Hello Babies!
Baby geniuses makes me feel so happy every time they release a new episode! I wasn’t a big fan in the beginning because I don’t tend to like podcasts with weekly guests, but now that it’s just Emily and Lisa I absolutely love it! I can’t imagine where I would be without the knowledge of our precious Ben Chunch. Emily also helped me get the courage to get my adult ADHD diagnosis, and I’m so thankful. Emily and Lisa help me feel like it’s okay to not know where you’re going, but to just enjoy the ride
Are you a baby or a genius, or maybe both?!
This show is so funny and makes me feel validated and less gaslit by the world. Supportive, honest, and hilarious. I consider myself 100% baby
Good talkers
I don't usually like to listen to people talk, so when I hear people talking and find myself liking it, that's really saying something.
This show it fantastic!
I love this show. It’s literally one of my favorites podcasts in the world. I just wish it was on Spotify because iTunes is garbage.
Wow, they’re like me
Cleo Hehn
This is the first time I’ve found a podcast where the people have a lot in common with me: smart, funny, feminist, artist, animal-loving women who make fart jokes and enjoy learning about unusual things in the world. The only other time I’ve found a person/character like this is Lisa Simpson.
Women rule
I’m a very new listener and over the last week I’ve binge listened to about 30 episodes. Lisa and Emily are so amazing!
I lose ten to wayyy too many podcasts and this is by far my #1 favorite. It makes me feel better when I’m mad or sad. It makes me laugh out loud in a semi embarrassing but definitely funny way at work and my coworkers are like WFT is wrong with her. All the theme songs are the best theme songs. 100/10 would recommend!
They DO know everything
Love these genius lady babies. So wise and funny, with excellent theme songs to boot!
My fav
Look forward to this coming out every other week! I save it for a treat while I do my chores. Love Emily and Lisa, super entertaining and smart.
Hellooooo Babies!
Cat Parra
This podcast is absolutely my happy place. The hosts are charming, funny, and insightful. They talk a lot about their lives as women in creative fields and, as a 20 something trying to get my creative career on track, listening to them feels like getting to hang out with my cool older sisters who know what’s up. If that’s not your thing, don’t worry they also talk about horses, dogs, butts, and stuff.
Learn something about just about anything
I’m a fairly new listener to this show, but so far I’ve been enchanted. Lisa and Emily are genuine, funny, and frankly quite gross, which I have just found endlessly delightful. Topics range from discussions about the frustrations and triumphs of daily life, encompassing the funny and the serious, all underscored by a love of learning, even if the thing you are learning about is esoteric, weird and probably useless information. Send my regards to Juniper the horse.
Funny and thoughtful
Also, “God’s wet farts” is my favorite phrase from any song ever.
For babies only
5 stars, would recommend any baby out there that wants to laugh. Watch Emily’s stand up and Tuca & Bertie and support these two brilliant babies!!!! Love you babies <3
Love it!!
Funny, insightful, silly, and just wonderful
Don’t make my mistake
I regret all of the time I’ve spent not listening to Baby Geniuses
Chunch Forever!
On a scale of 1 to 10, this show is DOPE. Seriously, it’s funny and informative. It’s all you could want from a podcast. Get after it! Update: My review got scrambled because I used a swear. Fixed!
Here since the beginning!
Been listening since the beginning and still get excited when new episodes come out! Thanks for company on the long car drives and morning routine walks! Always funny and relatable!
Like a casual convo with awesome friends
Lisa and Emily are the kind of thoughtful, interesting, and hilarious women that you would want to be your friends. It has been fun listening to them over the last several years as they have grown creatively and succeeded professionally, yet stayed as grounded and likable as ever. Their friendship is endearing and the podcast is simply delightful.
Makes me laugh out loud at work
It’s pretty much all I can do not to cackle in my cubicle lest I have to show my boss what I’m laughing at. The banter is so good and the way the conversation between them flows makes every funny bit hit so much harder. Brightens up my day when new episodes come out. Highly recommend!
Just the best
One of the most immediately likable pair of hosts I’ve ever listened to (and I started from the very beginning, so they’re not as bad as you think Emily/Lisa!!!). A wonderful, goofy podcast that I am so grateful to have (and maybe they will be grateful to have my butt pic in the future 😊)!
Dig it
Love these two dorks talking about stuff and things. Also, the segments are rad.
This Show Clears My Skin and Waters My Crops
I’m a log-time fan and am listening to the back-catalog while recovering from a concussion after falling off my mare (1000% my fault). I can never get enough of Emily and Lisa and the guests they bring on. Their wit and energy are perfect and hilarious and they have such great takes on pop culture, current events, and life as woman in her 30s. Listening to this podcast is like hanging out with dope friends who are also role models. They just get it and it’s refreshing af. Five stars ‘til I die.
Peace and Love
This podcast brings me such joy. I love to hear people laugh.
Baby Idiots
They gave Umbrella Academy a bad review and it was a great series. Not sure why this podcast received such high reviews, kind of like two housewives jumping around a million different subjects without much depth, unsubscribing.
The best ever
Lisa and Emily have the ability to lure me out of any mood. I anxiously await every new ep and if I need a fix I go through their back catalog. 13/10.
You should listen to it. It’s weird and gross and funny. Or usually at least two of those things.
Are we not allowed to swear here?
My first review never showed up, probably because of swearing. I had my wife turn this on during a short road trip we took a few weeks ago. She raised her eyebrows at the podcast name but I was like “no it’s cool. It’s two chicks our age. They are funny.” So she turns it on and we got as far as “one of God’s wet farts-“ and she was done. Personally I love your podcast and listen to it often while I’m working at the crap processing factory. You talk about and make a lot of crap, I process it back into drinking water.
Planetary Mnemonic
I died laughing listening to this episode.
Look who’s talking back to a podcast 2
Melissa Leeanne
I love a podcast that makes me want in on the conversation. Lisa and Emily are funny and thoughtful and I like all the quirky segments. I originally started listening a few years ago as a fan of Lisa’s art and books, but soon became a huge fan of Emily as well. I’ll listen as long as they keep going, no matter how the show changes.
UPDATED- I’m here for the celebrity gossip
Not many podcasts can make me laugh out loud, but this is absolutely one of them. Lisa and Emily are hilarious and just the right kind of random. Where else can I get juicy tidbits like how woke Riverdale is and how much fun it is to binge watch the Sopranos for the first time fifteen years after the show goes off the air? Love these two.
Emily and Lisa are rad and hilarious, and I look forward to each and every episode. My #1 stop for news about and adjacent to Martha Stewart’s pets!
Ladies about town
I just love listening to this podcast. These ladies are genuine, funny, and genuinely funny. Prepare to laugh, and maybe learn, and definitely hear about bowel movements. The expert hour is a particular treat, so be prepared for a barrage of important and useful information to assault those ear holes.
Makes this baby feel more like a genius
I’m a second year in college and it’s nice to have something that’s hilarious and also something that I can kinda trick myself into saying is “educational”. I absolutely love it and am currently trying to work through all of their works! Keeps getting better and better
Not smart.
I tried to give this podcast a chance, but these two are obsessed with tv shows and celebrities. It’s mind numbingly boring, not even slightly funny, and after 20 minutes I skipped ahead to see if they would ever talk about something interesting. Near the end of the show they read what sounded like a newspaper article or something from a blog. Waste of time.
Lisa and Emily are incredibly funny, and the structure of the podcast keeps it from dragging. And it’s strangely informative thanks to Wiki of the Week.
Good podcast. Thank you.
Andy M Wallace
It a good podcast
I like these 2 people a lot
sext this and sext that
It’s a great podcast that is very funny.
Funny successful women
I love the show and have listened for the past few months. Lisa and Emily have a genuine friendship and still seem relatable despite having successful entertainment careers. I was happy with the podcast until I went back and heard old episodes with guest performers and I like those episodes better. I understand their reasons for no longer having guests but that’s why I’ve rated a 4 instead of 5.
Love those butts!
Role Models. Emily and Lisa are two bad witches. 10 stars.
Very Good
Great podcast. Very funny, and often relatable. Also, a good palate cleanser from all the politics and news podcasts I subject myself to.
Thank you!!!
Christopher with a K
It’s always a good time listening to you, Lisa and Emily. Funny, thoughtful, witty, goofy, informative, candid, etc., etc., etc. This is THE paradigmatic podcast.
5 stars!
Tazz 1212
I first heard of this podcast via a MaxFun show commercial. I was immediately drawn in. They have such a great comedic energy that also reflects their friendship. Both Emily and Lisa are hilarious. Listening is like sitting with a couple of good friends. I appreciate how they are so vulnerable and authentic! Please keep recording forever!
Like it, except for “like”
I really enjoy you ladies so very much, but the habit of using the word “like” starts to drive me crazy 😬. It also detracts from what you’re saying- which, often times, can be very real observations that should be taken seriously. In conclusion, lots of love anyway ❤️
The most effective cure...
The most effective cure for the common Monday, rainy days, and doo doo news cycles. Lisa Hanawalt’s comics (& Bojack) brought me here, I stayed for the chemistry between her and Emily Heller, both rock. Informative, entertaining and more hilarious then any other podcast that I’ve heard. What’s not to like? Do yourself a favor subscribe you’ll thank yourself later.
My new happy place
These two ladies are hilarious, real, and relatable. Listening to the back log is just a joy. Thank you for the awesome podcast!
This podcast makes me laugh!
I've been listening to Baby Geniuses for about 2 years now, and am only now writing a review because I'm lazy and stuff. Emily and Lisa are absolutely frickin' hilarious. They are kind, funny, strong women who have made me cry so hard that I laughed and laughed so hard I peed. Keep it up ladies! You're amazing!
Amazing show!
Lisa and Emily have made me laugh out loud in several public spaces now. On the train. In my car. At my desk in the office. If you like conversations from two smart, funny women and you also like improv then you should totally listen to this fantastic show. It's so, so good. You'll like it!
I never know what to say this podcast is 'about' but it's still the BEST PODCAST
thank u emily + lisa
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