GuildCast 36: 10 Long Days
Published September 14, 2012
39 min
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    Only one more GuildCast until launch! After this one that is. We're drawing ever closer to headstart and thoughts lead us to what we will be doing at that highly anticipated moment. Will you be packing your loved ones onto a bus tour for a week? Will you be unleashing that long stored up illness -- after the mad race to get to the manager's office before the rest of your suddenly sick colleagues? Or will you be here watching us crazy folk entertain you with our own fevered anticipation? In any case, better be sure on your times because ArenaNet let slip that we might be running amok in Tyria just a little earlier than we thought... The server list is up! Where will you be going for launch? How important is it that the official list is finally available for all to peruse? Do I seem to be asking more questions than usual? I'll calm down now. Oh Blizzard, you sly dog. In a move that shocked the world -- the world being Mars and even Curiosity knew this one was coming -- the pre-expansion Patch 5.0.4 for Mists of Pandaria is being released on the same day as Guild Wars 2's official launch: August 28. Will this hinder Guild Wars 2's thunderous opening? We ponder the possibilities. You want stress tests? We got stress tests! It feels like Guild Wars 2 has been stressed more than my belt after a pizza buffet in the last week or so. We talk about our experiences. And with that we come to our selection of audience questions. Thank you for sending them in and sorry that we can't get to them all. Keeping it together -- barely -- are GAMEBREAKER's mighty Gary Gannon, Massively's inimitable Richie "Bogotter" Procopio and awe-inspiring Elisabeth Cardy, as well as's barely sane Scott Hawkes. Are you ready? Well we certainly are, it's this week's GuildCast!
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