GuildCast 40: Something Stinks!
Published September 14, 2012
64 min
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    Do you like parkour and walking over hot coals? If so, then the live action launch trailer that ArenaNet released for Guild Wars 2 must have been very pleasing for you. To say reactions have been mixed to the promo is a massive understatement. What did the GuildCast crew think of the video and the response to it? We've got patch notes! Yes this means Guild Wars 2 is just like many other MMOs in that respect -- even the ones you pay a monthly sub for -- in that fixes and tweaks continue on with the regularity of a metronome. Guardians were adjusted -- Scott tries not to cry -- as were a few other professions, but who cares? They're not Guardians. All kidding aside, we look at what changes were made, including the exploit-crushing limitation on glory. Now you get a shiny achievement when you hit the cap, but just what good are achievements anyway? You can craft straight from the collections tab in your bank. How much does that rock? It rocks a lot. With discovery soon to be added to the bank/tradeskill magic we talk about the crafting system as a whole and how it contrasts to those in other MMOs. No longer can you buy your butter with Karma, now it drops as easy as it spreads with Sohothin. Are you swimming in butter? And where do you keep it? Apparently there's some myths to be busted. The forums are fully fleshed out and open for business. Are they up to the standard we would expect from ArenaNet? We also have your viewer questions to round off another intriguing week in Tyria. Join GAMEBREAKER's Gary Gannon, Massively's Elisabeth Cardy and Richie "Bogotter" Procopio -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY -- along with ZAM's Scott Hawkes for this week's GuildCast!
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