John sometime!
Exploding with information!
I started this podcast since I’m in the process of learning the ropes of a successful consulting business, my mother has had for years. While the resources on this podcast are innumerable, they are making me consider alternative opportunities to be an entrepreneur. More tools, book suggestions and other insights than you can shake a stick at.
More than a podcast!
It's more than a podcast, it truly is a daily "audio masterclass" as John (JLD) calls it. I love that the focus is always to drop "value bombs" - concrete steps you can take today in your own business. EOF has turned my everyday walking into business school - but taught by people with tons of real-life, current experience. As a recent college graduate, it's refreshing to hear from people who are doing great things outside the classroom. JLD is a great host with a talent for keeping guests on track to deliver what will most help listeners grow their business. Thanks JLD for a great show!
a podcast that knows how it's done!
I've been interviewed by over 20 podcast hosts now, and John really impressed me with how he extracts value for listeners. As I'm about to launch my own podcast, I'm watching and learning from the master.
Been listening for 6 years! Incredible
I have been listening to EOFire since episode 60. It just continues to get better and better. I think this podcast should be a "MUST" for all entrepreneurs!! Great work!
Worth the time!
I tell people that for any content people or brands might be consuming- be worth people’s time! EOFire is just that- subscribe and watch your business grow. He’s also an amazing host who puts a ton of time into ensuring that guests have relevant advice for listeners!
A must have podcast!
There's so many podcasts to choose from and a lot are doing good things but JLD has separated himself from the heard with Entrepreneurs on Fire. From the guests perspective I can't talk him up enough. This is a well oiled machine meant to do 2 things....deliver the Listeners value and a fun experience. Make sure Entrepreneurs on Fire is in your library. Fire!!!!🔥🔥🔥
My favorite entrepreneurial podcast by a mile!
the best business show out there
John is the real deal - the best host in the space, with guests that are always worth listening to! Always worth my time :)
Ridiculous value
I get so much value from each episode. If you’re currently a business owner, entrepreneur, or want to be one in the future than this podcast should be part of your daily diet.
JLD is on Fire! You must listen to this podcast!
Savvy caddy
I have listened to EOFire for over 3 years now and it is consistently a great experience. John Lee Dumas interviews amazing entrepreneurs and asks them interesting questions so we can go into a bit of depth. Best of all, there are "value bombs" in every episode - a course in entrepreneurship. If you are an entrepreneur - or even think you might want to be - EOFire is the podcast for you. Keep up the great work, JLD!
Dr. Shaan Patel
EOF by JLD is by far the best podcast for entrepreneurs on the internet! You will not find more valuable advice for entrepreneurs anywhere else. What I love most about the podcast is that JLD brings on savvy, succcessful entrepreneurs who give practical steps to building your business, rather than academics with a lot of theory. It's all in the application of what JLD and his guests preach!
Consistently brings value to the audience helping them to make a lot of money, help a lot of people so they can have a lot of fun.
The real deal holyfield
JLD has built a community that lives for building a bigger and better life, gives you the tools to to hunt down that dream of yours. This podcast is a living blueprint to be the best in the world at whatever you’re chasing. Download it.
The greatest!
Lucas Lee-Tyson
Easily the most genuine and value-packed podcast for entrepreneurs of any stage. You will never find a host with a more energized and enthusiastic approach than JLD. Throw all your other podcasts away and just listen to this one ;)CC
Not what it used to be
EOFire used to be my favorite podcast, but now it seems more like an elaborate funnel/advertisement for pay-to-play entrepreneurs. The more you pay JLD, the more time or episodes you get on the podcast. Idk; it’s not my favorite format anymore. It just seems too insincere and contrived these days. I still listen on occasion and get some tidbit of value every time, but it’s at serious risk of becoming a podcast informercial. :/
Just Amazing
Each interview gives me some homework to do because I’m always learning something new! Super inspirational and always my go to for motivation.
Energy Bites for Entrepreneurs!
Packed with powerful, motivational, and inspiring truths! Make time to listen and take time to reflect on them and implement them. It will be worth the investment!
Great podcast
I’ve been listening for 4 years and have received tons of great encouragement on my entrepreneurial journey. Thanks JLD!
I love this podcast!
I love EOFire!!! JLD always manages to bring in the most interesting guests from all areas in life that share amazing insights and wisdom that I don't always get here on other entrepreneurial focused podcasts!
Great Content
Love this show, straight up solid content. It’s obvious that JLD puts Extraordinary effort into finding guests that are authentic and truly care about being a positive force in this world. Thank you for making a difference.
JLD has Perfect Timing!
Straight up, I’ve been a part of Fire Nation and a JLD fan for Years! He’s one of my Heros! Thanks for all you do Brother, Keep em coming!!
John's the Pioneer
Kdc3 41
Kerri and I have recognized John as a leader in entrepreneurship and business development for years. John has a way of explaining complex situations in very understandable bite sized chunks. If you only listen to one podcast in regards to business growth, EonFire is the one!! Ken Courtright
Simply the Best
Logan Duvall
I’ve grown to admire JLD’s drive and authentic delivery of information. Even though I’ve not met him I consider him a mentor and cherish the knowledge he compiles. I’ll continue striving to be we worth interviewing ;)
I’ve followed JLD for 2 years and his show always comes through with the exact guest I need to hear at the exact time. Thank you JLD for perfecting your craft. Your show is impacting so many lives! Keep up the good work! Truitt
Incredible! Eye opening!
Definitely recommend how awesome, life changing and eye opening some of these guests and JLD bring to light. Great content, ideas, stories and most of all people. My goal is to find my families version of Puerto Rico.
Inspiration for my own movement!
JLD and his crew of guests have shared great insight on how to Switch it up on my entrepreneurial spirit and how to make my dreams a reality! Thanks for all you do, and see you soon for a podcast interview! God bless your journey 🙏🏽
Must in the briefcase
Ela Gro
A huge fan of JLD. Each interview is different from the next. I am new to this podcast and have such a wonderful pool of good content to dive into. So educational and there is something for everyone!
Big Fan
Shannon Miles, BELAY
Being a fan of John’s podcast for years, it was such a joy be a guest. Bryan and I were so excited to be invited to share our lessons learned in delegation. John is intentional about getting to the core take always and keeping the content relevant for his listeners. Thank you to the whole EOF team for a wonderful experience!
Very Naice
Great Success
JLD is amazing
Mike Casey1234456666
I have learned so much from this podcast! Keep going JLD!
JLD podcast is one of my top five podcast. Tons informative info that is valuable in many ways. I highly recommend this podcast. Go subscribe what are you waiting you are missing out.
Keeps you smart, sharp, and awake
EOF is one of my favorite business podcasts. Although it follows a “masterclass” format, host JLD brings great energy, keeping your attention. No droning on or letting guests be too self-serving. Interesting topics that span hefty business theory to general life/human advice. And the episodes are a good length, too. Easy and engaging listen for your commute.
Supports Success
JLD has great energy and a passion for entrepreneurship, and it comes across in every single episode. A former radio show host myself, I'm impressed with how he keeps it going day after day, always keeping it fresh. He has an incredibly loyal fanbase for a reason. I was fortunate enough to be a guest on his show and I heard from people I hadn't heard from in years who reached out to tell me they heard me on EOF. Keep up the great work!
John Lee Dumas is a masterful interviewer
Sam Horn, author/speaker
What a joy it was being interviewed on JLD's Entrepreneur on Fire podcast. He really did his homework on my new book SOMEDAY IS NOT A DAY IN THE WEEK and asked provocative questions so we zipped past chit chat and dug deep into how we can motivate ourselves to take action on what's important NOW, not LATER. We filled out his Happiness Box which led to an insightful conversation on how we can take rseponsibility for creating the life and work we want now, not someday. Hope you find these insights intriguing, inspiring and USEFUL. Thanks JLD. You rock.
Whether it’s listening or being a guest the podcast is great is so many ways.
One of the best business podcasts out there!
I've been listening to EOFIRE for years and it is seriously great content. I love the recent shift to go into longer, more natural interviews. It has continued to show John's mind being one of the most innovative in podcasting.
Just a Rookie Entrepreneur from Alabama
I love this podcast. I recently heard of you through Russell Brunson while going through his training and I am so grateful to what you are teaching on your show! It’s straight 🔥🔥🔥 I could only dream of being this awesome!! Thanks again JLD!
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