Brent Holland excellence in broadcasting!
" Braveheart"
I have been listening to this show for years now & it continues to entertain, inform, & tackles with extraordinary guests the very best in their fields ably interviewed by Mr Holland some of the most controversial stories , mysteries, & of course highly entertaining topics ranging from the Kennedy assassination to Alien visitation to just about anything unexplained . Brent is an exceptional interviewer & broadcaster. On a long drive, a cold night at home you name it, Brent's show is a must ! Highly recommended ! Best always Robert Carol & liam New York City !!
Great podcast, so much info.
Great job Brent, keep them coming. This show provides a wealth of information. Leave it to a Canadian to do the job the American media should be doing.
Ted Sorenson. interview great job but to much whining
this is a better than ave podcast i listen to alot but the host on this show spent first 20 mins whining about google. he doesn’t think he getting paid enough i get it but who does ? i almost stopped listening cause subject matter was not coming up we all pick and chose. he seems to love doing it we like what he does but if your having a bad day or bills are piling up not the listener problem. stay on topic. thankyou
I just finished listening to my third and final episode of "Night Fright." There is an impressive list of show guests, especially in relationship to the JFK assassination. Unfortunately the host, Mr. Holland, is unable to sit still and be quiet when his guests speak. I just listened to my third and final episode featuring Dr. David Mantik and Doug Horne. I swear that half of the time that a guest is speaking, Holland is making noises, one of which sounds as if he's baking cookies (sound of a metal tray being moved around), the other sound is reminiscent of taking bong hits (a consistent bubbling sound)-which would explain the need for cookies. The host really needs to show his guests some respect and sit still, being quiet while they speak. Other then that, perhaps he can install a mute feature so that the audience doesn't have to listen to the background noise. In any case, I'll stick with Black Op radio.
Great Show
This is one of my favorite podcasts. I look forward to it every week. Excellent host and great topics!
Thoughtful, insightful and credible
Brent Holland has evolved Night Fright over the past decade into one of the more thoughtful and credible podcasts for those of us who seek greater insights and truth regarding unanswered questions. As someone who has immersed himself in the JFK assassination since November 22, 1963, I see Brent’s programs and his guests as the leading voices bringing light and new discoveries to the conspiracy to kill John F. Kennedy. I met two of the players who were drawn into the nightmare of November 22 at Parkland Hospital and both believed, as I do, that a conspiratorial web was in place to kill John F. Kennedy. Thank you, Brent, for your professionalism and your commitment to bringing us great content.
Great podcast ...but
Is there anyway you can clean up your audio? It echoes and make it unbearable to listen to.
Redefines Marginal
General Ramey
Even an obsessed lefty like you who never misses a chance to bash America’s President must be grateful to him for authorizing the release of the JFK documents (although you will never ever acknowledge it) typical lefty Poor sound quality, objectivity compromised by Hollands Left Wing orientation, patronizing to the audience, only conversant in a few topics, claims America when convenient, otherwise sets himself apart as Canadian......well I guess you get the picture....
The Best!!!
Super job my favorite podcast period!!!!!!
Learn How to Pronounce Dealey Plaza, ya Canuckl
This podcast is mostly about various aspects of the JFK assassination and conspiracy theories surrounding it and the host can't pronounce where the assassination happened?? It's "Deal-ee" Plaza, not "Daily" Plaza--he needs a "daily" dose of American pronunciation lessons if his entire podcast is going to be about the exact location where one of the biggest events that ever happened in America took place, jeez. And has he not noticed by podcast 25 that every single one of his American guests have pronounced it "Deal-ee?"
Love the show. Question has anyone else had problems downloading as of late?
Hard to listen
This nickname is taken 240
Great topic with Mr. Lifton. First time listener. I am ten mins into the podcast and it's growing harder and harder to listen to due to whatever is going on in the background. It's unprofessional. And, it is distracting/annoying .
more JFK please!!!
love this podcast!
Annoying, Arrogent
Brent Holland .... Less is more!
Liked it better before it became another UFO show
HIs earlier shows had a wide variety of topics, and his JFK series was quite interesting and very well researched. Of late he seems to just want to talk about UFOs, which is getting boring. If he branches out again, this would be a 5 star show.
Caution: Highly addictive entertainment
Engaging host who consistently brings relevant, riveting topics and guests to air.
Great Podcast
Love the podcast. Great subjects and Brent is a great interviewer.
Worth watching!
Queen Erin of Elmwood
I have been listening to this show for awhile now, and while I don't always believe in the various theories presented, Brent is a phenomenal interviewer. His thoughtfulness, professionalism, charisma and pacing of the show make this an incredibly worthwhile show to spend your time listening to.
Interesting Topics & Excellent Host
I listen to MANY podcasts related to the paranormal and/or conspiracy theories and this is one of the best ones out there. The host is a wonderful interviewer, always asking well thought out questions. The show is always interesting and I look forward to each new one. My most favorite topic the host covers is the JFK assassination and I love his enthusiasm for it. Thanks for the great show,
Is it just me...
Is it just me, or is the audio very spotty - starts and stops with words being cut out? Interesting podcast, but this is driving me nuts.
Great topics, but....
Im giving this a 4, and that is only because of the host. The topics and guests have all been great, 5 star worthy. What is very irritating though is the hosts attempts at humor and I can only assume is a forced talk show host laugh that he is trying to perfect. It is extremely obnoxious. He always interrupts the guests while they are in the flow of telling a story and in editing he inserts his shows intro tag right in the middle of the story, not during a natural pause, its like between breaths he will cram in his commercial. Very irritating. Also he plays hokey music in the background some episodes, some not. I dont get it. tl;dr - So in short, the podcast topics and guests have all been excellent, but the host is a giant dork. I reccomend you listen to it and see for yourself if you can get around the hosts shortcomings to enjoy the worthy topics.
Good Show, But. . .
Colleen (Illinois)
I would say GREAT show but the music played in the background while guests are speaking is annoying. Please just let the guest speak without musical accompanient. (Listen, for example, to the show regarding JFK and LBJ and you'll know what I mean).
[ x ]
Outstanding show!
Interesting, & a good listen, but...
A good show and as my wife if a Loon Lake, Saskatchewan native I like to listen & learn things of import from her native soil. Here's the but.. part. He interrupts his guests about every 5 minutes right as they're starting to get on a roll to hype his podcast or reintroduce the guest, or to hype the guests book, website, etc... His podcast would be much improved without the unnecessary interruptions!
Ok podcast
I have only listened to a few of the archived podcasts. I'm not into the JFK conspiracy nor aliens so that doesn't leave many others. Of the others there were many that wouldn't download. The ones that would download were great. Excellent host and he asks some great questions. I stayed interested but it's a bit distracting when the guest is talking and there is constantly music playing.
Trouble downloading
Enjoy the podcast but several of the archived show will not download.
Great show very interesting. Highly recommend.
It's coast to coast AM out of Canada
This is a great conspiracy/paranormal podcast out of Canada.. If you are into the JFK assassian/conspiracy then this definately the podcast for you. I prefer the more paranormal themed shows like Mothman and Ghosts/Hauntings out of Canada, but to each his own. The host, Brent Holland, is very engaging, and like Art Bell takes the topic and guest seriously.
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