GuildCast EP34 Ponders Guild Wars 2 Dynamic Combat Model And Unseen Content
Published August 3, 2012
59 min
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    It looks like we'll get a sweet slice of Tyria early. ArenaNet announced that there will be another stress test for Guild Wars 2 on August 2 -- I hope you didn't miss it. In other news, the fabulously named Mike Zadorojny has been answering questions about the content that so many are waiting to get their hands on with abandon in just a few weeks. Just what does he mean by "mini-dungeons?" It also seems that the much anticipated water-themed fourth sPvP map is not as definite as we may have thought. Are bets being hedged or is it off the table at launch? We consider the likelihood as well as consider the perception of future content for the non-subscription MMO. The inestimable Mike Schaffnit took the premise of "No Holy Trinity" and tested it out with a crew in Ascalon Catacombs. Could a DPS focused group pull off a dungeon and prove ArenaNet's dynamic combat claims? We consider the run and what it means as GW2 looms ever nearer. We received some truly awesome viewer questions this week, including one that blew GuildCast's mind... Join GAMEBREAKER's Gary Gannon, Scott Hawkes and Massively's Richie "Bogotter" Procopio for a sinisterly sensational edition of GuildCast!
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