James Clear - Atomic Habits and Building a New Identity After Retirement
Published October 16, 2018
50 min
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    A challenging aspect of early retirement is the loss of identity you may experience when leaving a career you’ve spent a big chunk of your life building.

    However, one of the most exciting parts of early retirement is that you have the time, money, and freedom to create a completely new identity!

    How do you do it though?

    Today, I had the privilege to speak to the writer who has been most helpful to me as I’ve started building my own new identity – James Clear.

    In this episode, we discuss habits, deliberate practice, and how to best create a meaningful and purpose-driven life!


    • What makes life meaningful and how to live better
    • The importance of social connections
    • How to deal with the “pain of discipline”
    • The physics of productivity and why habits are so powerful
    • The importance of having an easy on-ramp to a task
    • Why a habit must be established before it can be improved
    • How to find a keystone habit that can improve multiple areas of your life
    • Why you should optimize for the starting line rather than the finish line
    • The downsides of habits
    • What is deliberate practice and why it’s important
    • How habits can change your identity
    • Why rewards are good (but only if they don’t conflict with your new identity)
    • What is intermittent fasting and why it’s beneficial
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