626 – Amazon Ecommerce Insights With Greg Cassar
Published February 1, 2019
44 min
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    In this episode:

    02:09 – An event to look forward to
    03:10 – From agency to eCommerce
    05:12 – Parallel paths
    06:54 – In the physical product market
    08:31 – How do you stand out?
    10:54 – Some points of note so far
    12:30 - The three-pronged approach
    18:53 – How does it actually work?
    19:32 – Maths and psychology
    21:29 – More product considerations
    22:56 – A useful marketing formula
    24:06 – Around the globe in a year
    25:40 – Managing by numbers
    26:54 – Where the products come from
    28:11 – What’s your brand?
    28:49 – Putting it on Amazon
    30:11 – Quick recap
    32:57 – Once you’re live…
    33:40 – Keep moving forward
    37:45 – Between jump-off and a million dollars
    38:58 – A key clue
    41:08 – Where partnership comes in
    43:13 – Some parting advice

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    James: James Schramko here. Welcome back to SuperFastBusiness. This is Episode 626. Today we're going to be talking about Amazon eCommerce, and especially some tips if you are starting out or thinking about Amazon. I’ve brought along a really good friend of mine I've known for several years, had on this particular podcast a few times before. Welcome back, Greg Cassar.

    Greg: Hey James. Great to be here. Thanks for having me.

    James: Always my pleasure, Greg. We have some very informative conversations. You are a subject matter expert in whatever we talk about. I've shared many experiences with you. We've been to Google head office together, we’ve spoken at your event in the past. You're speaking at my event in April 2019, which was the catalyst for our discussion. I asked you to share some tips at that event. And you're going to be going in depth about your million-dollar first year selling on Amazon, which I'm really not surprised about. I'm sure it's not a usual result. It's not a typical result. But with your experience as an agency in the past, your huge skills around buying traffic and conversions and testing and data and all that geeky stuff, and your affinity for sales and marketing and the fact that you've traveled across the world, met with all the experts, you network at a high level, I wasn't surprised that you got a great result. But I am very interested in finding out more about this and sharing your experience. So thank you for coming along and revealing some of this stuff.
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