605 – How To Recognize And Avoid Burnout, Fatigue, Stress And Overwhelm With Corona Brady
Published October 11, 2018
56 min
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    Corona Brady

    In this episode:

    02:00 – The path to an interesting field
    06:25 – The impact on relationships
    07:33 – Why keep going?
    08:39 – Programming and self-worth
    10:09 – A challenge for entrepreneurs
    12:47 – Does sleep have anything to do with it?
    15:18 – The way to the right path
    18:45 – Why it’s hard to say no
    19:44 – Creating white space
    22:06 – On Kundalini Yoga
    23:59 – From crisis to coping
    25:43 – Changing from the inside out
    30:26 – One case of healing
    31:48 – Tears and fears
    34:01 – The end result
    36:14 – The science of stress
    39:43 – You’ve got the signs – what to do?
    42:49 – The three life transitions

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    James: James Schramko here, welcome back to SuperFastBusiness.com. This is Episode 605 and we're going to be talking about burnout and energy and self-worth and mindset and transitions and all that cool stuff with Corona Brady. Welcome to the call.

    Corona: Thank you so much. What an honor to be on your show.

    James: Well, I've been lining this up for a while. I think we've been chatting on and off for quite some time now. It's weird, whenever I think of a travel destination, whether I was in Fiji or Queensland or wherever, I know we've had conversations. I think your topic is close to my heart, because I’ve put out an entire book on this idea of working a little bit less. Of course, it's OK to still make money, I have no issue with that. I'm not saying go full bohemian and live on someone's couch. But I do see people working too much. And I also see people hanging out on social media too much. I saw an article today actually, a billionaire is calling social media the modern day cancer. And I've been saying that for years.

    Corona: Yeah, I am not surprised. Yeah, it’s dangerous.

    James: I noticed in today's update of the Apple software version 12, they've got a tool now to let people track how long they spend on their phones, and to also let them block themselves from the phone, which I think is a great feature.

    Corona: Right. Absolutely.

    Corona in a relaxed settingThe path to an interesting field

    James: But anyway, back on track. So your field is a really interesting one, and I've always enjoyed our discussions because you've come at this from a slightly different angle to the normal sort of people I'm speaking to who’ve got traffic agencies or information products.

    You've been helping predominantly women at a very high level, where they've got to the point of massive, chronic stress and burnout.
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