Not impressed
Septimus Pryme
I've tried listening to their shows for a few months, trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. But alas, it is not a good show. The host(s) has no idea what he is talking about. Basically he reads the first line of ANets biweekly update notes and his two guests/co-hosts try to ramble on about the details, most of which are no different than the aforementioned notes. Often uninformed. The show is also filled with commercials that last roughly 5 minutes each. Unacceptable. They spend more time on these advertisements than anything. The show does nothing to talk about what's been going on in game itself. The whole lot of them barely even seem to play the game. Poor quality content. Uninformed. Shameless advertisements all day. Do yourself a favor and skip this podcast, just follow Anet on twitter.
Make an audio
Keep it coming!
I stay informed and entertained watching y'all. Always great info. I'm not 100% sure that its legal to watch the show while I'm driving but it sure keeps me awake during the long commute in the morning. I would like to see segments in the future give info on everyone's favorite professions, their builds and wvwvw experiences.
5 Stars
Music Hover Lover
Best GW2 Podcast. Period. I promise you will not be dissapponted. Mr. Hawks you won me over this last episode. I really enjoyed listening the mid discussion post discussion. Can we have one of those every week?!
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An A-Team cast: -The Boss -A Clever Brit (req'd in my podcasts) -A Cute Lady that brings the smarts -The Smart quiet guy (of the non brooding variety) Well done guys. Always brilliant
Frankly somebody
Just yes, continue
Good Show, Needs Separate Producer
Gary does admirably given all he has to do to make this all happen, but the camera switching, clip playing, chat reading, etc., make him seem exceedingly distracted the whole time. I think the show would benefit a lot by having a separate producer to handle the technical stuff while Gary pays attention to hosting.
I probably won't even play GW2, but I still find this podcast entertaining. Really enjoy the cast and it helps me compare and contrast other games on the market. Really enjoy your format and cast. Keep up the good work.
Where's buildcast?!?
Btw, loving the show!
Would love an audio version...
Mr J
...but I don't think it's worth the file size as is. I love the content when I do listen to it, but I don't want to have to manage the unnecessary extra information that comes along with the video version.
SWTOR,GW2 I wish you had a pod cast for City of Heroes! Then my games would be complete! Another good show.
Without a doubt the highest quality gw2 podcast around!
Mp3 pls!!!!
Love the show, but please make audio version
All star cast
A great group of people who are devoted to what they do. I catch all of my GW2 news from the GuildCast!
Great info, funny, 5/5 for sure.
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