Great podcast!!
Each episode is to the point and very impactful. The information from each podcast is very helpful.
Simple and straight to the FI topics we care about
I really love this podcast because it’s simple, it’s not over done with too much production, and the guests are fantastic. I also like that it’s easy to keep up with, shows that post too often add too much complexity and it makes it hard to feel a part of the hosts journey. Great stuff! Learning a ton!
Great Message, Great Host, Great Podcast
This podcast has changed my future financial and life goals for the better. Couldn’t have done it without you!
Stay Mad brother
Jimmy McMor
Brandon - your podcast has been instrumental in converting my wife to FIRE. It has given my crazy (to her initially) proposals of lifestyle changes and anticipated outcomes external validation. You’re changing the world, man!
Great podcast
Definitely my favorite FI podcast. I get excited every time I see a new episode in my queue. Please keep them coming and thank you for the quality work you put in!
Concise and effective!!
I really enjoy this podcast. It gets into the “nuts and bolts” of FI and also the emotional aspects of the journey. Both are so necessary to secure a successful outcome and desired contribution to community. Appreciate the host’s and his guests’ willingness to share their story.
My favorite!
Normal Jamie
This is by far my favorite podcast on personal finance. Brandon is smart and genuinely interested in learning from each guest and sharing with the audience! I feel like a lot of other podcasts I listen to are about self promotion first and have a lot of gimmicks or sales pitches. This one is just good. I learn a lot. I’m never annoyed. And, I like the deep dive into each topic. Above all, Brandon’s curiosity serves as all well! Please do more episodes!!!
Favorite FI Podcast!
Brandon (aka Mad Fientist) does an amazing job with his blog and podcast. His approach really connects with me and all of his podcasts are well organized and relevant regardless of the topic. He pulls in diverse guests across the FI community, but I find great ideas and nuggets from each episode. Keep up the great work!
The wealth of information on this podcast is mind blowing. I stumbled upon this after listening to Choosefi and Financial Freedom podcast. Didn’t realize this was running for such a long time. I have now gone back to the beginning and I’m playing catch-up. About 40% caught up. I especially like the episodes on taxes and how to plan your withdrawals paying little or no taxes. Brandon’s laid back style and low key approach is refreshing. Keep up the great work and thanks!
No fluff
Unlike other podcasts where they chit chat and joke about their personal lives, this is a more concise and professional interview where we get to know what the guests have learned over the years.
Good for what it is
Overall this is a good podcast to learn about how to retire early and to invest in real estate. That said, almost all of the guests at some point note a marked decline in quality of life and mental health from their aggressively fast wealth-building strategies. They acknowledge this at some points but the FIRE concept is not for everyone so this should be noted more.
Very Motivating
This is a great place to get motivated if you are interested in FI. Great guests, excellent content and great sound quality!
Excelletn Content
So much great information!!!
Diving into the FI Deep End
I stumbled upon this podcast as a result of being frustrated with my personal financial situation: my lack of a plan; the feeling of spinning my wheels and going nowhere; the complete and total lack of control, to name a few. Work has left me mired in my routine with no free time to really pursue any outside hobbies or continue to grow as a person. This podcast gave me clarity of thought which has lent itself to a clarity of action. It has led me to a singular focus which is to pursue the goal of Financial Independence and early retirement so I can learn more about myself and purchase the freedom to do what I want, when I want. I'm really grateful to have discovered this notion of FI in my late 20s and after only a month of listening to this podcast I'm already starting to incorporate some of the principles the Mad Fientist and his colleagues espouse into my own life. Here's to further financial optimization!
Roma, it's not just a tomatoe
This is my benchmark now for a great podcast. This podcast is organized, thought provoking and inspiring. I love that the content is across a wide spectrum of topics like mental health, fitness, habit forming, relationships and of course money. I really appreciate that you do such a great interview too because you have fantastic guests but ask them a lot of really deep and interesting questions. Keep up the great work!
I’m so thankful to have found this podcast. This is so relatable and very helpful. I’m hooked 🤗
Great podcast
This MF is awesome. Between him and MMM my life has been changed for the better. Please keep creating podcasts and thank you!
Advice of a lifetime
I have binge listened to almost all the episodes! So much great advice and links worthy of bookmarking. I had no idea there were so many resources for people on the path to FI, it has helped to validate and streghthen what my husband and i are doing (we have 3 residential and 1 commercial property so far) on our artist/teacher budget. So good! Listen!
Fun Podcast
I really enjoy the Mad FIentist blog and podcast. Interesting guests and phenomenal content. Look forward to every new episode.
Perfect to Binge on for a few months
I just discovered Podcasts last year. MadFientist’s is great. I have been binging on them for a few months on my 20 minute commute. Half on the way in and half on the way home. It’s great to hear the voices of everyone I’ve been reading for the past 10 years. Brandon does a great job asking questions and relating it to the FI movement. Keep it up!
Gifted Convo
Savvy History Music
Brandon is a gentle, wise, and gifted conversationalist with some of the most interesting guests in the world of podcasting. I first found his podcast when I was looking for some musical connections to FI. I found the episode where he was interviewing his brother, and I was immediately hooked! Everything from cowbells to serious life decisions were discussed. The resources on his website are amazing, and the podcast offers a way to go deeper inside some brilliant minds for the emotional drive behind their relationship with money. I appreciate his humility, his honesty about his journey, and the way his podcast avoids sounding spammy. This is a real human who has worked immensely on himself. We’re lucky as listeners to go along for the ride.
Wisdom Distilled
Mad Fientist creates a Great environment to learn and grow in as you become financially independent.
Mad Love
Brandon does a nice job with an easy going interview style introducing us to important voices in the Personal Finance Community
Mike J283
Very entertaining and awesome guests!
This is a wonderful show.
love it! funny, informative and educational! diversion. listen to all of them! thanks!!!
Fun and informative
Great podcast. Thanks for sharing your knowledge
Calm, engaging exploration of ideas. So impressed by the Marla Taner 5/8/18 interview i had to write this review! Finally someone who isn’t in the blogger/podcaster realm was given the chance to add so much value to the conversation. Sadly, the FI community seems to be a circle of endless self-promotion and sanctimonious one-upmanship, obsessed with “success”, side hustles, & entrepreneurship (i.e. more blogging, pyramid-scheme style). Sheesh, i thought FI was about escaping the rat race, not joining a different one! So thank you for being real and providing so much generous, high value content on this podcast & your site. And for restoring my faith in humanity :)
Better FIRE podcasts
This is one of the better FIRE podcasts out there. Others seem to be more intent on talking about themselves whereas this one deals with real issues and substantive material
Keep it up
I enjoy the wide variety of guests, the positivity, and the well though our questions for the interviews. Just starting to check out all the cool features of the website as well. #FIWITHKIDS
LOVE the podcasts! Great material, very professionally done, and a smooth FM DJ voice...hahaha. Seriously though, listening to these podcasts, reading the MF site and following some of the reocmmendations for other sites has fundamentally changed my outlook on my life. I am not sure Brandon understands that he is helping people tremendously with that he is doing, but he is and myself, my wife and my 2 month old son are all very grateful (or will be when he is old enough to understand.)
Wow just wow!
I honestly love how simplistic he is. He makes it easy for beginners and I’m sure very relatable for those living in the FI world. Most of all, he’s content, and willing to share his gems without expecting a dollar. He’s giving all this information for you to use freely! So, It’s up to you to get your freedom! I’m so excited I found this podcast! Thank you thank you thank you!
I've found my tribe
Mathew Nelson
What a great podcast! I bumped into the FI concept through and that article had links to the Mad Fientist site. I've been living this life for decades and am planning on retiring in 7 months and I JUST now find out that there are SO many great resources like this. Secondly I think Brandon does a great job making this approchable with a, "hey I've got this cool thing to talk about, what do you think" concept and not a heavy handed, "listen up and I'll tell you how this works" I think this was espically evident in podcast with Marla Taner. Keep up the good work
Math Hurts
This podcast along with The Mad Fientist’s website has added so much value to my life. He takes subjects that are challenging and turns them into simple math, that I can understand. Definitely recommend giving it a listen!
Excellent podcast. MUST LISTEN TO
Huge fan of this podcast. I can not stop listening!! 10/10 recumbent. I am so happy The Mad Fientist is producing this content!
This is my favorite podcast. I look forward for new ones. My fav is the episode of ‘money or your life’. So educational and made sense.
Great Stuff
I’m heading down the rabbit hole of FI and the Mad Fientist is aiding me in my journey. Give him a shot. You will learn a ton.
Cranium Overload
The only and by far best FIRE podcast around
Investor From Philadelphia
Brandon walks the walk, a ledgend in the community. Amazing information for everyone pursuing FI or not.
Awesome FI podcast
I've been reading the Mad Fientist's blog for years and just binge listened to his podcasts recently on my daily run. So many terrific interviews covering really interesting ground in the FI space. Keep up the awesome podcasts!
I love this podcast!
Laura in Pittsburgh
I recently found the Mad Fientist blog and podcast and am hooked. I'm listening to each episode and am learning so much from his interviews of people who have achieved FI. My only request is please put podcasts out more frequently!
Skip Broyles
I really enjoy listening to the Mad Fientist podcast. About a month ago, was the first time I have heard of the term Financial Independence and retire extremely early. This podcast shines light on the possibilities of retiring early. I really like that most of the guests open their financials to the listeners to show how to become retired early. The Mad Fientist is great at asking questions and getting to the brass tax. The guests are very well spoken and definitely people that I have learned from, can trust, and look up too! I am loving the content. I have downloaded all of the episodes and I cannot get enough knowledge. Great job “Mad Fientist”. Keep up the good work and know that your time creating the content for your podcast, is greatly appreciated and one day I would like to meet with you and shake your hand and say “Thank you”. And of course buy you a beer.
Inspiring, Intellectual, Informative, Interviews
EXcellent ... This is my first podcast ever and within last 2 weeks I did listened almost all the episodes. So inspiring and uplifting, wish I was around this in my 20s, now I’m in my an early 40s and trying teach myself and my kids about how to be FI. One think I know that never too late to learn and act :)
Top site
Rob 38 Meses
Lots of FI sites, but this one is one of the best. Worth investing some time in. Keep up the great work!
I don’t really know how to explain the last 4 days of my life since I started reading and listening to you and mister mustache man :). Feeling trapped in my cubicle, aggressively slashing away at my 100k grand loan, and not knowing what is next. I feel like things are aligning well in the universe now that I can learn from you guys.
Great personal finance podcast. Love the FIRE movement. Thanks for sharing Mad Fiantist! Keep up the great work.
Great Podcast!
DC + DG are FIRE
The Mad Fi is a true gem. I've listened to a LOT of personal finance podcasts and this is absolutely one of the best. I typically don't leave reviews but would highly recommend if you're trying to get your $$$$ right
Nothing but great content here
I was introduced to the idea of financial independence by Jim Collins and his book The Simple Path to Wealth, and within the text he explicitly mentioned Mad Fientist as a solid resource for more info on FI. Brandon introduces the listener to other bloggers or figures in the FI space, and introduces a variety of ideas that may or may not work for you. I have listened to almost every episode during work and in the car, and I’m a happier and more informed man because of it. If you’re debating listening to the show or not, go ahead and give it a shot. If you are Brandon and you’re reading this, thank you for creating this incredible resource that has educated me more than I ever anticipated. I am nineteen years old and the ideas you give here are going to make me wealthy. More importantly, they have made me happy.
Very detailed and very informative. Love the material
So much great information with tons of details to go along with it.
Concise FI info
Mili FI
Mad Fientist Blog and Podcast are concise and clearly written. I am new to FI concept but taking action to save tax advantage retirement accounts. Thank you! Love it.
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