JFK Bullet Trajectories with Sherry Fiester
Published November 5, 2008
102 min
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    The JFK conspiracy is the biggest conspiracy in history. The consequences of President Kennedy’s assassination resound to today. But was it just one lone nut assassin: Lee Harvey Oswald? Was there more than one shooter in Dealey Plaza that day? Was there indeed a shot from the front and from the infamous Grassy Knoll? Since 1963 forensic investigation techniques have evolved, and technology has become more advanced in a wide variety of fields. Tonight live from Dallas Texas , the heart of it all, senior Crime Scene Investigator Sherry Fiester. She has the research She has the science She has the facts. What she has found will blow you away. Tonight it’s the JFK assassination Oh and one more thing… All the rumors you have ever heard about the assassination… are true!
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