April 1, 2015
This episode we conclude this podcast in grand fashion by discussing the zombie genre in general, the season finale of the The Walking Dead, the spinoff trailer "Fear the Walking Dead", and finally we give out some very special 'Headshots'. Thanks to everybody for their love and support of DMT it has been an absolute pleasure bringing it to you. THANK YOU ZEEPS!
March 18, 2015
This episode we have a few announcements, Frank and Jack talk Walking Dead, Jack talks IZombie, the Nothing to Lose animated movie is mentioned, and finally Frank interviews Kevon Ward (actor/producer) and Jimmy Lee Combs (director/Fire and Heart Productions) about the upcoming hilarious 'zom-com' Hans Crippleton: Talk to the Hans! Check out Nothing to Lose here: and be sure to check out Hans Crippleton here:
February 25, 2015
This episode Kat is on assignment but she did get a chance to interview the Writer/Director of Wyrmwood, Kiah Roache-Turner! Also Jack and Frank talk the most expensive video game of all time and of course The Walking Dead! This is an extended edition of DMT, thanks for listening!!
February 10, 2015
This episode, we continue our discussion of why horror in literature and movies can't get mainstream attention (for the most part), we discuss the cross over of fans from The Walking Dead into other horror movies, and finally we discuss the latest episode of TWD!
February 4, 2015
This episode we have an update on Bart the zombie cat, we 'save' five people in the zombie apocalypse, Walking Dead gives us 2 minutes of macho men, and finally we discuss horror being taken seriously! Follow us on Twitter @DeadMenCast and be sure to visit these great sites! and! Thanks for listening!
January 28, 2015
This episode Kat brings a list of awesome foreign zombie movies you gotta see, we talk most important people in a zombie apocalypse that must be saved at all cost, and finally a zombie cat appears! Follow us on twitter @DeadMenCast and be sure to visit the following websites: and! Thanks for listening!
January 21, 2015
This week Kat is on assignment. Jack and Frank talk about the Plan 9 From Outer Space 'remake', frozen zombies, and they revisit the zombie nativity scene from Christmas! Follow us on Twitter @DeadMenCast and be sure to visit and! Thanks for listening!
January 14, 2015
This week Kat gives her impressions of ZNation, Jack fights with internet trolls (not really, just sounds controversial), and the crew discuss what zombie dreams mean! Check out what Kat will be up to here: and Jack here: and Also please visit the newly redesigned!
January 7, 2015
This episode gets a host makeover. Kat, Jack, and (?) discuss wether or not zombies are ruining America, Walking Dead speculation, and a surprising reason why zombies are popular! Check out the new and be sure to visit zombieresearchsociety! Follow us on Twitter @DeadMenCast
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