June 23, 2020
Cuckolding as a lifestyle can do one of two things for your relationship. It will either make it or break it and much of that is dependent upon your own knowledge of how it should work. Too many times men watch a shit load of cuckold and think that’s what cuckolding is all about. But the problem with basing your lifestyle on a movie is that you’re basing it on entertainment. It would be the same as if you based your lifestyle on an Oscar winning movie. It’s not realistic. In this show I’m going to discuss some of the things that can and WILL come up if you choose to implement cuckolding in to your relationship. It’s always smart to go in to something new with your eyes open, not blurred by the stiffy in your pants. PLUS I’m answering all of your spectacular kinky questions and revealing all your naughty confessions.
May 26, 2020
Yes, I know I was going on hiatus BUT I had so many listeners ask me not to leave I decided to bring In Bed back earlier than I expected but instead of LIVE it’ll be in podcast form. So Tues May 26 I’ll be dropping the first of what I hope are many Kinky Question shows. I am answering all of your questions on sex, kink, bdsm and fetish along with revealing all of your naughty confessions. And boy did you guys not disappoint. And in the primiere of Kinky Questions & Confessions I’ll be discussing such subjects as: Age Play or Ped*philia?I’m the Melon with the BandIs Cuckolding Still a Viable Relationship?Look, Under that Skirt, it’s a Bird, it’s a Plane, no, it’s a CockAchy, Breaky, BallsTo Do Your Sister or NOTIt SOUNDS Like a Urinary Tract Infection to MeAlways Let a Domme Sniff Your Hand First“Honey the SpitRoast is Done!”The Accidental TriggerJust What IS the Kinkiest Thing You’ve Ever Done?and MORE!
March 11, 2020
Everyone’s favorite sub proposed an idea for a show where several Mistresses get together and do something similar to The Talk. So for this show I have three of your favorite Dommes; Angela St. Lawrence, Naima and Domina Kiara and we’ll be talking all about some of your favorite things: Raindrops on RosesWhiskers on KittensHumiliation (all kinds)PENIS SIZE (you all love that one)What we do in our vanilla livesPLUS all your questions answered AND… IF YOU ARE A MISTRESS WHO WANTS TO CALL IN DURING THE SHOW AND JOIN US PLEASE DO SO! You can CALL IN your question to your favorite Domme LIVE the night of the show
February 12, 2020
Join me for 50 Shades More Powerful™ as I take wives and girlfriends even further in to the fun that we started on the last show. So ladies now that I have you wearing your crown again and you’re starting to really feel your power, what else can we do with it? Check it out… Got a man who keeps eye-balling other women? There’s a cure for that.Sick of always being Queen of the Kitchen? I’ll show you how to drop the toilet brush and pick up a nail file.Thousands of couples, including your friends and neighbors, are playing this kinky game and putting the fire back in to their relationships. I’ll teach you common fetishes and how to exploit them including: FeetStockingsShoesNailsLeather & Latex More extreme play such as: BondageSpankingCBTChastityStrap-onHumiliationFeminizationCuckolding Plus I’ll be discussing issues that can come up for example, “I don’t want to hurt my husband.” So join me Tuesday Feb 11 at 10pm ET for 50 Shades More Powerful™ LIVE
January 15, 2020
As women we learn to make sacrifices from a very young age. We’re taught to put our own needs beneath those of the people we love. We learn shelve our feelings for the greater good. And to always be little ladies both in the bedroom and out. 5 years ago I did a series of radio shows for The N’Tuned Show exclusively for women called 50 Shades of Power™. But even in that short amount of time many things about being a woman has changed. The Me Too movement gave many women a voice where before sexual assault was yet another area where we learned to just, “shut up and take it.” I decided it was time to bring 50 Shades of Power™ back; bigger, better and with even more information. Ladies… Is your relationship on life support?Do you find yourself going through life on auto-pilot?Is your sex life non-existent?Do you feel as though there’s nothing to look forward to?Ever wonder if there’s something more?Want to either find or take your power back? This show is for average women who are tired of the ‘same old – same old’ and want to explore what else is ‘out there’ sexually in a non-threatening, fun way. Ladies, I’m going to wake you up and shake you up and show you that with just a few changes in the way you think, you can move yourself from humdrum to fun and get your zest back for sex and life. For you gentlemen who crave to have a little more power exchange in your relationship – THIS is the series of shows you WANT your wife or girlfriend to listen to.
December 11, 2019
Join me for In Bed’s year end wrap up show! We’ll be talking about the hottest shows from 2019Catch up on the boys from the Extreme Cuckolding showDoes cocksucking make you gay?How to find the perfect Domme for 2020AND ALL YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED! JOIN US!!
November 13, 2019
Join Amelia Divine and myself as we delve in to the world of Sissies! Those wild and wacky gurls who just wanna have fun! But just what is a sissy? What makes a sissy, a sissy? Well Amelia & Master Blackrod are here to school us all, including all you sissies out there on ALL THINGS SISSY! What is a sissy?What is the difference between a sissy, a cross dresser, a Drag Queen and a transsexual?The difference between feminization and being a sissyUsing the female or feminine as punishment or humiliationFetish vs. realityThe ups and downs of purgingWhy sissies are considered HIGH MAINTENANCESissies and humiliationFLR & sissies We’ll learn all this and MORE! WE WILL ALSO BE JOINED BY SPECIAL GUEST MASTER BLACKROD
October 23, 2019
It’s that time of year when we all want to be scared and have some fun so that’s exactly what we’ll be doing on this show. This should actually be called the all What the Sweet Fuck Show. Call in your freakiest fetishes and scariest stories the night of the show. Whether you’re a phone sex operator, companion, clip producer or client WE HAVE ALL had freaky requests and heard spine tingling stories and I WANT TO HEAR THEM ALL! Creepy ClientsStrange RequestsFreaky FetishesDiabolical DominationWhatever has made you say, WHAT THE SWEET FUCK?!
September 11, 2019
One of the most popular articles I ever wrote was Are You a Needy Sub? In this article I cover what what many submissives are guilty of – being overly needy and time consuming. Sometimes one of the hardest things to figure out is just what type of sub you are. And the answer to that is… a delicious mixture of many different types of submissive behaviour to make you uniquely, YOU. On this show I’m going to cover some of the different types of submissive behaviours that you might exhibit. But why do you need to know what type of sub you are? Well, because self-awareness makes for a better submissive experience with your Mistress or Master. It helps YOU to select the right Domme/Dom with which to play if you know who and what your needs are. I’ll be discussing such submissive behavior types as: Flyby’sThe Body SnatcherNeedy Equals GreedyBall of ConfusionIt’s All About Me The best thing you can do to move yourself forward with your submission is to know yourself. But that also means being honest with yourself. Listen in and perhaps a light will be shone on some improvements you can make in your fetish journey.
August 29, 2019
Head Games is a new fun sex trivia game from In Bed with Dr Sue, hosted by Dr Sue and Amelia Divine. In this LIVE radio trivia game 3 contestants answer sexual trivia questions correctly to work their way to bigger and better sex toy prizes. Questions will cover such topics as:  Sexual HealthBDSMFetishSex in Pop Culture OUR CONTESTANTS WILL BE Naima - The BBC Dealer Wicked Ashlynn
August 14, 2019
More and more the lifestyle of cuckolding has become completely crazy. Cuckolding extremes created, in part, by the community has distorted what cuckolding was meant to be. On this show I’ll be discussing how an average couple with no background in BDSM or Female Led Relationships can integrate this lifestyle successfully in their relationship. I’ll be discussing such topics as: How to startWhat games to play in the bedroom to get used to another person in the roomBecoming the Queen of the houseWhat is a hot wife?Are you a voyeur or a cuckold?Should the wife ‘date?’Must the husband watch?The true meaning of a cuckold Join me for this eye-opening tutorial of what a COMMON SENSE CUCKOLDING lifestyle can actually be.
July 17, 2019
People have a misconstrued notion about Dominatrixes and what they do. We’re seen in the media as being bad ass bitches with no feelings who HATE MEN. When in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. We are bad ass bitches but we certainly DON’T HATE MEN. About 7 years ago I did a show by the same name as this one and we discussed what just what it says, what Dommes really think of their subs. Well after posting the last show about submissive behavior I was approached by Incognito Thomas about possibly doing a show where subs could hear about the good things they do and what Dommes really think about their work and the gentlemen they interact with. On this show I’m hoping I can count on ALL YOU LADIES to CALL IN so we can talk about what you love about your subs and how they enrich your lives.
June 27, 2019
Head Games is a new fun sex trivia game from In Bed with Dr Sue, hosted by Dr Sue and Amelia Divine. In this LIVE radio trivia game you answer sexual trivia questions correctly to work your way to prizes. Questions will cover such topics as: Sexual HealthBDSMFetishSex in Pop Culture HOW TO PLAY You must call in and answer 5 trivia questions correctlyAfter each correct answer you win a prizeBefore each question you will be asked if you wish to continueIf you choose to continue you will risk losing all your accumulated prizes if you answer incorrectlyYou will have 5 seconds to think about your answer
June 12, 2019
I'd love to say that all you boys get submission perfectly right out of the gate but let's face it, it can be hard navigating the world of domination and submission especially when you're dealing with WOMEN! It seems that due to a ton of misinformation online, the lack of training in the women who enter this world as dommes and your lack of knowledge and/or common sense, many of you are simply...getting it all wrong! In this show I'm going to walk you through a few of the basics of submitting to a powerful woman. I'm sure some of you will think, "well that's not hard, I've been doing it for years," but have you been doing it right or well? I'll be going over topics such as: What is submission? - It might not be the way you have it in YOUR mindWhat type of sub are you? - You can't submit until you know yourselfCommunication - The proper way to approach a female dominant for the first timeNeedy = Greedyand MORE! Whether you're entering in the Femme Domme world for the first time or you consider yourself an expert I have no doubt you'll come away with a few new tidbits of information that will further your journey. Amelia Divine and I will also be playing a mini version of HEAD GAMES our new Sex Trivia Game so be sure to tune in and listen for your chance to play.
May 15, 2019
When one thinks of the word ‘poly’ in conjuction with relationships the first thing that jumps in to mind is what the media shoves down our throats with t.v. shows such as Sister Wives, My Five Wives and Escaping Polygamy.  We’re bombarded with the patriarchal model of a guy with five wives but polygamy isn’t the only poly on the block. My guests to help guide us through the poly world are Domina Kiara and Daddy Matt both of whom are in poly relationships but each of their relationships is quite unique. We’ll be discussing: What is the difference between polyamory and polygamy?Is it illegal?How can you love that many people at one time?How do you get past jealousy?Does D & s enter in to the relationship and if so, how? So come with us and learn about REAL POLYAMORY by folks who live it!
April 17, 2019
In this show we’re going BALLS TO THE WALL, no wait, that would be a CBT show. One of the most common questions I get asked is how big does a woman want a man’s dick to be? So I’m going to be discussing all things penis. Size, statistics but more importantly we’ll hear from the ladies themselves about their size preferences without the pressure of ‘being nice.’ I also find it interesting how no one asks what guys like? WTF? We’ll talk: What do women really want?Penis size statsWhy you love being humiliated about your sizeWhat is a micropenis?Does surgery or exercise really increase size?How to come to terms with your sizeIs bigger really better? PLUS Dr Sue’s Erotic Book Club! LADIES who love the D, I really need you to CALL IN to the show LIVE with your preferences about penis size to give an overview of what women want.
March 13, 2019
Let’s face it there’s plenty of what could be considered taboo fetishes ‘out there’ but isn’t deciding what is taboo subjective? Relative to whomever is discussing the subject? But at what point do we draw the line? Yes your Queen of Kink Shaming, that would be me, and the amazing Angela St. Lawrence will be discussing the pro’s and con’s of such esoteric fetishes as: ABDL Beastiality Incest Scat Play/Golden Showers Bug Chasing/Gift Giving Furries Breath Play Pedophilia Castration Forced Intox Race Play and MORE!
February 13, 2019
It's BLACK HISTORY MONTH so when Naima asked if I'd like to do a show on BBC I thought, what could be better?! So the lovely Naima will be joining me to discuss BBC or Big Black Cock. If you didn't know, YES it's a 'kink' within the fetish community and Naima is here to school us all. We'll be discussing: What is the 'obsession' with BBC?Why do white men find themselves drawn to it?Has the black man been reduced to his penis?The book "A Mind of It's Own - A Cultural History of the Penis" by David M. FriedmanIs BBC about misogyny?And MUCH MORE!
January 16, 2019
I thought it might be a good idea to give some new folks information on erotic hypnosis and really hypnosis in general. There is still quite a bit of misinformation regarding hypnosis that I believe needs to be rectified.  I’ll be covering such info as: Does hypnosis actually work? What are the different types (modalities) of hypnosis Does subliminal messaging work? What is hypnosis good for? What makes erotic hypnosis different from other types? IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT HYPNOSIS CALL IN THE NIGHT OF THE SHOW 657-383-0031
December 12, 2018
Tuesday December 11 The Year End Wrap Up Show 2018 is already coming to an end in what could be argued as one of the most contentious years in sex work in decades. From FOSTA/SESTA to Stormy Daniels our business has been under attack even more than is normal. But we made it through. THAT’S WHY THIS IS YOUR SHOW! I’m opening the phone lines for YOU to talk about ANYTHING YOU want. CALL IN &… ?PROMOTE your business! ?Wish your friends a happy holiday ?Tell us what you plan to do in 2019 ?ASK ANY QUESTION on ANY FETISH THE PHONE LINES ARE ALL YOURS! 1-657-383-0031 ALSO: Chris from the Extreme Cuckolding show will update us on how he’s doing (I’m working on getting Kevin)Amberly Rothfield will be giving you TIPS to JUMP START your business in 2019How to keep your business SAFE in 2019 including WHAT SERVICES NOT TO USE if you plan to STAY in this business.Find out all the EROTIC BOOKS you should be ready over the holidaysand MORE!
November 14, 2018
Humiliation. When it comes to fetish and submission, humiliation is a given. But is it okay? At what point does humiliation start to cross the line to bullying and become detrimental to your mental health? Why is humilation part of submission?Why do I like to be humiliated at all?When does humiliation become hate?Can humiliation actually help your self-esteem?How can I play but still maintain my self-esteem?How to humiliate without damaging your sub What are your thoughts on humiliation?
October 17, 2018
Join me Tuesday October 16 at 10m ET when my guest will be author and researcher Key Barrett and we'll be going over everything about chastity and female led relationships. Key has been researching FLR's and is the author of two books we'll be going over; Surrender, Submit, Serve Her.: The definitive guide to enacting Female Leadership and embracing the Female Dominated Household and Locked-In Love: How two weeks in chastity can end the barter system, renew courtship and make a better husband We'll be chatting about: What are the psychological changes a couple will go through when the husband is locked?What are the benefits of being in chastity for both husband and wife?What is a female led relationship?What is required to create a good FLR?The common myths of both chastity and FLR'sWhat men can do to be more supportive of women in our changing societyand MORE! CALL IN WITH YOUR QUESTIONS 657-383-0031
September 19, 2018
Has financial domination died? Yes! It died ages ago yet some of you women keep trying desperately to shock the life back in to it. Several years ago I wrote a very controversial article stating that indeed financial domination is DEAD. It pissed off a lot of women but it was the truth. On this show I’m going to be going even deeper in to the frigid, hard reality of this particular kink. Financial domination, just what is it and how did it get so incredibly fucked up over the last decade? I’ll be discussing: What exactly is REAL financial dominationWhy calling yourself a rinser makes you look like a corner hooker with a needle in your armThe impact of online media and it’s complicity in the deterioration of the kinkHow, because of FOSTA/SESTA, calling yourself a findom openly could get your ass brought up on federal chargesWhy many Domme’s don’t get involved in findom and actually find it distastefulIf you insist on calling yourself a findom, how to protect yourself and your moneyHow men get so addicted to this kinkIs money the ultimate control? What do you think? Is Financial Domination Dead? CALL IN with your thoughts the night of the show 657-383-0031
August 15, 2018
In the first of many new shows I'll be doing with no guest, I will be uncovering the lies, deception and utter bullshit that has taken over the cuckold world in recent years. I will be taking you through what cuckolding REALLY is and exposing the lies and ridiculous practices that have infiltrated the cuckold scene. I'll be discussing What the true definition of cuckolding isWhy the term 'hot wife' has nothing to do with cuckoldingWhy men are shaming women who practice this lifestyleWhat is a female led relationship (FLR)What's the deal with 'professional bulls'And a TON MORE! You probably won't like what I have to say on this show and subsequent shows and I expect you to CALL IN with your own opinions and observations and to debate mine in a respectful way. The BDSM scene is falling apart and I'm taking names and calling out the bullshit. CALL IN THE NIGHT OF THE SHOW 657-383-0031
July 25, 2018
Join me for a frank discussion about the history of sadomasochism with author and kinkster Peter Tupper and the release of his book A Lover’s Pinch, A Cultural History of Sadomasochism. Peter has been researching and blogging about the history of consentual sadomasochism since 2005. Peter is the co-founder of Metro Vancouver Kink, a non-profit BDSM community organization in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and remains active in the BDSM lifestyle. He has lectured at numerous conferences throughout the U.S. and Canada and has appeared on many kink related podcasts. From publisher Rowman & Littlefield about A Lover’s Pinch “A worldwide subculture that influences everything from fashion to advertising, sadomasochism has a long and lively history. A Lover’s Pinch tells the story of consensual sadomasochism, from a controversial religious practice to a secretive sexuality branded a perversion. The origins of kink and fetish culture have been shrouded in secrecy and myths, until now. Here, Peter Tupper reveals the true story of sadism and masochism, dominance and submission.”
July 11, 2018
One of the most difficult aspects of working in the adult industry is dealing with the mental health issues we all face. Whether it’s dealing with clients, haters, competitors, family, friends, or the isolation of working online sex industry can wear even the most stable of us down. The legendary Kimmie Kaboom is joining me to discuss how we can keep our sanity in the crazy and not always fun work we do. Suicide has become even more prevalent in our industry with the passing of FOSTA/SESTA and the feeling of being alone and the world being against us is real. Kimmie is going to give us the tools needed to deal with such issues as: Bullying, cyber stalking and keyboard warriors How to keep your social media in compliance Dealing with trolls and negative feedback How not to get sucked in to trolls/fans that demand your time I will discuss: The importance of self-care and how to actually do it Meditation And we will both tell you about the new support platfrom for sex workers Pinapple Support and how YOU can help a fellow provider in your spare time like we do. ARE YOU A FAN OF KIMMIE?  CALL IN THE NIGHT OF THE SHOW AND SAY HI! 657-383-0031
June 20, 2018
In what we know will be a contentious issue and show I am joined by Mistress Mia Darque and Master Blackrod. Mistress Mia you will remember from the show on Giantess fetish where we touched briefly on this very topic of race play and decided then that we would have to do an entire show on the subject.  Master Blackrod has some very definite ideas regarding the racist aspects of sex play and when it crosses the line. A brief history of African American slursDoes me indulging in raceplay for profit make me a sell out to my race?What am I? (A look into what the provider is comfortable with for themselves)If I'm the dominant don't I run the show? Being a top in raceplay.Can a white couple (cuckold scene) use the term Queen of Spades?Can a white person indulge in race play?and MORE! What are your thoughts?
June 2, 2018
Whether you are a proud sex worker, you support sex workers, or you are not empowered or proud but you are working it for your own reasons, this is your chance to be heard. June 2 is International Sex Worker Day and in light of the recent passing of FOSTA/SESTA ~ The Cloud Act and End Banking for Human Trafficking Act this day of celebration is even more important this year as we all stand up to fight against descrimination of LEGAL SEX WORK. If you can't join a local march or rally I want to give you a chance to call in and tell the world how you feel about legal sex work and how this law is affecting your life. In this OPEN LINE LIVE CALL-IN SHOW the mic is all YOURS!  657-383-0031
May 16, 2018
Join Ashley Jill and myself as we explore smoking fetish and we’ll also be talking more about the FOSTA fall out.  You might not want to hear what I’ll be telling you about the reasons why sites such as FetLife have had to pull the plug on certain fetishes despite the negative feedback. We’ll also discuss Who participates in a smoking fetish knowing they’re killing themselves?Why would anyone think smoking is sexy?The art of smokingSmoking coercionWhy are Findom and Pro-Domination being targeted?Why have so many terms of service been changed recently?What is going on in Europe on May 25th?The recent changes to bankingTwitter shadow banning; how to keep your account from disappearing
April 18, 2018
Ashley Jill and myself will be discussing all of the issues surrounding the passing of FOSTA/SESTA on March 21/2018. I will attempt to get as many answers as I can regarding what services are changing and hopefully what services are not. We’ll also go over: What is FOSTA/SESTA?What does it mean?Why it affects you if you’re not in the U.S.What services can you TRUST?What services have been affected?And more importantly what you can do to help survive this tragedy of a bill and maintain your business.
March 21, 2018
You truly don't want to miss this show with the legendary Mistress Mia Darque. We are going to be hitting on a ton of subjects including giantess of course but we're also going to be discussing race play, body positivity, corporal punishment and even the trend of geeks and gaming in BDSM. So set a reminder on your phone right now to make it for this fantastic show! Giantess: The differences between glamazons, giantesses and amazons How much does actual height have to do with it? Giantess and the AB/DL fetish The effects of Namio Harukawa on post WWII giantess and plus size body positivity. Corporal punishment: Race relations (dealing with varying ethnicities in certain aspects of race play) Knowing how and when to tell a masochist - enough is enough Working with extreme masochists in general and what to do when you think you've run out options Nerds...The new frontier (geek fetish in S&M)
February 28, 2018
Too often we become far too complacent with both our online and offline safety. We can get sucked up into that, ‘It can’t happen to me,’ mentality. And that can have some dangerous consequences. Corii Siren and I are going to bring you some issues that have cropped up and whether you are new to this business or a seasoned professional we ask that you listen in because your security is of utmost importance.   We’ll also be discussing changes you can make to keep yourself safer. I personally have stories you need to hear from past ladies who have been stalked and present ladies who have been murdered. This isn’t sensationalism; I wish it was, unfortunately its fact.  So am I telling you them to scare you? 100%. Cause you should be scared if you’re not taking this seriously.  But we’ll also be discussing changes you can make to keep yourself safer so it’s not all gloom and doom. Look I know for some of you the term ‘sex worker’ is off-putting but like it or not that’s what we all are. From Dommes to cam girls to actors we are all in this together so let’s stop worrying about terminology and start taking care of one another. We also want you to please share your stories of security issues you’ve had in the past. CALL IN (it’s completely anonymous) during the show to share any issues you’ve experienced, your story could help someone. Are you experiencing any issues you need help with? CALL IN and we'll try to help you.
February 21, 2018
You may have noticed a slight change in the LGBTQ community‘s acronym of late to include the letter “I.” So what’s with the “I”? Well the letter “I” stands for Intersex. And what is intersex? Well that’s precisely what Sadie Synn andMadame Margherite are here to educate us about. Tune in and find out: What Intersex is? How Intersex differs from Transgender including The difference between biological sex and gender identity Infant Conforming Genital Mutilation Issues that those who are Intersex face Struggles with the medical community The obstacles involved in dating and intimacy The social awkwardness, having to stay covered up, conforming to societal standards How to be a good ally to an Intersex individual How to raise awareness about Intersex without being Intersex How to speak with an Intersex individual and more! Join us for a riveting show and learn to be an ally in everyone’s fight to be allowed to be different. Because like it or not, we all are. Once you accept that we are all different, every single living thing on this planet - different, suddenly there are no walls, there is no such thing as exclusion (exclusion from what?) and there’s a lot of room in the world. What are your thoughts? Join me on What’s On Yo Mind? At the start of the show and tell us, What’s On Yo Mind? By calling in 657-383-0031 or email me with your thoughts and I’ll read them on the show.
January 17, 2018
In Bed with Dr Sue is joined by the lovely Evil Opal, purveyor of slippery, sensual caresses around your extremities with these centuries-old textiles. The thought of silk and satin brings to mind Egyptian tents with beautifully adorned women in these brightly coloured, soft, wafts of cloth. Opal will tell us how she got into being a 'textile-o-phile,' and how she incorporated that into her BDSM life. She'll be teaching us about: Versatility & Practicality - of these textiles -Different textures -Silk fetish attire -The ease of silk scarvesSymbolism - the history & archetypes of silk -The symbolism of silk with power and wealth among many others -Spider Silk -Historical and regional costuming including; saris, kimonos and goddess drapesSensuality - all the lovely ways to use silk in kinky play -Bondage -Mummification -Sensation Play -Fetish attire So bring your notebooks nuggets because class is in session and there's a lot to learn. Whether you're professional or you want to incorporate some sensation play in your bedroom you don't want to miss this very informative show. This is also your chance to call in if you LOVE Opal. If you have always wanted to profess your love or simply ask her some questions about her admiration of silk and satin we'll be waiting to hear from you. Call-in the night of the show: 657-383-0031
December 20, 2017
We’ve all been there. We’ve all been scammed in some way on the internet and unfortunately, it happens in our little kinky neck of the internet world as well. Because of that, I’ve decided to wake all of you up to some of the common scams that are geared to the BDSM online world. Join Ashley Jill and me December 19 at 10pm ET for this very frank discussion that may piss some people off but… you know me. What marketing scams are being used on DommesWhat horrifying scams are being used on subsWhat to look for and what to RUN FROM when you’re searching for a Domme to serveand so much MORE! If you’ve been scammed in BDSM online I WANT TO HEAR YOUR STORY. Please CALL IN the night of the show 657-383-0031
November 22, 2017
The delicious aroma of fresh, out-of-the-box pair of leather stiletto shoes. The glimpse of buttery softness your fingers get as you slide the zipper up her leather thigh-high boots. The gleam of the light as it hits her curves in the freshly polished, latex, little black dress. The feel of the rubber glove as it clamps over your mouth and her breath as she whispers in your ear, “you’re fucked!” BDSM and leather is so cliché it makes even the best of us roll our eyes but if we move away from the stereotype and into the realm of fetish you find that whether it’s leather, rubber, latex, vinyl, velvet or feathers sensation play is a huge part of the BDSM and fetish realm and we’re going to explore sensation play with both Mistress VQ and Leatherfreak. Mistress VQ is a professional dominatrix who uses all of these items in her craft in both her wardrobe and as part of the services she offers submissives. We’ll talk to Mistress VQ about how she incorporates sensation play in her art. We’ll also be chatting with Leatherfreak who will be giving us the submissive’s point-of-view. We’ll talk to LF about his enjoyment of not just the feel and smell of leather but the intense bondage aspect of being encased in it as well. Join us the night of the show and if you have a love of leather or other amazing sensations give us a call the night of the show 657-383-0031
November 1, 2017
What could be better on Halloween Night than to be joined by my guest Andy Baca while we talk all things sexy and spooky.  Spectrophilia is best described as a sexual attraction to ghosts and paranormal investigator Andy takes us into a world where sex and the paranormal collide. We’ll also be delving into these creepy but spine-tinglingly sexy subjects: Dual views of paranormal investigation and parapsychologyOuija board projection/ Philip ExperimentPoltergeist/RSPK (Recurrent Spontaneous Psycho Kinesis) Sleep Paralysis/Old Crone SyndromeCelebrity Show Case10 Celeb snuggles with spooksKe$ha visits haunted brothel twice The Entity CaseSan Pedro Haunting + SideshowThe Mustang RanchAlien Cathouse & Nye County Brothel Wars So grab some wine and put the rugrats to bed with their evening haul, slide under a warm blanket and join my co-host Ashley Jill and myself for an evening of sexy, spectral fun with incredible stories that will keep you up for the rest of the night in more ways than one.  We want to hear your sexy ghost stories. CALL IN 657-383-0031 at the end of the show and tell us your spooky, adrenalin-filled, fetish tale.
September 13, 2017
Cuckolding is the dream of many men.  They salivate at the idea of another man having sex with or in some cases even being his wife’s boyfriend.  It all sounds good on paper but when you implement this type of lifestyle there can be serious consequences if you’re not careful. I am very lucky to have as my guest’s both Chris and Kevin.  Chris will be joining us live and telling us about his relationship.  You might recall I described some of what Chris and his wife went through in an article I wrote for Kink E Magazine.  What happened to Chris is frightening and extreme for sure and much can be learned from his experience.  I am also going to be speaking with Kevin in a pre-recorded interview that I will air on the show.  Kevin is living in an extreme, cuckold relationship and is now doing things he would never have thought he would be.  Things that you and I might think are absolutely crazy but he and his wife are making work.  I would love to hear your thoughts that night and I’m sure Chris is happy to take your questions. Call-in the night of the show to 657-383-0031
August 16, 2017
Most of us don’t think of tickling as being anything sexual let alone a way to torture someone.  For some of us tickling is torture because we just plain don’t like it, but what if THAT was used against you? There are many elements of BDSM involved in tickling and tickle torture and tickling has become an industry within BDSM. Foot stocks and being tied down during the tickling process gives you your bondage element.  The tickler becomes the evil, torturer who inflicts the suffering on a barefoot and/or naked defenseless victim, driving them crazy with a myriad of brushes, fingernails and other tickle torment accoutrement. I invite you to join myself, Ashley Jill and our special guest Tony as we explore this fetish together. Tony is a client of mine who I know you’ll fall in love with. He’s funny, articulate and knows his tickling shit inside and out.  So whether you’re a Domme/Dom looking to add to your bag of tormenting tricks, a tickle loving fetishist or just curious about this kink be sure to join us LIVE and call in your thoughts during the show. We want to hear from you.  657-383-0031
October 26, 2016
Every one of us at one time or another has experienced feelings of intense sadness and apathy.  For many people this is a short-lived and temporary situation.  But for others those feelings persist and become accompanied by other more acute issues such as feelings of self-loathing, physical pain, severe fatigue and thoughts of suicide just to name a few. Depression effects everyone whether it be through personal experience or by observing or dealing with friends and loved ones who suffer.  But do those of us in the sex industry suffer more?  There is a school of thought that anyone involved in the adult industry is already damaged in some way. Together with my guest co-host Miss Peyton we'll discuss the signs and symptoms of depression and open the discussion removing the stigma's associated with it.  We'll also talk about strategies you can implement to help ease your own symptoms.  It's time we open the discussion on depression and mental health in order to remove the blemish and shame associated with it. Have you or someone you know suffered from depression?Do you think being a sex worker makes depression worse?Do you have a story that could help someone listening in? WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! CALL IN during the show with your experience 657-383-0031
April 27, 2016
It’s time to educate yourself about transgender persons AND TransDomination.  Unfortunately although this was supposed to be the year of transgender visibility most of what you see in main stream media is Caitlyn Jenner riding on a bus muttering “don’t go there,” under her breath.  Now I’m not here to shit on a sister’s parade but in my opinion Caitlyn hasn’t been a sister long enough to really speak on behalf of an entire group. My guest for this show is the delightfully powerful Sadie Synn, who is also NOT speaking on behalf of the transgender community but can certainly give us her real world view of what it’s like to not only be a transgender woman in our society, but a transgender Domme in a community not known for being welcoming. We will be discussing everything from proper terminology and pronoun usage to the difference between gender identity and sexual orientation to North Carolina’s HB2 and what it’s like to be a transgender Dom/Domme. Learn more about our guest Sadie Synne, take our poll and for transgender resources CLICK HERE!  We want to hear from you! Have you been discriminated against as a transgender person? Have you been a victim of hate crimes against you because of your gender identity? What do you think of North Carolina’s HB2 bill? Call in with your thoughts and stories the night of the show (657) 383-0749
March 16, 2016
You might be wondering why in the hell I’d be doing a show about aliens on In Bed with Dr Sue but it’s not as far-fetched as you might think, as a matter of fact there is a fetish based on the movie franchise Alien; Xenomorph. I personally have a love for the paranormal and UFO’s and have been an aficionado since I was about 7 years old so it’s been a long time. I’ve heard all the main UFO stories the same as most of you - stories of sightings of aircraft and even more sinister abductions – but it goes much, much deeper than what we’ve heard in the mainstream media. I’m joined by Andy Baca a former MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) field investigator, ufologist and paranormal researcher for over 16 years. Andy and I are going to discuss the sexual aspects of extraterrestrial entities that go over and above the medical facet of abduction. I will also be sharing a pre-recorded interview with a special guest. (ET just might be calling from HOME) Do you have a UFO story?Have you or someone you know experienced missing time?Do you have a Xenomorph fetish? Call in with your story (657) 383-0749  Take our polls and send in your questions ahead of the show CLICK HERE!
February 26, 2016
Blackmail.  The words in this picture probably make you chuckle but for some people, primarily men but also women the thought of getting a note like that turns them on.  In this episode of In Bed I’m going to be talking about BLACKMAIL.  What exactly is it when it pertains to fetish and sex?  What type of mind would get in to something that could possibly ruin their lives? But what about the ladies and gentlemen behind the threat?  Besides the obvious monetary gain what does the Blackmailer get out of this?   Do the Dommes/Doms who participate in this have some sort of responsibility or ethical guidelines? So many questions on a subject that can sometimes enrage the folks debating it and that’s just what I’ve brought to you; a debate between two very popular Dommes on the subject of Blackmail. It was an awesome debate and I KNOW all you guys will love not only hearing about the psychology behind blackmail but also what these gorgeous ladies think of the subject.  (SPOILER ALERT: There were no women scratched or harmed during this debate) To find out more about Domme Kyaa and Domina Kiara CLICK HERE!
February 26, 2016
This episode of In Bed with Dr Sue deals with Keeping Your Love Alive, something that many of us are simply not equipped to do.  Why? Probably because when we get in to relationships we think all the hard work is done when in fact it’s only just begun. Whether you have been with your partner 10 minutes or 10 years the advice from my guests on this podcast combined with the wealth of knowledge they have poured between the pages of their books will make sure that you continue to feel the spark you felt when you first laid eyes on each other. Communication is over-ratedEmotional honesty can be harmfulNot revealing every moment and every thought is sexierHow to maintain a long-distance romanceMaking sure monogamy doesn’t turn into monotonyKeeping the passion alive on a busy schedule For all the links to my guests and their books CLICK HERE!
February 26, 2016
Goddess BellaDonna will tell you herself she’s FAT, MATURE and FABULOUS!! And don’t you forget it! Find out how this incredible woman re-invented herself after an emotional rock bottom by picking herself up and turning in to an even better Domme, if that’s possible!  Goddess BellaDonna is about to give you her views on racial tensions within the kink community, how to be a better Domme and so much more. “Your doom and your salvation” has arrived in a package of “sweet evil.”  Isn’t it time you let this sinful lady break your religious bonds with her erotic puppetry? Think you have what it takes to let Goddess BellaDonna pull your strings?  Yeah, I didn’t think so. Find out more about Goddess BellaDonna CLICK HERE!
February 26, 2016
Darlene Burns author of Midnight Comes with the Dawn – The Vampyir Plague opens up her life and exposes not only how she became a writer and who her biggest literary influence is but she also reveals so much of what makes up ‘Darlene the human being’ in this very emotional interview. You’ll see how these strong female characters mimic not only herself but some of the most influential women in her life.  If you love strong, powerful, leading female characters then you’re going to find Darlene’s Vampyir series impossible to put down. PLUS! You’ll find out exclusively on In Bed when the next installment, Alex Races Against the Dawn will be released AND Darlene gives In Bed listeners an exclusive sneak peek at which character will be center stage in book three. To find out more about Darlene Burns CLICK HERE!
February 26, 2016
My interview with the delightful Lacie Grayson takes you from her 5 year old mind believing her father was David Bowie to the incredibly complex project she has in store for all her fans.  This is a lady whose mind never tires whether she is slithering her way in to your neurons via her writing or her hypnosis you’ll find nothing is more fun than time spent with Lacie. For links to Lacie's books and website CLICK HERE!
February 26, 2016
You’re about to delve in to the mind of Miss Pearl O’Leslie, the dominant woman behind the story that was BANNED ON LITEROTICA! And wait until you find out why.  So pop on those headphones, grab your Kindle and get ready to hit download because once you get a taste of Miss Pearl you’ll be salivating for more. For links to Miss Pearl's books and website including the book BANNED ON LITEROTICA CLICK HERE!
February 26, 2016
It’s the finale to a long, hot Summer of Domination with the amazing Marabelle Blue! The Editor-in-Chief of Kink-E-Magazine™ was kind enough to allow me inside her “Boss Bitch of Kink” life for just a little while.  Find out all about what makes the hardest working woman in kink…tick.  I know you’re going to LOVE our very own Marabelle Blue! Find out more about Marabelle Blue and Kink E Magazine™ CLICK HERE!
February 26, 2016
Domina Vengeance is a delicious blend of her exotic heritage sprinkled with spiritual earth mother.  But don’t get me wrong she’s no mushy push-over.  Vengeance is a very strong woman who knows what she wants and just how she’s going to make you squeal to get it. Find out more about Domina Vengeance CLICK HERE!
February 26, 2016
Oh what a wonderful woman Mistress Malvasia is!  Prepare to be entertained and educated by this exceptional woman.  When she’s not taking over the minds of males she’s in the kitchen using her chef skills for the whole family.  And speaking of family, just wait until you hear her describe her relationships and yes that’s plural because this lovely woman is also polyamorous and lives with a crazy group of folks in a very happy home.  Just remember this she’s “more than her squishy bits.” Find out more about Mistress Malvasia CLICK HERE!
February 26, 2016
Don’t they look like a couple of soccer mom’s??? LOL yeah right! Go ahead and jump in the Volvo, I dare ya! This duo of domination, Lady Luxe & Mistress Luscious, will eat you alive but I can assure you, you’ll love every minute of it.  Listen to their story of parallel lives and how they became besties with whips. *BTW the gasp you hear during Mistress Luscious’s cake story is just me with my foot phobia (toes nails, BLECH!) CLICK HERE for more information about Mistress Luscious and Lady Luxe
February 25, 2016
Welcome to Miss Julia Taylor’s world.  Where you’ll find a dazzling woman who has come in to her own.  Of course you would expect a Domme to have confidence but they way in which Miss Taylor finally became comfortable in her own skin was very much the hard road.  The beauty of those knocks and bumps that life throws at you is the grace with which you handle them and grace is the best word to describe Miss Julia Taylor.  You’ll be riveted by her story and captivated by her strength. Find out more about Miss Julia Taylor CLICK HERE!
February 25, 2016
What a delicious blend of English charm and Latina fire Krystal Goddess is. And personally I believe she looks like a much sexier version of Elizabeth Hurley.  Here is a woman who manipulates men, not for the business of it, but for the sheer joy and ecstasy it brings her.  And just wait til you hear how she even found out about financial domination in the first place.  One thing’s for sure, you won’t forget the gem that is Krystal Goddess. Find out more about Krystal Goddess CLICK HERE!
February 25, 2016
What can I say about Lilith that hasn’t already been said?  This woman is the epitome of female powerhouse. Actress, model, singer/songwriter, Domme, Reiki Master (and I’ve probably forgotten a few), are some of the many hats this woman wears. There are times when you watch on social media and think, “my god this woman has to stop or she’ll explode!” As you listen to this articulate, intelligent and vibrant soul you’ll come to appreciate just how hard it is to be in the ‘spotlight,’ and how sometimes even the most dominant of personalities can really just be introverted peace-lovers. Find out more about Lilith Astaroth CLICK HERE!
February 25, 2016
There are no words to describe the fun I had interviewing Princess Brandis.  Once you listen you’ll see just how hilarious she is including coining such phrases as; “cheap is…ewww,” and “props to all you toddlers out there.”  And her doubtless views on female supremacy had me saying BRANDIS 2016! She’s bright and brilliant from a wacky family with the most colorful cast of characters you can imagine. How they don’t have their own reality show is beyond me.  So ladies and gentlemen get ready to pop those appendix and c-section scars busting a gut with Princess Brandis. Find out more about Princess Brandis CLICK HERE!
February 25, 2016
Zola was away from our community for over a year and we missed her dearly but she’s BACK and even more delicious than she was before.  I think the best way to describe Mistress Zola is ruthless charm.  When you first discover her you’re struck by her beauty but when you dive in deeper you’re confronted with a woman who takes no shit and will make you feel deliciously weak all while wearing a great, big smile.  So have a listen and learn all about Mistress Zola Rae…I dare ya! Find out more about Mistress Zola Rae CLICK HERE!
February 25, 2016
The Summer of Domination wouldn’t be complete without checking up on our Queen Kitty who has acquired a co-hort, like she needed any help…not.  But that only makes it more dangerous!  Now you can serve The Royal Couple –  what could be more fun?! **And for those of you who don’t know what ‘the whale’ is, it’s a very, very, very big dildo. ?? Find out more about Queen Kitty and The King of Cucks CLICK HERE!
February 25, 2016
I love Gushy and I know you’re going to love her too! Gushy Goddess is the only woman I know that can inject a sweet, innocence in to being an in-your-face, love me or leave me woman.  Gushy’s got it all goin on with her Domme work and BDSM toy empire just for starters.  I know you are going to be dying to serve Gushy Goddess. CLICK HERE to learn more about Gushy!
February 25, 2016
I know you’re going to enjoy my interview with Miss Peyton as much as I did.  She is absolutely enchanting and will knock your socks off; especially when she laughs.  This captivating beauty will steal your heart and then probably stomp on it but you’ll love every minute of your demise. Want to find out how to get in touch with Mistress Peyton? CLICK HERE!
February 25, 2016
Financial domination is always in the media but it's rare that we get a chance to talk to the financial slave, until now. I was fortunate enough to hear from a financial slave who started chatting with me through email about his feelings regarding financial domination who was open enough to discuss his viewpoint on the record. In this 2 part discussion with Paul, an internet entrepreneur and admitted financial domination addict we finally get to hear what goes on in the mind of a financial slave. Paul and I talk about everything Money Slave including: The relationship he had with is Domme for many yearsHow he found Financial DominationThe Congressman caught with his panties downWhat it feels like to spend money on someone you'll never seeRegretDegrees of FinDom and in Pt 2 Cuckolding and FindommeAmazon ShoppingSacrificeTypes of FinDommesThe one thing that annoys most subsInsta-Domme/Insta-DorkIt takes balls to be submissiveBusiness advice for the newbie FinDommeServing an online DommeProper submissive behaviorAre there female financial slaves?Strippers and Financial DominationStopping and addictionAdvice from a Money Slave to Money Slaves Find out more about Financial Domination CLICK HERE!
February 25, 2016
Just what is all the fascination about the Furry community?  The word Furry seems to make most people roll their eyes or shake their heads.  But what is it about Furries that makes everyone so freaked out?  Who are they? What do they do? In this episode of In Bed with Dr Sue I talk to a furry from Germany named Sinte (pronounced Sin-ta). Sinte tells you the cold hard truth about what it means to be a Furry. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT FURRIES CLICK HERE!
February 25, 2016
In this episode we hear from our friend Cocky da Homo MC once again but it's an all NEW Cocky. When you hear his newest release Cry Harder your ears will as pleasantly surprised as mine were.  This is an artist who has not only grown emotionally and spiritually but musically as well.  Find out how he went from homelessness to creating his most acclaimed mix tape EVER!! FIND OUT MORE ABOUT COCKY CLICK HERE!
February 25, 2016
Adult babies are one of those fetishes that leave people scratching their heads.  Why on earth would anyone want to return to an infantile state? Well I'm happy to bring you my interviews with both "Kent" and Mommy Emma.  Kent is an adult baby who was kind enough to give us his perspective on the fun of being an Adult Baby.  And Mommy Emma gives us her view as a 'professional Mommy' and caregiver to these fun and loving individuals. Once again I ask you to listen with an open mind and open heart as I point the spotlight on Adult Babies. If you want to learn the psychological aspects of paraphilic infantilism Wikipedia of course has some great definitions and causes if you want to go deeper in to the fetish. For more info on my guests and ABDL CLICK HERE!
February 25, 2016
If you've ever had the calling to become a rope master/mistress you need to listen to this interview with the lovely people involved with Rope.Academy. I had the pleasure of being able to interview 3 of the instructors/collaborators of this new 'How-To' website, MRK ~ Xinran ~ Pat Pending, launching November 30, 2014. Whether you want to learn a few clever tricks for your partner in the bedroom or plan to add the techniques to your menu of pro domination delights Rope.Academy has something for quite literally everyone. All levels of experience from beginner to expertInstructional videos teaching you the knots and tying techniques step-by-step.LIVE ONE-ON-ONE instructional webinars for members where you can ask questions of the instructors live as they are teaching and so much MORE! So have a listen and see if this is something you can have fun with as much as Rope.Academy does teaching it to you! Find out more about Rope Academy CLICK HERE!
February 25, 2016
Madame Sossette is more than just your typical Dominatrix; she's a sane voice in the midst of an insane world, a fetish educator, a mentor, a diva, a writer....a sock. Love her or hate her the lovely lady of the fibre speaks her mind and her truth for everyone to hear.  Whether she's guiding a fledgling Domina to be the best Bitch she can be or guiding her whip to it's momentary resting place against a slaves ass, this poly blend woman (who is actually ribbed for HER pleasure) does it with sass and class all at the same time. Find out more about Madame Sossette HERE
February 24, 2016
It’s HERE the podcast you’ve been waiting for all about Masturbation! I did some serious digging and found a lot of really interesting info you guys will love.  Even Ashley Jill Pinup/Vanilla Girl joins me for the fun! FIND OUT: Masturbation Myths, Facts & QuestionsThe health benefits and pitfalls for both sexesWeird Male Masturbation TechniquesListener masturbation fantasies
February 24, 2016
In this episode of In Bed with Dr Sue I interview ‘Ken’ a former sex offender whose story will both fascinate and hopefully infuriate you. Learn about the cracks in the system and why we could all be a lot safer but we aren’t because of those flaws. Find out the effects of chemical castration and why this type of treatment is legislated in many areas but not being enforced. This is YOUR SAFETY and the safety of YOUR CHILDREN and the people YOU CARE ABOUT and the information is coming from a SEX OFFENDER not from some politician who doesn’t have a clue.  Can you afford not to listen? Have your say in our poll: CLICK HERE
February 19, 2016
So many people suffer with chronic illness and do so silently.  That may seem strange to you if you’re healthy but there is a stigma surrounding chronic illness’s such as Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Epstein Barr Virus, Lyme Disease and hell I’m even going throw in Menopause. The stigma comes in when the disease/illness isn’t obvious.  Our society associates illness with runny noses, broken bones and trauma; things we can see.  However the illnesses I just mentioned don’t necessarily have visual effects, it’s not obvious that the person is suffering yet suffering they are I can assure you. But what about the people who say, “You don’t look sick. You’re probably doing it for attention” I’m joined by two very brave ladies of our community, Ms Toxic Goddess and Miss Taphophile both of whom are suffering from one or more of these illnesses.  Why do I say they’re brave? Because of the stigma I just mentioned but lets add another element to this. Both of these ladies are Dominatrixes. How can you be strong and confident when you feel like crap?  And doesn’t that make them less effective?  Are they less of a Domme if they aren’t feeling strong?  Unfortunately there are people who would say if you’re sick you suck. CALL IN WITH YOUR STORY 657-383-0749
January 20, 2016
Female Supremacy is a HOT TOPIC and I have been hearing from many men regarding female supremacy lately who want me to go more in-depth than I did in the previous Female Supremacy show that I did several years ago.  I think it's time to re-visit the issue as it seems to have come to the forefront again recently and is quite a heated topic.  If we sprinkle in feminism on top of it all you have what can only be a very interesting debate.  The ever amazing and very scary Miss Taphophile along with the lovely and bossy Mistress Luscious and the sexy Goddess Satine will be just three of my guests who are PRO-FEMALE SUPREMACY.  I have no doubt we'll be joined by even more ladies both for and against by the time we go to air.  So set your phone alarms to Tuesday January 19 at 10 pm ET (9 pm CT, 8 pm MT, 7 pm PT) and join us!   For more information about this show including polls and your opportunity to submit your questions and comments for the show you can have your say... CLICK HERE!
January 8, 2014
I’m honored to have BDSM/Erotic author Laura Antoniou joining us for the first show of 2014 at our new time of 11PM ET (10PM CT, 9PM MT, 8 PT) I’ve been trying to get Laura on the show quite literally since last February. This very busy lady has been on a whirlwind tour promoting her novel The Killer Wore Leather but I finally pinned her down.
November 27, 2013
Oprah has her Favorite Things and I have mine.  Just in time for BLACK FRIDAY I’m going to be bringing you some of the latest and hottest, techno adult toys available this holiday season.  Sick of getting ties, bathrobes and slippers?  Never fear! I KNOW I’ve found a sexy toy that’s sure to put a smile on your face this Christmas. Join us for all the Adult Fun!!
November 13, 2013
The holidays always bring stress, anxiety and in some cases depression.  I’ll be teaching you how to recognize the signs that it’s getting too much before you explode.  I’ll also be giving you survival strategies for such topics as: Relieving the pressure of the perfect gift. (For the love of God don’t buy her a shoe rack)How to deal with family expectations. (Yes you’re allowed to be…SELFISH)Dating during the holidaysOffice parties and how not to make an idiot of yourselfWays to combat lonelinessAnd more The holidays are almost as inevitable as death and taxes and since the season seems to start before Halloween now it can be completely overwhelming and just plain too much.  I’ll give you coping techniques to not only reduce your stress level but even re-learn to enjoy what used to be a fun time. If you have a particular situation coming up that you want me to help you with, feel free to EMAIL me your questions or issues and I’ll be happy to address them on the show.
October 30, 2013
Ladies and worms I am so beyond stoked to say that the Deaditor-in-Chief of Girls and Corpses Magazine himself, Robert ‘Corpsy’ Rhine will be dropping in to this year’s 2 hour Halloween Freakfest! We’ll also be bringing you some of the most hilarious FUNNY ~ FREAKY client requests made to some of your favorite Dommes!!  You won’t believe the shit these ladies get asked to perform or listen to.  Trust me, wear a DEPENDS!! We reveal the WINNER of our Whore-or Short Story Writing Contest with Riverdale Ave Books plus you’ll be hearing the story LIVE! And…real stories from The Freak Files if we have time. For MORE INFO CHECK OUT THE SHOW PAGE HERE **Please Note** If you see a different date in the url of this program, this is a BTR glitch. This show is definitely Tues October 29, 2013 at 10 PM ET. This show will be 2 hrs in length
October 16, 2013
I'm thrilled to have on the show this amazing author who is tearing up the literary world with her tales of submission!  Whether you're an aspiring author yourself or just a lover of sexy fiction you don't want to miss this show.  We'll be giving away a copy of  Dark Secret Love the night of the show so make sure you LISTEN LIVE!! CALL IN TO WIN! To read more about Alison and her literary works CLICK HERE and visit the show page on In Bed with Dr **Please Note** If you see a different date in the url of this program, this is a BTR glitch. This show is definitely Tues October 15, 2013 at 10 PM ET. Although all our shows say that they are 2 hrs in length we try to keep it as close to 1 hr as possible so get those calls in EARLY!
October 2, 2013
In bed with Dr Sue's resident erotic literature expert Lori Perkins co-owner of Riverdale Ave Books, purveyors of some of the most sizzling erotic literature, is here to bring you aspiring smut authors the latest because only Lori has her finger on the pulse of erotic literature. We’ll be discussing such topics as: What are the latest trends in erotic literature How to get your stories published Should you self-publish Plus we have a big announcement to make the night of the show for all you Erotic Authors, we are bringing you a writing contest but don’t crack those knuckles just yet, you’ll have to listen to find out what the topic you’ll be writing about will be. Read more about Lori and Riverdale on the Show Page **Please Note** If you see a different date in the url of this program, this is a BTR glitch. This show is definitely Tues Oct 1, 2013 at 10 PM ET. Although all our shows say that they are 2 hrs in length we try to keep it as close to 1 hr as possible so get those calls in EARLY!
September 19, 2013
If you work with the public in any way, are single and out there trying to find the perfect mate, or just find these types of personality disorders interesting you don't want to miss this show. We'll be discussing both books and: How to recognize the signs of psychopathy? What is the difference between psychopathy, sociopathy and schizophrenia? Why should anyone care about mental illness? How to protect yourself from being swindled, conned, used, or humiliated (even the experts can be manipulated). Learn how to enter in to new relationships of ANY kind with your EYES OPEN! It could save you money, time, emotion and possibly your life. To read about this show in-depth please visit the show info page HERE. **Please Note** If you see a different date in the url of this program, this is a BTR glitch. This show is definitely Wed Sept 18, 2013 at 10 PM ET. Although all our shows say that they are 2 hrs in length we try to keep it as close to 1 hr as possible so get those calls in EARLY!
August 22, 2013
COMING TO YOU ON A WED THIS WEEK ONLY! Want to be a kinky fly on the wall?  Yes voyeur, I'm talking to you! Well no need to be a filthy fly when I have Queen Kitty and Snobby Alexa direct from the Fetish Festivities.  Yes these ladies will literally be getting home and getting on the phone with us! Everything from the Exhibit Hall to the Fetish Ball and every juicy spank in between will be revealed on this SPECIAL SHOW! COMING TO YOU ON A WED THIS WEEK ONLY! For more info on this show and of course Queen Kitty and Snobby Alexa CLICK HERE! DID YOU ATTEND FETCON THIS YEAR? Give us a call with your experience the night of the show (646) 478-3644 oremail usyour Kinky FetCon-fession! And DON'T FORGET... TALK TO THE DOC CALL-IN your questions LIVE or EMAIL YOUR QUESTIONS before the show HERE! **Please Note** If you see a different date in the url of this program, this is a BTR glitch. This show is definitely Tues August 6, 2013 at 10 PM ET. Although all our shows say that they are 2 hrs in length we try to keep it as close to 1 hr as possible so get those calls in EARLY!
August 7, 2013
Ladies what if I told you that you could completely take control of your reproductive system?  So what right? My reproductive system is on auto-pilot so who cares? But, what if I told you that by doing some simple exercises every day you could prevent or cure: cervical cancer fibroids depression uterine prolapse and the dreaded MENSTRUAL CRAMPS! If your'e a woman you don't want to miss this show!!  For more info on the show including a YouTube video showing one of the techniques HEAD TO THE SHOW PAGE HERE And DON'T FORGET... TALK TO THE DOC CALL-IN your questions LIVE or EMAIL YOUR QUESTIONS before the show HERE! **Please Note** If you see a different date in the url of this program, this is a BTR glitch. This show is definitely Tues August 6, 2013 at 10 PM ET. Although all our shows say that they are 2 hrs in length we try to keep it as close to 1 hr as possible so get those calls in EARLY!
July 24, 2013
Yay Queen Kitty is back to discuss PROPER ONLINE SUB BEHAVIOR! To find out more details on Queen Kitty and this show visit the SHOW PAGE! And DON'T FORGET... TALK TO THE DOC CALL-IN your questions LIVE or EMAIL YOUR QUESTIONS before the show HERE! **Please Note** If you see a different date in the url of this program, this is a BTR glitch. This show is definitely Tues July 23, 2013 at 10 PM ET. Although all our shows say that they are 2 hrs in length we try to keep it as close to 1 hr as possible so get those calls in EARLY!
July 10, 2013
I'm thrilled to bring all you TS fans the2013 AVN  and 2013 Tranny Award winner TS FOXXY!! This gorgeous lady has a film-ography list that I know you die hard Foxxy fans would love to do a Foxxy marathon with but I know you have at least one title tucked in your naughty viewing collection. Learn more about TS Foxxy by going to the SHOW PAGE! So join me for my interview with TS Foxxy followed of course by: TALK TO THE DOCCALL-IN your questions LIVE or EMAIL YOUR QUESTIONS before the show HERE! **Please Note** If you see a different date in the url of this program, this is a BTR glitch. This show is definitely Tues July 9, 2013 at 10 PM ET. Although all our shows say that they are 2 hrs in length we try to keep it as close to 1 hr as possible so get those calls in EARLY!
June 26, 2013
I know you’ve all been waiting for this show after all it’s one of the most controversial and ultimate forms of control.  I’ll be chatting it up with Mistress Amanda who is a long-time Pro-Domme and former nurse who knows her stuff when it comes to this genre of kink. Don’t miss out on your chance to talk to one of the best in the business and get your questions answered BEFORE you hit up just any Medical Domme. For more information on Mistress Amanda hit up the SHOW PAGE! TALK TO THE DOCCALL-IN your questions LIVE or EMAIL YOUR QUESTIONS before the show HERE! **Please Note** If you see a different date in the url of this program, this is a BTR glitch. This show is definitely Tues June 25, 2013 at 10 PM ET. Although all our shows say that they are 2 hrs in length we try to keep it as close to 1 hr as possible so get those calls in EARLY!
June 19, 2013
I'm joined by the stunning Reaghan Haide and the ever wonderful Natasha Hertz both of whom take the subject of Female Supremacy quite seriously.  Learn about: What is Female Supremacy? What is the difference between Female Supremacy and Feminism? Isn't this just an excuse to walk around acting like a bitch? If you are a fan of either of these ladies or have questions about Female Supremacy you don't want to miss this episode.  Learn more about the ladies and how you can get in touch with them HERE. Remember after our chat with the ladies it's... TALK TO THE DOCCALL-IN your questions LIVE or EMAIL YOUR QUESTIONS before the show HERE! **Please Note** If you see a different date in the url of this program, this is a BTR glitch. This show is definitely Tues June 18, 2013 at 10 PM ET. Although all our shows say that they are 2 hrs in length we try to keep it as close to 1 hr as possible so get those calls in EARLY!
June 12, 2013
Balloons and bubblegum and sploshing oh my! On this episode we talk quite literally about Balloon and Bubblegum fetishes and the joy of Sploshing. What is sploshing? You're going to want to tune in and find out in this first episode of our new format. Following our discussion about these fun fetishes it’s time to... TALK TO THE DOC!!CALL IN LIVE or EMAIL YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!   Please Note** If you see a different date in the url of this program, this is a BTR glitch. This show is definitely Tues June 11, 2013 at 10 PM ET. Although all our shows say that they are 2 hrs in length we try to keep it as close to 1 hr as possible so get those calls in EARLY!
May 29, 2013
On this show I’m pleased to bring you Dr. Janelle Alex, Ph.D. and Rob Alex, M.Sc. creators of the Sexy Challenges website. What are some of the benefits of Sexy Challenges? Deepen the bond you have with your lover Stimulate your spirituality Uplevel your sex life Activate your divine power Experience spiritual growth Discover soulful excitement Orgasmically manifest amazing things This show will awaken you to new ideas that you can incorporate in to your sex and spiritual life. This is not a show on religion, you know I don’t go there but it will instead give you the tools you need to truly show you that sex isn’t just the same thing over and over. You CAN experience Divine Enlightenment through your sex life with the tools and mentoring this very in-tune couple can show you. Open your minds to something new that may just change the way you live your life. **Please Note** If you see a differing date in the url of this program, this is a BTR glitch for shows that start after a certain time of day. This show is definitely Tues May 28, 2013 at 10 PM ET. Although all our shows say that they are 2 hrs in length we try to keep it as close to 1 hr as possible so get those calls in EARLY!
May 8, 2013
I've been asked by so many of you to do more on cuckolding so I thought we'd visit some fun ideas that I've picked up with couples along with some of the pitfalls that could happen if you're not careful.  Like anything else, when it comes to relationships we have to be careful how we proceed so as not to ruin anything we've built up. Communication is key. So join me as we discuss everything cuckold! If you have a question you'd like answered on the show be sure to email me at inbedwithdrsue (at) gmail (dot) com     **Please Note** If you see a different date in the url of this program, this is a BTR glitch. This show is definitely Tues May 7, 2013 at 10 PM ET. Although all our shows say that they are 2 hrs in length we try to keep it as close to 1 hr as possible so get those calls in EARLY!
May 1, 2013
Asperger's Syndrome or Asperger's Disorder is an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) that is distinguished by patterns of symptoms as opposed to a single symptom. Characteristics of Asperger's can include restrictive patterning in behavior, activities and interests. It can also include preoccupation of narrow subjects, abnormalities in speech such as abrupt transitions, literal interpretations and mis-comprehension of nuance.  But what we're going to focus on in this episode are the challenges that come from the unusually sensitive or insensitivity to sound, light and touch.  We will be joined by a former guest Steve from the episode Seduction by Sole who has Asperger's and can tell us first hand how Asperger's effects his sex  and fetish life.  This is an especially important episode for those of you in the sex and BDSM world who may encounter someone with Asperger's and how they can make their sexual experience even better and how to avoid pitfalls that can come with these intense sensitivities. **Please Note** If you see a differing date in the url of this program, this is a BTR glitch for shows that start after a certain time of day. This show is definitely Tues Apr 30, 2013 at 10 PM ET. Although all our shows say that they are 2 hrs in length we try to keep it as close to 1 hr as possible so get those calls in EARLY!
April 17, 2013
I'm very happy to bring you guys Dr Charlie Glickman who is going to be discussing his latest book The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure Erotic Exploration for Men and Their Partners. The “discovery” of the G-spot opened up an era of sexual expansion for millions of women. Just as G-Spot exploration forever transformed women’s experience of orgasm, The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure: Erotic Exploration for Men and Their Partners offers men erotic pleasure beyond what they imagined possible. Men who may not feel confident exploring anal play will be empowered to claim the prostate as an erogenous zone ripe for exploration. And men who already enjoy prostate play will find much to learn from sex educator Charlie Glickman, PhD, whose wisdom and warmth will be both reassuring and inspirational to readers.   Dr. Charlie Glickman is an in-demand international sexuality educator, writer, blogger, workshop teacher, and university professor. One of the foremost experts on sexual health, he is certified as a sexuality educator by the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists.  "I appreciate that I was exposed to new ways of thinking about prostate stimulation and to perspectives that Charlie and Aislinn have gleaned from others’ trials, errors, and significant pleasures. This very good book will likely influence many people’s sexual lives, and ways of thinking about sex and what it means to be a man (and a sexual man), for years to come." –Debbie Herbenick, author of Great in Bed   **Please Note** If you see a different date in the url of this program, this is a BTR glitch. This show is definitely Tues Apr 16, 2013 at 10 PM ET. Although all our shows say that they are 2 hrs in length we try to keep it as close to 1 hr as possible so get those calls in EARLY!
April 3, 2013
Yes they're back! FemDom fiction writers Irv O. Neil and Edward Cantor are back in bed with us and waiting to talk to all of you about their particular style of erotica, FemDom. Both Irv and Edward have very unique points-of-view on FemDom both in fiction and in life in general. If you haven't read Irv's series about a woman becoming a Domme called Learning to be Cruel then you need to head to Amazon and charge up those Kindles and get your FemDom fix NOW! And while you're hanging in the aisles of Amazon you HAVE to head to Edward Cantor'sWindow Shopping and watch as a man is led in to the world of humiliation by a femme fatale he met, you guessed it, window shopping. Need more of these naughty boys check out their websites: Irv O. Neil Edward Cantor **Please Note** If you see a differing date in the url of this program, this is a BTR glitch for shows that start after a certain time of day. This show is definitely Tues April 2, 2013 at 10 PM ET. Although all our shows say that they are 2 hrs in length we try to keep it as close to 1 hr as possible so get those calls in EARLY!
March 20, 2013
UPDATE:Captain Joe is going to try to hypnotize Vanilla Girl on the show LIVE! Catch our interview with HypnoMaestro! In Bed with Dr Sue's very own Captain Joe is heading to NEEHU 4 (New England Erotic Hypnosis Unconference) and bringing our listeners along with him. If you LOVE erotic hypnosis you HAVE to listen to this show! If you haven't been to a NEEHU and you love erotic hypnosis you're missing out on a weekend jam packed with events, classes and private time in one of 2 fully equipped dungeons, plus a quiet room, medical/play room and the fishbowl. From the NEEHU website: "Imagine a room, dimly lit in flickering candle light that glints off of chain and jewel.  Small groups of people chat at tables, nibbling on appetizers served by people who have that slight glassy look to their eyes that suggests that they might be in a different world.  In a quiet corner, perhaps someone is drifting into a trance.  A blink, time passes, we gather to learn, experience, joyfully share our passions, and to travel down into trance as we desire." NEEHU 4 is March 15 - 17 2013 in Hartford CT. Click HERE for more details and restistration. **Please Note** If you see a differing date in the url of this program, this is a BTR glitch for shows that start after a certain time of day. This show is definitely Tues Mar 19, 2013 at 10 PM ET.  Although all our shows say that they are 2 hrs in length we try to keep it as close to 1 hr as possible so get those calls in EARLY!
March 13, 2013
In light of quite a few instances that have happened recently in our very tight-knit, little niche of the world, I was asked by several people to do a show on bully and cyber bullying.  I want to discuss as it's based in our corner of the world. These are all incidents within our community so let's look at it as a community issue. Have you been bullied? Have you been cyber-bullied? Have you been made to feel uncomfortable or unwelcome within our community? Have you been bullied or threatened as a submissive over and above what you expected? Have you as a Domme/Dom ever been threatened by a submissive? This is your chance to bring this to the table and have your say! JOIN US for this last-minute episode on In Bed with Dr Sue
March 6, 2013
I'm pleased to announce due to popular demand we are bringing Louis Friend back to the bed so all you Louis fans can once again sink your teeth in to one of adult fiction's hottest authors. Louis Friend has penned two books of fetish fiction based primarily from the submissive male point-of-view. His first was Freedom is Slaveryfollowed quickly by Life on my Knees. For those of you who have been waiting for another Louis compilation I am happy to announce his nose is back to the keyboard and he's bringing you even more of his seductive prose very soon. Hopefully in time for this interview... wink wink Louis!
February 20, 2013
Woo Hoo!! Hey all you naughty muffins I'm so happy to say that Cocky da Homo MC will be in bed with me AND we'll be spinnin his tracks. DON'T MISS THIS!! BIO: Cocky was initially sparked from a conversation between prominent A&R Jeff Blue and a New York group home resident Justin Schiz. During the meeting, Blue suggested that Schiz take advantage of his homosexuality and market himself as "the gay rapper." Almost immediately, Cocky began work on his first mixtape, "Straight From The Gutters of Sheol," which, to his amazement, attracted instant attention from many prominent hip hop webzines most notably AllHipHop.Com, who featured Cocky on their homepage for 4 days. "Cockaveli," Cocky's second mixtape release was released to critical acclaim within the LGBT hip hop scene, and within a month, garnered 25,000 downloads and streams, making it the first release from a Gay Rapper to earn a  Silver trophy on His third mixtape, "Zero Percent " became his most successful project, as two singles released onto gained a total of 250,000 streams. Cocky has trended US-wide on Twitter multiple times, with a following surpassing 300,000. Cocky met with Blue and his co-producer Trugman in December of 2012, recording the first single "Gnarly" to be used on his debut full-length album, tentatively named "Social Studies: Amaricón History XxX." **Please Note** If you see a different date in the url of this program, this is a BTR glitch. This show is definitely Tues Feb 19, 2013 at 10 PM ET. Although all our shows say that they are 2 hrs in length we try to keep it as close to 1 hr as possible so get those calls in EARLY!
February 6, 2013
I'm thrilled to bring my listeners one of the sexiest, brightest and HOTTEST TS performers in adult film today... Ms Eva Lin! BIO: Eva Lin is an adult film performer born in the Philippine Islands, but raised in Hayward, CA. She moved to San Francisco, CA to become an exotic dancer and bartender. After bartending for 4 years she then moved on to pursue a career in adult films.  Eva is very passionate about what she does and only gives the best to her fans. Fans are very important and play a major role in my career as well as family, god and friends. Some of hobbies include reading, cooking, and traveling, also have very strong towards animals and nature. Eva having just a short time in the industry has taken home three Tranny Awards in 2011 along with being showered for the year 2013, first winning 'TS performer of the year'. The future is looking great for this beautiful starlet and the best is yet to come. **Please Note** If you see a differing date in the url of this program, this is a BTR glitch for shows that start after a certain time of day. This show is definitely Tues Feb 5, 2013 at 10 PM ET. Although all our shows say that they are 2 hrs in length we try to keep it as close to 1 hr as possible so get those calls in EARLY!
January 23, 2013
I'm in bed with the gorgeous ladies at Debauchery Detroit tonight. Lady Olivia and Miss Sasha from Detroit's HOTTEST Dungeon,Debauchery Detroit will be sharing with us what life is like in the Masochistic Motorcity. You don't want to miss a chance to call in and talk to these Lovely Ladies of leather and find out what makes them tick and you purrr. MEOW!! AND It's a hot time in the bed tonight with the stunning Goddess Bella Donna. One of the most popular and well loved ladies of the crop. We'll be talking about the numerous books she's authored and her latest baby YOU KNOW YOU WANT YOUR CHANCE TO CALL IN AND TALK TO GODDESS BELLA DONNA! **Please Note** If you see a differing date in the url of this program, this is a BTR glitch for shows that start after a certain time of day. This show is definitely Tues Jan 22, 2013 at 10 PM ET. Although all our shows say that they are 2 hrs in length we try to keep it as close to 1 hr as possible so get those calls in EARLY!
January 9, 2013
I've had some show ideas come from you guys about wanting to know more about the submissive mind. Questions like; Why do I like this? Can I change who I am? What if I don't want to be submissive sexually? So our first show of the year gets us off on a learning front to answer the questions you guys want answered about why you do the things you do. Be sure to call in your questions and I'll make sure they get answered.
December 12, 2012
This will be our last show of 2012 and seen as how we're all allegedly going to die on the 21st anyway I thought it would be the perfect time to cleanse yourselves of all your naughty do-ins from this year in this CONFESSION SHOW! Yes Dr/Rev Sue is here to listen to all your sordid stories and kinky adventures THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO BE IN THE SPOTLIGHT. Get your naughty 15 mins of fame AND purge your sinful soul at the same time ;) and start 2013 off (provided we're all still here) ready to do a much better, much kinkier job of living your life in the New Year. I want to hear you shenanigans!!!
November 28, 2012
Unfortunately Gilbert is MIA if he shows up we'll welcome him and his wacky BDSM gadgets. However Vanilla Girl, Joe and myself will be talking to Steve who not only has a foot fetish but more specifically loves soles. So if you're a foot enthusiast give us a call and tell us why you love feet or soles and how you get a chance to indulge your decadent fetish. GIVE US A CALL!!
November 14, 2012
I'll be chatting with Irv O. Neil, Louis Friend and Ed Cantor and Angela St. Lawrence about their writing styles, what got them interested in the genre and maybe they'll be nice enough to impart some wisdom on fledgling Fetish writers. Join us for a fascinating conversation with some very interesting authors. Irv O. Neil @irvoneil on Twitter or  Ed Cantor @edward_cantor on Twitter or Ed Cantor on Amazon Lous Friend -  Louis Friend on Amazon Angela St Lawrence - @Literatrix on Twitter or
October 31, 2012
IT'S AN ONLINE HALLOWEEN PARTY LIVE Join Joe Mirage, Ashley Jill Pin-up and myself as we bring you a bevy of folks with kinks that will curl your hair and open your eyes. Let your FREAK FLAG FLY!! (No judgement!) Everything and everyone and your kinks and vanilla fun are welcome!! What's the kinkiest thing you've ever worn in public?What are you wearing this Halloween?What Freaky tradition do you follow?Have you ever had an sexy Halloween with someone?What's the scariest thing you ever saw?Who's the freakiest/kinkiest person you know? Guests TBA and come as you are YOU CAN BE OUR GUEST!! CALL US AND JOIN THE SPOOKY FUN!
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