632 – The Ultimate Membership Site Checklist – The Membership Series
Published February 22, 2019
35 min
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    Show notes
    James Schramko and John Lint

    Podcast highlights:

    02:42 – Four major membership components
    04:13 – Setting up the portal
    08:33 – The private coaching feature
    13:23 – The community element
    16:43 – Bundling it all up
    17:48 – Building your waiting list
    22:15 – Continuous value
    23:54 – Time to open
    25:58 – Bypassing the tech stuff
    27:42 – Payment collection made easy
    30:33 – Why they should purchase now
    31:47 – The emails that go with it
    33:11 – Now we automate

    Create a successful paid membership of your own with James’s personal coaching

    Part 7 of the series

    Download the Ultimate Membership Site Checklist (and the PDF transcription)


    James: James Schramko here. Welcome back to SuperFastBusiness.com. Today you are in for a treat, because we're going to be running through the ultimate membership site checklist. I’ve brought along my special guest John Lint for this. This is part of The Membership Series, where we've been working our way through various topics relating to membership sites, courses, programs. Of course, John Lint runs the spectacular software called 10XPRO.io, which is perfectly designed to set up your membership or course. Lots of SuperFastBusiness members are using this software and getting great results with it.

    So today we wanted to go through a checklist. This checklist has a little bit of a focus on what to do when you launch a membership. So it's going to be really handy if you haven't got a membership or you're thinking about a membership or if you've got a membership and you want to freshen it up. That's what this checklist is going to do. So welcome, John.

    John: Helllo, hello. Hi everybody.

    James: So we put this checklist together, John, through a combination of your experience and my experience, having run memberships. SuperFastBusiness has actually been running for over 10 years now, I just worked out. So a decade in.

    John: Congrats.

    James: We've learned a thing or two about it. Thousands and thousands of students over that time. Why don't we just run through this checklist, checklist item by checklist item, until we get to the end, and of course we will fully transcribe this episode.

    What's the first on our checklist?

    John: Cool. So let's do it.
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