Joker review
Overall I can’t really disagree with your review Marc (though I liked it a bit more). Well stated and supported throughout. Maybe it’s because I watched the first two episodes of Mindhunter a day before seeing Joker, but I saw it as a reverse episode of that show. A good attempt.
Sober Nerd
Hates everything what a shocker
Good? Not good?
hammer poop
I love Kevin smith but Marc is so negative and it’s hard to listen. I love Marc but lately he has been hard hard to listen to due to him being so negative about everything.not listening anymore sorry Kevin and Marc
Take an Ego Trip with Kevin and Mark
At times this podcast is fine. At their cores, both hosts are entertaining and fun to listen to. But far too often they like to remind us of how talented they are and how lucky they are and how great their lives are. Like, dudes, I get it. You both have awesome jobs and awesome lives. Far better than mine and probably everyone who listens. But do you really have to go out of your ways to remind us at every possible turn. It's nausiating.
Good stuff
Thor's Hammertime
Podcast good. Kevin Smith on it. Marc Bernardin killed gecko in shower.
What happened!?
I loved the old format and it was one of the first podcast I ever got into 10 years it’s just a YouTube show. Bring it back!
I miss the old Fat Man on Batman...
Holland March
Over the past few years the podcast has shifted formats from originally being a really great and genuine love letter to Batman with one on one interviews/discussions with various Batman writers, artists, voice actors, and animators along with commentaries on Batman films and episodes of Batman The Animated Series with people who’ve worked on now being a generic video talk show about just general movies news on YouTube amongst a sea of thousands of other movie news talk shows on YouTube. I’m not sure what happened or why Kevin decided to change the show but it’s very disappointing. The original “Fat Man on Batman” was great because we got to hear a lot of funny and genuinely touching stories from Kevin and the guests about their life and Batman. Guests like Mark Hamill, Kevin Conroy, Tara Strong, Adam West, Paul Dini, Bruce Timm, Grant Morrison, Geoff Johns, Scott Snyder, Jim Lee, Denny O’Neil, Greg Capullo, Neal Adams, Kyle Higgins, and Diedrich Bader. I hope Kevin goes back to the old format again. I really loved it.
Love this show 99% of the time!
Racks & Beards
I love this show, love KS, and love MB....most of the time. I love hearing them break down all the news and rumors about the movies and culture I love and am interested in. Honestly, the only time I can’t listen is when Marc steps up on his Woke Box and goes on a rant about whatever social injustice is related to whatever topic they’re on. Not saying he’s wrong or right, but it just gets cringe worthy and kills the vibe of the show when that happens. Thankfully, it’s not very often though.
Good podcast, but sound quality is poor
It’d be great if the hosts didn’t yell into the mics right after talking so softly you’re wondering if they’re whispering. Good information in the podcast, and Kevin and Marc are great. Just...don’t scream into the mics at random.
Love love love
It’s like both sides of my idealized self in one podcast: Kevin brings the unending enthusiasm for creation and Marc with the dead on analysis. Both have a joy for stuff that bleeds though the air buds.
Mute Mark
Podcast would be great if it Mark would stop crapping on everything because it doesn't live up to his impossibly high standards. Dude, it's a comic book movie not Shakespeare
Awesome! Smith and Bernardin Have Awesome Chemistry!
This podcast is awesome, I’ve been a Kevin Smith fan for years...since I seeing Chasing Amy and Mallrats 20 years ago! He’s always been a big advocate for great comics-inspired movies and shows and above all, his insights come from just being a fan of these stories, even though he’s a Hollywood Writer/Director himself! Bernardin is great too...he does a great job on the news and offers great reviews on a lot of great entertainment! This is an awesome Podcast...the Q&A they do with the crowd at the end is great too!
Fat man gets SJW
Love Kevin Smith and his , for the most part, positive or natural views on movies. Mark B and his injection of SJW views takes the fun out of the pod cast. I’m tired of politics in my entertainment. I know it’s their platform and they can say what they want but I chose not to listen any more. If i want negativity I’ll turn on the news.
Just started listening to podcasts in general to pass time at work and I found this one and thank the gods for that. I have laughed so much listening to this. Thank you
More Marc please
Loved this podcast when it first started! Loved it when Marc joined! But I’ve basically stopped listening because I realized I’d rather just have a podcast of Marc talking about comic book related media without Kevin mentioning whatever garbage project he’s working on now. I just want a Marc on Comics podcast and that’s it.
Batman on Fatman
Longbox Guy Mike
Marc and Kevin are doing great work. Every episode is a MasterClass in screen writing.
Kev and Bernardin are a dynamic duo!
Erik Slader
One of the best podcasts on the net. Long-time listener of the show since the early Fatman on Batman days. More than just entertaining, Kevin Smith and Marc Bernardin are two of the most creative and inspirational nerds this side of the Phantom Zone!
Be still my nerdy heart!
Marc & Kevin provide the absolute best discussion of the news and all things nerdy! I hope to one day be able to join the fellas at The Scum & Villainy Cantina to tell them how much I enjoy their work in person!
Lost all magic
This show used to be hilarious, informative, and intimate. Kevin’s interviews with Batman writers were amazing content. Now it’s not even about Batman.
Was good when it was Kev interviewing comic creators n such Ugh Marc’s theories ugggghhhhhhh
Need more
I can’t stop listening!! You guys need to do more episodes!!
Great info
Love the Hollywood info and banter between Kevin and Mark. I need to see this in person someday.
Hilarious and informative
Love listening to Kevin and Marc. Lots of laughs and great nerdy discussions on all sorts of pop culture but specializing in comic book adaptations.
Keep it live, keep it sexy
Davey Hooligan
Show is great, solo Q&As with Mark are a little graining though.
I never heard of Marc before the show but I now greatly respect his opinion on all things pop culture. Just an outstanding show. Keep it up!
The podcast that got me hooked on podcasts
Kevin and Marc are the guys you just want to grab a beer with and talk nerd culture. Always great takes and the imaginative process during their Q&A sessions really sets them apart from other shows. Thanks for what you do guys!!
Best podcast ever
Love it
Hugh Fan of Kevin
I am a huge fan of Kevin Smith, I’ve love his viewpoints, positivity, enthusiasm and this podcast for many years and enjoyed the journey as it has changed and evolved. Though I have found myself really getting frustrated with Marc’s constant identity politics references. I used to love getting excited about movies, tv shows, and comics losing myself in Kevin’s upbeat and positive escapism, that’s why I listened to this podcast. But recently Marc makes sure he adds some black commentary and often derails Kevin’s enthusiasm. It’s really really annoying and has sucked the fun out of this. If I wanted to listen to identity politics I would watch CNN. I hate throwing hate I’m not that type of person. I really loved this show and I want it to be fun and not preachy. Please tone it back a bit Marc, I’m saying this as a fan of yours.
One of my favorites
It has sort of turned into a version of what I used to love about Hollywood Babble-On. It’s a little freer and looser than Babble-On is these days, which is nice. Marc is brilliant and I thank Kevin for giving him this platform to share his ideas. FATMAN FORVER!
Stan lee
The Stan Lee podcast was a beaut!
The best Star Wars reviews in the galaxy
Although I review podcasts, I don’t typically pay any attention to or put a lot of stock in reviews, ESPECIALLY when it comes to reviews of my beloved Star Wars (proud SW geek since ‘77 here). However, when it comes to SW reviews from Kevin Smith a.k.a. my twin brother from another mother (he and I are 10 days apart in age), I’m ALL ears. I legit teared up while listening to his review of The Last Jedi if that tells you anything. And, of course, Marc Bernadin is no slouch when it comes to all things SW and geek as well.
Been listening for quite awhile.
The OG Stretch
I love Fatman on Batman. Great podcast. Just wanna say though for Mr. Bernardin that I believe Castle Rock exists on a developing Thinny.
I’ve been listening for a while and caught up on every single episode. Love this podcast!
Missing Episodes
Where are the original episodes? The ones with Mark Hamill, Paul Dini, Kevin Conroy etc are CLASSIC.
Mr. Glas
FatMan Beyond Forever!
My favorite show🙌🏽! I can just sit and hear Mike and Kevin talk about geeky stuff day and night all the time. The two hours of the show just fly by so quick. I love the Q&A!!!
Pure Kevin Smith
If you are a Kevin Smith fan you’ll love it
Love this podcast it is funny and I love hearing Marcs perspective on everything nerd! Thank you guy for the free!
So good!
Nebbish in the Negative Zone
Love getting my entertainment news from these two. Hope to get to the cantina in LA someday to attend a live show.
Kev being Kev and sometimes Batman talk
Fat Man on Batman is my favorite version of Kev being Kev. Marc has been a really solid addition and brings a great separate, but complementary point of view. The new format at Scum and Villainy Cantina works really well and I really like the loose format with frequent targets. I do really miss when this was the best Batman podcast with so many great interviews with the folks behind the bat. Hope we get more of that now that we are seeing more guests stop by!
You’re better than this
It’s frustrating that two guys as intelligent as Marc and Kevin can’t articulate themselves without a barrage of F bombs and other four letter words. To me the best comedians are those that are clever and not those that use profanity as a crutch. I’m not a prude I just have higher expectations from middle aged men.
A great hang
I love listening to Mark and Kevin. It’s like hanging with friends and geeking out together.
Keeps getting better
While I love Kevin Smith, Marc Bernardin is the reason I keep coming back. He is the steady hand guiding the ship. And thank god he’s doing this podcast. Without a doubt he’s the reason this podcast is still going.
What happened?
This used to be my favorite podcast. While I think Kevin Smith is inspiring I don’t like the format of the new shows. He is such a great interviewer there was no need to bring in Marc Bernardin and turn it into what it is now. Kevin even if you only do a podcast once a month please go back to interviewing comic book writers and artists.
Fantastic first 75 episodes, after that, stop.
I'm updateing my review completly like how they changed the show. This podcast has changed so much. in the first 75 episodes we get insightful interviews on all things batman and even with no interviews we still had good stuff to listen to about Batman. But ever since he brought Marc on the show, it changed format. They don't talk batman anymore or interview much as well. instead its just random geek talk, mostly marvel and other shows not too much dc related. Marc does have good ideas, but the show is just not fun to listen too anymore. It saddens me to change my review, but this podcast is no longer my cup of tea. I don't mind geek news and opinions, but make a seperate podcast for that. This is just riding the coat tales on what Kevin Smith made from those first 75. And making an update, NOW YOU HAVE TO PAY TO HEAR THE PAST EPISODES!?!?! I'm so glad I archived those first 75 episodes. Such garbage. Such injustice here, thanks Marc for ruining a good show.
normally great , this one aint fat man though its jay and bob get old homes
5 star on the podcast docked few for it not being the correct podcast this week though. Style points count lol
Shadow of it former self.
They moved all the old episodes which are the best episodes to a paid archive service. When he just had people come on and do real interviews.
The o dre
All he does is say what happens scene for scene... not really a “review”... boring! I’d like to hear insights & opinions....
Smacking lips
Misophonia Sherriff
Would be 5 stars without a doubt but Marc smacks his lips every 5 seconds every time he stops and starts talking again and it is super gross and distracting, is there any way to turn down the microphone sensitivity or putting it a bit farther away from your mouth?
Great nerd news and more!
Really loved this podcast and learned about comics and artists I would’ve never looked into. Unfortunately all the old episodes are gone now and need to be subscribed to on a pay platform so the rest will remain unknown.
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