Worst audio ever
I really want to like this podcast, but it's so badly mixed it's nearly unlistenable. I can here every single thing the interviewer is doing -- tapping pens, shuffling papers, swallowing hard, making other gross mouth noises, whether in agreement or whatever. It's so distracting. During the David Waltuck episode, the commercial break wasn't even over when the interview came back on, so I missed 30 seconds of what seemed like it was a really interesting story. No Bueno. Most everything else on heritage radio network is pretty legit, so in not sure what gives. But this needs to be fixed.
Come on now Dorothy
Dorothy, please learn how to speak into a microphone properly. This pod is 5 stars if you mute it while Dorothy speaks. -1 due to the horrible audio, -1 for her cheeky interview style, -1 for her huffing and puffing into the mic… Come on now Dorothy, do us all a favor and back off.
Audio Quality is insanely bad
Wow, you are kinda squandering all of these interviews with your awful recordings. Seriously, an iPhone on the table between you would be 100x better. Please god invest $100 and/or 20 minutes online trying to dial in your recording system.
I changed my mind...
I posted a review earlier this year about the poor audio quality of this podcast, and yes, there was not adequate audio testing when recording episode 103 in Milan when Evan Hanczor and George Weld of Brooklyn’s Egg were interviewed (the p’s popped way too much), and also Dorothy Cann Hamilton was a bit tough on Dan Barber, interrupting him a bit too much for my taste. HOWEVER, I went back and listened to a lot of the earlier interviews, giving myself a better understanding of the chefs and Ms. Hamilton and I have to say that Dorothy Cann Hamilton is a very generous interviewer. She clearly has deep affection and respect for her guests and the information gleaned from these talks is abundant and fascinating. I also think this is a well-crafted podcast, thanks to beautiful musical interludes from guitarist Andrew White’s “St. Patrick’s Parade.” I am much more impressed at the body of work covered in this podcast and it’s worth every minute learning about some of the most talented chef’s in the world. We all owe a debt of gratitude to Ms. Hamilton for creating this catalog of interviews. Now to start making reservations at their restaurants...
Best Food Podcast!
I really like this podcast it's not a short podcast but also not too long and they always have interesting chefs on.
Let the sChefs speak!
The show has very interesting guests (mostly), but it's hard to hear what they have to say because Dorothy interrupts constantly. Lady: the show is NOT about you! Let them speak. Also, sometimes the audio quality is bad, they need better engineers and/or equipment. Nevertheless, a fun podcast, especially since I'm not a cook.
SO ANNOYING yet great
I love the interviewer for having Alex on the show but she's a horrible interviewer. She keeps interrupting Alex constantly. As an interviewer you must be a good listener and not necessarily impose so much of your imput and opinion. I don't care so much about your view, I'm interested about the person you're interviewing yet over talking . Super irritating but listening to Alex got me through it. Great story. Awesome mind.
I love these interviews. Listening to chefs tell their stories of how they started and worked from place to place is helpful and inspiring and sometimes scary. Definitely shows that there is not one right way to do it and that everyone has their own pov. One thing I have to say is that Dorothy, who obviously supports cuilinary school, will take every opportunity to share that opinion when it comes up in conversation.
I like the show Chef's Story
Fan of the kitchen
I listen to the show while I prep and it helps keep me motivated! I make my cooks listen too so we can talk about it later.
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