603 – Everything You Need To Know About High Performing YouTube Ad Campaigns With Tom Breeze From Viewability
Published October 4, 2018
52 min
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    Tom Breeze

    Episode highlights:

    02:03 – A book to look forward to
    03:20 – Getting paid for results
    05:29 – Some crazy podcast numbers
    07:50 – The companion course
    09:10 – Going down the search routes
    10:20 – Some exciting targeting strategies
    12:33 – Places and apps
    16:57 – Training up your pixel
    19:00 – Google’s getting good
    21:17 – Good lead gen, poor sales
    24:46 – Efforts in the fitness space
    26:09 – A certain type of video?
    28:09 – What video ads look like for $50 products
    30:37 – The right kind of engagement
    32:36 – Demographic and intent
    34:24 – This isn’t for you
    37:39 – How many videos?
    39:51 – A 90-second time limit?
    41:58 – Different audience, different intro
    44:49 – Shapes and sizes
    48:01 – Parting advice
    50:09 – How long to break even?

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    James: James Schramko here. Welcome back to SuperFastBusiness.com. This is Episode 603. I am very excited. I have a repeat guest, someone who I speak to very often. He's not only handsome but he's also very, very clever at what he does. Welcome back, Tom Breeze.

    Tom: Thank you so much, James. I think the “handsome” is the most important bit to get out first. Thank you.

    James: You're like my James Bond. You know, I've got this Rolodex of clients who I speak with very often, and you're always very polite and capable. First, let's share this accolade. You mentioned to me something about your results with YouTube. They gave you some kind of recognition. What did they say you were?

    Tom: Yeah. So, I recently heard from Google that I am the highest spending YouTube ad agency for performance-based campaigns. So, if you're looking to get ROI from campaigns, that's the sort of campaigns I do, and we’re the highest-spending worldwide.

    Tom's bookA book to look forward to

    James: Wow, well, congratulations. And it's always wonderful talking about YouTube ads with you because you obviously know what you're doing when you get awards like that. You have a website, viewability.co.uk, and one of the reasons we thought it'd be a great idea to catch up today is you have a book coming out. It'll be out fairly soon. And you're calling the book Viewability.

    Tom: Yeah, exactly. We went around the houses to try and figure out what the name of the book should be. But I kind of, it always felt right to call it that. So yeah, we have the book called Viewability. It's all about YouTube ads. It was written in a way where I wanted people to be able to pick up the book,
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