Insightful, entertaining and actionable
J. Barshop
James and his guests give listeners an unfair advantage when it comes to creating the business and life of their dreams. I feel completely at home here - bowled over by brilliant advice and nourishing conversations. SuperFastBusiness is an absolute must listen for anyone interested in exploring their own personal and professional evolution - highly recommend listening and subscribing! 🔥🔥🔥
Solid Business Advice to Inspire and Guide You
Travel Business Radio
James has done a great job bringing in experts to provide sage and balance advice no matter if you are a start up or scalling on and off line. THis is down to earth advice not only to help you succeed in business, but to have a balanced life. James lives what he teach. Rock on surfing Maverick!
Top 5 business podcast
Jim Hacking
This is one of my favorite business podcasts. I listen to it every year. James freely gives away all of his best tips. But maybe more importantly, he tells you what NOT waste your time on. If you like Tom Ferriss, Pat Flynn and/or Dean Jackson, be sure to check this one out.
Great business advice
Dan Corkill
James delivers clear practical advice you can use to grow your business.
James Overdelivers
James is one of the nicest people I've ever met and he's extremely passionate about helping people. This translates well into his podcast because he gets some of the best guests and pulls the absolute best out of them. Definitely a must listen!
A must listen!
Lenny Ramirez
Anyone wanting to grow their business should tap into this invaluable resource that James has generously created to share what works for him and his customers day in and out. Get insights from someone that walk his talk and loves to share it so we all grow. Thank you James!
The best, period. End of story
beboop 2019
If I could give the podcast 50 Stars, I would. Listening to James is not just a subtle requirement it is MANDATORY. You must have your head checked if you are a business owner and not listeing to everything James has to say. Consider this be absolute gold, if you have stumbled upon this treasure of common sence and wisdom. Subscribe and pay attention.
Value without the fluff!
Ryan Rouse
James has a way of cutting through the noise to find and deliver to you the signal! If you have a business of any kind and want some fantastic advice on how to improve it, subscribe to this podcast.
Most Underrated Business Podcast Out There
Josh "The Yoda of Divi"
This podcast is jammed packed full of practical and actionable takeaways that'll truly help you work less and make more. I feel it's the most underrated business podcast out there. James consistently dishes out real world strategies, tactics and methods in a "direct" and "zero fluff" way that have already helped me make more and work less as a business owner. Add on to that the amazing value and expertise from the guests and you have what is one value packed podcast. I'm always looking forward to the next one. Thanks James and all who contribute!
James is simply amazing
Kethan Warlock III
Why is James Schramko amazing? He takes complex items, explains them in a simple way that anyone with a measure of will power can implement. He teaches from experience not from theories, which makes the way to success more tangible and attainable. I’ve been listening, and following James for 5 or 6 years and he has improved my business and my family life. Gotta love the guy!
One of the best
Bruce Arnold
James' Podcast is one of the few that I listen to regularly, The episodes are top quality and James is an incredible marketer and freely gives actionable advice. Also, he has amazing guests.
One of my favorite shows for years
James is the real deal. I appreciate his simplicity and authenticity. This is one of the best business podcasts out there.
How could this podcast have a 2.5 rate?
It must be a typo I saw on the podcast app for iOS. This show has nothing but free and useful content and tips on business and mindset delivered to you almost daily. This is one of the moments you’re so glad this show exists because it takes years to many to get into to the right mindset
John Lint
Rave! Entertainment
It was great James just let John Lint "download" his rapid-speak knowledge on the interview and not interrupt him too much. It was one of the better content interviews I have heard in a long time, even if John does speak fast. For someone who has been around this conversation for a half decade, John's interview was an excellent content refresher and the script (oh, thank you!!!) was worth saving. From there, I highlighted the script, made notes on my phone, and will so streamline things when trying to explain this all to an out of industry newbie. I don't consult on this, but this sure makes it easier to explain the backend to potential investors and why it takes awhile to resolve tech issues when there is not free flowing money. John's solution for a one-stop service of a done-for-you type framework might be a good service. I don't know enough about it. In California, Stores Online had problems with similar done-for-you services. It's a tightrope walk to not get the attention of the AG / SAMP Act office. Websites have to be "migratable."
Speaking my language
I used to listen to a lot of podcasts. This is now at the top of my very very short list.
Great show, highly recommend!
James and his guests share inspiring and actionable lessons on how to achieve all your goals in business (and life). Highly recommend listening and subscribing if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to start and grow your business, and live your ideal life in the process!
Awesome Podcast
Brooke Craven
James, host of Superfast Business Online Business Coaching highlights all aspects of management and marketing in this can't miss podcast. James and expert guests offer insightful advice that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Valuable content from a credible source.
No pollyanna drivel or relentless hype, this podcast stands alone as a valuable resource unlike many in this catagory. Occasional references to his paid products are made but always in the context of persons or examples. Quality insights and inspiring education. You will enjoy and profit from this podcast. When you become a fan, you should check out his other podcasts, TAG (Think, act, get) and Sales Marketing Profit. Completely different context but more of the same excellent content.
James and his SuperFastBusiness podcasts are truly great stuff! The interviews on these podcasts are totally fantastic!
True value. Actionable content. No bs.
Scot C. Morgan
James’ podcast is amazing. Every episode is full of insight and actionable content. If you are already involved in online business or are considering getting into the field, do yourself a favor and listen to this podcast. If you’re worried about getting too many gurus on your input feed (which will get you bogged down to the point of distraction instead of action), know this. I’ve read, listened to, and followed content from many of the big names in online business, and I’ve found James’ content, delivery, and dedication to be top of the heap. You seriously could everything you need to know from him and the great community he supports.
Excellent Authentic Advice
I love listening to James. I appreciate his straight forward, easy to implement advice.
Entrepreneurs....This Podcast is incredible!
The Osprey Way Business
James, thanks for the wonderful podcast! It has helped me immensely and I would just like to take the time to leave a BIG 5 STAR Review and say thank you! ThisSuper Fast Business podcast has helped me grow immensely as an entrepreneur. From a loyal listener- Francesco @ The Osprey Way Business Podcast
Tough love and great advice that will propel you to success.
James is one of the few people who tells it like it is and consistently acts in a way to get RESULTS for his listeners, not just give them fluffy content that will make them warm and fuzzy. If you want to learn from someone who walks the walk, this Podcast is a must have tool for your toolbox.
Tiny Zoo for all Ages
On the mark information from a leader in the industry. Conversations with other experts and rich conversations that provide actionable strategies. SuperFast Business is SuperFabulous!
Fantastic Podcast.
The quality of the content is outstanding. Keep them coming :-). Must listen for all entrepreneurs and marketers.
My 3rd MBA
Consistently actionable and concisely explained, the guidance that James provides is helping eCommerce entrepreneurs, internet marketers, and corporate businessmen & businesswomen each day. He has earned a massive membership over the years for a reason. I have listened to each of his podcast episodes twice in order to establish successful habits and the proper mindset. The material is sensible and ethical. After completing my MBA at Columbia and then working at GE Capital for a number of years (my “2nd MBA”), I consider my SFB podcast curriculum my 3rd MBA. Thank you, James.
Valuable. Gets Results.
Timothy Moser
James Schramko doesn’t mess around: This show is true value. This isn’t some laid back interview show; it has real, concrete, tactical, actionable lessons for improving your business and living the life you want to live. Subscribe for priceless lessons that get real results.
This podcast is TOPS!!
This podcast is TOPS!! So many insights that allowed me to grow by leaps and bounds. I owe a lot to James.
Helpful advice for re-focusing
Zach Grove
Loved the "14 pointers for new business owners" episode. Schramko reminds us that spending 12-hour days on the laptop/ 7 days a week, is unhealthy and unnecessary to build a successful business. Since listening, I'm now adding recurring revenue to my business, and it's been a revelation. Keep up the good work.
If you want positive change, listen up!
Best podcast yet. James offers concise, actionable, life-changing advice. Excellent!
Amazing & Actionable. Right on Target!
Amazing content, as always, James. Your podcasts are right on target with actionable content that helps me shift shift my business to the next level. Thank you!
BEST resource for Building a Business
Amy Boehnert
If you are interested in learning about how to grow a self-funded, scaleable, business (with integrity) on your own terms—this is the right podcast. James shares a framework for building a business, then teaches adjustments and refinements to continue making it better and better.
Food for thoughtf
So much information in only a few minutes! I taken and used several nuggets that James has provided towards being a better business person. Thank you James!
Practical Online Marketing
Suzi Dafnis
I enjoy this podcast because it never fails to provide practical tips that helps make online marketing more streamlined and effective. Thanks James.
Great info
James love the info you provide Thanks Ted
James is one of the best
Doctor Bill 68
I was an entrepreneur for years, went into teaching, and now I've started another business. Just can't work for anybody I guess. Anyway, I've been around the block and James is one of the sharpest internet business minds around. I never miss his podcasts. You shouldn't either.
Worth the time
James is one of the very few Internet marketers worth listening to. Smart guy, no BS. Buck Joffrey
Love the format and actionable advice
Ileane B.
James is doing a great job with this podcast. I love that you get what you need quickly and spend the rest of your time taking action on his tips! I learn a ton each time I listen. Thanks James!
What can I say
Errol Nezar
If you run a business you need to get all James podcasts all his info is short and sweet thanks James great stuff
Useful Information In Bite-Sized Packages!
James consistently delivers some of the most relevant, current, information on SEO in the industry. This is a podcast I subscribe to and never miss an episode! I love the short-and-sweet focus that is always clear and to the point. A lot of important news with no fluff. Thanks James!
Why this is so good.
Red Rose 3657
James Schramko is one of the sharpest marketers on the planet and his teaching style is very easy to follow. If I could only choose one expert to follow it would be Mr. Schramko. I follow every peice of advice Mr. Schramko reccomends because I know from experience he is right and his info is very powerful. So far I have been able to increase my brand value massively following what he teaches.
Great info for savvy marketers with no time
lawton chiles
Well…you'll make time for James. Seriously well thought-out posts and videos. Not only is James one to watch, he consistently out-pulls marketers with twice his name recognition. (Or so I say).
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