Must listen
This is a great podcast with great perspectives and discussion!
I Love the But....
You guys have to fix the quality of the audio. I can hear the main host fine but all the other hosts fade in and out and break up. It’s terrible. Other than that it’s an awesome podcast. I love the format and all the hosts are great. Keep up the great work and please fix the quality of the audio for Petes sake.
This podcast, and the folks at MacWorld used to be useful and reasonably engaging...not any longer. The audio quality is miserable and the professionalism has tanked! Also, these “pundits” should at least attempt to temper their disdain for Apple and all that it does...these guys seem like they hate Apple and it’s products
Get more Mics
Hard to hear when several people are talking into the same mic at varying distances. One is norm the rest are distant. It's either that or they are not talking directly at the mic.
Used to be good. Now it’s pretty bad. The producer used to add next to nothing to the show commentary, but at least it sounded good at the time.
I use this show as a pallet cleanser for all the different tech podcasts I listen too. Nothing special about it, and kind of bland, but it serves its purpose. However, editing has gotten terrible. Ever since they stopped doing live video posts, it’s gone down hill. What’s with the random 2 second guitar music in between sections? It’s so bad. Quality seems to have gone down too since they stopped doing live streams. I’m not mad about the live streams, I’ve only ever listened to this via podcast, but still, quality has gone way down. A lot of people are complaining in the reviews, and it doesn’t seem like they are taking any user consideration or making any attempt to make it better. Also, a lot of this podcast is basically complaining about Apple, and everything they are doing wrong, or all the stupid decisions they are making. I can get behind those conversations if they are thoughtfully planned out, but most of their complaints are incredibly stupid. A lot of their opinions on what would make Apple more successful as a business are laughable at best. Like three old white guys doing a podcast know how to run a billion dollar company better then the people running it. They do have some interesting conversations, I just feel these tech bloggers and incredibly out of touch with the real world and what can realistically be expected from Apple. Someone else mentioned that it was annoying there was an host who was an Android fan boy in disguise, and I second that. Also their “two minute tips” would be helpful to a user not great with technology, but are incredibly obvious to the people that would actually listen to a tech podcast. Makes me feel like they think we’re dumb. That’s not exclusive to the two minute tips though, they all sound entitled a lot. That all being said, it’s not a bad podcast per say. They cover current events, and I guess that’s all you really want at the end of the day. It serves its purpose, but there is a lot of room for improvement.
like like like
What is it the like thing?? It seems sometimes every Three words spoken is the “like”. An example—I was LIKE in a hurry. Instead of I was in a hurry. Sometimes I just listen for the likes and count versus listening tho the topic.
Can’t Listen Anymore Because of Sound Quality
Mac Techie
I love the show. However, the sound quality has gotten so bad that I can’t listen to it in my car or on my headphones. Voices get too loud and sometimes too soft; there needs to be better a quality check to fix this.
Terrible sound
You guys need to guy a mixer and get someone who knows how to use it mix your audio. Turn the volume down so Lief isn't blowing out your speakers, and Roman sounds like he's talking from the bottom of a sinkhole. And make Roman get rid of that tin can connected to the transatlantic string.
Santiago Castelazo
This show used to be pretty good, fluid, and exciting. But ever since they decided to give it a new format, with only audio, and divided by segments, it has become trash. Roman’s audio is aweful, the music transitions are just terrible, with inadequate volume. In general, the editing is simply terrible, almost amateurish. I get that they didn’t want to continue to do the video part, but they could have just continued to make the audio podcast as it was, minus the ‘live’ part. I even miss Dan Mase...What’sHisFace (the producer). Such a shame.
Macworld for Apple Haters
NoPain NoGain
It’s ironic, but the Macworld podcast is one of the most anti-Apple podcasts. Worse, so much if it is ill informed, snarky comments. It’s no wonder the magazine has failed and the website is struggling, why would any Apple enthusiast listen to you or read your stuff? I know you’ve struggled to get hosts, but you need a new crew modeled in the mold of Jason Snell, who can discuss Apple weaknesses in an informed way and from an enthusiast’s perspective.
Bad Audio
2-3 shows in a row now the producers voice sounds terrible... how do they allow this to be aired? So annoying to listen to. Update... wow the new format is unnecessary, annoying, and who is doing the editing? The transitions sound like trash.
Needs to be more to a point.
They should be edited to about a tenth of the length. Make your points as reporters and get out of the way.
Please improve
I have listened for several years now, but this podcast is becoming insufferable at times. Sorry, but Roman comes off as clueless and needs to stop saying “So” after every sentence or thought. So irritating. Leif is okay but needs to stop telling us how poor he is. You’re living in San Francisco, for God’s sake! What do you expect? Otherwise, he provides useful insights and I enjoy his reviews. Both Dan and the other guy (can’t think of his name) make great show contributions. Dan should do the hosting. If the current host would tighten things up a bit, the show would be very listenable.
Show Review
Great show. Enjoy downloading each week’s podcast to hear new Apple news. Very detailed, knowledgeable staff sound out new news about everything Apple.
Macworld go to Facebook
200 in1 app
Macworld needs to go back to streaming live on Facebook where the other 597 live videos are. Because Macworld still puts post on their. It looks better and it’s easier to use and get to and the comments don’t disappear.
Lots of “I own an android” on a Mac show.
Mediocre Apple coverages with lots undercover Android fan boys and gals complaining how Apple services doesn’t work on their devices. Puzzling concept of a show. Oh lots of entitled complimenting and bragging… I guess that’s the funny part of the show.
Used to be Worthwile
The Macworld Podcast used to be a great place to get news and views from the Apple ecosystem. However, it seems that with the loss of Glenn Fleishman, Jason Snell, etc., it has declined. Currently it is headed by Roman Loyola, and he the other participants do discuss Apple news and products. Unfortunately, they then tell us how that these products miss the mark, how Google, Android, Amazon, etc., are better, and inform us that Apple gets everything wrong. This is not what I want to hear from an Apple-centric podcast. Fair criticism is fine, but these guys are becoming material for the Macalope’s articles. It would be great if Roman could get some actual Apple enthusiasts as guests, people who are actually fully knowledgeable about Apple’s products.
Ummmmm Good if you want Apple to be Android
Since the hosts changed back in 2017 I haven’t found it very informative or helpful. More “why doesn’t Apple do what Android and Amazon are sound?”
The publishers should just change the name of this podcast to Androidworld.
Went from a great resource to a marginally listenable mess with the change of hosts some time ago. It's kinda wierd for a podcast called Macworld to spend so much time comparing Android hardware. Too bad. Unsubscribed.
Darth Ridiculous
The worst of the Apple-related podcasts. Can be silly and almost morning show-like in tone — Kathy Gifford, anyone? What's more, why are there several self-professed "Android guys" on a show called Macworld? And don't accuse me of being an Apple fanboy. That's not the point. If I tune into a Star Wars show, I don't expect to hear a ton of Star Trek news. Boo!
Terrible now with new host and ill informed
Terrible chemistry and they don't bother to even research what they are talking about. For instance, rather than try the commands used in the new Siri commercial with The Rock (which do all work in real life), they sit around speculating on whether the commands would actually work based on their biased and flawed feeling that Siri is supposed to be worse than that (and Alexa and Google). If this represents the level of journalism at Macworld these days, then I'm no longer listening to this podcast or reading their articles. Update: the coverage of the Apple Watch Series 3 was the worst form of second hand, fear mongering, and arm chair quarterbacking with absolutely NO UNDERSTANDING of the real issue that only two reviewers out of 20 encountered. Evidently Apple agrees these guys are idiots and didn’t even offer them a journalist review unit. What a sad fall. Avoid these pathetic losers at all costs if you value journalistic values or any sort of factual based reporting... or even entertainment. What a shame.
Mid-2017 slide
Macworld Podcast was the first podcast I subscribed to back around 2003 when Cyrus Farivar was the host. It has always been one of my favorites. Unlike other reviewers here I really liked the more recent hosts including Suzy Ochs, Serenity Caldwell, Chris Breen and Glenn Fleichman, despite their sometimes annoying verbal habits. (Glenn, finish a sentence, my friend!) But now I'm not sure I can tolerate it. It feels as if some kids broke into the podcave one night and made spoof episodes. I counted the word "like" being spoken 28 times in 90 seconds, as in "It's just like, you know... hahaha... yeah... I mean, like yeah." In fact, that exact quote is in every episode at least twice like some sort of Easter egg homage to the original valley girl. I miss the days of "iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac and Apple News and Views here on the Macworld Podcast".
What happened...
I have been listening to this podcast since it started in 2005 and this new incarnation is just not working for me. The new hosts just do not have the authority that previous hosts had. It's like I'm listening to Macworld TMZ. Definately unsubscribing from this one, very sad.
Really not liking the new format
I've tried to give this version of the podcast a chance but really not liking it. I've been listening to the podcast since 2005 & this is by far is the lineup I've liked the least. Too much snark & uninformed conjecture. I really loved the version when Jason Snell was on it.
Not informative or useful
So far, the new incarnation of the podcast is a useless and dull chat session of too many people providing opinion and rumor speculation. Glenn may have been prone to meandering digressions, but at least he provided useful information. You guys produce a magazine that helps people do things with their Apple devices. How about showcasing some of that and sharing some useful tips and ideas?
Glenn Fleishman is insufferable
I miss some of the previous hosts. I just cannot listen to the arrogance of the know-it-all, name-dropping, interrupting, Glenn.
1 star for you Macworld
Both hosts constantly share incorrect information. If you want to be misled, then definitely subscribe!
Obstensibly Good
I really enjoy this podcast. It's one of 3 Apple centric I am regular to. Love the tips and tricks that make my day easier. We share the same points of view on many things. The hosts work well together as well. But I do play game every week and count how many times Glen says ostensibly or some form of the word.
It's like, not too bad, like.
I like really like this podcast like for the most part. It's like light and breezy like and hits all the like super like current things in the Mac universe. Like my only complaint is like when one of the hosts like can't get through like two sentences like before they say the word "like" again. Like, if that "problem" could like be solved, like this would be a pretty listenable podcast. Yeaaaah, like.
Love the discussions on this podcast
Nicodemus t
I have listened to other Apple podcasts, and many have been put aside after a few weeks, but I love this one. What I wanted to comment on was Susie's explanation of what Product Red is, and how the money is donated from the profits of it. All my electronics are Apple, I listen to at least three podcasts a week, and I had no clue what Product Red was. I thought it was just to bring awareness of HIV/AIDS, and that it was just an Apple thing. I went and ordered a red watch band today to add to my ever growing collection of bands.
Too many rabbit holes
Now I see how you can talk about Apple news once a week, by not talking about Apple news and instead talk about reality TV and Iron Chef. Gotta Cancel.
The whining and entitlement has become similar to The Verge
The show used to be interesting but similar to the incessant entitled posts that have plagued most spaces lately it's lost any sense of leveled critique and logical discussion. The consistent whining lately has gotten annoying to the point where there's a shared feeling the hosts have of the loathed design book that apparently began 8 years ago (when Jobs was alive) is the same as what I have with this podcast.
The dude needs to keep his political views to his self. Now that I know his morals and who he supports, I can't support the show. Too bad, I enjoyed the show.
If you're not listening...You Should Be!!'
Macworld. Accept no substitute. All the greatness of this venerable Mac Magazine continues to thrive under the helm of Suzie and Glenn. I've been listening to this podcast since I only had an iPod 64 Gig and I think this podcast is fantastic!! I know there have been changes and a new format the last few years but this is a technology podcast. Change is their business. Adaptability is their strength. Knowledge is their power. It's double the excitement! Triple the adventure! You don't get to 525 episodes on a podcast without hard work and deliverability. Whew there's the mission statement of my review now for the dumb downed version. For readers still with me here just take a listen again to the podcast. Glenn and Suzie have great chemistry and I don't find that too often listening on many podcasts. If I could change my week to start on Wednesdays I would. After I hear them talk Mac, iOS, Etc... then I can face the rest of the week with a smile. So come all and hear their words of wisdom (or not) when Glenn starts speaking. Haha Glenn. gotcha!
This podcast has really gone downhill
Fares B
It's actually become a pain to listen to lately. Glenn is quite annoying and most of the time has no idea what he's talking about.
Slow DOWN!!!
Bakari C
Hey, Glenn, if you can, please slow down your voice, and allow Susie(?) to take the lead. You run your mouth like a fast moving train. Have you noticed how often you interrupt Susie? Seriously, listen to your show and count how many times you do that. I used to like listening to the Macworld podcast, but you Glenn are a serious challenge. Maybe you have lots of fans on social networks, but your hosting of the show could improve by simply slowing..... down.... your....voice. Take a deep breath, and don't worry if you don't get to finish everything you want to say. Don't mean to sound negative, but man it's hard listening to you.
This show is very informative.
Macalope has Reduced my rating from 5star to 1star
Rex Dart - Eskimo Spy
Well, I erase every compliment and recommendation I gave for this podcast because they now include The Macalope into the show. Yes, I get the bit. He's sarcastic and obnoxious and it's intentional. But just because there is a joke behind his trolling doesn't mean I have to listen. Unsubscribed.
If u wish to know more about iPad pro skip the episode with that name in the title
The 1/2 is not about the iPad pro. The 2nd half is the editor, who has one, talking to someone doesn't and who likes to rant. To be fair, it is usually much better.
Shorten the show and remove the nonsense chitchat
This podcast contains useful nuggets of information, such as holding down the command key to see a menu of shortcuts, but these helpful hints are buried in what has become mostly nonsense chitchat about dining, bus traffic , street repairs and things totally unrelated to Apple. I encourage the speakers and editors to listen to this and see why your audience is abandoning this podcast. Either cut out the nonsense and add more substance, or shorten the podcast and just keep it in target. Before or after the show, the speakers can chitchat at a coffee shop That's my suggestions for MaxWorld. My advice to potential listeners is don't.
What a great revival of this podcast!
Robert Mc****
Wrote a very negative review during the Breen/Caldwell era. But Glen and Susie are awesome. Glen in particular has an amazing depth of tech experience, and not just current, but historical knowledge. I have moved the Macworld podcast back up to #2 in my must-listen rankings. Keep it up!
It is a ghost ship!
This podcast used to be great. Very informative, honest opinions and entertaining. Now with the two new host, there is no direction. They are lost. It is like they were put there and they are just talking to fill the time. Such a shame.
New and Improved
Packs NW
Glenn Fleishman has recently taken over as the host and I listen every week. I like the repartee between the usual participants, as they don’t pander to the Big Fruit from Cupertino. Sure, it's Apple centric (that’s the idea), but they bring in enough guests to keep that approach lively and fresh. While I expect the bulk of the shows to be about the latest and the greatest from Apple, I’d appreciate some diversions into history and technique that aren't product release driven.
Research or hearsay?
I am disappointed in some of the discussions where it appears they have not researched the product or issue at hand. They generate a discussion and often one person in the group is knowledge on the topic, but then the other guests/hosts chime in with just hearsay. Perhaps this is appropriate for an editorial but not for a news source. Some of things they say is just uninformed. There are times that all have seemed to have hands-on experience with what they are talking on, but they also have times that none of them do. It is illustrated when in the middle of the discussion one of them is googling a specific issue because something came up that they did not know the answer to. Come on. Get your act together.
Was good, now not
As a lover of tech news and Apple products, I really liked and look forward to this podcast. I thought Chris Breen and Serenity Caldwell did a good job of putting on an entertaining and interesting show. But Susie Ochs--with her opinionated viewpoints and snobbish tone--is really difficult to listen to. Literally. Her voice trails off mid-sentence and can never hear the last part of what she says. I hope they replace her, I'd love to have an alternative to MacBreak Weekly, which is beyond obnoxious.
suzie ochs and her “YEAH"
can someone PLEASE tell suzie to stop saying "YEAH" all the time for no reason, it can drive you nuts while listening to the podcast. Jeez, if you played a drinking game every time she said "YEAH" you had a shot, you'd die of alcohol poisoning before the episode ended. act like a pro girl!
Please Edit!
Fe Ri Ke
Despite massive cutbacks in employed staff, the Macworld site remains a solid vestige of the once-great magazine. The articles are great, and I appreciate getting the “Best of” emails. I wish I could be as positive about the podcast. While it does contain, from time to time, some solid content, it’s just too painful to wade through to find it. I don’t have time hang out with you guys while you play “how cool am I?” (Answer: Not very.) You waste my time kidding around with each other, describing your breakfast routine, and repeat at length an almost identical opinion to the one your cohost just expressed. Please plan ahead, pick important things to talk about rather than trivia, deliver it concisely, and edit! Have you ever heard of post-production? I thought the departure of Serenity might signal something better coming, and although your new sidekick at least refrains from ending every sentence with “and duh-duh-duh-duh-duh,” the overall production is only minimally better. You’re great writers. Please get some help from professional broadcasters. I’ll start listening again when you cut the time by 65% and pack it with more real content.
Went downhill in recent months
Todd in CT
This podcast used to be good, but ever since Breen and Caldwell started to talk about social issues, politics, and business matters relating to Apple, the podcast has been intolerable. Breen in particular has recently been snarky to listeners holding views different than his, and his comments on business and legal matters are ignorant and uninformed. I may come back to this podcast once Apple introduces some new products, but until then I’ve deleted this one from my collection. 10/30/14 Edit: I decided to try to listen to this podcast again. Since my first review, Caldwell quit Macworld, and following a bunch of layoffs, Susie Ochs took over for her. As before, Breen comes off as clueless, and Ochs is just boring. There are better podcasts out there on Mac technology. Skip this one.
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