September 19, 2019
What would it be like to interview Big Foot? Why we should've all voted for Hillary (for the aliens).  Pornstar names. The dangers of hungover driving. The best HBO characters of all time. Voicemails: Girlfeind hobbies, A Girl Got Titties and Ass, Steak Sauce, and Wildly Unattractive
September 17, 2019
Everyone in comedy wants to be anti-PC so now we are anti-anti-PC. The 10% faster hypothetical. Why did Joe Keery cut his hair? Voicemail: Acne or Mosquito bites, Pats vs the Pro Bowl, and Awake for 3 Days. Gary Owen stops by to talk about his relationship with Kevin Hart and declares comedy "Un-cancelable"
September 16, 2019
Feits and Mush talk about their new series, Making A Gambler. Jared cuncels the Red Sox after 6 minths, KFC cuncels the Jets after 1 week. Sam Darnold has mono. The Mets sweep the Diamondbacks whie CCK is on air. KFC relapses. Mush gives us a glimpse at what it's like to date him.
September 12, 2019
It must have been an odd night at the Brady residence in light of the Antonio Brown news. When are you too old to have a sleepover? Are you who you pretend to be on social media? Trolls, Doxxers and Shadowbans. Voicemails: King of the Fruits, is 3D porn cheating, Lifetime bank statement, best fake jobs. Jerry Springer joins the program to talk about Judge Jerry, how he got his start in showbiz and the time he fought a 6'5" neo nazi.
September 10, 2019
Something terrible happened in the parking lot of Target, the weak link in the Patriots offense, the Jets and Mets going where no team has gone before, the point of life, and when you should run red lights. Voicemails: The State Fair, How Do You Want To Die, How Old Is Too Old. Dean Norris brings by some Schraderbrau to talk Breaking Bad, El Camino and Under The Dome.
September 9, 2019
KFC hosts the Friday show solo with a lot of pre-Patriots Antonio Brown news, Post Malone's new album, Mike Tirico is a white Italian from Queens, the Mike & The Mad Dog anniversary, a Wally Backman rant and another Mets rant in general. Mush recaps his weekend with Zah, Jared vs Kayce on scheduled tweets, the Rocket is friends with his ex, and how Marty Mush deals with women.
September 5, 2019
Mets fans hit rock bottom and KFC is their voice. The NHL is the absolute worst at marketing it's sport. When did we make women shave thier armpits? Flume eats ass just like everybody else. Jerry Ferrara talks about the 15th anniversary of Entourage, the final season of Power, and the limited edition Fukijamas he showed of on @KicksInTheOffice. Voicemails include: Sign Language, Steal Something from One Night Stand, and Call Yourself An Uber
September 4, 2019
The summer is over and nobody is sad to see it go. Binge watching Breaking Bad to prep for the new movie. Getting Pre-Sick. John's walk to work and the surprise fashion statement. The hot delivery guy. Willie Colon's gender reveal. Mindhunter season 2 review. Voicemails include: fly or invisible, sleep in blood, gametime outfits, and baby talk. Yannis Pappas latest special produced by Andrew Schulz, passing out on stage, snoring, and getting dumped by girls from Girl Code 
August 29, 2019
John might have got a guy deported. Is KFC's identity worth stealing? The latest Chapelle Special "Sticks & Stones" How to stay calm during the zombie apocalypse, how much sex should I have in my 20s, sex or a relationship with dream girl. Andrew Schulz stops by to discuss his latest special The Crowd Work Special, how to stop a hurricane, the Amazon fire, and how to get a shadow ban lifted
August 27, 2019
KFC and Feits solve the hurricanes and forest fires and rant about Florida. Do you realize how much money people donated to the Church after the Notre Dame fire? How do birds have sex? Disney+ is bringing back weekly episodes. Patriot porn (not the football team). Schools should be BYOS. Where are gorilla dicks? Interstellar, Reign of Fire, and Angel Has Fallen. Voicemails include: Life As A Caveman, Train Your Dog, Retweet Nudes
August 26, 2019
KFC goes solo, Kirk Minihane and Chaps call in to discuss Kirk's investigation, callers express their irrational hate, new Taylor Swift drops, Kayce's worst first date, what happens when you die, Bachelor parties, is JJ Watt corny or nice, Week Zero, and the return of college football
August 22, 2019
Robbie Fox joins to explain Spiderman being pulled from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, being denied from a bar even though he's 21, and the shows he's been watching. Later, we're joined again by Lost Kings to discuss their come up, new music, and sneakers. We also cover paternity tests, knowing when you'll die, and answer voicemails. Voicemails include: Any Job in the World, WYR Paralyzed, You Vs A Million Ants, and Clones Vs Mike Tyson.
August 20, 2019
KFC recaps his first ten years at Barstool Sports, the Battle of the Blindos, the Tiko Texas Rap Battle, life before and after the first Barstool Combine, the launch of KFC Radio, and much more. Rich Franklin joins to discuss designing the Viva line and the process that goes into it. Voicemails: Wedding invites, One Fetish Too Far, Porn Shut down, and A Girlfriend's Secret.
August 19, 2019
Should Marty Mush date a KFC Radio listener? Who put roads where they are? Do diamonds give off their own light? Best of CCK includes: KFC & Jared wedding this weekend, Daniella thinking KFC has hair plugs, Barstool union, Dave thinking Jeff D Lowe is Hardfactor Will, Boobs vs asses, Kayce getting sent underwear, the dog pound, KFC's new glasses, Mush thinks animals are pricks, Four Loko, 7 minutes in heaven, Jared's food stolen from kitchen, how animals get pregnant
August 15, 2019
Barstool drama swirls as Dave fights back against a non-existent Barstool Union, complete with Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and Donald Trump Jr. weighing in. Yahoo might be the worst company of all time. Adriana Chechick's teeth. Slut functionality. Do astronauts jerk off? Can you complain about loud neighbor sex? Who would you choose as a cellmete? Brian Austin Green talks about the 90210 reboot, Megan Fox and how he didn't realize he'd been robbed. Pauly Shore discusses his Random Rants show, how social media has changed the landscape of comedy, and how he could've been a more dramatic actor.
August 13, 2019
KFC went to a wedding with Jared Carrabis and Dallas Braden, and the mother of the bride listened to an episode of KFC Radio. Mike Posner go bit by a rattlesnake but that is still better than how he got treated at the UMASS. Gamers are being blamed for violence and we stand with our gamer brothers. Voicemails: whose twitter would you hack, what's an orgy, doggy in a dress, how would you get fat? Jerry O'Connell stops by to talk about The Jerry O Show, My Secret Identity, Bachelor in Paradise, and his love for both the Mets AND Yankees. Adam Brody pays a visit to talk about his new movie Ready  Or Not, atheism, The OC and how Seth Cohen was the original cool nerd.
August 12, 2019
All the drinking games we are too old for, but still play: Asshole, Beerpong/Beirut, King's Cup, Beer Die, Power Hour/Century Club, Waterfall, 7-11 Doubles and more. The Best of CCK includes: Marty at strip club, Jared's love poem, Marty's impromptu love poem, Kayce's Lil Wayne tattoo story, KFC's dad almost got a tattoo on his face, Zah's earring, the Barstool Lunch Tables, Drake & Millie, KFC's love/hate with the Mets, drug smuggling and underage drinking.
August 8, 2019
Whitney Cummings drops by to talk about her new special Can I Touch It, how to get on the dating app Raya, how she found out she has nipples like Asa Akira, porn trailers, sex robots on Tinder, and anthropomorphism. Jim Breuer returns for the 1st time since 2015 to discuss if the Mets can make another miracle run. KFC almost got thrown onto the train tracks and crushed by a moving train. The worst 1st date ever. Am I The Asshole: for not adopting my step-daughter. Voicemails: Porn Background, Farting at the Urinal, Should I Pay Taxes, Swap Lives with a Woman.
August 6, 2019
Stone Cold Steve Austin stops by to talk the Attitude Era, how the Stunner came to be, and dropping the Stunner on a future President. John writes a eulogy and eats popsicles in bed. Lindsay Lohan was purchased by a sultan. Hobbs & Shaw review. P Diddy is dating his son's ex who happens to be Steve Harvey's daughter. Who do you want to meet in heaven? Voicemails: getting in bed naked, Jesus on a plane, horse venmo.
August 5, 2019
Lebron James runs on the court during an AAU game and the internet gets mad at KFC, Feits buys instagram shirts, who enjoys orange juice with pulp, words that people can't stand, Luke Voit and the Underdog Savages, dark chocolate, Taco Tuesday, and the least aware fanbases in sports
August 1, 2019
KFC and Feits debate how they could save hostages, whether the Bachelorette is worth watching, whether the Democratic National debates are worth watching, who is the King of Late Night, and if Taco Tuesday is racist. King of the Bay Area, E-40 comes through to drink wine and tequila, inventing the phrases All Good, You Feel Me and Captain Save-A-Hoe, the Warriors, the Knicks, A$AP Rocky, the art of storytelling and Guy Fieri. Rod Breslau (the Adam Shefter of e-sports) joins the show to explain where all the money comes from, how leagues are organized, how kids get screwed out of the prize money, and what else Barstool should be doing in the e-sports space.
July 30, 2019
Jimmi Simpson stops by to talk Always Sunny, Westworld and his new show Perpetual Grace, on Epix. Gina Brillon talks about touring with Gabriel Iglesias, why NYC sucks, why Chicago is really proud of their alleys, and if being a twin makes you crazy automatically. John is very, very bad at negotiating. The Lion King stinks. The worst shirt ever, Big Data, Jeremy Lin hits rock bottom. Voicemails include hard dicks in the textbooks, my girl doesn't watch TV, and could a 10 year old live your life.
July 29, 2019
Kfc, Carrabis, Kayce and Feits recap the AC Pool Party, Kate wants to know who gets to blog another bloggers death, Kayce has salty eyebrows, Ria's bday, Kayce's cameo in the Pup Punk video, and a Anne's trip to the island in the Bronx full of dead bodies
July 25, 2019
David Spade talks about his success on Instagram, Chris Farley, Chris Rock, and how girls love getting hit on on Instagram. Cody Ko and Noel discuss Tiny Meat Gang, That's Cringe, Jake & Logan Paul, Adriana Chechik, Vine, the blowjob robot, cube jobs, Tik Tok and meeting fans in public. Dana White on UFC 240, the bottle cap challenge, the death of Maxim Dadashev and Buddy McGirt trying to stop the fight, and whether he would trade places with Roger Goodell. Tommy Smokes joins to talk about the Rainforest Cafe and his small bladder. The Office: outfield assists, taking your shoes off in public. Voicemails: kissing cousins, conspiracy girl, collecting baseball cards, worst places to ask someone out.
July 23, 2019
Logan Paul comes by Barstool HQ to talk about the Challenger Games, how Ochocinco doesn't stand a chance against him, his boxing career, his brother Jake Paul's engagement to Tana Mongeau and their alleged pregnancy, aliens, what happens when you die, and how he got pink eye. Kathy Griffin also stops by to discuss her new movie, Hell of A Story, her famous picture with Donald Trump's severed head, and whether she thinks the President has treated her fairly. Summer gets canceled. The guy who called out Dina Hashem sucks. Voicemails: one haircut for life, swapping babies, switch lives with a guest.
July 22, 2019
Bagel Boss, the Rocket gets his ring, Kirk Minihane vs Willie Colon, how do you deodorant, Stranger Things, OJ, Much in Atlantic City, ROugn n Rowdy and the Irish Goodbye
July 18, 2019
Joe Manganiello drops by to talk about his new movie, Bottom of the 9th, sneakers, his inspiration to start weight lifting, and what it's like to be Sofia Vergara's instagram photographer. Bill Bellamy hangs out and discusses Rock n Jock, Dan Cortese, the Shaq/Kobe feud (Shaq is his cousin) and what it was like to be famous and not even know it. The Yesterday hypothetical, why no one should be worried about the Russian FaceApp, and the end of Feitelberg's depression. Voicemails include: the next spork, useful/useless things learned in school, getting up on a flight, and running into a fire.
July 16, 2019
Ice Cube on kicking guys out of the Big 3, what it's like being a visionary, how he almost invented Netflix, comparisons to Kanye, when the Internet tried to figure out what day It Was A Good Day was, and why Google thinks Dr Dre is dead (he's not). Ashley & Rayna from Girls Gotta Eat stop by to talk about the hot guys on Stranger Things, how Cancers are the Patriots of astrology, whether Jason Momoa has a dad bod, how many girls should a guy have sex with, what is the perfect penis size, and why cults are such a turn on. KFC & Feits recap the live show, Abella Danger's ATI is blowing up, football coaches at the pool. Voicemails include: what's your anamorph, annoying evolution, do the homeless have sex, and embarrassingly late.
July 15, 2019
Marty Mush explains his life philosophy (it involves fast food restaurants as a metaphor) to Kayce. Best of the week includes: Kayce on a phone cleanse, Coley cracks Feits back, Willie & Large steal chips, what's the worst state, Oklahoma defenders, Kirk Minihane calls in, USWNT win the Wolrd Cup, Marty Mush has his first glass of wine, selfie stick girl, The KFC Radio live show recap, and what items we all get when Feits dies
July 11, 2019
KFC and Feits prepare for their live show, have a spirited debate about Kanye West, debate the worst state in the USA, discuss KFC losing his wallet. Voicemails include: Navy Seal in a toddler body vs toddler in a Navy Seal body, leaving a fanbase, and teleport but lose a day off your life.
July 9, 2019
Howie Mandel stops by and takes a call from his daughter, declines to give us $100k, compares and contrasts the new and old office, explains how girls get their vagina waxed to match his goatee. Mike Epps talks comedy inspiration, Snoop and Lil Uzi Vert at his wedding and "coochie falling from the sky" on him. Voicemails include: double bachelor party, black out with her parents
July 2, 2019
JB Smoove on joining the MCU, British accents, lap seats, the Knicks and Jake Gyllenhaal. Jim Norton on KFC's stand-up, calling NBA owners "governors", aliens and other conspiracies. Abella Danger on squirting, her start in porn, Kanye, ASMR with Tommy & Marty, and bush. Voicemails include: shoreline sex, girls with strong handshake, and Yesterday. John gets mad about night mode and people that tell you to charge your phone. Barstool dinosaurs.
July 1, 2019
Tensions were high in the office all week. Jared & Coley don't believe in the moon, Marty does ASMR with Abella Danger, actual college football conversation, everyone in the office is fighting and Dave is watching. 
June 27, 2019
Julian Edelman comes through to talk about Feits best/KFC's worst Edelman moments, his glow up, Gronk's "retirement" and will Tom Brady outlast him. Gabriel Igelsias chats about comedy before social media, and how hard it is to do a set when people want stop laughing at your hilarious jokes. THE OFFICE: could you survive an attack, sex with a relative, shower depression. The Dunkin Awards. The HBO feature on Barstool. Voicemails include: mad on the 4th of July, partner with a villain, snacking on Jesus
June 25, 2019
Josh Wolf comes through to talk about encouraging KFC to do stand-up, old man nudity, drying balls with hand drier, Patrick Ewing's big dick, the marijuana industry, and 1 fake tit. KFC talks with Feits about his stand-up debut. Voicemails include: doggy playdate, I'm not a hooker, and charging for the round 
June 24, 2019
KFC and Kayce analyze the new Barstool underboob bikinis. YP vs Carrabis in who celebrated their championship better. Kirk Minihane makes his Barstool and CCK debut. OJ and Bill Cosby are tweeting. Jared learns what Chernobyl is. Clem stops by to breakdown the debacle that is the Mets season. Darren Rovell's bizarre tweet to Big Cat. Does you dick game get better win you become rich and famous? 
June 20, 2019
Bryan Callen tells the outrageous viking kid story and discusses his special Complicated Apes. Bill Pullman chats about Space Balls, Independence Day, the President Whitmore speech and The Sinner. Would you eat granola for 2 weeks straight for free food for life? Would you sit in traffic for 2 weeks to never hit traffic again? How do you get someone to stop sending you nudes? YouPorn wedding proposals. THE OFFICE: credit cards, doggy sex, could you survive the Titanic? What superpower would you pick if it can with zero responsibility?
June 18, 2019
Kirk Minihane skypes in from his car to discuss his new podcast with Barstool, negotiating vacation time with Dave, and how he thinks it will all end. Jon Taffer visits the new studio and chats with KFC and John about Big Brain, his new show Marriage Rescue, bar fights, and sharing you location with your spouse. KFC recaps his weekend including tubing down a river and being rescued by a stoolie. OJ and Bill Cosby are both tweeting. Voicemails include: how to curve and beating MJ when he is 75.
June 17, 2019
Kayce and Feits both admit they should never be the one to plan a bachelor/bachelorette party. Kayce had an interesting experience on a cruise ship, Bruins lose the cup and Boston suffers, Luke Voit mashes a homerun in KFC's face on air, AJ the mom kisser calls in, Nate took a tour with OAR
June 13, 2019
Theo Rossi chats with Feits about his new movie Vault, Sons of Anarchy, Marilyn Manson, and his own murder. Jo Koy talks to KFC about producing his own special when no one else believed in him, Robin Williams, and his 30 years in the comedy game. Topics from The Office: 1992 Olympics, Bad tattoos, penguins, treasure hunts, the dangers of 5G. Voicemails: Difficult daily tasks, great sex or great parking. Also, the date for the next KFC Radio LIVE is July 10th. Get your tickets here:
June 11, 2019
The legendary Lisa Ann (1:07:15) joins us to discuss her porn career, her fantasy sports show, and rank the big dick energy in the Barstool office. Canceling passwords and multi-texters. The porn AP poll. David Ortiz getting shot in the Dominican Republic. Bieber "challenges" Tom Cruise to a fight. Voicemails include: can't finish inside, my hot roommate, entrapment.
June 10, 2019
Young Mantis lived at the Barstool office for a bit, just like Boris used to. YP and his rat deal with groupies on the road, di Weird Haircut Seth make the mural? The Death Snail debate. An offer from Kelsey for a gaycation with Kayce. The Lisa Ann effect on Barstool HQ. OUR Pornhub account. Feits wants another Cup.
June 6, 2019
Kaz from Flagrant 2 (@RealLifeKaz) comes by to talk about getting a full Brazilian wax, the LJ 4-point play, SoulCycle with Flo Rida, Pitbull's net worth and great moments in interracial porn history. The Office topics: deforestation, nipple hair, Native American burial grounds, fear of technology. Also who gets the nickname Tom Terrific, KFC is Mr. Glass and John is Bruce Willis, Chernobyl and Pearl Harbor.
June 4, 2019
KFC and Feits chat with Josh Hopkins about Whiskey Cavalier, being strikingly handsome, cabarets in Prague, and True Detective. The Clancy brothers do more nerd talk after their appearance on Robbie Fox's podcast My Mom's Basement. The blue check brigade making a fool of themselves trying to come at Zero Blog Thirty. Voicemails: drinking dip, death snail, live in the worst state or never in the USA, selling sperm, best feeling ever 
June 3, 2019
KFC, Carrabis and Kayce discuss love letters and break up notes. Best of last week including Paige Spiranac feeding Jared vegetables, her worst date ever and why she doesn't want to play Riggs in golf again. Marty Mush gets real sweaty when he dogs a rat. Jetski and his quest to be the next Frankie. The infamous Keebler letter. Behind the scenes of Barstool Big Brain.
May 30, 2019
Feitelberg via satellite to update us on the St. Louis guys getting dominated by Dave and the Boston crew. The White Knights and Blue Check brigade have a problem with the Bruins letting Barstool sponsor rally towels. Best mainstream movie sex scenes, worst TV shows/movies if they came out in the social media era, getting intimidated by hot girls, and taking nudes in advance. The Short Porch idiots (Hubbs & Tommy Smokes) join to talk Mets and Yankees. Luke Voit, fat Gary Sanchez, Pete Alonso, the Red Sox disaster of a bullpen, and who will sign Kimbrel. 
May 29, 2019
Mitchell Tenpenny (1:00:36) gives us a definitive answer on if Lil Nas X is country music, his thoughts on Billy Ray Cyrus, Taylor Swift, and whether or not he washes his legs. KFC is back from Memorial Day Weekend with no stories to tell except his hatred for parades, fireworks and umbrellas. Intern Josh gives us the Ten Croc Commandments. Voicemails include: what is the Dewey Decimal sytem, paid your friends off, ass soap, and senior pranks.
May 27, 2019
Would you date a girl while she was in a relationship with a sugar daddy? How do you measure your dick? YP vs Feits for the Stanley Cup. Should weed be legalized? Does anyone actually know what CBD is? YP really likes to choke people and not ina  sexual way. Who would you want a Cameo shout out from? Who is your celebrity hall pass? What's your favorite acapella song. And the worst guy to tell you about weed calls in to tell your he isn't high and that water is super dangerous.
May 23, 2019
Kevin Hart is back to talk about busting his ass on the dance floor, how to stop a gorilla, and kissing your dog on the mouth. Eric Stonestreet also sits down with the guys to defend BBQ and Patrick Mahomes and ruins goat cheese for everyone. YP and Feits put Pornhub on the line for the Stanley Cup Final. VOICEMAILS: go to jail once a month, ten words or less, never jerked off
May 21, 2019
Patton Oswalt (57:00) sits down with the guys to talk about Secret Life of Pets 2, using a T-Rex in the Civil War, Game of Thrones, Veep, Parks n Rec, Barry and why people should stop demanding entertainment fit their specific desires. Brendan Schaub (1:12:00) has a new special on Showtime "You'd Be Surprised", and talks about trying to score on Kawhi Leonard, the fashion at the Met Gala, Ayesha Curry, Nicholas Cage, and Thrones (taped before the finale). KFC and Feits also discuss Bella Hadid kissing a robot, shopping in SoHo, Pornhub premium and the Thrones finale. Voicemails include: girls share dick pics, the ugly friend factor, unlimited battery and sextape sent to your family.
May 20, 2019
Rone joins the show to relive the Sixers loss to Kawhi and the Raptors. Jared has never peed at any Barstool office. Pete vs Everybody. Hubbs vs women. YP, Boris and YP's penis are a phenomenon. And Keebler writes a love letter for Kayce.
May 16, 2019
Matt Barnes (56:00) stops by to talk about the Kobe Didn't Flinch play, not testing positive for weed, protecting Blake Griffin, and why the Zion needs to be in NY. Mache Customs (1:20:55) comes through to talk about his custom sneaker designs with KFC. John has sobered up and explains the bender and how he poisoned himself. The Office topics: stuff you ate as a kid (Hubbs), hook up spots (YP). NY sports is a dumpster fire, as usual. Voicemails: selling farts, uniform fantasy, should i quit my job and move to NYC, and POV options.
May 14, 2019
Ms Pat tells us about getting her nipple shot off and discusses selling drugs with Francis. Brendan Fraser lets a few arrows fly. John is writing all his thoughts down in a notebook and reads a few on the show. Voicemails include: what decade could you be a pro athlete, show her your butthole, the worst kink, cooler than an age group.
May 13, 2019
Best of CCK with a debate on what sport blind people could play best, Kayce goes OFF on a caller about whether or not a blind center could snap a football, Large and Liz supply alcohol, Rudy talks about editing porn like Stool Scenes, Jared can't walk up a flight of stairs or find the new office, people are making porn in auto-pilot Teslas, and a caller claims to have met Jared in a truck stop.
May 9, 2019
Camille Kostek (1:07:10) comes in to celebrate her cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition with us, her quest to be on Dancing With the Stars, and when is Gronk coming back to the NFL. Ted Alexandro (1:53:05 talks Mets, playing against Kenny Anderson in high school, and why it's fun to watch Zion destroy white kids in high school. Young Pageviews continues his Gloria celebration with Boris and is getting DMs from gay guys. Voicemails include: toe sucking, stealing KFC Radio stories, and GF's friends have seen your dick pics.
May 7, 2019
KFC and Feits move into the new office and studio and discuss the changes at Barstool. John's laundry lady has a crush on him and might be trying to ruin his relationship (15:00). Game of Thrones recap and recording in a Thrones themed hotel (25:00). Voicemails (47:00) is it ok for all the girlfriends of your friend group to have a group chat, what organ your you improve? Taylor Schilling (59:00) from Orange Is The New Black stops by to talk about her new movie, Family, and take the Birthday Booze Cruise. Then Sam Morril (1:27:54) stops by to talk about punishing a Fort Worth crowd with liberal jokes, LJ's 4-point play, and trying to trick Chris Rock into a conversation.
May 6, 2019
The last week of radio at HQ2 and the first recording from HQ3. All the classic moments from the office relived and reccped in Nate's blog. Robbie Fox's breakthrough moment. Best and worst pickup lines with Kayce and Feitelberg.
May 2, 2019
Akaash Singh (1:20:00) comes by to chat about Helen of Troy, Flagrant 2 with Andrew Schulz, blackface, R Kelly, and whether or not Neil Degrasse Tyson puts it down in the bedroom. Henry Winkler (1:49:00) drops in to discuss his legendary role as The Fonz, Arrested Development, creating the phrase "jumps the shark" and the time he met Action Bronson. KFC and Feits reminisce about all the places KFC Radio has recorded as we pack up and leave the original Barstool NYC office and get ready to open a new exclusive studio. Deadspin layoffs and ESPN the Magazine shutting down. Voicemails include what rumors would you want to be spread about you, and would you stop a BJ? The Office topics from Rone, YP, Nate and a mystery submission: being paid to live, gardening, how do they build buildings and nudes.
April 30, 2019
 Game of Thrones (2:00-24:00) Battle of Winterfell reactions, Voicemails (26:00) including 1 free thing for life, pillow talk, racist dick, dessert on a date, ex-rules. Glenn Howerton (58:00) talks watching Game of Thrones with your significant other, Always Sunny, AP Bio, potentially playing one of the Guardians of the Galaxy, the formula for happiness, things he can't live without and  reacts to an answer Danny Devito gave us about a scene he wouldn't do for Sunny. Jake Owen (1:30:00) comes through to chat about his new album, how weird Florida is, how hard it is to name kids, the Titans, the Music City Miracle, Nashville, and getting sunburned
April 29, 2019
NL MVP Christian Yelich and Travis Shaw stop by the show, KFC and Kayce talk irrational things sports make you do, and choosing Ellie's sports teams
April 25, 2019
Dr Phil (1:28:05) stops by to talk about his new podcast, the Gypsy Rose murder case, getting blown out 100-6 in college, and launching Bhad Bhabie's career. Kmarko pops on for a session of The Office talking about Howard Hughes, clothing sizes, and why April is the worst month. Chad Daniels (1:57:41) comes by to talk about his plan to punch his kids in the face, the Las Vegas of Asia and his new hip. Voicemails include: when do you wash a bathing suit, threesome with the bride & groom, and losing your oral virginity.
April 23, 2019
KFC opens up a little bit more and expands on his blog about his family life. Read it here if you haven't already: Saget stops by to chat about his new movie, Benjamin, why he thinks KFC has a low IQ, how his balls have 20/20 vision and why people's perception of him vary wildly. Big Jay Oakerson tells a hyterical story about dressing up as Winnie the Pooh and driving around hookers and strippers
April 22, 2019
Thrones & Tiger reaction with Trent, the Suns Out Guns out Phoenix Suns podcast #SOGO, The NY Mets Podcast We Gotta Believe, a caller asks KFC, Carrabis, Feits & Coley to choose what college he goes to and they do not handle it great, and a round of Teen Jeopardy
April 18, 2019
Snooki (2:15:30) and her co-host Joey Camasta stop by to talk about Jersey Shore, getting punched in the head, Vinny & Pauly on Double Shot at Love, her appearance at Wrestlemania, and why it's hard to learn Spanish even if you were born in Chile. Rude Jude (1:30:45) comes by to talk GHB, weed, Action Bronson, and who he'd fight at Rough N Rowdy. Feits and KFC breakdown the Tampa Bay Lighting loss and other epic collapses, then play The Office with suggestions from Nate (beer vendors), Kmarko (Maslowe's Hierarchy), Hubbs (Chris Sale) and Super Producer BC (Flat Earth). Voicemails include: metabolism vs tolerance, school girl fetish, and cry boners. 
April 16, 2019
The girls from Guys We Fucked, Corinne Fisher & Krystyna Hutchinson (52:30), dropped by to talk about Chris Distefano's sexual performance, getting in on podcasting early, peeing in the street, Marilyn Manson, and masturbating in prison. Marcia Clark (1:25:48) on the program to discuss OJ and her new show, The Fix. Feits is on the road so we kick it #MAILTIME style and rate the top internet/twitter days of all time, and some Thrones talk. Voicemails (40:31) include: treasure hunt, Mike Trout money, art teachers
April 15, 2019
The Rocket's girlfriend slept with his best friend on his birthday (8:30), play by play of the worst player in recent MLB history (32:11), Game of Thrones talk and the Hot Guy TV Character tournament (44:32), would Kayce have sex with DJ Pauly D? (1:13:14) and the MyBookie vs Barstool drama (1:43:01)
April 11, 2019
Nate Bargatze (1:03:37) joins us to talk about his special: The Tennesse Kid, his glow-up, getting Taco Bell at 12:30am, his job driving around Patrice O'Neal's car when he couldn't find parking, intermittent fasting, and how he makes every word out of his mouth funny. The Jersey boys Vinny & Pauly (1:41:43) have a new show on MTV Double Shot at Love which the describe as "The Rachelor" basically the Bachelor meets The Challenge with a ton of hair gel. They also tell us about life after Jersey Shore, how the Situation is enjoying jail, if Kyrie is coming to the Knicks and when Gron is coming back to the Patriots. The Office (24:40) with topics from Ria (Blacked Eyed Peas), Kmarko (Cuban Missile Crisis), and Trent (Coffee). Voicemails (47:00) include lose your taste, marathon man on one minute man, and strangle a cat. Also, we may have cured AIDS.
April 9, 2019
Tom Segura (55:10) comes through and explains why his wife thought he was an expert on strippers, his goal of buying a jet, the early days of the Joe Rogan Experience, and Garth Brooks committing several murders. Richard Kind (1:44:13) stops buy to tell us what it's like to get a duffel bag full of cash from George Clooney. KFC and Feits throw it back to the very 1st ad read ever done back on episode #24 in 2013, recap this year's first Barstool At The Ballpark, and cancel non-conformists. Voicemails include does small hands mean small dick, post nut clarity, forget how to eat or forget how to walk, and would you take small feet for a big dick.
April 8, 2019
KFC and Ellie preview the epic return of Game of Thrones. Kayce and Marty Mush discuss sex with the lights on. Action Bronson drama unfolds on the radio in real time. And Clem joins us from Winterfell for more Thrones discussion.
April 4, 2019
Action Bronson (4:50) talks about his new book, how he went from professional chef to rapper, the Yankees, the Mets, how great it is to get paid to watch Ancient Aliens, and then threatens to throw KFC through a wall because he mentions Ghostface Killah (18:50). The guys recap the whole situation (21:10), then play The Office (41:30) with topics from Zah, Frankie and Glenny. Voicemails (59:30) include leaving airpods in during sex, ex is dating my identical twin, and watch your parents have sex or they watch you. After that we chat with Thomas Lennon (1:13:56) about Reno 911, Keith Hernandez, Kate Beckinsale & Pete Davidson, and how he might be the next JK Rowling
April 2, 2019
Andrew Shulz stopped by to talk with KFC and Feits about kickboxing, Game of Thrones, how Trump might be Thanos, Bang Bus, Casting Couch, spitting in mouths, how Ted Bundy ran game, why Sweden is a great place to get arrested, the state of comedy today and how he plans to change it
April 1, 2019
Who knew Kayce had a tongue ring? KBnoswag's coke/no-coke controversy (2:42) has KFC, Carrabis and Kayce discussing drug use and other regretful life decisions(14:43). Zah tells us what its like to have sex with a woman when she is MUCH taller than you (36:35), Kate explains what it's like to break your nose for a slice of pizza (42:50), KFC seems to actually enjoy baseball as Robbie Cano crushes a homer for the Mets (58:05) and Jared and KFC both REALLY don't like Luke Voit's haircut (1:30:21)
March 28, 2019
Timothy Simons (1:03:08) tells us what his favorite Jonah scene is from Veep, how the writers can't help but insult his appearance and how he gets confused with the 2 other tall white guys in Hollywood. Steve Lemme & Kevin Heffernan (41:27) explain why redheads and Mets fans are the last people to ever get any sympathy, their new show Tacoma FD, and whether firefighters or binge drinkers are the closer brethern. Is Sophie TUrner bisexual? The Office: Survivor, Failure, and Brexit. Voicemails (26:14) include: mating season, condoms in the septic tank, uber to a date, shoot your shot with gym guy
March 26, 2019
Jimmy Carr (59:54) comes through to roast Feits, tell us that ghosts aren't real, and why atheists are so smug. Gronk announces his retirement so KFC is preparing for him to comeback just in time for the playoffs to help the Pats win another Super Bowl. Is a woman's work invisible? Is a man's? Should KFC freeze his sperm and get a vasectomy? Which si worse, teacher's or the service industry? Voicemaisl include: Dinosaur Girl update, keeping condoms, and how to not get ignored.
March 25, 2019
Clancy, Carrabis and Kayce discuss The Rocket's strategic alliance with Ellie and the Daddy Gang, if/when Jared could hook up with Andrea Russett or the Pink Ranger, if/when KFC will do HGH and which guy will get their makeup done on camera. Best of the week includes BizNasty (17:25) telling us about hooking up with Bibi Jones and getting his life politely threatened by her boyfriend, Kayce getting naked in a cab (46:36), Captain Cons and KFC reminiscing about the early days of Barstool New York (1:04:51), and the live watch of Dave, Big Cat, Tommy Smokes and Marty Mush dying during the Yale/LSU game (1:34:13)
March 21, 2019
Shane Dawson is still canceled but hat-tip for the "getting engaged to distract from having sex with a cat" move. New segment "The Office" where we get random topics, this week from Glenny Balls, YP, and Office Manager Brett. Dan Soder (49:28) returns to talk about hating himself, how comedy is like learning to dunk, why people with traumatic childhoods give the best head, how he hates his own jokes, Louis CK, Bill Cosby, and why Russians are the scariest white people. Voicemails include: knife, fork or spoon, just do anal, liking every post
March 19, 2019
Danny DeVito (1:44:18) is a bucket-list interview for KFC Radio. The legend discusses getting his start on Taxi, where 45% of people with TVs at the time were watching that show, how many more seasons of Always Sunny he is willing to do, the special effects on the set of Matilda, and his latest role alongside Michael Keaton in Disney's Dumbo. Also, Chris Distefano (59:54) is on the show talking about co-parenting with a Puerto Rican girlfriend, how to get rid of chlamydia, how CBD oil can save the Catholic church, and why you should never trust a British accent. Also Shane Dawson might have had sex with a cat. Voicemails include: pretending to be gay, girlfriend shits in public, cut your hair or cook your food, and is a bagel a donut? 
March 18, 2019
Clancy, Carrabis and Kayce decide if they would submit to hazing to be part of an exculsive club or if it's worth it to be a part of anything. On the best of CCK we hit on the dragon chains Jared used to give his girlfriends, whether or not Kayce is friends with Laura Rutledge, if "Steak & BJ Day" is a real thing, Kayce's stalker calls again, Jared may adopt a Dominican teenager, and Kayce once gave a friend the worst gift imaginable. Also, an interview with David Hasselhoff in which he talks about how Germany thinks he is a god, his friendship with Stan Lee and Muhammed Ali, and what role he is most proud of.
March 14, 2019
Jim Norton (56:55) returns to discuss why people get offended by jokes but with watch Ted Bundy talk about how he raped people, the time DeNiro slapped his ass, getting star struck even when you're a star, and if meth dealers are mad about Breaking Bad. KFC tries to enjoy the Le'Veon Bell signing and he and John both enjoy the Giants being a dumpster fire. YP joins the show (24:15) to talk about the Pornhub Premium pass for the True Beaters. Voicemails include: can you date someone that doesn't believe in dinosaurs, wash off the ashes, and pigeons vs rats
March 12, 2019
JK Simmons (57:20) gives a good clean interview discussing his roles in Whiplash and the M&M commercials, how he keeps a low profile, intentionally intimidating podcast hosts, his iconic acceptance speech, a role with no lines, and then he explains what the weird words on his hat means. John has something he wants to cancel, and also claims to have never been on a date. KFC has the secret to a good first date and a caller disastrous first date at Chipotle. 
March 11, 2019
KFC, Kayce and Feits breakdown their most embarrassing online moments. From Tila Tequila to Hamilton Island to accidentally texting your crush, what are your most embarrassing moments? Best of CCK includes Coley joining to discussing wrestling YP and Feits, calling Odell Beckham ODB instead of OBJ, what the Patriots need to do to get ODB and if the Alex Caruso video was real. Marty Mush joins to discuss evolution and fiber glass.
March 10, 2019
Five years ago we did a podcast about a podcast. Adnan Syed, Sarah Koenig and Serial were dominating the airwaves and we thought we'd weigh in on the situation. Now with HBO dropping "The Case Against Adnan Syed" we thought we'd bring back all the old episodes for you to listen to. Volumes 1-4 of Serialously: The Podcast About A Podcast About a Crime.
March 7, 2019
Rising star Theo Von came by to chat with KFC and Feits about how he's sober (for now) and how Darryl Straberry helped him get there, why he also gave up porn but why he thinks guys at Barstool need to jerk off more, how women ruin birthdays, why we should all fear the Chinese, and what most people think of when they see his haircut. Catch him tonight (Mar 7) in Boston at the Chevalier Theater.
March 5, 2019
Luke Bryan comes through like a rockstar and chats about American Idol, his place in country music history, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, how little streaming pays, and even critiques John's singing. Afterwards, we hear about John's trip to Chicago to chain himself to a statue, if it's ok to text exclamation points, and being raised in a gym. Voicemails include: port-a-potty or alcohol, moving back in with parents, Bog Saget at my funeral, and whose text history would you want to see 
March 4, 2019
The fire fighters from Michael Davidson's battalion came by to present KFC with a plaque in appreciation for the money raised for his family. They are big fans of Jameson and beer and got everybody drunk. We brainstorm drunk segments for the future of this podcast and plan St. Patrick's Day. Best of include: The fire fighters in studio (20:21) to honor their fallen, Bryce Harper signs (41:50) with the Phillies and Smitty pops in to gloat, Jared returns to the show and needs a makeover (48:10), Deadspin are the self-proclaimed "cool kids" of the internet and are BIG mad that "Barstool ruined everything", Marty Mush(1:23:24) talks us through a happy ending, Johnny Manziel (1:46:10) gets kicked out of the CFL wile we are on air, Ellie defends her 15 chickens vs an elephant take, Daniela and Snapchat Steve make an appearance (2:02:18) , and Kayce explains how she cucked her guy friends, and Jared and Kevin plan to let the dogs out.
February 28, 2019
Two legends on the show today, Dennis Rodman (30:25) and Kevin Nealon (1:25:10). Nealon talks about being part of the Happy Madison crew and doing stand-up for 40 years. Rodman talks about watching a girl suck a horse's dick and fucking other guy's wives. Voicemails (59:20) include: the dating report card, fight a gorilla or popsicle fingers, my mom thinks ur gay, and hard dicks are canceled. Also, John has a girlfriend.
February 26, 2019
Ken Jeong back again, the latest celebrity not impressed with Barstool HQ. He said it looks like our studio walls are lined wit eczema. His new special is out You Complete Me, Ho. So go check that out. Alsoo, Robert Kraft gets a BJ at a massage parlor, John cancels texting like a true moron, and stans Kanye and Ray Romano. Voicemails include: am I too good at sex, are guys stupid or just horny, and can I show my gay friend my BF's dick?
February 25, 2019
The week opened with Poop Girl (fka Gun Girl) and closed with Robert Kraft getting arrested for soliciting prostitution. Kayce gives us an update on "Louise" who called in to ask about her roster. Marty Mush fills in with Kayce and the conversation goes off the rails.
February 21, 2019
Dane Cook (1:05:18) is kicking off a new tour and talks with KFC and Feits about his decade of dominance, hashing things out with Louis CK, his Captain America audition, dating a 20 year-old, selling out the Garden with one MySpace post, and grudges in comedy. Voicemails include: block sports or Netflix, fake coughing, dropping 3 dollars, our favorite couple, the KFCR dating app. Also how Frankie Borrelli is like Jordyn Woods and everyone famous before 1992 is canceled.
February 19, 2019
Will Gun Girl now forever be known as Poop Girl? Will Young Pageviews ever launuch Barstool Outdoors? Did Blippi poop on another human being? The answer to all these and more. Voicemails include: percentage of people masturbating, two shows on a hard drive, washing your balls, and High School Reunion Marathon.
February 18, 2019
Kayce prohibited Jared from having any contact with her sister. Bowls of wine, getting out of speeding tickets, and chewing charcoal. Kyle Van Noy (19:21) stops by to rub his 2nd Super Bowl KFC's face. Alex Bregman (47:15) tells Jared that no one thinks he has any clue what it's like in the MLB. White Sox Dave threw 72 mph  and El Pres (1::16:10) declared him Weird Haircut Dave. We patched calls from White Sox Dave and Pres together and let them go at it. Big Cat suggests an auction style pitch competition. What's a sexual experience with Tommy Smokes (1:34:59)? And Kayce's stalker (1:47:15) sends her a weird note and then calls in to offer to take her on a date.
February 14, 2019
Jose Canseco is looking for 5 lucky contestants to go Bigfoot/Alien hunting and we can think of 3 great candidates (one is Dustin Pedroia). KFC is gonna do HGH. Rone should make a rap to the Pornhub beat. VOicemails: MILF is my mom, WYR face ages or body ages, is it ook to say you want to bang your GF's roommates? And how many miles of sex have you had? Jesse McCartney (56:49) stops by to talk about his classics, collaborating with T-Pain, and making music in the influencer era.
February 12, 2019
Baron Davis wants to slap the shit out of Neal Brennan, find out why on today's episode. Voicemails include: leak or shed, never know the shower temp or never take off your socks, winning the break up by getting engaged, the raccoon hypothetical, and how to organize a 5 person gangbang.
February 11, 2019
When did KFC, Carrabis, and Kayce lose their virginity? How did the Rocket handle Valentine's Day? Is he a 1st ballot "get bitches" hall of famer? Dana White calls in and he goes in on Darren Rovell. The sex dungeon for rent in Pennsylvania. What is NYC consecutive streak for ongoing sex? Did YP jerk off in the Super Bowl house? Jeff Bezos' dick and more from last week on Clancy and the Rockets.
February 7, 2019
KFC & Feits discuss the state of the podcasting game and how Spotify is throwing around big money. John is frustrated with history books and home economics. Does money buy happiness? Do the White Walkers win? Voicemails include: swimming under a tsunami, eating a hot pocket in the shower, where do you wear a towel, live for 24 more hours or 20,000 more years.Ochocinco (57:34) joins the program to tell us that he was a virgin until he was 27, how his stats are the same as Michael Irvin and he deserves to be in the HOF, offers to play with Josh Allen for free, and expresses his lover for Peaky Blinders and Tommy Shelby. Gary Vaynerchuk (1:14:51) pops on with Geronimo Allison. Gary thinks Adam Gase will dominate the division, John does not. Gary also considers buying the Mets with KFC and calls Tom Brady a dickface.
February 5, 2019
Lil Jon joins the show to talk about Dave Chappelle's impact on his career, whether wine can make you an alcoholic, and how he trader in tequila shots for cayenne and ginger. Later, Waka Flocka reacts to the Prozingis trade as it happens, explained that music is just a hobby, that his true goal is to be a tech mogul, and how he is down to start wrestling with Gronk. KFC and Feits discuss the Super Bowl and the postgame celebration that left John literally stinking. Also no one jerked off for a week in the Super Bowl house and it took it's toll. Voicemails include: girl talk, alternate passwords, adjusting the scale, and betting on teams you hate.
February 4, 2019
CCK down in Atlanta. Lots of people predicted the Rams would win. We did not. We were right. Waka Flocka, Melvin Gordon, Anthony Munoz, Kordell Stewart, Ryan Leaf, Rone fresh off his Pup Punk performance and even Erika Nardini makes an appearance.
January 31, 2019
We help Howie Mandel conquer his germaphobia by giving him the most disgusting chair in the office, discuss how he inspects hotel rooms with a blacklight and salad tongs, Deal or No Deal guy who gets stuck with $5, the time he got mad at Megan Markle, how he tried to turn down Deal or No Deal and had to be talked into it by his wife, and how he is the Tom Brady of gameshows. Movie night at Barstool and KFC, Feits and Kayce watch Jigsaw and debate what they would do if they were about to die. Voicemails include: cleaning out the JT, hot or cold car, and cum out the mouth or 1 liter.
January 29, 2019
Pete Holmes on today's episode talking about his new series Crashing and what it is like working with Artie Lange while he battles addiction. KFC proves he has had a glow up because he has an unspeakable ugly picture from his past. Voicemails include: the glow up, melting Feits, never save a number, and should I move in with my gf at 21 years old? 
January 28, 2019
Kevin & Kayce preview Super Bowl week and discuss what they would do if the government shutdown had stopped them from going to Atlanta. Jared at the Red Sox Winter Weekend and throws 68mph. White Sox Dave calls in and he and Jared agree to both throw at a speed pitch. Sharing a toothbrush, a proposal for the commissioner of the Ball In Cup league, Feits and KFC explain the Amazon Sex Position to Kayce, the Super Bowl house drama and Garth Brooks old yearbook, KFC taking out Patriots Insurance, RA calls in with an IN-N-Out Burger review, Andy King is America's sweetheart, Instagram stalkers and Robbie Fox pops in to tease the latest Pup Punk show, and Kayce's weird cluster fear.
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