Uncle Joey
Terrence Hickson
Love your show brother... raw, authentic.
Gotta love it
You gotta
LOVE SOMETHING!!!!! JOEY DIAZ 🕯☝️ -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠
What Joey does for me
Louie Alcatraz
Keeps it real. Thank you. It never feels like when keeping it real goes wrong.
Old School vibes on the Ari episode
Awesome Show!
Joey Diaz has the stories and an ability to tell them in a way that feels as if he is directly talking to you. Love that silky voice 🤗
It’s back!
Yes! Little whiff of the old school church with Ari. Glad to see this style again!
Love the church
Been down with the church 🤟🏽 one of the best podcasts out there life lessons and of course the flying Jew going into the murky waters
The world would be a better place if everyone listened to Uncle Joey and Lee
Camilo Blanco
This podcast will go down as one of the best comedic podcasts of all time. Uncle Joey is the best comic on earth! I look forward to every single new podcast they come out with! Keep it going!
Change it up
Absolutely love uncle Joey just wish he’d interview someone other than comedians all the time.
Sound inconsistencies
titty bags
COCO!! Love the podcast brotha! One thing though...why is the sound inconsistent at times ? You’ll be telling a story and the volume drops down like you’re whispering so I turn up the volume and then you’ll be back to normal voice and it blows my ears out 😂. If y’all could fix it, that’d be great but if not I’m still gunna listen anyway. Good luck in Chicago this weekend !
Tip Top Magoo Podcast
Introduced to Joey Diaz on Rogan Podcast. Just when you think it can't get any funnier, Joey lays down another true tale from his life of craziness. Then when you're stomach is hurting from laughing so much Joey gets real with some heartfelt knowledge. Keep up the excellent work Joey and Lee. Can't wait to see what's ahead. Much luv...Jer (La Habra, CA)
Coco for Prez!
Someone wrote a review saying he makes the girl comics feel uncomfortable when they go on The Church of What’s Happening Now, and they can’t be more wrong. You should at least look into what kinda relationship Joey has with These females Before judging...anyways I’m out
Setting the record straight
Joey- You telling the story about your ex wife... I lived that. I was compromised as a parent. They tried to replace me, make me irrelevant, make me disappear. Fast forward several years and I’m still here cocksucka. Stay Black.
Good podcast but,
Stop making the whole episode an advice class to comics , the girl comics please stop making them feel uncomfortable. I have to turn you podcast off that’s how weird it gets. Other than that love you Joey your the Man!!!!
Uncle Joey n da flyin jew
ray ray mc'bigears
Always awesome when you have Deano the delrazor on! Keep up the good work boys and keep the hummus outta lee’s muffla!
I love uncle Joey!
Paulie Haynes
Joey helped me thru the hard times in life and always makes me laugh. He helped me thru my mother passing away due to cancer six years ago. His podcast brought me happiness thru a dark time. Thank you Joey.
30 year episode
Had to say something I never leave reviews for anything. I thought that 30 year anniversary episode was gonna be about the kidnapping. Then I listened and that marriage episode really helped me out. You the man Uncle Joey
Thanks for the marriage episode. I needed that.
The king
One of the best podcasts out there!! Love the flying Jew!!!
Great show
mailman c
Keep up the good work!! The show is tremendous and tip top magoo!!
Great show. Audio lacks a little
Willie Chops
Awesome show. Please work on the audio. Sometimes it’s hard to hear Coco. He whispers a lot. Maybe some volume automation. Lee does a great job, just some constructive criticism for when the audio levels drop. I’d be happy to help mix, if you need help.
Top 3 podcasts
Keep listening cocksuckas
Joey Diaz
Love me some uncle joey
Uncle Joey and Lee-Lee-Leland put out the BEST podcast twice a week. I look forward to every episode. If you’re not listenin, you’re slippin, cocksucka!
Made me a podcast fan
His podcasts with Rogan are my favorite of all time.
Thanks Coco
Your podcast gets me through my day every day man, your experiences and personality are very enjoyable. I bought tickets for the Chicago theater show on September 27! See you then cocksucka!
Mad flavor
whiteboy 313
Coco is a living legend and the flying Jew is on the rise
Love my uncle Joey
Enough said
Love uncle Joey!
Have listened to this podcast for quite some time and how can you not love Uncle Joey? Keep it up. Much love
That ego podcast was not what I was expecting very nice genuine and real raw and honest 💯 keep this goin
Joey Diaz
Joey is a true original. This type of energy is almost impossible to come across in today’s age.
The best
Kells #1 fan
Joey Diaz is one of a kind
Lessons to listen to
Not only is Joey one funny MFer, but listening to him talk about life, his past and current events is music to the ears. He’s made a lot of mistakes and his profound takes on them show how anyone can be redeemed, if they’re honest with themselves and the world. It’s refreshing to hear someone say it like it is, no filter. Much love coco!
Joey lit the fuse and watched the fun begins .joey and lee are great and fun to listen to!!
Joey and Lee are my endless source of giggles and wisdom
Kay Kravets
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Joey Diaz pod cast
I think we all agree you are the best comedian actor farther husband friend talk show master excellent story teller with the most respect love listing to you and your real life stories keep up the great work would love to get one of those phone calls from you just checking up as Joey d would say thanks again jay d loyal fan Thanks Joey
Thank you uncle Joey
Uncle Joey, i found you through joe’s podcast and man I’m glad I did! As I wrote in the review for JRE, about a year and half ago I was in a rough spot mentally as well as with my wife! I’m a trash man and drive a lot so, i have all the time in the world to have my mind wonder and it effected me even more due to the running thoughts. Through you and Joe’s podcast, you guys gave me a new way to look at what I was going through and challenged me to look at myself before looking upon others! I may never get to meet or speak with you and that’s okay cause I’ll always be listening! I got to see you at zanies in Nashville and wish I could’ve shook your hand but just to get to see you live was a dream come true! God bless you uncle Joey and keep up the great work! Best wishes Jerramie
Best podcast ever
It keeps me from pulling the trigger or tying the rope around my neck every week. Love you lee and uncle Joey.
Hands down my favorite podcast uncle Joey and the Christ killer can make you laugh so hard one minute and have you reevaluating your life the next.
The best!
Much Love!!!
I love listening to Uncle Joey and Lee! Its starting to have too much 'Business of Comedy' talk for me though.
The best.
Joey D is the best. Chicago loves you joe!
Mixed Bag
The newer episodes have guests that are asked about their life stories and overly-glorified by the host, Joey “Coco” Diaz. This defies the tradition of older episodes, where which guests were welcomed to join discussions about personal, multi-dimensional, and odd topics that created unfabricated dialogue. It’s this trajectory that I miss about the show. It seems the host is too awed by the presence of people like Mike Tyson, Tommy Chong, and Jordan Belfort to enter that realm of thought-provocation. For reference, my favorite episodes included interesting acts like Kate Quigley, Felipe Esparza, Theo Von, and Luis J. Gomez. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that these guests are fairly close with the host. But even in many episodes with fellow comics/friends, it can fall flat because all that’s spoken about is general comedy and how hard it is to become a successful comedian. At that point, it’s not “The Church of What’s Happening Now,” it’s just ‘the church of our comedy careers.’ The topic of stand-up comedy is interesting, but no topic sustains the same interest if spoken about too often (especially when certain points are repeated too much). But then again, it’s not my passion, so I imagine this podcast would be better suited for people who thoroughly enjoy stand-up. Other than that, I enjoy the sincerity commonly demonstrated by the host and co-host, Lee Syatt, and it would be nice to have more episodes where they have a fun time without any withstanding substance (it’s okay to be goofy for the entirety of an episode sometimes, with or without particularly unique guests). I guess the big problem here might be the pressure to do multiple episodes a week. Maybe that’s too much responsibility to reasonably make a show where each episode is captivating in it’s own way (what I imagine every podcast should be). And so, my recommendation would be to make fewer episodes of greater depth, fun, and resonating rebellion that encourages independent thought. That’s all I got for now.
One of the best!!
Honestly got put on to Joey Diaz from JRE podcast and I’m glad I did. One of the funniest people today, grounded, humble person. Much love to coco Diaz.
One of the best to do it.
Joey D is beyond engaging. A standout in a sea of comedy.
Long episodes were way better
mickey chinn
Bring back the long ones please at least every few
Number 1
This is my favorite podcast. Always waiting for the new episodes. Keep it up Joey & Lee great job.
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