So. Hard. To. Listen. To.
Ben is really hard to listen to like he has a crush on Meg and can only say a few words at a time. Dude relax and lighten up. This was painful
Vroom Vroom
Ben, Meg, and Sam are absolutely wonderful. This podcast is my go to listen before anything else. The fact that there are 3 episodes a week even in the offseason is great. The content is exactly what I’m looking for. I will say that I did like the podcast more when Jeff was around, but that is in no way knocking the work that Meg and Sam do. They are phenomenal co-hosts and I enjoy every bit of their contributions. It really is just the fact that Jeff was so great at it that I would have emailed Apple to demand they allow me to rate the podcast 10 stars if he were still around. But even with Meg, Ben, and Sam it still absolutely deserves 5 stars. Great stuff!
How not to behave
I loved the comments by Ben and Matt regarding the Taubman debacle in Houston. They are dead on, proud to be a Patreon supporter!
Relentless repetition is the mode of this show no matter how trivial the subject. Prodigious patronizing of all views not drunk on analytics. Major west coast bias. This really ought to be called the Mike Trout show. I just got fed up
There is no better podcast
This is my favorite podcast by a country mile. Patreon support this program. It is top quality research and quality. The Stats Blast song makes me smile every time.
Really, Sam? 10-8-19
I tried to listen to the latest episode, although it turns out that Sam didn't even watch the games. Ben spent the first however many minutes describing two games to his partner. This is easily my favorite baseball podcast and I anticipate each episode. But I had to turn the Oct. 8 episode off because apparently Sam couldn't be bothered to at least open a box score and become knowledgable about the playoff games. Bad look, guys.
I have a ton of podcasts of every variety in my queue every day, but every day (or approximately three times a week) I only end up listening to one: Effectively Wild. Thank you!
My Favorite Podcast
I am an avid podcast listener who subscribes and consistently listens to about two dozen podcasts, mostly focused on religion and baseball. There are many solid baseball podcasts that are team-focused, league-focused, fantasy-focused, etc., but this is the most well-rounded baseball podcast by far. Meg is so insightful and cheerful and Sam makes me laugh out loud repeatedly. I am equally excited for each episode regardless of who is co-hosting. Ben's voice reminds me so much of Tim Mackie, the host of two popular Christian podcasts, and they both bring a wonderful level of nerdy expertise to their respective field. Listening to this pod over time will deepen your understanding of and appreciation for sabermetrics, the overall beauty of baseball, good conversation, and prefacing any fun fact in life with "Statblast!"
Funny, incisive and literate
Update for 2019 (v.3 of this review) - I have been listening to EW for several years now, I think almost since the beginning, and I am a Patreon supporter. So of course, I am used to it now, and listening is a habit - I seldom skip an episode. For me, the current 3-host format is the best version of EW ever, because Ben, Sam and Meg bring complementary strengths, and the vibe is always fun. The topics can get pretty far into the weeds, which can be good or bad depending on your level of baseball nerd-out, but only occasionally do I not find them interesting. Most of the guest segments are great, too. If I have a gripe, it's that sometimes the discussions keep going for a few minutes after everything's been said - a little more "ok, next topic" to keep it moving would be nice. Anyway, this is my favorite baseball pod. It's really good at asking the right questions about baseball. The season previews are terrific. EW also gets to some fascinating historical and peripheral topics (like Finnish baseball, and baseball for blind players). There's a strong analytic / sabermetric slant, but the hosts readily admit to the limits of their knowledge. I like the music interstitials too.
The best
Best baseball podcast, period. Smart people bantering about baseball and all the little things that make it great, not just day to day results and standings. Ben has a very unusual voice and vocal intonations but they add to his excellent hosting and incredibly even handed assessments. Sam is a good cohost who always brings the stat blast fireworks. But Meg is my favorite. In fact, while I have no idea what she looks like (and after working at NPR for years I learned it’s best not to know what your favorite radio personalities look like!!!), her mix of baseball knowledge, dad jokes, self deprecation, witty banter and eternal optimism in the only Mlb franchise to never play in a World Series (Mariners) has me totally crushing. Sports media needs more Megs!!! Overall, if you’re a baseball fan, you really should listen to EW. It’s the best.
Apparently you need a title for a review, but the actual review is optional.
Effectively Wild has basically replaced just about all the podcasts I used to listen to. While it is a baseball podcast in name and practice, the hosts don’t typically focus on the more day to a day aspects of the game (as compared to other baseball podcasts), instead they choose to use baseball as a means of understanding the human condition. There is humor, philosophy, science, psychology, economics, computer science, a fantastic selection of music all intertwined with Mike Trout fun facts and hypotheticals.
Less banter more baseball please
There are no really good podcasts for fans who want to hear about developments in the game such as pennant races, organizational moves etc. ESPNs Buster Olney is an irritating little frat boy so I cannot listen to him. Effectively Wild has some good content, but they spend too much time bantering about “clever” things like whether baseball players like their jobs, perfect games by umpires etc. their best product is the season preview team by team, where you learn about changes, who is improving, declining etc. it’s great stuff but they seem to hate doing it because they say so on every episode.
Staple in the podcast rotation
Baseball fix all year long... in sometimes odd and unexpected ways.
Consistently great
Best podcast for those that love Baseball
Mat Albers
Absolutely the best baseball podcast of all time. Maybe the best podcast of all time.
My favorite podcast
Baseball is not my favorite thing in the world, but Effectively Wild is my favorite podcast. Sam Miller is like a genius on magic mushrooms. He is WAY into baseball, and writes for espn. Anytime the podcast elicits a belly laugh from me, it’s probably Sam talking. Meg Rowley is, and I really hate to use this word first, but she is sooo charming, which wouldn’t mean much, if she wasn’t also super-smart, and WAY into baseball. She’s the managing editor for FanGraphs, if I have that right. Ben Lindburgh is an author ('The Only Rule Is It Has To Work' and 'The MVP Machine') and writer for The Ringer. I’m not sure how much Ben is into baseball, but he is the rock of this baseball podcast. He is the glue that holds it together. I like how Ben ultra logically describes both sides of an issue, and then is ok with saying he doesn’t know (which side is right). I like how he doesn’t take himself too seriously, while fearlessly diving into some fairly serious issues. I’m pretty sure Ben picks the music each week (different each week!) and this podcast has the best music of any non-music radio/podcast, ever. Better than some actual music shows, too! EW is smart, fun, and accessible even to non-nerd baseball fans like me. (By non-nerd, I mean not totally 100% nerd. Like maybe 57% nerd...)
Simply The Best
Been listening to this show for years now, it’s simply the best baseball podcast out there. Lots of stats for us nerds out here and charming anecdotes, things that help set baseball apart, and all the hosts are very well informed and insightful while working extremely well together. Meg Rowley is a gem and Sam Miller has been one of my favorite writers and voices to hear talk about baseball for a long time now. Lindbergh is excellent as well and I couldn’t possibly recommend the show more.
Great baseball chatter Ellen Adair great!
Not as in Aaron Bummer but it’s a bummer that I can’t give this show more than 5 stars!
It’s excellent.
the brewery
It’s far and away the best baseball podcast. Old episodes were great, new episodes are just as great.
The Very Best
I’m retired and baseball is my life. I’ve listened to most (all?) of the baseball podcasts, and no question, this is my favorite. Smart, witty and entertaining you won’t find more intelligent and insightful commentary on Major League Baseball.
Very Enjoyable and Often Funny
I really enjoy the banter and interesting takes on baseball.
Rounded up from 2.5
Old episodes with Jeff Sullivan would get 5 stars. Current Sam episodes get 1 star. If you’re looking for bloviating 1500 word answers to yes or no questions than Sam Miller is your guy.
Good podcast, dumb listeners
Podcast is great, but never look at the Facebook group.
Sam is back!
Old Time Santana Fan
I absolutely love that Sam is back! He was the reason I listened before and the reason I am listening again. In his analysis, he is looking for the deeper truths and finding the essence of humanity through baseball. I love his sense of humor, his ability to change his own mind during discussions, his creativity, and his willingness to take a risk in possibly making himself look like a fool. Of course, this podcast could not be anywhere with all the effort that Been has put in day after day, year after year. Thank you for such an excellent podcast that is part of my daily life!
This show is unmissable if you love Baseball and thoughtful discussions about Baseball.
Boy I miss Jeff
An ex Nike fan
Jeff brought his love and frustrations with the game of baseball together beautifully, and truly brought out the best energy in Ben. The new cohosts don’t sound like they care at all, and Ben suffers greatly for it. It makes me sad, but this is unlistenable now.
Love This Baseball Podcast!
Dan Heaton
I can't believe that I only started to listen to Effectively Wild earlier this year! I loved the team previews before the season and appreciate the breadth of knowledge from Ben, Sam, and Meg. In particular, Meg's arrival has just made the show better. Her episodes with Ben have been among the best from the past few months. This is a must listen for baseball fans!
Love the website, this podcast is tough to listen to
The material they talk about is actually ok, but the guy talking...oh boy. It’s as though each word is a sentence. It’s. So. Hard. To. Listen. To.
Ben & Meg
Just listened to a pod cast where Ben and meg intelligently discussed Albies contact...telling the truth about the state of player compensation... they used analytical projections to estimate his future performance and converted that to future value... the hosts are what’s great about baseball... This kid will be underpaid... every week ...until he is 30 years old...... I feel bad for him...... he is being force to take less... to provide... for his family... he’s a kid that knows... he will be underpaid... just Incase... he playing days end... with one swing of the bat... like if he running the bases and falls into a hole with a trampoline in it... they were not shaming Ozzie... they were discussing an important issue.. and its affect on the game...
Ben & Meg
Kevin Mattern
Just listened to a pod cast where Ben and meg cried about Albies contract … spitting lies that Albies was a victim and forced by the braves to sign this deal… you guys come up with a fake value on guesstimate future performance on a 22 year old… you guys are what’s wrong with baseball…. This kid will make over 10K a week … every week … until he is 30 years old…… I’m proud of him……… he’s smart… he’s a provider… for his family… he’s a kid that knows a great … lasting impact… of a deal … he knows his playing days can be over with one swing of the bat… like when he fractured his elbow swinging a bat… he loves the game… do not shame Ozzie… do not try to taint his contract … don’t make light of his contract that impacts himself and his family…
Simply the best
What else can be said? This is gold standard baseball podcasting. I’m so happy it exists!
This is the best baseball podcast out there.
& it’s not even close. Ben, Sam, Meg, and previously Jeff (wipes tears) pick apart the game in such a way that I ended up appreciating baseball so much more than before I started listening. They find statistical outliers and interesting players to follow better than anyone, and has made the game of baseball even more fun to watch.
Best baseball podcast
5 stars
Such a good pod, funny, insightful, Sam, Meg and Ben are great
Most Valuable Podcast
I’m really not a fan of podcasts in general, because many of them are just boring people with too much time on their hands, presenting a non-expert view of a topic of their own choosing. Effectively Wild is not a typical podcast. It’s fun, informative, thoughtful, entertaining, and a plethora of other positive adjectives. My only regret is that my commute is very short and I end up being forced to listen to each episode over the course of several days. I look forward to living further from my work, just because I want to have more time to listen to EW in the car. It’s more than just a podcast. The FB group (and all its spinoffs) makes it a community. Ben and Meg and Sam are fantastic. I was introduced to the podcast during the Jeff era and I’ll miss him. However, Ben is the calming force, and Meg and Sam have transitioned almost seamlessly into the space Jeff vacated. Meg and Sam have a similarly delightful timbre, and have done an amazing job since they’ve come aboard (and in Sam’s case, returned). When I have a little more disposable income, I’ll be signing up to donate to their patreon. In the meantime, thank you to those who do, and of course thank you to Ben, Jeff, Sam and Meg.
Boo Yaaaaa
I had been meaning to update my 3-star review since the Ohtani talk (FINALLY)wound down, so here it is. Your podcast makes my commute and yard work sort of enjoyable, and it has for years, but I’ve never had my baseball love and music love collide the way it did when I started the podcast and heard “Gone” by my favorite band, Built to Spill. The music Also love that Sam is back and love the addition of Meg, I’m a big fan of each. Please keep up the good work!
A world-class podcast
D-town Bob
Effectively Wild is enlightening, reveling and a very interesting AND entertaining deep-dive into of baseball’s ins and outs - with a sabremetric tilt. Oh, and it often funny.
New Co-Host
I hope Meg is the new co-host. She and Ben would make a great duo!
Great Baseball Minds and Banter
Ben and Jeff, while seeming to wing it at times, always provide thoughtful commentary and insights into the future of the game and the current news. If you love baseball this should be your one stop shop in the podcast world. Keep it up guys!!
My favorite baseball podcast
Effectively Wild is my favorite baseball podcast. Jeff and Ben (the hosts) have an easy chemistry that’s fun to listen to, and they cover the game with a mix of statistical insight and passion. They get great guests, but perhaps the most intriguing episodes are the ones where they answer all sorts of baseball-related email questions from listeners. If you are a baseball fan and not a subscriber, you’re doing it wrong. The podcast is a great complement to their work at The Ringer and Fangraphs.
The best baseball podcast available by far
Quincy Wheeler
Ben and Jeff are the best doing podcasts in the business. If you love baseball, you have to subscribe.
A Must Listen
Ballpark Nerd
Balancing baseball with family and work obligations can be difficult. Thanks to the Effectively Wild podcast I can keep up with the game I love and learn more about the SABR side of things. The 80 grade peak podcasting! Show keeps getting better every episode.
Willians Astudillo would approve
Easily my favorite podcast out there, not even just baseball related because they will stray from that for space or volcanoes just for fun. But their baseball analysis and stats driven commentary is unparalleled
Addictive and fun
It’s rare to find sports commentary that is this smart and congenial, while not taking itself too seriously. Ben and Jeff work great together, and I never miss an episode
Top Tier Baseball Podcast
Jackson Vines
I enjoy the lighthearted banter of Ben and Jeff, as well as their deep dive into the sport of baseball. Whether it’s analyzing current players or contemplating the future of the sport, I always find myself challenged mentally by their discussions each and every episode. Long live this podcast, good sirs.
Best podcast I listen to
I can listen to these guys talk about baseball for hours on end. They’re insightful, funny, and very knowledgeable about all aspects of the game. I love how frequently they post new episodes too- it really keeps things fresh and exciting. I listen to many sports podcasts, and this one is EASILY the best.
This Willians Astudillo podcast is great
A great podcast about all things baseball, from rediculous postulates like "What if you had to run the bases backwards when you hit the ball to right field?" to really great interviews with some of the most interesting people in the game, to statistical analysis both useless and incredibly interesting. Come for the SABR, stay for the deep dive into HoF artifacts.
Simply my favorite podcast.
Ben and Sam. And now Ben and Jeff. Amazing pairs. Amazing guests. These are not complete sentences, but then again you’re reading a podcast review. Go listen to it. Baseball is good and this podcast makes it better.
The very best baseball podcast
Dog Money
Quality baseball analysis and some good laughs!! Jeff and Ben are entertaining and insightful hosts.
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