It's not a bag program
Not a standalone, but useful non the less
eliza munson
It's true that ultimately the company behind these podcasts wants you to purchase a subscription to their website. But while I don't think my study habits make sense with that I do find the podcast works well as a supplement to my language studies. You see, while I think memorization and practice conversations are a poor basis for learning a language, taking them a la carte in addition to a more in depth study program is a nice way to fill in more specific usage and encourage good pronunciation. It is unfortunate that lesson notes are only available with a subscription, but ultimately there is still an admirable amount to be had just with the podcast. Men satt ikke alle eggene dine inn i en kurv. Or something like that. Teach Yourself Norwegian (the one by Alf Sommerfeldt) and Beginning Norwegian (by Einar Haugen) are both really good. PS Nora is unbearably adorable.
Donovan Axtell
The languagepod101 lineup is amazing, it takes me a little while longer to learn with this method, but the only reason is that I always multitask while listening to these, which might sound bad however... The fact that I can still learn a new language while cooking, cleaning, working or even gaming makes this program top notch in my opinion!
Im learning Norwegian
Came across you guys! Awesome podcast & makes Norwegian easy to learn. Not many places online that do such a great job!
this makes me so happy!!!!!
im sooooo glad you guys are doing norwegian now too!!!! keep up the good work!!!
Love <3
I love this podcast. It teaches Norwegian in a fun and interesting way!
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