Monumental Strength – How to Get Fit (and Actually Enjoy It)
Published December 18, 2018
47 min
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    I made two big mistakes when I was pursuing financial independence…

    The first was I put off happiness until I hit FI.

    The second was I also put off my health.

    In today’s episode of the Financial Independence Podcast, I chat to my personal trainer, Doug from Monumental Strength.

    Doug has spent the past two years taking me from a puny computer programmer to a strong, healthy weightlifter!

    It’s been a fantastic journey, with numerous unexpected benefits, so don’t wait until FI like I did. Start focusing on your health now and drastically improve your journey to FI (and your life beyond)!


    • Why lifting weights is a perfect activity for improving your health
    • How to build a good workout plan
    • Why free weights are better than machines
    • What to eat if you want to build muscle
    • Why weightlifting is better than running for burning fat and losing weight
    • How to progress to doing more difficult lifts
    • The benefits of intermittent fasting
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